November 2015 Astrology

November 3rd, 2015

Robert of Mayflower

Astrological News and Views

for November 2015

Robert Thibodeau (248) 547-8227

  1. November 1st Pluto opposes USA Sun (Chart with Sagittarius Rising). For the last year and now November into December, secret tensions on inside track of politics economics, strange extremes in weather, pollution worries, inescapable tension of opposites everywhere one looks. With Saturn in Sagittarius, a fire sign, Leo and Aries Sun sign and planets seem to find stability and reality take on life. Will Saturn about to conjunct USA Sun bring hot weird weather followed by suddenly severe winter later in November and December? Virgo and Gemini Sun sign and planets need to take things slowly and surely. Important to get your wisdom Sophia Isis Mary Magic out and make a search for the funny bone. All work and no play is too severe, no fun, and pushes away friends. All play and no serious work on self makes for inevitable burn out and elemental dance frenzy falls from grace, leaving loneliness and confusion in the place of sacred heart centers and home life.
  2. November 2nd Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo can bring out the best of lovers, but also can go the opposite and fall into negative criticism, dog and cat fights, intellect vs. emotional/feelings. Capricorn and Taurus rediscover love of self and one’s work. Mutable signs feel the pinch of wanting more, or wanting less of some person or situation. Mercury entering Scorpio gives passionate thoughts and desirous thinking but the Venus/Mars in Virgo is work out, clean up, fix up, purify, first before romancing. With Virgo Moon Wednesday evening on the 4th right into Saturday morning the 7th, this first week of November will have that edgy ‘virgin whore’ archetypal force of war and peace, fight or flight. Avoid negative criticism, stick to constructive helpful suggestions. Take nothing personally, adhere to the higher self, the universal mind. Work on improving the self, letting criticism of others go. Virgo is associated with wish to find right work, healing self and others, relations. Enjoy what you have and share your heart’s treasures.
  3. November 6th, Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces, Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Good day to dream true, envision, work for peace and love, and to follow one’s star, ones dream come true.
  4. Saturday the 7th with Moon conjunct Mars and Venus reveals what really just happened in the last few weeks with love and war, inner and outer changes and shifts of consciousness. Venus/Mars have been hanging out together in the sky for a while, and love and desire has been a hit-and-miss, cat and dog wrestle or play. Avoid anger or negative critique bringing no true change or upgrade of intelligent working. Avoid being triggered or triggering negative response. Anger versus patience contest for the moment. Outspokenness and blunt words and actions can foster resentment. Remember, all gossip is a backhanded form of flattery. Take nothing personally at this time except for glimpsing higher truths and love, and trying to manifest such.
  5. November 8th Venus goes into Libra until the first week of December. An urge to make peace and work with other others in harmony and co-creative strivings, goals. A wanting for fairness, compassion and love, now easier to work and play into day-to-day relations and engagements. Urge for inner self to find right others to work and play with for co-creative results.
  6. November 10th. Republican Debate on last day of old moon right before new moon may make for intellectual insights, but may lack the spunk that a debate closer to full moon would have. Some tire of the run and decide to walk.
  7. November 11th New Moon in mid Scorpio affects the month. New Moon near last Pluto perihelion in 1989 may bring out the little devil in you to build new walls, or break such down. Tendency to take things to the extreme. Peculiar tensions to finish off difficult situations. Subtle shift in desire or aim to attain shifts one’s inner relation to outer circumstances. A need to free oneself from what is draining or lacking vitality for the future. As November proceeds, stakes run high when it comes to geo-political tensions (Russia, Middle East, World Economics). Watch for major shake ups and power plays when it comes to the Presidential candidates. Will Trump run into trouble on his run for President as Uranus squares his Jupiter in November? Will he drop out? Or will shake ups and troubles just make him stronger? Will Jeb Bush become higher in the polls as November and December brings Jupiter aspects in his astrology chart? He will be happy either way. Will Bernie Sanders catch up, and perhaps even pass up Mrs Clinton by December with Uranus near conjunct his Moon, or does he suddenly drop out and go home for Christmas? Will Hillary Clinton trip up with more surprise revelations about her past?
