Astro News and Views – December 2014

December 1st, 2014


Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological & Spirited News and Views 

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Robert of Mayflower’s Cd Release Party, a Mayflower Bookshop Affair

Dec. 5th New Way Bar in Ferndale next to OM CAFE, 8 to 11 p.m. Free.

Music and Songs. Friends such as Bob Monteleone, Carolyn Striho, Holly Bernt, Mary McGuire, Chris McCall and more coming to sing couple of songs. Fun in the Full Moon Spirit. The new CD ‘Folk Rock Love’ will be available for purchase at the party, or at Mayflower Bookshop, or on CD BABY on line.


The spiritual intelligence of the heart is what redeems and makes ever new the past, sees the many tendencies of possible futures, and lives forever in the presence of the present to tell the story, live the story, and live fully the life, love and wit. Be mindful of the heart, good hearted in the mind.


  • Dec. 1st Moon occultation of Uranus makes for restlessness, revolting or jolting wakenings, novel experience, sudden shifts or reversals or second sight looks. Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer signs and houses need be patient and aware, vigilant yet quick to see sudden shifts and the subtleties of coming changes.
  • Dec. 4th into Full Moon on Dec. 6th creates atmosphere for joy and fun loving experiences. Breakthrough insights, sudden turn of fortune, good luck, fortunate purchase or sale, sudden arousal of positive force. Lucky time for love and adventure, travel and communications, peace making, or opening new doors for opportunity. Good time to get all your shopping done during first 2 weeks of December because later rough astrological weather and vibrations. Dec 15th on through Christmas rougher times and weather inwardly and without.
  • With Mars squaring the ‘Transformation Point’, there is much assertive, aggressive, transformative energy from Dec. 5th to 8th. Avoid angry, explosive, situations of high stress, avoid forcefulness unless absolutely necessary. Good time to clean things up, fix things up, be up and positive for good luck and good fortune as we plunge forward into our individualised and collective imagined futures. Much courageous activities and truth telling, fact finding, first to weeks of December.
  • Dec. 8th Jupiter turns retrograde till April 8th 2015 giving especially fixed signs and houses (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) an opportunity to update, review, renew, and transform one’s appearance, social identity, fashion, and look. Possible changes in one’s ways of working and playing with money, possessions, investments, friends, lovers, and one’s own future plans. Pride and egotism could bring fall and detriment here. Fall from power for some, others retreat, review and renew, in preparation for better times coming.
  • Dec. 10th Venus enters sign of Capricorn till January 3rd. Feelings and urges for love and appreciation take on a much more practical and long-term meaning. False hopes dash and reality may crash over idealistic dreams, but the truth of who you are in the long run and forever slowing is making its way into your every day. Trust the miracle of your self reappearing again and again and again. Love will move you, truth will still you to the bone of reality; between these two is a secret you whispering in, and to, your heart.
  • Dec. 11th to 14th Moon, Mercury, and Sun aspecting Jupiter making this another fun weekend for friends, social life, gatherings, travel, making plans, meetings. One’s personal feelings and mindfulness of something greater coming up over the horizon propels this weekend into healing joy and adventurous rendezvous.  Avoid undue negativity or criticism; yet nail it in the bud if someone or something out of hand. Avoid over-reactions or angry response to bratty brash verbiage from others, with Moon in Virgo there is a tendency to take things too personally or seriously and miss the big wave unexpected joy and opportunity. Keep your eye on the star overhead and in your own heart for a deeper breath of life.
  • Night of 14th but especially Monday Dec. 15th when Uranus squares Pluto for the 6th of 7 times (March 2015 last of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares)… and through to Dec. 28th when Moon conjuncts Uranus. Expect the unexpected. Extremes and urgencies in world weather, politics, economics, and emotional relationship. Expect more protests and upsets around the world. Uranus wants truth and social justice but gets impatient for due process or karma to reach fruition. Uranus urges freedom and awareness but can rush things, be impatient and brash. Pluto wants things to go on as they were without any upset or change but can become boring and too authoritative and over demanding. Positive side of Uranus is genius and original planning, novel experience waking one up to new possibilities and opportunities. Pluto can be selfless wisdom, right view, compassion with patience to learn anew eternal verities. Pluto rules the most powerful elite, power and authority, but also rules the poorest, the bottom rung of the ladder, the underworld and secret doings. Uranus rules new technology, communications, networking, genius, upfront honest blunt. Pluto and Uranus last conjuncted in 1960s during racial riots, student unrest, antiwar sentiment, hippies and authoritative straights; and when many thought ‘flower children’s idealistic yet naive love affairs would heal the world. We can see many familiar metamorphosed concerns in comparing the ‘60s to now as Uranus squares Pluto. Uranus and Pluto work best together when there is freedom of speech, equality of spirit and soul, a spiritual sense of brother and sister, a family togetherness, and a sense of compassion and loving kindness to all life. This aspect can make for tough weather. Colder in many spots of the world, hotter in others; extremes in the weather and behaviour. Much need for patience and wise forethought before making hasty action. And for sure, for many, it’s time for a big change that is overdue. Change or be changed is another motif. Another is get smarter and raise oneself up by one’s own boot (book) straps or flow and let go and don’t complain. It is important to blame oneself for needed change. You can change yourself, hard to change others; so start there with the self. Avoid shame and blame, guilt and taking things personally. That is a distraction from getting things done. Try seeing the higher self, higher potential, the highest spiritual possibility. Feel guilty if you are not living up to that higher self, all other guilt is what we pay ourselves so we’ll do it again. All confessions are of love. All others are sham fake confessions. No shame or blame, just learning and burning up old karma. Now and later in December, early January, and March 2015 more stress and tension in war zones of the world as further Uranus/Pluto aspects complete and finalise last few years, or even what got put into motion during the 60’s. Putin Ukraine problems continue into March 2015 when much is figured out, but at what price these various struggles and wars cost to humanity, the world? We need a new breed of peace-makers and wisdom sharers. Crazy markets, politics, weather, and stressful workings during all these before mentioned times; but much opportunity to grow now.
