Robert of Mayflower’s News and Views for April 2017

March 31st, 2017

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Robert of Mayflower Talk Coming on METAPHYSICAL HEALING (see below on April 13th) 

“People who have a creative side and do not live it out are most disagreeable clients. They make a mountain out of a molehill, fuss about unnecessary things, are too passionately in love with somebody who is not worth so much attention, and so on. There is a kind of floating charge of energy in them which is not attached to its right object and therefore tends to apply exaggerated dynamism to the wrong situation.”
― Marie-Louise von Franz, Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales

Astrological Aspects for the Month of April

See below for last month’s mention of these aspects.

April until 15th, Venus Retrograde squaring Saturn on 8th April and also 21st when direct, on 23rd Moon conjunct Venus is further event trigger day. Pretty much all of April will challenge us with things we value and love. Not a pretty time for love and/or money issues. For some it’s a slap of reality or cold wake up call. Need for higher truths or just better facts. For some, a serious hold on manifesting dreams and ideals. For others, capable of unconditional love, an inward and outward growing time. Some smartly working a way clear of psychodrama, inch their way forward. Those with many planets or Ascendent in late mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) need inner patience, more research and prep work, and unconditional love to keep things going, rooted, or in progressive forward motion. Chiron is entangled in square with Saturn these days with Venus conjoined to Chiron; authority/security/money/control needs clash. Need to learn to work with reality and others. Some stretch limits to breaking point with selfish or unclear motivations and needs for maverick freedom or daring escapades. Some anchor down in patience and an eye on the long run; others manage wild escapes and early spring frolic. With Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius forming a T-Square midpoint in the sky between opposition of North Node Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, many are looking for love melts and mindless romantic adventures, many with false expectations and high-and-mighty projections of fantasy, or childhood stuff needing to be worked out. With this aspect, no projections, no let down. It’s spring, so cheers! Nonetheless, for some this is a wild month of spirituality, love, creative imagination and fulfilling dreams. For others, it’s a time to not take risky chances in love and/or money or to stick to the true and tried.

April 5th Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, a good strong aspect for keeping to what works in the long run. Urge to power, forward motion, extra points, overtime, success with great work and striving. Take care not to overdo things. This is a good aspect for earthy practical forward push to make goals happen. Earth signs and planets prosper and gain advantage here (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus).

“The great events of world history are, at bottom, profoundly unimportant. In the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations first take place, and the whole future, the whole history of the world, ultimately spring as a gigantic summation from these hidden sources in individuals. In our most private and most subjective lives we are not only the passive witnesses of our age, and it sufferers, but also its makers. We make our own epoch.” ~ C.G. Jung, 1934, Collected Works 10, para. 315

April 6th, Saturn goes retrograde on Galactic Center right before entering Capricorn, going direct 4 days after big Solar Eclipse across America on August 21st. This is a long Saturn retrograde so take heed. Its effect is most strong in April/May and this coming August. Many have big plans for the future that may now take a back seat for re-configuring and revising in the world view. Many things in the working for last several months need more preparation. For many, there is a need for more discipline and clearer thinking when it comes to goals and aims. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius brings down the law and need for clear honest thinking and actions when it comes to religion, travel, sports, higher education, learning, and future plans. Some get smarter, others dumb down and numb out. Clear honest thinking and continual learning from what life offers is needed, rather than blindly following our desires. Need for higher consciousness and universal or planetary responsibility — see ‘Key to Theosophy’ by H.P.B.

“Let us take some event in the life of humanity. For instance, war. There is a war going on at the present moment. What does it signify? It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people. They would not do this, of course, if they were to wake up. Everything that takes place is owing to this sleep.”
― G.I. Gurdjieff

April 8th, Venus square Saturn, Sun square Pluto. Some feel unloved and in the blues; others locking in to long-term goals and not taking things too personally. Some feel rejected and estranged; others melt into the deeper-than-deep love and selfless greater sense of family/friends. Avoid jealousy and impatience. Be the love you want to receive, set free those unruly elements in yourself. Make time for self, away from repeat offenders or psychodramatic control freaks. Here, meditation is listening to God, prayer talking. This is a good day to quit whatever bad or negative habit is holding you back, and blocking your heart’s flower from blossoming. Patience and selfless unconditional love furthers. Not letting yourself be stepped on or used is good, but perform virtuous acts of kindness, helpfulness, to build up good karma. For some, the need to go back to working on self, changing self to change the world. Stormy violent day for some in the world. Endings and new beginnings. For some it’s good, slow day for gardening and intimate friends.

April 7th, Sun oppose Jupiter right into April 10th Moon conjunct Jupiter on Full Moon night (Full Moon is 2 am on 11th). This is a wild weekend for fun and frolic, crazy spring wildness and for some, stormy times and rollercoaster rides with emotions. On 8th, remember Venus/Saturn and Sun/Pluto aspects occur which often trigger difficult relationships/money trouble/sexual psychodrama, crime, chaotic behaviour, and heavy political economic news — good guy/bad guy stuff. A lot going on these days so take it easy, slow and sure. Avoid risk. Other events include more national and international tests of the nerve, war drums, White House drama, clashes of opposites, geo-political hotspot pimples. Intense weather and emotions during this time. Nonetheless, for many, this is a very, very social weekend of friends, party, gatherings, music, expansive play. Here, too much of a good thing can go bad or turn sour, so practice the Golden Mean of temperance, balance, middle way. Hot play. April 11th Full Moon in Libra near retrograde Jupiter. Libra wants to make love, peace, harmony, friends but needs to have assurance that the other is with them. Many put on good happy face but inside a bit worried about things.