  8. Will later November bring heavy rain/snow and severe extreme cold, or will Saturn in fire sign Sagittarius keep it abnormally warm? Perhaps both in diverse parts of USA and elsewhere in the world. Extreme tension of opposites everywhere. Will there be further drops in economy and housing markets, even depression talk. Will Saturn on Ascendant and Mars conjunct Saturn in U.S. chart be tightening of the belt, Conservative trend, mean and lean tough love talk and cold shoulder politics and power drives. In December Saturn conjuncts the USA Rising Sign in Sagittarius, giving America a sense of depression? Being cut off and misunderstood? Over-prescribed and medicated? A sense of social injustice? A need for justice and religious morality? Or is it need of true virtuous aspiration, philosophy, asceticism, prudence, and justice for all? Lack of patient wisdom and compassionate understanding brings reactions from others. Saturn on Asc. can also be a sense of sadness or loss, mourning; as well as a need to get back to good work and ascetic healthy values. With Saturn oppose Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Neptune, it’s a wild month of freedoms and lack thereof. Will Pot be legalized? Will big corporations alone profit from such? Will the little farmer too get a piece of the action? Will Willie Nelson be King of the Weed? Many sense fatality while others new work ethic. Sense of death and rebirth vibes. Lots of strange weather November/December, UFO and Mary sightings, mystic experience and holy events of transcendent value as well. Times of severe cold and snow, storm and abnormal event end of November and December possible. Danger of big storm, mishap, even crazy violence during critical points, difficult aspected times. At Winter Solstice, Pluto squares USA Saturn. Winter solstice can be more cold, but also severe, along with economic geo political worries. In the U.K. Pluto squares natal north node in December leading to more sex and money scandals in high places of rank and power, unrest of the masses, and intensification of populists rising to power, others falling. Pluto is aspecting moon/sun midpoint making for populous unrest and economic political woes.
  9. November 12 Mars goes into Libra making assertive over aggressive people really stand out like sore thumbs. Libra makes for peace and love, wanting friendly relations, negotiations, sharing and helping others. One does have to take care from feeling beat up by others, emotionally, mentally, or physically.
  10. November 14th Democratic Debate with Capricorn Moon makes for serious mood, authoritative proclamations, long-term views, and laying down rules and law proposal. Moon square Mars in evening 9:50 EST makes for few angry or aggressive moves, statements, volleys.
  11. November 17th Sun conjunct Mercury. Uranus squares USA natal Sun. Strong uptick in quakes and storm. Danger of violence or sudden mishap. World tensions. Around these days and days to come. Possibly real stormy times, major quake uptick, sudden crazy world events or shocking news, sudden rise to power or fall of someone prominently high in power. For sure, hot rhetoric of Presidential candidates, along with change in the pole dance of popularity. Hopefully all the cat and mouse maneouvres in Syria with Russia, or in the China Seas with China, or elsewhere, triggers peace-making and not escalation of conflicts. The somewhat intense aspects come end of November, and in December around the 5th-6th on to Christmas, will most likely challenge the markets and collective sanity wanting steadfastness and predictability in life. Even Detroit City has wild aspects associated with quake and/or weird extreme weather, sudden shifts in politics or direction. I am not predicting it, just saying; exciting but wild times come the end of the year here. Good time to read or study Rudolf Steiner, H.P.Blavatsky, Gelek Rimpoche, Buddhism, Manly Hall and his Secret Teaching of All Ages, and hanker down to the real heart of things.
  12. November 18th Neptune goes direct from retrograde in Pisces shifting consciousness in the attempt to ‘dream true’. Energetic to manifest one’s dream, highest ideal, into practical everyday life. Neptune can also be illusion, delusion, lies, inflation/deflation of ego, hollywood, music, acting, oil, film, living in feelings and pictures of reality. At higher level, it’s living the dream, travel, soul mates, gardens, making things more beautiful. Neptune can be the sea of samsara, but can also be the Great Mother of Compassion. At higher levels, it’s awakening imagination, inspiration, and intuition; a psychic spiritual sense of things and times. Neptune going direct wants to do this in a new way that enlivens the present to both redeem the past and open new futures. It is associated too with oceanic and outer space happenings. With Moon conjunct Neptune on 19th, Saturn square Neptune on 26th, and Sun square Neptune on 29th, there is a lot of Neptune going on. Is this a time of rude awakening? Major illness or virus world health problems? Weird weather? Fog? Further legalization of Marijuana? More facts on the increase of Heroin use, and also the misuse of medications? Or is it Mystic higher consciousness awakening? A more spiritual and virtuous experience of time and timelessness. Such