  • Dec. 20th Possible difficult travel, harsh weather, and difficult relationships at this time. Venus conjunct Pluto triggers s few rough days through to the 28th. Good for bonding and inner attunement, but rough on those fixated on the outer world. Travel may get frustrated, as well as love life and family affairs. More scandals in news. Avoid jealousy or loving someone for who you want them to be, rather than who they are. And without true spiritual teachings (i.e. Osho, Tibetan, Rudolf Steiner, H.P. Blavatsky, Manly Hall) how we going to know who we are?!? When we don’t feel that we can control ourselves, we try to control others. Can’t love another without loving yourself. Can’t give what you don’t have. Much to learn these daze. Issues concerning love and money, mine and yours, what i want to do or you want me to do, arise. Possessiveness and jealousy issues may once again give tough learning lessons here. Such aspects also trigger splits, breakups, infighting, animosity, and personal struggles to keep what one has. A sense of dire endings and/or new beginnings. Tendency for loss or death, partings of the way, separations. For some, deep sense of super sensuality, super sensibleness, and need to cut out or re-commitment to the goal. Some learn to love deeper, making deeper commitment to self growth and learning; while others need to cut losses. Know the truth and the truth will set one free. They never say know love and you will be free. Start with Higher Truth, this will help find and protect true love. If you start with love, you may later find sour or bitter truth. Start with Truth. Truth is what holds us all. Facts and truth are often different. Truth is what invokes our higher self, our bigger self, our spiritual self. Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. Know Love and you will find true commitment.
  • New Moon Dec 21, but also Winter Solstice and Uranus going direct from retrograde. The 15th, 20th to 25th, 28th, can lead to some pretty big changes for the world, big revelations, and creative new insights, connections, and break aways from old standards or outworn relations. Much change and rearranging going on for many. Shake out the old and in with the new you. Merry Crystals and Happy ever renewable you! Winter Solstice is the longest night and shortest day of the year. The 4 days from the Solstice to December 25th, Christmas, is a recapitulation of the four elements and 4 earth evolutions. We are now in the middle of the 4th earth. Mineral, plant, animal are the gifts of the last 3 earth evolutions. The physical, etheric, and astral body are the human evolutionary work of the last 3 earth incarnations. This 4th earth period we are on is developing a sense of ‘I AM’, the ‘Mind Stream Continuum’ of the reincarnating ego awareness (See m’book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ for more insight on this). There are 3 earths to go where human beings will develop universal mind, love/compassion, and truth body or God awareness. The 12 days of Christmas beginning on Dec. 25th and ending January 6th is symbolic and representative of the spiritualising of the four fold physical/emotional/mental/ego by the trinity of Holy Father God (Eternity Space), Hermes/Christos (Mind Stream Continuum), and Holy Mother or Holy Spirit (forever change, motion, virtue, karma). Twelve being 3 times or transforming the 4. I know this is esoteric, see my book ‘Astrological Aspects the Art’ for more. The idea is to attune to living time through creating sacred space within to ponder these mysteries of self, higher self, world. It’s in all the bibles of the world if one could just interpret correctly. For the spiritually attuned person, Solstice to Jan. 6th can be a most transformative regenerative renewing time of the year. A spiritual rebirth can take place. Rudolf Steiner’s books ‘Rosicrucian Wisdom’ and ‘Outline of Occult Science’, as well as ‘Festivals of the Year’, and ‘Cycle of the Year’ can be very helpful materials to study. Also see the Bhagavad Gita, its 16 chapters (4 plus 12) can reveal much. The Gita is all Gandhi carried for his spiritual inspiration to act courageously and virtuously. I suggest the Judge and Arnold edition.
  • Dec. 23rd Saturn goes into Sagittarius till June when it retrogrades back into Scorpio. Saturn returns then to Sagittarius in Sept. till Dec. 2017. Late fixed signs and early mutable signs may feel the delays, obstructions, stuck learning lessons, or hard work of it all during these times. Much wisdom learned though, laying a better foundation or inner life in the works too. The fixed signs and houses of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo will work off the karma and feel the pinch of a bit of tough times, bad luck, or hard work (the last few years and a bit); but maybe its just laying back and being more patient for the positive arrival. For the next three years the mutable signs have to get more grounded and back to working on self, long-term goals. Need to be patient/enduring/’stick to it’ endeavouring and persevering. Saturn in Sage Sagittarius can bring back a sense of higher knowledge, wisdom and deeper meaning to life. You may suddenly remember what you once knew but forgot. A return to wisdom and loving insight. At first though its a sudden recognition that one hasn’t always been operating out of one’s own higher purposes and spiritual mind. Scorpio’s influence can act out of insecurity or fear, incompleteness and partiality, limitation and smallness. Saturn says there is never enough. The next 3 years should re-establish spiritual wisdom knowledge as being most important in high and low places. Hopefully we will individually and collectively start to re-think in more spiritual and virtuously holistic terms. The poet’s injunction that one cannot disturb a flower without the troubling of a star may return to everyday doings, workings. In other words, to hurt another is to, in time, hurt oneself. To love another is to love the self. We are the world, the world is ‘I’. The principles of karma and reincarnation are an important fact, and maybe the time is finally coming soon when all humanity will come to know each other as one spiritual family recycled and returning forever till the whole world is enlightened and at co-creative peace. We are on a learning curve seeking wholeness and a more creative co-creative life. Om Mani Padme Hum, May all beings find happiness and the working causes of such.
  • New Years Eve into January 1st big party over the top time. Mars opposes Jupiter during this time. Avoid excess and accident or illness due to over doing, exaggerating, over eating or drinking. Danger of egotism and waste, accident by carelessness or egotistic pride. Otherwise, fun time for sure.
  • Jan. 3rd Sun square Uranus while conjuncting Pluto on eve of Full Moon Jan. 4th Solar Flares, quake and storm time? Certainly good time to dance through the changes, find yoga solutions to enhance opportunity and chance, change and sudden rearrangements. Time to meditate, not medicate, one’s neurosis or problems away. Such aspects make for further warring and argument, triggering geo-political hotspots and hot shots. Such aspects precipitate and predict coming times, intense astrological aspects in March, when many a conflict will find final resolution and/or completion, ending, conclusion. Many a struggle and conflict finalise or end in March making for many a new begging or beginning.