April 9th Mercury goes retrograde in early Taurus. On 20th, Mercury goes back into Aries for a spell, Pluto goes retrograde, and Mercury conjuncts Sun. So, for the next 11 days, one needs to rid oneself of winter blues, dead memories, and undigested experience. Examine yourself for where your need for false security or repeat offenders keep reminding you where you’re stuck. Rid oneself of Klingons, attachment, fixations, obsessions, anger and jealousy. Fear no failure, court no success; just be yourself. Otherwise, retreat spiritually and study. Good time to rid yourself of dead weight and unwanted things, making space for new opportunities and arrivals. Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications, difficult travel, negotiations, mistakes in paper work (so get tax work done early!). Mercury conjunct Uranus on 28th has breakthroughs in what went wrong, news that wakes us up, new insights for growth, helping clear the path for continuing the adventure and voyage. Mercury goes direct on May 3rd.

Sometimes the way forward is to go back and fix something, review, and do it again better.

“Remember you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself — only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity.” —Gurdjieff

April 13th Robert of Mayflower Class 


A psychic and spiritual toning/attunement using various techniques: tuning forks, Tibetan bowl bells, chakras, creative visualizations, macrobiotics, shiatsu tsubo acupressure points, yoga mind, positive thinking, yoga breathing, Mind and food as medicine.

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April 14 through to 20th brings love healing, need to burn away non-essentials and what doesn’t work, seeking higher inner and outward values and relations. Concentrate on tasks at hand. Keep strong work ethic. Some continue over play and maverick behaviour. Energetics in the air for love adventure, and creative changes. Venus/Chiron, Vesta square Sun/Uranus, Sun conjunct Uranus (quakes or storms, fire and wind). Need to clear the air, clean up situations quickly, make creative moves or face uncertain change and turn arounds. Sudden fractures or partings, or is it significant meetings? Depends on your natal planets and signs, and your internal spirit soul aliveness, awareness, intention and capability of working.

A man will renounce any pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering.” —Gurdjieff

April 16th Moon conjunct Saturn wants the true and tried, family/friends. Venus sextile Mars wants sensual delights and creativity. April 17th Sun trine Saturn wants long-term goals to have light and life.

If you want to keep your faith, make friends with listening stillness.”
—Trebore Tau Bodhi

April 20th, Sun conjunct Mercury and Pluto, this is a retrograde aspect for shocking news or critical insight forcing one to deal with facts. Tough negotiations. Possible breakthroughs with right thinking, wise action, timely behaviour, and a bit of luck. The sun can bring light to solve difficulties. A call for serious thought before action. Honesty and integrity, clearness; or face consequences of wrong intention, erroneous action, negative thinking affecting outcomes.

April 21 Venus square Saturn. Need for more loving kindness, compassion, care for the little ones and earthy pure ways. A need to be love rather than expect love. Good for catching up, cleaning, being slow and sure with oneself.

“Synchronistic events, moreover, almost invariably accompany the crucial phases of the process of individuation. But too often they pass unnoticed, because the individual has not learned to watch for such coincidences and to make them meaningful in relation to the symbolism of his dreams.”
–Marie-Louise von Franz, “The Process of Individuation,” in Man and His Symbols, 1964, p. 227

April 22 Moon eclipses or ‘occults’ Neptune. Mystery plays, mystical experience, psychic phenomena, sentimental sweet nothings. Over-idealistic or wishful thinking may clash with reality or immediate needs or work to get done. Some on escape or play mode. Good for the arts, music, future planning. Bad for making false projections and jumping in. All that and more. Interesting prophetic occurrences and dreams if you can interpret correctly. See my ‘Hermetic Dream’ book if you can find it.

“You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.”
― G.I. Gurdjieff

April 25th into New Moon in Libra on 26th, Moon Uranus/Mercury then New Moon square Saturn/Neptune midpoint makes for sudden insights, stormy windy changeable weather and feelings melting one away into dream or need to get back to work and stop worrying fretting draining oneself with false imaginations.

“Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is foolishness.”  G.I.Gurdjieff

April 28th  Mercury conjunct Uranus quickens and awakens one with need for new clear thinking. New insights or news wake one up to true calling, direction, and what to do.

From March news on April events celestial….

April 6th Saturn goes retrograde on Galactic Center and Justin Timberlake’s Neptune/Moon conjunction while training his Ascendent. Oh oh! Hope you are making right holy time for the kid and sweet lady, otherwise trouble in the crib is coming slow but sure. Or is it wisdom arriving of the universal planetary situation? With Pluto in sky coming conjunct Timberlake’s Venus before 2020, it may be time to duck out and hide, grow a new garden, have another kid, and learn to love in ever deeper ways. Otherwise, listen again to ‘This is the End’ by Jim Morrison. Also, Trungpa,had Mars within 10 degrees giving forward motion energetic of spiritual impulse (near Mercury with Yogananda, universal laws), connected to this. So, it’s either yoga and meditation, or it’s weird need to control or fear of control. Let Higher Self guide …

“Love without knowledge is demonic.”
― G.I. Gurdjieff

April 11th Full Moon in Libra opposing Sun/Uranus. Quake? Volcano? Sudden need to act? React? Sense of death and rebirth, new throne of possibility and continuance? Powerful events shape shift the future for better or worse. Karma from long historical mistakes or ignorance resurface in new ways. Great time to make positive changes that heal, not fracture; bless, not curse; join not divide. Challenging few days for some, lots of quick quirky upsetting or rearranging changes. Good time to make changes if that is the aim. Take care to avoid premature actions and hasty decisions leading to accident or mistake. Can be stormy, lightening, electrical, danger around machines, travel or more.

April 14th Sun conjunct Uranus. Amazing moments of light and insight pervade the time. Situations out of control of moment. Karma working quickly to help many grow now. Forced new beginnings for some. For others, lots of new insights and revelations. Cardinal Signs and Houses electrify and jolt things to grow or change. For some there is rising to next higher level of work and play, for others sudden downfall.

April 15th Venus goes direct from retrograde helping what we love to grow in new ways. Those affected the most are born between March 15 to April 3, between June 16th to July 5th, between Sept. 18 to Oct 7th, and between Dec.18th to Jan. 7th. Now things get clearer about who and what you love, and who and what loves you. New dreams for future propel renewed or new actions. Love is the great mover.