times call for compassionate understanding and deep need for practical common sense in dealing with problems. Good time to read the deepest literature on spiritual development one can find. Good time to learn a new musical instrument or to voyage anew into the arts. On November 20th, Venus squares Pluto deepening love and commitment, vows. For others, it’s hate or envy, jealousy and psychodrama, fear, rejection, violence, and woundology psychology. It can be dark for some, others deepen their love. Possible scandalous affairs in high and low places in the news. Sun conjuncts Saturn on 29th bringing hard take of reality into the picture. A recognition of what can still be worked on and what is failing us. November/December tend to feel almost surreal in world dilemmas, weird weather, futuristic fantasies and scientific strange inquiries. Some feel allured to the future and past simultaneously, cheating self of the present, being here now, and the ability to manifest here now. Others feel they are waking up from an illusion or dream, now seeing reality as if for the first time. Some fall into the dream, escaping reality. Neptune is ruler of the seas, the sea of outer space and samsara delusions too. Each of us has the freedom to respond to the higher or lower octave of the planets. Weather end of November through December may well go to the extremes in cold and snow versus heated up in other places. Lots of rain and/or fog, flooding, blurring of vision, dizziness; cold and flu in parts. Other parts fire up and over-heated. Extreme behaviors are to be avoided. Trust to the golden mean and the middle way if you can.
  13. November 22 Sun enters Sage Sagittarius and Moon occults (eclipses) Uranus with Venus oppose Uranus on 23rd. Quake and Storm uptick here too, also upsets and reversals with Uranus aspects in sports, markets, relations. Even Detroit has crazy aspects for sudden shock or change for good or ill. Detroit could have a quake! Or is it just wild vibes and music flowering all over town. Sudden shift in some leadership positions? Shake ups in who is in and who out in high economics and politics. Hopefully no emergencies. Dangerous times to take risks, act hastily, take chances, or gamble with the sisters of fate.
  14. November 24th Mercury conjunct Saturn brings serious repercussions from past actions. Take care to not be hasty but to think things out, think wisely for the long-term secure. Some grasshoppers left out in the cold. For some, a most serious decision making, grieving, coming hard back down to earth. For others, a time of thoughtful reflection and inner counsel.
  15. November 25th Full Moon 3 degrees Gemini where last Neptune Pluto conjunction in late 1800s occurred. Also Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces. More moves toward legalizing marijuana? Confusion about such? Intellect genius and smarts want to cut through the fog of indecision and obscurity, confusion. Creativity and imaginative genius wants to invoke the future now, take great leaps of faith, and fly immediately to the promised land. Religion and politics, spirituality and materialism may here be at odds. Spiritual and materialistic forces at odds. Individual and collective forces at odds. Invoke and utilize your higher intelligence and imagination to awaken and help heal self and other. Purify bottom up. For some, hard reality brings to light falsehoods and false imaginings, notions, and ways. Much new knowledge now made available. Secrets discovered and breakthroughs abound. For some, escapist tendencies with reality and common sense going up in smoke. Good aspect for creative imagination, music and the arts. But alas, an aspect where big dreams and movies bomb and bottom out. Influence last half of November into December.
  16. November 26th Saturn square Neptune running right into Sun conjunct Saturn and square to Neptune on Sunday November 29th. Good aspect for meeting others half way, working with others for mutual goals and larger universal benefits, results. This time period, weeks before and after, is a time to balance one’s spiritual and materialistic, one’s heavenly and earthly, needs and wants. Good time to really see how to manifest one’s higher self, one’s destiny and true calling, one’s right work and relationship. Saturn is down to earth practical, even materialistic and determined, fated. Neptune is highly imaginative, spiritual, spirited, even too far out, surreal and out of body, yet higher idealistic. Together heaven and earth can come together. Fighting its ships passing in the night and serious karmic mistakes. A need for law and order, discipline; yet also, a need for spiritual wisdom is called for. Mutable Sun Signs and planets in mutable signs most affected. Check out your astrology chart for what area of your life is challenged here.
  17. December 1st, Mercury in fire sign of Sagittarius trines Uranus in fire sign of Aries, Moon in Leo, making for a sunny hearted bright minded genius days of progress, insight, expression, intelligence, and upbeat insight. The future again looks great. Many see clear the future and what clearly is ahead.