Robert’s News and Views for December 2014

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Astrology News and Views – November 2014

November 4th, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual 

News and Views for November 2014

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‘Love only can beget artistic power
And make an artist’s work bear fruit and live.’

-Johannes to Maria, ‘The Soul’s Probation’, Rudolf Steiner’s second Mystery Play


Coming Events with robert of mayflower:

  • Nov. 9th 5pm-7pm at Mayflower Bookshop ‘Further Researches on the Holy Grail, Goetheanum and Cathedral, the Body as Sacred Tempo – Meditation and Living the Spiritual Life’ (Seats limited to about 12 people.) $20 donation reserve space. $25 at door
  • Nov. 22nd 7pm-9pm at Mayflower Bookshop ‘Astrology Now into 2015 and Beyond’ (Seats limited to about 12 people.) $20 donation reserve space. $25 at door
  • Dec. 5th 8pm-11pm at New Way Bar, Ferndale ‘Robert of Mayflower’s CD Release Party (with special guests) – see below for details
  • Astrological Calendars for 2015 $2 off until Nov. 15th – mention this ad


  • November 4th Moon conjunct Uranus (an occultation) brings upsets, turn-arounds, reversals, many quick changes with long lasting results into our lives. Good time to begin anew, update, improve, start anew striving for one’s highest ideals to be most practically achieved. Now and in next two weeks, brings about many a change in money and politics, love and sexuality. Some are too serious and/or moody, wanting much control and/or security, others frisky and obnoxious, quirky and toxic or rambunctious. Saturn is in Scorpio wanting serious grounding and intelligent long-term relations, rationality, real inner and outer security. Some lack such. Saturn denies, Uranus can free, or is it just outraged cries of resistance to inevitable inevitables. On Nov. 12th Venus conjuncts Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. Take a long and slow look, change is coming for sure, so make the right steps toward growth and prosperity, inner sanity and spiritually profound, pure hearted futurity now. Danger of premature hasty actions, hastiness, accidents, mishaps and reactions. Power plays clash with need to play, or find time to pray, make peace, garden friends and land.
  • Crazy days for stormy weather, quakes of awakening, volcanoes of erupting emotions or new views, flooding of information, turbulent waters of emotions conflicting with thinking are Nov. 4th, 10th to 13th, 16th to 18th, 20th; give or take a day. Best days for fun and pleasure, relaxation or creative peacemaking are 9th, 11th eve, 13th eve into 14th, 20th, 22nd-23rd, 26th.
  • Dec. 5th Friday 8pm to 11pm and on—Robert of Mayflower’s CD RELEASE and Mayflower Bookshop Party at the New Way Bar in Ferndale Mi. (three and a half blocks north of 9 Mile on Woodward, next to OM CAFE). Carolyn Striho, Bob Monteleone, Chris McCall, Holly Bernt, Mary McGuire all coming to do a couple songs too to add to the magic. Robert will perform new songs off the CD! It’s gonna be fun.
  • November 6th Full Moon in practical Taurus with Sun in sensuous Scorpio accentuates need for spirituality and love to unfold together. Gently explode like a rose if lusty and young, or go with the flow to flower and go beyond your own limits for wisdom and compassion, ideals godlike and insanely real. Some experience a new dawn of higher consciousness and further adventures in sacred relationship by incorporating others to awaken higher consciousness and the wish for freedom within themselves. Here we can only help others to help themselves. Job, world sense of self, is changing. Need to let go of attachments or fixations, or danger endangering oneself to repeat troubles, feel electrocuted or magnetised to repeat offenders or repeat offences. Time for lies to be found, abusers to be bound. Truth has a good moment here to find higher reality to realise. Hang on tighter for change and better situation or opportunity, but don’t forget to open to new learning. When we fail to learn something each and every day, we go old, grow old, and lose the gold we came in with but forever have somewhere inside. So how much can you take of repeat offenders and stuck-in-the-mud thick repeats of yourself or low brow neurotics and repeat rinses trying to purify? Try something new, within yourself to grow; go where freedom allows true conversations and sharing.
  • Nov.10th into 12th Mars conjuncts Pluto and then squares Uranus. The need for truth and love, wisdom and compassion in both high and low places. The need to arrest negative tendencies and chaotic mind. Lots of stress and tensions over conflicting views. Ever-changing conditions, uncertain futures, violent or forced solutions by necessity stir uncertain reactions. Need to re-psychologize or be psychologized. Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Tibetan Buddhist Mind Training, Osho, Manly Hall: these are the ultimate psychology of the human soul striving and seeking wholeness, wellness, sanity, and enlightenment, freedom from neurosis and freedom to be, become, beness. Lack of patience and tolerance for others, lack of wisdom/compassion/wit, really take their toll in these days and surrounding days. Mars is war-like, but can be Michaelic courage and bravado for truth and wit, heroism and virtuous deeds. All astrological aspects have a higher and lower resonance. It is up to each of us to reach for the highest ideal and virtue, working to manifest or incarnate such in our daily life. Stillness meditation, watching who is watching, listening with our hearts to the bigger story within each and every one of us, is always a good start and finish to the day. (See ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’  for further insights to higher and lower side of every astrological aspect.) Otherwise, look for stormy politics, warring factions, discursive negative emotions and thinking, anger issues, wrong calls and ill response. Such aspects make for tendencies to hasty or nasty actions and reactions. Mars in Capricorn can be very assertive and aggressive to attain aims and desires. If you know what you are doing and have a higher intention and virtuous soul, this can be a successful time for transformative endeavour and success. Time for certainty and strong action. Good time for bold strong action to get the job done, accomplish the task, further one’s aim and goal. Negatively, this time could be chaotic, crazy, violent, stormy, destructive, rough and weird for sure. Avoid shame and blame games as well as woundology psychology, repeat offenders, and perverted intentions. Bad time for fantasies and getting high, escaping, or causing others’ grief. It’s aways a bad time for that, but with such aspects one should be cleaning up things, not causing further toxic messes. The higher side is courage for truth, following a higher calling or love, persisting in one’s spiritual or inner path, working hard for goals, sacrificing now for a better tomorrow, helping those less fortunate, and cleaning up past karma. Expect possible wild turbulent times in markets, ecological troubles, vexing situations. World troubles can escalate during such stressful aspects. Need for law and order. Many fears around health, warring nations, and political  economic religious conflicts. Mars opposing, and Uranus squaring, USA Sun, does not help. U.S. may feel need to lead world to higher ethic and peace-making. Very strong response to any negative attack or criticism. Many political changes due to aftermath of mid-term elections.
  • Nov 13-14 Sun square Jupiter and then Moon conjunct Jupiter along with Nov. 16th Neptune direct gives many excuses and opportunities to escape, play, plan better future or travel, or chance to dance or romance anew.
  • Nov. 18th Serious Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio defines a time for serious grave matters being dealt with. Some die, some wish they were dead; others dead faced deal with money facts, bottom lines, past debt or karma. The Sun brings light to grave or serious issues. Many tough decisions need to be made to secure ground or future striving. For some sweet endings, others sour. Simple hard work and selfless striving for higher ideals need much patience and persistence at this time. Love and Sex may find it hard to meet, friendship and love ties challenged by practical needs and realities needing to be faced.
  • Nov. 20th Venus square Neptune. Foolish love dreams, money delusions, false fancies and illusions of either grandeur or impoverishment. Good for creative arts.
  • November 22nd New Moon in Sagittarius, Sun and Moon enter Sage Sagittarius with Mercury square Jupiter, look for renewal of relationships of the mind and heart working together to attain higher aims and goals. Any new ideas or projects need positive review and quick fix up before further tests, trials and tribulations, purifications. November 25th Mercury conjunct Saturn and Moon conjunct Pluto brings possible tough weather to some parts. Cold and gridlock. Good time to work on catching up to oneself. Good for meditation, yoga, self reflection.
  • Nov. 30th Mercury square Neptune dreamy illusory feverish wanting and yearnings for escape or trips to ideal places … into Dec. 1st’s Moon/Uranus which gives a quick wake up and slap of reality to some.
  • Dec. 5th from 8pm to 11pm and on. Robert of Mayflower’s CD new songs release and Mayflower Bookshop Party at New Way Bar in Ferndale next to OM CAFE. Come for the fun. Carolyn Striho, Holly Bernt, Bob Monteleone, Chris McCall, and few others coming to do a couple of songs around Robert’s performance. Call Mayflower Bookshop for more info.
  • Dec. 4th Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus followed by Dec. 5th Mercury trine Uranus and Dec. 6th Full Moon makes for three magnificent days of creative good work and play, loving friends and much sharing, networking, good communications and connection. Good time to shop, buy, sell, play, rearrange creatively one’s present unwrapping into the future.
  • Dec. 12th into 14th Sun/Mercury in good Jupiter aspect continues the pleasant weather and good social life, merry spirits and good times.
  • Dec. 20th to 25th looks tough for weather, shopping, friends, stormy stresses and emotions with a number of Pluto aspects stressing everybody out. Good for patience and compassion in face of personal and world problems. Good time to review long-term needs, as well as one’s ‘many lifetime’ concerns.