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Eat sweet, have bitter experience; eat bitter, have sweet life.

-Trebore Tau Bodhi

The Battle of Sugar, one Mom’s Story

Astrological News and Spiritual Views for February 2017

February 2nd, 2017

Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop
Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
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Major Astrological Aspects and Geo Cosmic
Planetary Geometry for February 2017 ~~~ by robert of mayflower

Feb 1st Moon conjunct Uranus with Mercury square Jupiter makes for too much news, loose tongues, upsetting events, and outlandish or even outlaw type behaviour. Quarrels over what is right or wrong, true or false. More talk than action. Look for sudden separations, sudden new meetings. Some rise to the occasion with fresh insights and sunny disposition.

‘Truth is no stranger to aloneness, aloneness no stranger to awe, wonder, and the infinite possibility one’s heart gardens.’ ~robert of mayflower

Feb 5th and 6th reveals Gemini Sun Sign President Trump to have both challenging and positive good astrological aspects. Will he try to please both his voters and his right wing plutocrats and walk the line or middle way? Or will he throw jobs and infrastructure to his voters while making some rich quick and creating quick jobs? These days the blessings are in disguise and the disguise is really good. None-the-less, Feb 5-6th into eclipse on 10th reveals much on who is who and what is what. The big shift and tell all signs isn Solar Eclipse 26th. May love and truth prevail. May we never lose our free press and right to think and speak.

Feb. 6th Jupiter goes retrograde till June. Jupiter will oppose Mars Feb. 27th, between now and then Mars will square Pluto and Conjunct Uranus. For some new genius sunny disposition arises, for others it’s crazy antics and comedy tragedy. This month is high stress dangerous and needs much patience and wisdom to maneuver cautiously, wisely. Many relationships going sour, even in the White House (Melania’s Saturn/Pluto aspect is all hush or is it quiet retreat and patience?) Many people ‘back up’ or ‘reverse’ on previous decisions/plans made. A re-examination of who and what to invest one’s self, money, and time. Jupiter is retrograde till Full Moon in Sagittarius June 10 when a new all ahead go and sense of party or belonging emerges. Is society going backwards? Corporate Feudal State? Are we losing, or gaining our freedom? What does it mean to be a United States Citizen? A united state of consciousness with all life? One for all, all for one? How to balance one world with one’s own back yard? Truth, Love, Pursuit of Happiness, and Freedom is endangered, or re-examined? It may take till June for the collective social cultural whole to individually find peace and harmony with current world events. By June a sense of collective futurity with a better plan appealing to more of us appears. The Jupiter Pluto square in August along with a big Eclipse may make that time too a major crisis opportunity. Till then, take especial care. WATCH OUT for end of month when rough Mars/Pluto/Uranus aspects, indicating danger of escalation of violence, threat, major storms, accidents, hard shifts and changes. For some, sudden risings to power, for others loss.

Where there is love, there is no fear; fear is the absence of love. -rt

Feb. 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo at Saturn/Uranus midpoint is stormy (other areas break out the sun and champagne). Control freaking and erratic crazy behaviour collide. Need for golden mean and disciplined behaviour. Strong urges for freedom contest with long-term security needs . For some it’s loss of ego and material status, for others it’s a regaining lost wind and a renewed sense of direction. Strong energetic to break up or make up. Some find new octaves of pleasurable release and sunny skies. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10, right to Feb. 26th New Moon Solar Eclipse will really shake up what some thought was on track. Eclipses can ‘cut people off’ or ‘suddenly cut off situations or arrangements. People or things get cut out, eclipsed out’, sudden endings and/or new beginnings. Shifts in relations or things one identifies with. Lots of energy to do a thousand things this Friday and Saturday 10-11th. Take care not to just spin your wheels, mouth, and over done energy. Now the time to get lots done, make new friends, re-meet the gold. New Moon Eclipse Feb. 26 at 8 Pisces near Uranus/Pluto midpoint…then and in weeks after much complaint, revolt, protest, debate, and wish for new ways of working together rather than apart or against each other.

‘Truth is no democracy, but democracies are built on it.’ -rt

Feb. 11th Moon in Virgo, Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter. Avoid being over critical or perfectionist; or its opposite, lacking clarity and discernment. Lots of energy to play, socialize, gather, unravel secrets and mysteries of self and other. Great time to get out and do something, prove yourself free and social. Stay on positive side against the tide of negativity. Sun Jupiter for most is sunny disposition and positive spirit of adventure and joy.

‘Negativity is its own reward, so is love.’ -rt

Feb. 22 Mars square Pluto, Moon conjunct Pluto and also square Mars/Uranus/Jupiter. Ouch! this is warring aspect for sure, accidents and threat to life. For some it’s party hardy crazy. If you can pull it off, this is great day for intimacy, aloneness, cleaning, ridding self of dead weight or unneeded baggage, researching great books from Mayflower Bookshop. A very difficult day for many though who can’t get out of their head, feel trespassed or offended, over critical of others than working on improving self. This is a major violence aspect and is notorious for woundology psychology. Hurt people hurt others, Love begets love. Good time to move into future and not keep getting caught in webs of the past. For some a need to go inward working on self rather than others. You can change yourself, hard to change others. Some use force to press their will, desire, fear, or need. Some project guilt or shame in manipulative ways. Some mischievously crime. Still others go the higher way and let their truth love shine no matter what comes or goes!

‘Anger is the worse non-virtue, wisdom compassion.’ -rt

Feb. 25th Comet close to earth making for exciting energetic few days here, electrolytes get charged up and many in very up mood. For others, they finally land with sense of ground, or even crash. The ‘Neowise Comet’ made its Perihelion Jan. 12th last. Now closest to earth passing by giving us messages from both heaven and from the deeps. Watch your dreams for clues. Good time to meditate on the divine in each other, the Unity or Oneness permeating all, listen deeper for heart wisdoms to flower. Watch how others sparkle. New meetings and golden old rekindle the soul in new learnings now.