-Robert of Mayflower


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Can’t Live Without Love


“Bethink, Johannes, how the One Soul must —
A personality apart from all —
Evolve from out the womb of time.
Love serves to knit together separate souls
Not kill their individuality.
The moment is upon us, when we twain
Must test our souls, and find the spirit-path
That each must follow for its separate good.”

-Rudolf Steiner’s second mystery play, ‘The Soul’s Probation’, Maria speaking to Johannes (i.e. Mary to John, wisdom to love).



“We must become conscious of a higher form of community, founded in the freedom of love among sisters and brothers as a breath of magic that we breathe in our working groups.” 

(Rudolf Steiner, Dusseldorf 15 , June 1915, Preparing for the Sixth Epoch)

October’s Astro News and Views

October 2nd, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views

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“May Mercy and Compassion our Holy Mother be, may all life be sister and brother, may truth and love forever be, what our spirit soul is made of.”
-robert of mayflower

“A Woman’s heart is the garden of the world …There is no feminist revolution without a simultaneous ecological and spiritual revolution awakening a love and respect for all God’s children, land and space.”
-Trebore Tau Bodhi

  • Oct. 3rd into 4th Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn giving strong sense of purpose or lack thereof; strong sense of leadership and assertiveness, or lack thereof. A turning point or tipping point for some. Danger of feeling attacked or rudely confronted this month into December. Positive side is need for more compassionate wisdom and understanding. Mars squaring Chiron makes for many a healing, for others re-experiencing the wound in hopes of healing. Many a maverick for freedom and truth. Avoid rash action or harsh words. (Chiron is Charon the boatman connecting the underworld to this higher world of possibility, spiritual awakening…see my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’) Wisdom seems hard to come by these days. A very difficult time for Hong Kong protesters. Ebola scares, war craziness, stock markets up and down, quakes/volcanoes, war craziness in the Middle East, Ukraine, possible new spots, higher levels of radioactivity hitting California seaweed, troubling times right into Oct. 8th Full Moon. On the positive side, great time to make positive changes inside out, updating, getting rid of stuff you don’t use or need, learning to learn in new ways. Time to renew our sense of a holy planetary consciousness, a common world humanity linked together by the higher angel of truth and love, wisdom and compassion. A strong striving for renewal and power. Some feel the opposite of rising up, they feel like going down. A need to submit or surrender. Ego trips need be curbed, laying low to mend or renew. A need to turn inward and consider long-term ramifications and commitments, as well as need to plow onwards in showing up, working, working on oneself, striving for the mission, goal, aspiration, or aim. Difficulty traveling? Life and death, taxes, money concerns? Doing deep research? Re-thinking past and future? Mercury turns retrograde on 4th in Scorpio going back into Libra till the 25th giving many a sense of having to return to something, having to rethink goals, workings, aims, values, to include others, or to work better with others. Many tire of struggling alone and look for special others to team up with, work with, align with. Past relationships gone astray or wrong, may heal now, but avoid further conflict, struggle, breaking away in rough way. With Lunar eclipse on Oct. 8th in Aries and Solar eclipse at 0 degree Scorpio on 23rd, Scorpio and Libra planets most affected with re-think of money and friends/family; but all fixed signs of Taurus, Aquarius, Leo; and the cardinal signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries also strongly feeling this need for renewal, re-think, renew, review, restore, revamp, re-work, and re-evaluate. Cardinal signs may feel at breaking point, or that something has to give. Some are quickening and ascending to the higher level, others are cracking up or breaking down when breakthroughs don’t appear fast enough. Many surprises and sudden events, shocks, reversals and turn-a-rounds round Full Moon on Oct 8th. December 15th Uranus square Pluto and December 21st Uranus direct, now till then lots of changes for cardinal planets and houses – see your chart. See note at end. (Mayflower sells good astrological software for your computer if you want to dive in to understanding your and others’ charts better.) At any rate, take care of starting new ventures or signing papers with Mercury retrograde from Oct 4th to Oct 25th. Many miscommunications and lack of accurate information, unless of course, Mercury and other transits make good aspect to rest of your chart.Seems like the world is going through a spiritual climacteric, awakening, realization.
  • Oct 5th Mars trine Uranus with Moon conjunct Neptune, many shoot for the stars with most high ideals, not all of which may be practical. Lots of strong speech and many a new idea to jump start or restart, reboot, projects. Start with truth if you want love to last. Wisdom comes first before compassion or compassion endangers itself to be idiot compassion, impotent to really help. Start with love and one may end up with bitter truths. Start with Truth, the big truth holds us all, and love will be protected, nourished, safe guarded.
  • Oct. 5th at noon – a memorial bench dedication to Gail Schmidt by the work of Kathy Kosins and friends will be installed. Mary Kay Davis Park in Huntington Woods, come join some of Gail’s friends for the event.
  • Oct. 7th into 8th, Quake and shake, radical upsets, alarm, change of direction, hazardous conditions, sudden rearrangements, sudden rise or fall from power, danger of violence, protest craziness, upsets, reversals, overthrow of power. Strong actions and reactions in markets, geopolitical hotspots. Technology breakthroughs and breakdowns. Freedom and truth fight for rights, call for compassion, wisdom to sail through tough waters. Explosive volcanic activities and emotions. Strong shifts and changes in political economic strategies. Big shake ups or changes in geopolitical hotspots. Much tension around Putin in Russia. Does he rise up and peacefully find solutions in harmony with rest of world, or is this a major crisis and possible loss of power? Financial markets can be testy and crazy for a moment here. Sun in Libra oppose Uranus, Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on 8th. Some relationships go bonkers. With Venus square Pluto on 8th, much reason to feel compassion for suffering and repressed. Need to protect little ones, nature, children. Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo rouses much straight talk, honest reckoning, bold and courageous acts and initiatives, selfless deeds of heroism, generosity, good will.