Genius is what makes us rise to the occasion overflowing in grace. -rt

Feb. 26th Solar Eclipse New Moon near Neptune in Pisces with Mars conjunct Uranus followed by Mars opposition Jupiter Feb 27th. Major friction or rebellion, riot or shake up. Some steal the show while others feel stolen from. Some wake from the dream with new insights while others feel in a fog of impotence and loss of direction. Some set new sail while others have lost the sail, rudder, and oars afloat. When used for the good, this aspect sparks highly creative endeavors, super heroic feats, and a strong sudden gust of gusto for the good, true, beautiful. Storms, nature occurrences, fights, violence, guns, crashes, craziness mar many an occasion. Take care not to trust all you see for next few weeks, Neptune is lies and deceit. On the other hand, at higher octave, Neptune is divine perception, inspiration and dreams come true. For most this will prove time of friction, loss, death or endings, draining, snow, wet, flooding and weird fog or weather. Overwhelming feelings or intuitive insights rock the heart’s clear sailing harmonies. Again, all the planets and aspects have higher and lower octaves of expression and each individual has certain freedoms to work either or into their individual and collective karma or evolutionary soul learning.

Love without learning is blind belief. -rt

Feb. 28th Moon conjunct Venus sets the day for peaceful, artistic, loving, joyful, play and workings. This is good day to love the divine in all things. Be the love you wish to see.

‘Change yourself to change the world, change your world to change yourself; meditate in your inner silence space, watch who watches and fathom the deep to break the spell of separate self, return to love’s truth to be yourself, to flower full bloom.’ ~robert of mayflower

March 1st into 2nd brings Sun conjunct Neptune followed Jupiter oppose Uranus. Lots of illusions and delusions suddenly become known, for others the fog still setting in. Danger of lies, deceit, illusions and delusions. Play it safe and practical. Neptune’s higher octave is the arts, music, escapism to spiritual deed and higher consciousness, transcendental consciousness. By end of March with Jupiter square Pluto, many have sense of strong shift, change, even emotional/psychological death and rebirth of social identity, one’s tribal or group ego or identify. And for sure, many a corporate huge move, take over, growth or bankruptcy. Economy and Markets, stocks, may get rattled and challenged end of March into first week of April. Dangerous time with investments possible then. Some make lots of money fast, others lose. Break-through or break-down. For some cloudy rainy or wet, snow; for others sunny break throughs and wild escapes of wonder. Sudden upsets, or sudden creative insights and workings.

-Robert Thibodeau is an astrological consultant and available for personal readings.
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When the ground under your feet speak, and stars above for you weep, know the next step peeks where you are not looking in a holy silence deep enough to hold all in the fall and new rise for the occasion, change of season, and foreverness, oneness, wonder and joy. There is no go unless we prove it by our going. No God unless we prove it by the way we live. All dreams find meaning by awakening. Each of us is chariot, charioteer, rider, and star. Each is the inner master of their destiny, meaningfulness, realization and enlightenment.
-robert of mayflower

News and Views — January 2017

January 8th, 2017

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrological News and Spiritual Views for January 2017
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‘The ultimate imagination is each and everyone of us is becoming a god like virtue. Each is awakening the universal spark of love and truth within heart and soul. Each a universal song in the becoming. As jesus said, as well as old testament wisdom, ‘Ye are Gods in the becoming.’ We are virtue heart mind streams in the becoming, artists of the divine. -robert of mayflower

Astrology News——-
Jan. 1st Mars conjunct Neptune to Jan. 7th Sun conjunct Pluto puts a spell of fog and negative emotion on first week. Colds, flu, strange gilded age intoxications, conspiracies and magical webs of insight anew bringing renewed light and hope. Weird extremes in the weather and as reported on my Facebook page and website, uptick in quakes/storms/volcanos. Jan. 10th into full moon on Jan 11th-12th brings things to extremes and turnarounds, reversals with crazy news, blow ups, behaviour and weather extremes, lightening responses., Need to bring things to a higher level adds to tension or release. Avoid things that drain or lead off course from long term goals. Make no promises you can’t keep. Good time for practical down to earth concerns. Miscommunications abound until we get past Jan.8th when Mercury goes direct from retrograde. Take care to avoid taking things too personally. Work on self rather than others. Correct fault lines and wrong habits not promoting one’s true will to the future present. More strange deaths and passings, as well as psychic adventures, dream messages and revelations. Good time to get a good astrology reading, lay back with mayflower book, or pick up some more miso and seaweed for your homemade soups (at mayflower too!).

‘Nature abhors a vacuum and men seem to be following in nature’s example. Remember, especially around elections, to always clean your own house first, be first a cynic to one’s own lack of virtue enough to win change, and always tune your own instrument of heart and mind before trying to re-tune others.’
-robert of mayflower

Jan. 8th Mercury goes direct from retrograde. Big ideas and goals renew the surge to go forward with projects and aims. For some sudden shift in coming days to redirect aims, goals, projects. Slow but sure clarity comes in coming days.
Jan. 10th Sun squares Uranus triggering possible solar activity, uptick in storms, quake/volcano activity, and shocking news, political weirdness and emotional upsets. Sudden news or on alert, shocks of awareness, new facts, surprises, sudden shift or change, turn-a-rounds and new excitements, need for stimulus Urge to progress, be free, awaken, strive for reform. Danger of accident or set back, catastrophe. Surprise news or disturbance. Need to take things to a higher level of activity in truth and virtue. Facts or newly discovered truths alarm and awaken change. This aspect affects 3 days before and after. Lots of changes going on in the world with politics, economics, attractions and distractions, affecting us all. Important to seize the time or opportunity, but also important to find down time for rest, rejuvenation, beauty sleep or yoga, positive changes. Avoid just spinning your wheels and having panic attacks or worries not getting you anywhere but more confused and lost. Sometimes doing more is doing less, getting more done with less effort but more wisdom and focus. Good time to try a new book and insight from Mayflower Bookshop. Come on down! Up!