  • Oct 10th-11th, Venus oppose Uranus, sudden change of plans, sudden tensions or release of tensions, sudden arousal of artistic spirit, wild abandon and adventure. Sudden coming together or breaking apart. Short outbursts of emotions or artistic creativity.
  • Oct 15th Sun conjuncts North Node, Venus conjuncts node on Oct17th. Strong unions and love affairs of the heart. (for some dis-union, disillusion or break offs). But for many, strong attractiveness and holy bonds of friendship, love and higher truth. This is heavy month for artists, creative genius, lovers, high romance, the Grail, social cultural highs. Although many a relationship may be short lived, many strong bonds and alliances of love, friendship, business, community, being formed. Eris and Sun opposing on 15th giving more strength to both love and war. Need for higher reason, angel, and peace to prevail. May it start within every heart, a revolution of peace and love, harmony upon all the earth.
  • Oct 16th Sun conjunct Mercury, Intense clear thinking, speaking, actings, awakening, knowing, sense of presence. A sense of knowing and understanding empowers right action. Good time to ponder, contemplate, meditate, figure out, re-configure. A sense of proportion and beautific vision.
  • Oct. 17th Mercury conjunct Venus, Moon conjunct Jupiter, good sense of sunshine heart and mind, meeting of heart and mind, feelings and thinking in harmony with the world, others. A gathering of angels, insights, friends.
  • Oct 19 comet goes by Mars. Interesting possible syncronicity and connections, breakthrough, avoid over-asserting oneself.
  • Oct. 20th Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Moon in Virgo; let love and loving kindness, compassion for others struggle, for one’s own striving, win. Don’t let critical mind see fault in everything bringing self and others down. Express, don’t repress, but be positive. Divine the divine in self and other. Let someone love you.
  • Oct. 22nd Moon occult Mercury, into 23rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with Moon eclipsing (occulting) Venus and Sun. Big changes for some, now into Election time Nov. 4th. What we love and appreciate is changing. Deeper feelings and universal inklings strengthen many a resolve to do something good for the world. Many awaken to higher ideals, ethics, imagination, inspiration, intuitions the next couple weeks. Strong sense of the arts, movies, music, and shifting sands of politics. Is it time to read HP Blavatsky yet? The most amazing women spirit soul of the last 500 years! Read Osho? Steiner? Gelek Rinpoche or Gyatso? Mayflower Bookshop is ready for your spiritual research quest and questions. Many new Malas and bells in!
  • Things get weird Oct 23-24th as Venus leaves Libra going into Scorpio along with Sun and Moon in Scorpio… and emotions get very serious and intensely metamorphic.  Or is it that suddenly everything is sensuous and disturbingly feeling wise, internally transformative. Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception is a little bit protective of long term goals and laying long term foundations for the good, true, and beautiful.
  • Oct. 24th into 25th Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio makes for strong persuasive magnetic charm and the love vibration. Strong feelings of love or strong feelings of being burned by love. Flying too close to the Sun? Good time to love others, help others, share with others. Oct 25th Mercury goes direct and the brain get clearer. Oct 23rd to 28th Love is in the air, water, lips and kisses, good food and friends. With Mercury going direct in Libra, many activating their love ideals into actions, their long-term plans and far reaching goals into action. Many a mystic happy happening.
  • Oct 26th Mars goes into Capricorn until Dec. 4th initiating a very aggressive and assertive goal reaching effort for many. Mars in Capricorn can really beat the horse to victory. Avoid over doing it. Being too aggressive, angry, or assertive can lead to accident, defeat, or breakdown. Strong leadership impulses prevail. A need to lay down the law, the rules, the goals, define the work. Good for disciplining oneself to success.
  • Oct 27th into 28th Venus and Sun trine Neptune, strong ideals of love, romance, travel, future planning. Spiritual and psychic happenings, comings and goings, births, conceptions, interesting deaths this month into end of year. Symbolically at least. ‘Die Daily’ -St. Paul. Native American Indians would say ‘Today is a good day to die’. Kind of a men’s club wisdom. The Goddess Great says ‘Be born again daily’.
  • Nov. 4th aspects make for assertive aggressive tactics, sudden reactions and reversals, surprises, and leaps for change.
  • Nov. 10th Mars conjunct Pluto and on Nov. 12 Mars squares Uranus, Mars is opposing USA Sun and Uranus is squaring the USA Sun. Scary stuff. A real need to make peace with the world, stop all wars, create a world economy that allows for peace, education, food and shelter, the necessities of life for all human beings. The world wildlife and honey bees, oceans are dying. We suffer from lack of love and wisdom to be emulation models for a new world of peace and love. December 2014 into January 2015, Pluto is squaring USA Sun. The good ol’ USA is being challenged to awaken the Higher Self, the United States of Ananda, Bliss, Happiness and Higher Consciousness, Compassion, Peace, Wisdom and Loving Kindness. Otherwise there is a morbid sense of dis-aster, missing one’s star, one’s destiny and higher purpose. The danger is that the world is changing faster than we are growing spiritually and morally. We are challenged by war, poverty, disease, climate change, greed, ignorance and delusion. We are going through a challenging time to awaken anew our spiritual genius. Such aspects make for a coming into power for some, loss of power for others. November 10th when Mars conjuncts Pluto to Nov.18th when Sun conjunct Saturn, we may get heads up forewarning of what is to come … tough weather, storms, politics, economics, quake/volcano, or whatever … a strong wake up time to get serious about what matters. A need for good strong leaders. Strong weather and storm time possible. Also Nov. 25th-26th stormy or strange weather and psychic vibe. The last Uranus square Pluto signifying ever changing weather, politics, mass discontent, freedom urges vs. long-term security needs, constant need to emerge from emergencies, general unrest and critical thinking is March 16, 2015. The Jupiter trine Uranus recently, and another come early March, gives many of us a creative spirit to try new things and new ways of thinking, feeling, willing enabling a more noble spirit and ethic to emerge for peace and love, joy. May all beings find happiness and enlightenment, and the causes of happiness and enlightenment.

Must books to read to strengthen and empower your journey: Anything by Manly Hall, H.P.Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Gelek Rinpoche, Kelsing Gyatso, Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, Kristen Turner. See my talk on Meditation and love and relationships on Youtube.

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Astrological News and Views – August 2014

July 31st, 2014

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop’s 

Astrological and Spiritual 

News and Views for August 2014

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“Astrology is the movement of cosmic harmonies within the inharmonious, love within the world.” -robert of mayflower


  • August 1st to August 8th cracks the whip for love adventures as Venus (love) and Mars (thruster rockets) boost the energetic of summer fun, socializing outdoors and meetings with friends. Many break-ups and endings portend many new beginnings with a flair for not making the same mistakes twice. Don’t let routines capture you. What if you were free, what would you do? Although the aspects seem worthy of fun and new adventure, take care not to lose practical grounding and long-term vision, goals. Fun takes strange bends and turns late night of August 8th, but particularly August 9th and 10th. It’s then that the Full Moon (fool moon) in Aquarius triggers aspects to black moon Lilith (wild girl sensuality) with Saturn (firm stern security needs). Some dig in for the long run and are conservative in demands. Others flirt with danger and creative edge. First week in August (and in October) critical timing for geo-political hotspots, warring factions, egotistic and demanding people. Critical time for politics and economics, Middle East and other hot spots such as Putin and Russia. Attempts to bring harmony to world up and down. Some jeopardise further progress and endanger self and others. A need here for wisdom and long-term strategies to curb excessive abuses and grandiose notions of power over others rather than power through others. Learning to Divine the Divine in each other and love all God’s creation is in critical need of repair these daze.
  • August 9th and 10th, Full Moon. Need to focus on long-term goals cutting out repeat offenders or negative elements obstructing clear path ahead. This time reveals the need to reassess one’s relationship to teachers and teachings, students and what’s stewing, friends and enemies. Time to discriminate real from unreal, truth from illusion. What to cherish and what to let go, what to learn or newly grasp, what is just lower self grasping at straws and what is higher self, higher virtue, more ennobling. Sun squares Saturn while conjuncting Lilith. Discipline self or others try to discipline or limit you. Shaky weather and storms, extremes in different parts, force a more conservative back step and retreat to see things more clearly. Some form new long-term allegiances, others end long-term relationships or commitments. If you feel your life and relations are shaky, this is a good time to duck out and hide, or deal directly and honestly. Good time to meditate, pondering the sacredness of quiet aloneness, health and solitude, life and breath. Saturn tends to quickly cool, or go to hot extremes. There is a need here of knowing what to keep and what to cut out. Here the bold knight for the Grail meets a split road, a decision must be made by week’s end as to which way and what, who.
  • Aug 14th Moon conjunct Uranus, a good day to wake up anew to what’s up. Smell where the fresh coffee is coming from as well as see who’s making it and who’s not. Such aspect makes for good magic of change. Many a quick change artist and economic turn is at fast play. Coming weekend brings many leaps of faith and attempts to dream and jump into new unknowns. Many shoot for imaginary moons. Some kiss and touch the impossible possibility, the spiritual reality, true love, joy, creativity. Many leap and fall, back to reality. By Monday 18th to 21st, love and joy overwhelms sombre cold reality and reality tries to return the favour. Take care not to leap into fantasy, illusion, false paths. Or is that what you are needing, artistic creative play, escape, imaginative adventure? Discern desire vs. need. Truth and facts give you clear notion of what still needs work on, what is true and realistic goals . False ideals may mislead your directive later in evening of 18th. Magical dreams may reveal future but need practical interpretation.
  • Mars trines Chiron August 22nd into 23rd, Do you feel like you are getting healed and made whole, or do you feel like you are getting waylaid or wounded again? Avoid repeat offenders and old familiar patterns and ruts. Try new learning, new ways of playing, co-creating. Help those less fortunate for ground level view renew. Good time to go on a renewing rejuvenating regenerative journey. Such aspects strongly give emotions and feelings of connection, or is it a need to part ways. Special intuitions and messages from dreams, psychic encounters. Time of spirit soul magic, and courageous energetic for doing what matters most. What you desire the most is in view if you are brave enough and courageous enough to honestly work and strive for it. God helps those who help themselves. Action speaks louder than words at this time. Renewing energies abound. For some the opposite may occur, degenerative negative breakdowns and noise pollution. Eat healthy at this time.
  • New Moon 25th August into the 28th, Next two weeks many new attempts to clean up, heal up, fix up, work out, try out, cut out, and play out. A crisis of freedom and love needing to find sure ground. Need to feel secure to love, and need to secure freedom to love. Time of making tough decisions for long-term happiness. Taking risks at this time could be critical mistake. Good for weaving one’s way into holy spiritual community. Possible sudden arousal of creative forces followed by dull let down. Need to see progress on long-term works to prove oneself true. Earth life is the proving ground for our higher self, virtue self. A crisis of work and responsiveness to crisis or critical concerns. Important to stick to the point and not get lost or go astray. Avoid false lures to unknown futures. Danger of undigested experience repeating the past. Some may feel like ghosts hunting or haunted by ghosts of unfinished business. The new clashes with the old. Need some Sage or Sage Spray from Mayflower to change the vibration, purify the space?! Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith during this time adds subtle super sensuousness and engaging erotic intrigue. Eros is really the universal erotic, it’s what gives us that personal sensuous connection to the whole of life, the universe; the universe to our most personal moments. The higher love, universal big love, meets the everyday need for touch, connection, eroticism, polity of polarity, engaging people and situations. Here some feel the need for the ‘other’ to reflect us, touch and be touched, arouse and meet, permeate and interact, creatively speaking.
  • August 29th’s Sun oppose Neptune brings unusual encounters of the imaginary. Art meets science in such a way that religion is transcended in direct experience. Many take a critical turn or return to simple values here, others leave the simple for the most advanced mapping and touring escapades. Some may astral project to imaginary moons. Others rudely awaken to reality. One may yet further confuse the issues at hand by false hopes or imaginings, over investment or projection. Or is it just time to let go, find a good fun loving friend to escape with! Take care not to overdose on life. Too much of a good thing is bad, sours, spoils, Good for the arts and music but wildly wasteful or ‘crazy-go-nuts’ if one is not careful. Take care to eat good healthy food avoiding what may have spoiled or become toxic. Confusion or loss in travel. Try not to spoil yourself unless in the most healthy healing spiritual and artistic way.
  • August 31st afternoon Moon in Scorpio a good day to catch up to a little sleep and rest. Some go to extremes in behaviour, others catch up with past. Avoid anger and entanglements negative on that last night of August into September 1st. Labor Day Moon into Sagittarius throws you into the big sky open wide creative universe of opportunity and over the top ideas and plans.


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Astrological News and Views for July 2014

June 30th, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views for July 2014 on the web ★ Tel: (248) 547-8227

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“Meditate to stop thinking and being stuck in sense bound head, then spiritual imagination will awaken. Stop imagining and new inspirations arises. Stop being inspired and intuitions come. Stop self cherishing and ego grasping, acting out of separateness, and the world will arrive on the door step of your awakened heart.”