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‘Without inner wealth, wisdom and selfless learning, listening; outer wealth alone will torture and torment the soul. Without the outer wealth of health, education of virtue, value of friendship, courage and fearless for truth, the soul is poor indeed.’ -rt

Jan. 11th Sun square Jupiter brings over the top antics, party or festive vibe into full moon on 12th. Avoid arrogance, prideful boastys, over doing, talking too much or making promises you can’t keep. Good for successful endeavor, recognition, advancement, right purchases.

Jan. 12th Full Moon in Cancer with moon making T-Square to Jupiter and Uranus brings break throughs or break down, plunging somethings and sudden leaps courageous through the air toward new projects/goals/dreams. Strong shifts in weather and emotions. Venus conjunct Neptune adds to the fairy tale magic, or for some the lost slipper and winter blurr. For some, dreams come true and love abounds. For others dreams, goals, love melts and is more on the horizon far away with stars. Illusion and trickery or a magic spell for success? For some divine inspiration, for others cloudy foggy winterization and loss. Good time for future planning, the arts, creativity, music, musing, and share sweet nothings. Good time to re-attune to the gods of virtue and more eternal realities. Mercury entering Capricorn on 12th calls for practical common sense, not over shooting goals, listening to the rules, and avoiding mouthing off or playing big shot egoist making oneself easy target for other’s criticism. Positive side, new leadership and ideas for long term goals, knowing what to let go of to make room for further growth, progress and success.

Love is spirit recognizing spirit, soul acknowledging soul, body and hearts dancing, minds learning….’there is self and other as path, but ultimately it is a ‘no self’ heaven, an All Self Awareness we seek and find. This all self reality is pristine stillness, all inclusive, emptiness in buddhist theory, no separate reality, only dependent arising, non-dual’. Love and Truth the same. -rt

Jan. 16th to Jan 19th when Mars squares Saturn (90 degree hard aspect), tougher weather, tougher going, hard work, need to be paitient, persevering, persistent, with higher aims and values, ideals and aspirations. Good time to help those less fortunate than yourself. Cold weather, cold shoulder? Cool and calm patient or opposite extreme, hot headed. Need to hug more, work harder, love more, take short power renewing naps. Mars is cars and saturn is contractions or negative experience as teacher or lesson giver. Saturn here is Karma unless discipline and sacrifice in work and ethic open doors, dharma is this. Harsh or overly critical language brings harsh reactions. Mars in Pisces often misses its mark or misfires. Need to be compassionate with constructive criticism when called for. Car troubles, difficult travel or communications. Hard work, patience and persistence, pays off.

‘Perhaps the solution of the problem is suggested by these words of Nathaniel
Hawthorne: “We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking
from a terrible dream; it may be so after death’–Alexander Wilder

Jan 19th to Jan 27th when Venus square Saturn and NEW MOON (27th) near Neptune/Pluto midpoint and Saturn/Neptune midpoint. For some curtains close, sad endings, severe times, feelings of being alone or insecure, depressed, caught in the middle of something. A sense of Comedy and Tragedy. For others this is the start of a long journey of spiritual soul unfoldment. For many, selfless new beginnings, for others a slow but sure end game is at play. Good time for ridding oneself of unnecessary burdens, things going nowhere, and wrong habits. Good for yoga, meditation, bodywork, change to healthier diet, voyage for spiritual cleansing or learning. Good time to clean and prep for better futures. Work on changing self to change the world. If you really think you can change the world for the better, this is the time to virtuously act, be true to one’s higher self and universal song of life. Venus is love and Saturn is lack of it…., so give more love, give more than you receive to counter chilling effect of Saturn. Positively Venus/Saturn can be long term commitments, forever love, deeper love and work ethic discipline. Venus/Saturn is loving what you do, or needing to find work or commitments you can love. Venus/Saturn makes for some not feeling loved enough, others smothered or too controlled by such. For still others, deepening of understanding and experience of love. New Moon near Nep/Pluto midpoint indicate power moves, plutocratic dictorial moves in next weeks, a sense of life and death critical states of timing. Over sensitive soul moods, tendency to over react or go to extremes. For some prophetic psychic perceptions, views of past and future shift present stance. Such aspects give doomsday feeling, for others sense of renewal. Renunciation, suffering, illness, lingering negative situation, ecological concerns. Also sense of destiny and duty overwhelm feelings. Need for big view, universal planetary healing view and aim.

When in doubt, start a new chess game. Be sure to complete it. Otherwise wait in stillness for higher orders or insight. This is meditation, watching who is watching, listening to the stillness, awareness without object, consciousness without object, and right action, in that order. -robert of mayflower

Jan. 28th Mars enters Aries till March 9th. A sense of heroic or Michaelic courage, truth, and justice vs. need for disciplined behaviour, better law and order, individual and social justice. Tendency to be over assertive, yet now for the next month or more is the time to act. Act selflessly without attachment to results, act out of one’s pure intention and intuitive ideal. Avoid use of force or blunt volition. See Bhagavad Gita translated by Judge for more on this. Voice of Silence by HPB great inspirational text on this subject of right action without attachment to result. Don’t let your urge to do something, and your fighting spirit, cause unneeded quarrels or accidental occurrence.

“Fear no failure, Court no success.” -Voice of Silence

Jan. 31st Mercury square Uranus, flashes of new awareness, unsettling news, change of mind, irritant to mental flow. Need to think clearly in respect to long term view before acting hastily. Surprising events, shocking news. Good for research and discovery, experimenting within safe boundaries.

Feb. 6, Jupiter goes retrograde in Libra till June. Relationships now deepen or get severely questioned, partnerships evaluated anew. Some excel and some need repair, renewing, reviewing, reevaluating, retooling, reschooling. Many enjoy new encounters and friendships offering more fun, growth, and sunnier creative artistic loving disposition. Avoid over critical behaviour, stick to constructive tips and teaching by example.

Feb. 10th Lunar eclipse in Leo near Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Security and Freedom vie for power or position. Tension to grow, flow, travel, plan better, envision clearer. Present, Future and Past clash with future and present tending to win over past ways, mistakes, plays, and remakes. Something new is breaking through old patterns of thought and behaviour.

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robert of mayflower’s News and Views – July 2015

July 6th, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Spiritual Views
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“Love makes us immortal;
awakening to how that works
makes us a buddha,
a christ, a hermes,
or just a wonderful human being
alive and kicking with life.” -robert of mayflower

  1. July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune. Very high ideals and dreams concerning love, new projects, beautifying, adding onto, travel, kids. Practical yet far seeing concerns. Beautiful experiences.
  2. July 6th, Sun oppose Pluto. Nasty weather rumblings in parts, or is it just nasty feelings and conversations heard round the world? Pluto can internalize experience, take things too personally, tendency to be over-sensitive or reactive. Some experience strong assertive or aggressive energies. Possible subtle shifts or changes in calling, vocation, home, relations, personal identity. Power struggles vs. running and hiding. Passive aggressive, aggressive passive manoeuvres. Deeper currents stir feelings for where things want to go. Some experience endings or new sense of beginning. Cardinal signs and houses affected primarily are Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. A sense of finality or completion for either what is behind you, ahead of you, or present now. Some struggle between making profits and making fun. A want to improve the quality of life, ecology, environment, home. Sudden rise or fall from power for some in coming weeks. First photos of Pluto coming in showing it to be ‘reddish’ and full of water (it appears). Pluto has a few astrological faces or expressions, one is a higher or lower octave of the planet Mars. Mars is known in esoteric circles as the fiery red planet, red for iron in the blood, cars and swords, assertive aggressive speech and action, courage or even war. Pluto can be discreet or secretive. Pluto can act instinctively and passionately from unconscious pervasive impulses. Pluto is plutocracy, plutocrats, ‘power over’ rather than ‘power through’ another. Pluto at higher levels is compassion, redemption of the dark feminine, relaying of foundations, renewal, and acts with the impulse of ‘the most for the many’ and ‘education of the poor’ ethic.
  3. Weekend of July 10th to 13, Sun square Uranus aspect. Quick changes, at times shocking revelations or insights. Sudden storms or quakes. Sudden loss or win. Depends on one’s chart whether Uranus is lucky or unlucky. Some feel need to change and update home and/or personal appearance. Strong urge to rebel, or be especially unique, even go a little crazy with needs to be free or freely express. Sudden urge to do something new. Strong creative juices, much communication and making connection. Multitasking and getting lots accomplished for some, others feel split and divide to conquer or are conquered or waylaid by diverse impulses and split personality.
  4. New Moon July 15-16th, Mercury/Mars conjunct just after opposing Pluto. All geo-poetical hotspots most likely on alert. Dangerous stormy time in weather and emotions for a number of spaces and places. Strong assertive, even aggressive, speech and action. Force and strength may need to police chaotic elements keeping in check unruly behaviour. This is not a good time to misbehave or act crazy wild. This is most likely a day we see strong need for good police and strong military. Danger of dangerous acts and violence in many parts of world. Stormy or severe emotions and weather for sure. On the positive side, there is strong assertive speech for truth, compassion, social welfare, also much political jockeying and posturing. Strong economic corporate political strategic moves positioning for future. Take extra care and caution if traveling. Avoid confrontation. Strong energetic for protecting one’s long term view and home dynamic. On an esoteric level, Raphael, the angel of healing, teams up with Michael, the archangel and time spirit for these times, and confronts darkness, ignorance, and lack of love. Or from buddhist point of view, Medicine Buddha and Manjushri, angel deva of wisdom and cutting through obstacles, team us with a secret Tara, feminine wisdom of Buddha, to bring insight, wisdom and compassion, healing, to the less fortunate, those in ignorance and delusion. At any rate, during this month, this aspect triggers very strong forces of light and dark, and brings about here and there rainbows of love and truth and colorful unforgettable experiences. The individual and collective heart of love and peace is birthing a new planetary wisdom! Good time for purification, prayer and meditation, times of beautifying and attuning to the wholeness of life. Good time for a new book from Mayflower Bookshop.
  5. Venus into Virgo on 18th makes for critical week before Venus goes retrograde on 25th to go back into Leo until Oct. 9th. Venus goes direct on Sept. 6th . Venus retro good for yoga, meditation, self reflection, and inner beautification and contemplation. Avoid un-constructive criticism. Clean, renew, and work on self to change others. Don’t take anything personal other than trying to live up to your higher self and ideals of virtue. The secret here is to let your heart shine for everyone, unconditional universal love. True yoga is the union with the higher self that is in all of us, starting with oneself.
  6. Uranus retrograde on 26th adds to Venus retro making for many unique maverick and individualistic moves, changes, reversals, and escapades of adventure and change of mind. Uranus retrograde till direct on December 25th on Christmas! Progressive aggressive moves of last few months may retreat to review and re-analyze situation. Bold individualistic maneuvers can throw others off balance during this time. Good to check with close ones before sudden surprise actions. For some its too late and too little, a retreat or reconsideration of past and future. Esoterically, the inner love looks for new ways to express and explore full nature of the self.
  7. July 21 Sun trine Saturn followed byJuly 22 Mercury trine Saturn makes for smooth wise long-term thinking and actions. Think practical, think wise, act slowly, be true to your divine stillness and pure depth. Happiness when alone or in deep silent contemplation. Good time to sign long-term secure contracts and agreements.
  8. July 23rd Sun conjunct Mercury can bring a quake or two, storms, and sudden winds of change and direction. Otherwise, it’s a wake up and smell the coffee of reality and clear thinking. Lots of new realizations about what is up and what direction or action to take to make it yet better. Good time for communications and sharing, learning, speaking, listening.
  9. July 25-26th Venus stationary retrograde and Uranus stationary retrograde while Mars squares Uranus is not good for some; for others its divine revelation not apocalypse. Extremes in weather and behavior for some, for others it’s breakthroughs and freedom. Danger of going too far with something, reaching breaking points in life. Anger and aggressive violent action day for some. Others find need to make strong changes in their day-to-day life to assure security and sense of creative freedom. Can be a day when truth and love find each other in need for change. Sudden shifts in direction or thinking. This is one of those aspects where people come unglued and do dumb things to hurt others. Danger of premature hasty actions and mistakes, misfiring, premature eruptions. Basically, Mars is need for courage to see truth, Uranus is higher truth trying to reach everyday reality. Patience and recognition needs here to overcome impulses of anger or hatred. The key here is to learn to love people for who they are and to leave them free. Jealousy and trying to control others is not love nor wise ways of educating or freeing oneself or other. Special heroics and feats of action can happen but special caution and wisdom must prevail over instinctive impulsive unconscious actions which could fail or backfire. Courage for truth and higher love is needed with this aspect.
  10. August 2nd Saturn goes direct from retrograde, wisdom and forethought emerge to redirect actions toward better futures. Mercury trines Uranus for fortunate turns of fate and positive returns of friends and luck. August 3rd Jupiter squares Saturn in the sky for many a good investment for long-term success. Our happy side wants to find a good home and garden to grow in and through. A sense of being co-creative with life, past and future now present. August is a month of strengthening foundations and securing sense of long-term direction. Good time to take off the crown and start to dig in for a gentle fall and return to earth, the inner connection, and good friends we can count on. The return of lasting qualities and virtues, good character and sustainability in sense of self and self-worth.