-Trebore Tau Bodhi


  • July 1st Mercury in Gemini goes direct since going retrograde on June 7th. Much mental clarity and sureness in forward motion, direction, or coming actions and work come now, and in coming few weeks. Much quick wisdom in thinking and planning rush us to event and landing ideas practically as Mercury enters Cancer on 13th and Venus enters Cancer on 18th. Either one is at odds with self and other with thinking and feeling in conflict, or a new harmony between body/mind, thinking and feeling emerges to free the soul to be more creative and forthright, progressive and on-goingly blushed and flushed into the future. A renewed harmony and coordination of head and heart, beauty and truth/reality in personal and collective family/community expression.


  • July 4th Sun oppose Pluto. Danger of extremes in emotions and heat, weather, taking things too personally and reacting; jealousy, emotional obsessions, feeling overwhelms, or its opposite of just running over things to get things done. Take care to keep the quality of noble endeavour, virtuous mind expression. Avoid negative or going to extremes in emotions or talk. Be patient and mindful of self and other. Compassion is to see the divine in self and other, then to be patient with outer frustrations in disharmony with divine spark and sparkles. Good time to work on the self while attempting to see the pure nature in the other that is buried perhaps deeper than the outer circumstance displays. Avoid ultimatums or direct conflict. Avoid manipulating others through guilt, shame, blame, or projection. Boil all your troubles into two, self cherishing and lack of wisdom insight to change it for the better yet. Accept things as they are if you can’t change the situation, then turn up your loving kindness and patience. Work on self to change other. July 4th to 7th may be difficult time to travel or make your sharp points. Explosive emotions or repressed anger and depression? Good time for yoga, grains and greens, miso soup and OM CAFE, and long walks in mother nature. Very hot in some places. Moon occulting conjunct Mars on 6th good for physical work out, exercise, engaging others, but have extra patience and compassion for those stressed out and/or too forceful in expression or feelings of victimisation. Tough as it is, we all need to ponder karma, and the dharma that could free us. The assumption that the higher self has set this all up for our learning experience and growth makes life way more interesting and personally engaging, free.


  • The Earth makes its Aphelion on July 3-4th when the Earth is at its furthest point away from the Sun for the year. Earth now comes ever closer to Sun reaching perihelion closest distance on January 3rd. Do you feel you’ve gone too far out and now need to turn back into yourself a bit?!? Needless to say, since June Solstice when days longest and now start getting shorter in light, and now this point of Earth turning closer to Sun for next 6 months; one should take care not to be over-extended, over-doing, over-outgoing. One can with John the Baptist, sort of lose one’s head in the heart of summer and the heat of the moment. It may be time to take a breath after letting the last breath and events of past go. Let go and let God as they say. Do take notice of nature, the trees and green, they know this subtle nuance of cyclic life is turning inwards as we voyage out.


  • July 4th to July 8th the Sun in the sky triggers the parting Uranus/Pluto square revealing to many what changes are in store for our future, and how to interpret the past in such a way as to give wisdom to this time. We start to see what exactly is wrong and right about our own personal life and the life of the world around us; and what to do! Such aspect gives us more perspective on past and soon coming future, so take notes while objectively observing your own inner and outer worlds. Uranus is truth or new reality, urge to free; Pluto is urge to root, secure, find place, renew/regenerate. Negatively, it’s fights for rights, animal instincts and plutocratic manoeuvres. Many urged by new found freedoms or loss of such freedom or health, money or power. Urge to seek more long-term goals of security or freeing oneself from what has one’s light and love captured or overburdened, weighed down, or darkened. Sense of striving and struggling, working to express one’s best. For some, this time is a feeling of struggle, attempting to continually hold something together that keeps trying to fall apart. One is fighting to hold it together, or to let it go, part, or separate. Where there is Truth and compassionate understanding and awareness, there is always sure ground to hold and grow you, meditate and mediate a higher fuller expression of the divine. A healthy split is a knowledge of the seven principles of self as delineated in Blavatsky’s ‘Key to Theosophy’ or her ‘Voice of Silence’, just back in at Mayflower Bookshop. Also see Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Road to Self Knowledge’ or his book ‘Rosicrucian Wisdom’. I too go into it in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.


  • Get good nourishment, exercise, fresh air, and sound sleep (or get good work done without over doing or taxing one’s self) especially the nights of July 7th-8th. Saturn aspects demand catching up or securing ground. Don’t burn out by pressing self or other too hard or negatively. Go slow and sure like the turtle to win merit here. Try yoga, meditation, tea, soup, massage, a trip to Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley Michigan, or the Om Cafe in Traverse City or Ferndale.


  • July 8th Sun square Uranus just after noon with Sun trine Saturn later in evening. Good day for surprise beginnings and peaceful endings, in days to come new beginnings. Evening good to lay back and chill, get bigger long-term view and plan better futures for tomorrow.


  • July 12 Full Moon (Full Moon at 7:25 a.m., so Friday June 11th is the full Moon night energetic as well as Sat.). With Mercury at its greatest elongation now, there is much sharing of minds and reaching out far to make someone happy or make something happen. Or is it just blowing in the wind, idle talk, jocular motion, and out of bounds outrageous play. Moon in Capricorn till 11:07pm est when Moon enters Aquarius, for some that will mark when it gets extra wild, insightful, or ‘crazy-go-nuts’ jiggle like bunnies or something. Long-term security or authoritative ‘always right’ sense of control works day with Capricorn Moon. Night rivals the status quo with animistic urge for freedom, spontaneous combustion, wild abandon, and a peculiar scientific mind and animal instinct meet. Or is it just great friendships going beyond one’s own fears or boundaries, and meetings of mind and heart dancing a new tangle. Experiences this week end (and this month for that matter) not usually in simultaneous occurrence and such synchronicity. The hunter and the gardener, lion and lamb, meet and agree for a spell? Letting go of what doesn’t work to ponder what could possibly work seems in the air.


  • July 13th, Venus in Gemini trines Mars and North Node in Libra (Mars/Node conjunct). Possibility of great team work, union of mind and heart, higher aspirations and noble endeavour. Passionate pursuit, lively feelings, artistic creativity, magnetic personalities subdue chaos and make fluid the situation. Otherwise cross currents and opposing desires/fears dominate situations making for troublesome times for some. Sexual attractions and interesting allurements at play. Spirit is trying to harmonise diverse worlds and moods. Danger of being too frank or honest causing upset or emotional reactions in others. Others may jiggle your patience and nerves. Good time for love and play though with mind and heart in harmony and balance.