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Astro News and Views – June 2015

June 1st, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s

Astrological and Spiritual News and Views for June 2015

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“Humanity is at the crossroads again where every little thing we do to beautify and be true will heal the world with love. May all of us grow in new and wonderous ways!”


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way; where there is love and truth, any way, all ways, will do.”

-Captain Bob



  • June 1st into June 4th Moon triggers Saturn semi-square Pluto, influence lasting throughout month, possibly making for extremes in weather, tough hardliners, and a number of crackdowns on repeat offenders. Bad time to cause trouble and end up in complicated negative entanglements. Good time to work on self, clean up past. Self discipline and persevering focus good. Avoid ‘idol lovers’ and those who have the weird psychological illness and vanity of always being right, knowing better than everyone else, and who just talk and criticise from authoritative position with no good actions to back them up. Good for hard working success, happiness when alone, and deep honest talks with close intimates, friends. Although this influence of Saturn/Pluto (disciplined compassion and hard work; but also using force or acting out of compulsion) is around all month, there are a number of good Uranus aspects this month promoting positive change and good luck, joy and expansive opportunity for many. Read on…
  • June 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius. Lots of talk and chatter, far-reaching words, plans to travel, new aims, views expanded. With Mercury in Gemini opposing Full Moon, look for those who have action and deeds to back up their wild far-reaching dreams and ideals. Many rethinking future aims and course of right action. For others, it’s being patient and continuing to persevere and persist.
  • June 4th (give or take a week, but also June 10th/11th, Uranus squares U.K.’s Moon. Is there a rare quake? Storm? Loss of power? Fall from power or grace? Sudden change of face? Some crazy event makes the populace react strongly? Mind change of populace? Scotland wanting out again? New immigration and security policies? Revolt of the poor or jobless? New initiatives affecting future of United Kingdom? Need to act out of freedom and love, truth and compassion. Uranus calls for creative new sure change, also need to raise consciousness to new higher spiritual level – otherwise Uranus shocks people into awakening, forcing change.
  • June 5th Venus enters Leo urge to shine, play, make love, do good works. From now to when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo on 20th, but also around June 29th into July 1st. Lots of creative opportunity and joyful interactions, play. Many leap forward, others fall back to old bad habits or addictive loves. Yet, there are good aspects for love, new love, and beautiful vibes; a time for flowering oneself with others. A time of high romance, love affairs, flirtations, and romantic moods; but also new business and good connection. July 18th, Venus goes into Virgo; watch out for the negative love critic and cynic who is obsessed with evil and everything that is wrong with everything; putting down others to make oneself look better; impotent perceptions not able to help, heal, educate, or illumine others. Avoid the ‘dicks’ (dictators) who run the world with fear and negativity. But what to do? Need for compassionate understanding for sure, but more. We can try to be emulation models by proving things by the way we live, think, feel, and act. Now is the time (all month) to put one’s highest ideals into action. Love for the body, the body of love poetic is alive. Wanting to fix things up in a way that is beautiful and leaves others free works best. Beautifying oneself and others, the environment. Love for shaping or sculpturing the future. A looking for higher love aspect is in the air rest of month.
  • June 10th/11th. On 11th, Moon eclipses Uranus and Mercury goes direct in early Gemini where the last Neptune/Pluto conjuncted in late 1800’s. Lots of new insights, shake and quake, storm, or volcanic wake ups. Science and spiritual values attempt to meet this month. This critical aspect point is related to the struggle for spiritual insights and ethical moral religious views. Need to heal and raise consciousness in high spiritual virtuous way to antidote crass materialistic pagan scientific views which ravage both our environment and souls. Profit driven wars are polluting. Mindless crimes are numbing the spiritual proclivities and capacities of healthy bodies, minds, and souls. Much conflicting information at this time, but many a keen insight emerges to the problems and troubles poor orphan humanity suffers and is spiritually challenged with. If ‘God is dead’ as some think, you may want to think again; “God” is still inside each and every one of us. Listen to the stillness of your own heart and see for yourself. (Read ‘The Voice of the Silence’ by HP Blavatsky, available at Mayflower Bookshop. A most inspirational book written to awaken the intuitive intelligence of the heart.) You may also want to study and work into your life the principles and lifestyle of Steiner, Blavatsky, Osho, Buddhism, Manly Hall, Yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, vegetarian diet. Don’t fool yourself, there are no more gurus or angels come to save us. Unless we work on ourselves to become a pure vessel of our own higher self, our own genius, making our own good karma receptive to work and study of the great ones who went before us, who will come. Another way to look at it is this. We have neither enemies nor friends, we only have teachers. Some of them show us what to do and we can become like them. Some show us what not to do, or we’ll end up like them. Each of us is a divine spark of God, Holy Spirit, World Soul, Universal love and truth, call it what you will. Check out Emerson’s ‘Self Reliance’ for simple straight forward. Free on line somewhere i think.