  • July 16th Jupiter enters Leo for just over a year. Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, Aries in general prosper, grow, expand, get lucky, feel overflowing in grace or kindness, in ability to give and take, share. Jupiter in Leo brings out new leaders or emulation models that colourfully shine, wine and dine us, and take charge of new futures. In general people will come out more in new splashes of fashion, colour, flowing and flowering in each their own unique quality and high style definition. Leo when feeling good is love and light, fun and expanding pleasures, self assurance and self confidence. Positive assertiveness takes the place of paranoia and inner reserve. Aristocratic or spiritual receptiveness, feelings, healthy belonging and attachment, friends and family all illuminate each other. If you have Leo planets, ascendent or midheaven, look for positive uptick in your ability to shine and grow.


Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love. Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori.”  -Virgil

  • July 18th, Venus enters sign of Cancer, a sense of musical chairs where the music stops and one needs to find good chair to weather the storm or craziness. Looking for the hug that holds you, or the nourishment for inner being. In next few days, Venus makes a Venus return to the USA Chart of July 4th, 1776. Things happen that remind us of our higher love and love for all living beings and things. There is a renewed sense of home, family and friends, and what counts most to our inner life flowering in peace and beauty, higher truth and joy.


  • July 19th Sun square Mars triggers lots of physical energy to do things, fix things, go places, challenge status quo, or manifest one’s dream or ideal. Danger of rash actions, hasty decisions or tongue leading to accident. Avoid taking things personally stirring emotional or negative reactions


  • July 20th Censorship increases round the world as freedom of expression is repressed. It’s a fine line if freedom goes too far in expressing animal instincts of fear and desire and mindless entertainment while the world really struggles for peace and harmony, healthy air and water. Many healthy and spiritual lifestyles don’t have the money to compete for advertisements. The mis-use of freedom has saturnian reactions. Conservative and authoritative Saturn goes direct at 16 Scorpio while July 21st-22nd freedom loving Uranus goes retrograde in Aries. Inhibition or reluctance meets agitation, and push may come to shove here. Freedom and human equality, healthy air and water, good education for all clash with totalitarian states of mind and plutocracies. A sudden strong sense of what works and what doesn’t emerges. Sudden shifts, shafts, firing and hiring, sudden strong decisions and big plans in the political, economic, and corporate arenas of google, amazon, telecommunications, face book, energies, gold. Funny times for electrical or computer glitches, miscommunications of feelings and thoughts. Feelings of estrangement vs. intense intimacies. Sudden stops or dead ends while in other places an ‘all ahead go’ push. Sudden deep transformations of feelings and thoughts, deep inner stirrings suddenly move one from seriousness to ascendent play, freedom, frolic and letting go; or one is moved in the opposite direction from spontaneous free play to extreme egotism and survival, sudden deep seriousness or long-term work or commitment, strategy. Sudden rise and/or fall of leaders, the famous, those on top. Some on bottom, rise. Reversals at play. Those born the 4th to 11th of any particular month affected strongly. Fire signs feel hot and lucky. Libra and Aquarius take extra care around hot heads or idiots of knee jerk or chaotic actions. Taurus, be patient but avoid feeling stuck with others or some situation that will change in time. Find inner freedoms and insights to open new roads of action and possibility. This is a time itching for renewed feminine wisdom and spirit soul calls for renewed action and wisdom compassion in politics and all human affairs. With Saturn going direct, authority and powers that be move forward with long-term plans. Uranus retrograde sparks those who don’t have their feet on the ground to come back down to the ground or chance crashing back to reality. Or is it just slow and sure outward plodding ahead and inward sudden awakening, sudden zolts of new intelligence and spirit knowledge quickening your way?!


  • July 22nd Mercury opposes Pluto while the Sun enters sign of Leo. Serious thought and provocative events force strong decisions and actions with long-term consequence. Strength of conviction and persuasive argument push agenda or direction. Strong words or thoughts stirs reaction for better or worse. A need to let go of worry, do your best, and let go and let God, Goddess


  • July 24th Venus trine Neptune love dreams/wishes, Sun conjunct Jupiter goes big/expands light/love, Mercury squares Uranus and trines SATurn intellectually awakens, revolts, and seeks practical knowledge. Power forces of Love and Good Will wrestle with larger issues and problems working for a more holistic all encompassing solution for community/family/planetary good. Much luck or sudden change in luck for better or worse comes to those who dare truth and love, reaching for higher ideal.


  • July 25th Mars enters Scorpio giving one a sense that ‘This can’t keep going on!’ — whatever ‘this’ or that is for each of us. Mars/Scorpio wants to get to the point, get it over with, complete or retreat, cut out anything not necessary or to achieve needed goal/desire. A sense of immediacy and immanent danger or endeavour, adventure.


  • July 26th New Moon in Leo near Jupiter in sky. For many, next weeks bring a sense of positive growth and expansion of individual goals concerning travel, business, spiritual aspirations, calling, work, money, friendships, community, family. Strong sense of group or team identity. Need for universal compassion and reverance for all. Need to avoid over-doing, over-indulging or eating/drinking. Ego can get carried away with these aspects but otherwise a really good time to feel that one both participates and belongs to a greater sense of spirit and adventure. Fun times of sharing, giving, caring, receiving.


  • July 28th (27th to 29th influence) Venus oppose Pluto. Fanatic or intensified attraction or repulsion. If you chase it, it runs. If it chases you, you run. Need to take a breath and relax in the heart of silent contemplation, compassion, and insight. Exchanging self for other and pondering what others go through helps give compassionate wise perspective. Inner compulsions and frantic fanatic affairs of the heart and mind. Mad lovers. Fierce attractions or repulsions. Intensification of feelings. Important aspect to avoid jealousy or taking things too personally, too seriously, and/or feeling hurt over another’s action or words. Good time to engage another artistically or lovingly, but also good time to work on oneself, clean up one’s own act, change oneself to affect the other. Rid self of clutter or unwanted things blocking your psychic path to better futures. Empty self to renew vision, meditate on oneness with all life and truth that all things are interdependent on each other. Everything around you mothers your experience, thus everything is your mother. How your inner self responds it the father of the future. Make love not war here means embrace whatever is happening with silent awareness and learning.


  • August 1st-2nd-3rd wild weekend with renewed sense of love, old and new friends, travel, visits, cars and cafes, fun conversing, play, interactions. Try to get a good night’s sleep Sunday August 3rd because come Monday’s Moon occult conjunct Saturn at 6:29 a.m., somebody’s gonna be really tired and not quite ready for a hard work day. First two weekends of August wild with aspects of fun and adventure, but avoid recklessness and going too far beyond safe boundaries. Blessings and joy!


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And, here’s a little song for you … ‘Weave your Wings back on’ … recorded at Tino’s Funky D Studio (Tino plays drums) with other friends such as Holly Bernt on piano and back up singing as well as the Detroit Jewel’s Band at Hand … pic of Philip Glass and i at Jewel Heart and more … Keep your Heart Pure. Roses i grew….more to come.

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