  • June 12th Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces till November 18th. More Volcanoes or less? Strange water phenomena and a real need to purify all waters. Need to act collectively for health of earth, of all. Shifting boundaries, loss of consciousness for some. For others, a reassessment of dreams and ideals, making many future plans. Changing the inner to rearrange the outer world round us. Opening anew to inner spiritual possibilities.
  • June 14th Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio and Sun conjunct Mars making for hard lines and ultimatums. Apollo golden virtuous actions and heroic deeds, spiritual warriors and bodhisattva ideals; or is it just warring elements and fighting for position, winner takes all. Time of tough decisions, and perhaps tougher actions. For some, it’s about who or what to let go or keep. Forced decisions and/or hasty sudden action. Need to make new rules, enforce old ones, stay the course. Some things seem like they will never change, other things you thought would last forever, crumble. Strong energetic to fix things up or eradicate problem. Need to clean up messes, and get the job done, finish projects. This aspect can draw tough lines in the sand with warnings not to cross. Obviously, geo-political hot spots get tense and edgy. With Moon eclipsing Mercury, take care to drive slow but sure, and talk clearly and precisely what you mean. Too much speed or velocity, or over-the-top antics, could cause problems. Be patient when traveling and take your time. Bring a good book. Interesting deaths (symbolic or real) and sad complicated tales to be told these days into new moon. On the other hand, good aspect for purifying, cleaning up one’s act, making the most of any situation. Avoid undue negativity or pessimism, use only constructive criticism. Moderation and patience, compassion and sharing. Loving kindness with intimates, extra tender loving care with family, children, elderly, and less fortunate called for. Struggles to properly end or complete projects, involvements, something. Saturn goes direct Aug. 2nd giving impulse again to let go of past and push forward.
  • June 16th New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars. Could be a few weeks of testy temper tantrums and harsh judgements. Or is it lots of energy and youthful juice to make bold moves into the future, expanding one’s fortune and good fortune. Avoid anger and force, yet this a good time to push forward. Better to do one or two things well, than a dozen not well. Focus and joyful spirit mark of the time.
  • June 20th Moon in Leo conjunct Venus and Jupiter makes for 3 or more days of high romance and beautiful travel, views, friendships, social cultural outings, and more. Friendships, family, friends, prosper. Take care not to over indulge or go to extremes. Egotism may flare or upset the cart. Otherwise fine time to wine and dine the stars. Starting around June 5th and lasting into July 1st, it’s a love fest of heart and soul, special friends and spiritual romance. The joy of being in love with anything, someone, something is near overwhelming. Marriages, strong ties, babies, creative projects one is in love with…lots of good things happening to many; fun social times! Pride comes before a fall as Leo comes before Virgo/Libra…so feel the inner subtle contractions birthing the higher love between friends, family, world. “Not I, but the Christ within me”…or tibetan buddhist emptiness practice helpful. Be thankful and share the light and blessings. Make strong resolution that all beings find happiness to protect good karma events. See my videos on Youtube on meditation or Sophia and more. Visit Mayflower Bookshop for updates, get on our mailing list too!
  • June 21st Sun in Cancer, Summer Solstice, Longest day and shortest night, days now start to get shorter. Yes we are slowly heading for winter solstice, but not for awhile. Now the sun shines and summer fun is strongly in the air.
  • June 22 Jupiter trine Uranus making for many a breakthrough furthering success and expansion. For many the lightening strike of good luck, for others the lightening strike of needed change. This is good aspect to tie your cart to a star. In other words, attune one’s self to the highest virtues and dream/ideals. Work to make your dream come true, work on yourself. Good aspect for creative breakthroughs, new discoveries, new science and spiritual revelations. Great for music, arts, business, and making new friends, connections. On the other hand, danger of doing too many things and being too busy (a modern form of laziness). Important to hold still enough, be quiet and deeply inwardly listening enough, to recognise the subtle art and spiritual way to go for maximum result and attainment. Good time this month to get a reading!
  • June 23 Mercury squares Neptune. Good for dreamers, artists, imagineers of the future. Also an aspect of deception, lies, bluffs, fakers, exaggerations, and falsehoods. Take care to avoid swindlers and thieves, liars and scoundrels of forgery. Trust not the news. Good for re-imagining the good, true, beautiful you. Avoid purchases unless well thought out. Good for getting lost in beautiful wanderings, people, and things. Peculiar thoughts and dreams need to be put to the test of spiritual science and virtue thinking, dharma.
  • June 24th Mars enters Cancer sign until August 8th. Mars in Cancer brings out the wild man, but also the violent man. Take care to avoid those who bear too much negativity and anger, or forcefulness. Good for cleaning up one’s own messes and avoiding picking on others, blaming others, shaming others. There is one person in the whole world who can make the changes you need, YOU! Boil all your troubles into one, self cherishing. Act not out of separateness. Act as if God is your witness and the soul of the world is present. Act to others as you would act to oneself. See everyone as your mother in some lifetime past or future, or present (good spiritual technique to gain 6th Epoch Aquarian Age insight). Compassion not passion, unless for pure love and higher truth.
  • June 29th Venus trines Uranus. More love vibe and fun times. Easy to make connections, express one’s true feelings, love and respect for self and others.
  • July 1st Full Moon Venus conjunct Jupiter making for peak out experiences concerning love relationships, having babies, making new trysts and friendships, new job or calling. Many great adventures started this June going into July.



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