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Astrology Now into 2016 – THIS SUNDAY, Nov 1st!

October 30th, 2015

Astrology Now into 2016

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Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views – October 2015

October 1st, 2015

Talk by  Robert:

“Love and Death – The Secret of Success and Happiness”

Friday, October 2, 2015, Theosophical Society, Woodward Avenue

Doors open at 6.30 p.m. Lecture begins promptly at 7.00 p.m.
From 6.30 to 6.55 is time for socializing, browsing through the bookstore and library, and enjoying light refreshments.

1. First 10 days of October tell the story of more fully fleshing out what happened on secret or inner levels during two Eclipses in September. Mercury goes direct on 9th helping bring positive note to passing changes, some shocking or stormy, turn of events. October 9th into New Moon Monday the 12th things straighten out, get figured out, reconfigured and made positive.

2. October 6th Sun square Pluto and Mars oppose Neptune is funny mixture of exposure of facts mixed with lies and cosmetic make over. Weird weather and emotions here. Some feel rejected, others intimately paired; some feel abandoned, others that they just found god or goddess and goodness; some may feel deeply offended, others at fun having sensuous play. It may prove a rainbow of dark and light emotions and aftermath hindsight wisdoms. Sense of endings and futuristic new beginnings. Power drives get confused with pleasure rides. Dangerous days to take risk or chances. Nonetheless, stranger that fiction facts in news, politics, weather weirdness, and alien tendencies, coupled with angels in disguise events and insights.

3.  October 8th Venus enters Virgo till November 8th, Leo king/Queen love turns into Virgo healing love. Good for finding new virgin possibilities, pure intentions and motives, to seek higher ways in work and relating to others in more compassionate healing ways.

4. October 9th Mercury goes direct, break throughs in understanding and communication in coming 8 days. Sense of relief in knowing path taken.

5. October 10th, Venus square Saturn, don’t take it personally other than trying to manifest your own higher self. Be love first before seeking it elsewhere. Good for cleaning, catching up, taking it easy, renewing with exercise and right foods. Sense of taking responsibility for self, or feeling others are not taking enough responsibility.

6. October 11th, Jupiter trine Pluto (but in effect all month, especially 15th with Mars trine Pluto, and 17th with Mars conjunct Jupiter; Moon conjunct Pluto of 19th could be trigger too for events). Sense of big money or no money. Making moves to prosper and grow in new ways. New connections and alliances. Strengthening of bonds of friendship. Also on 11th, Sun oppose Uranus, expect sudden jolts, separations or sudden coming togethers, turn arounds, reversals, upsets or sudden unitings. Sudden shock or turn of events, sudden wake up call, shake up/quake/storm or something rattles the nerves, a call, or need, of  more compassionate social response or action. Strong power plays. Collective strategies for change.

7. October 12 New Moon in Libra pushes the need for right relations or need for change. Tension in world political scenes continue.

8. October 16 Venus oppose Neptune, nostalgic idealistic other worldly romantic or creative urge. Peculiar artistic or musical sense. Need to be practical and grounded when it comes to love and money.

9. October 15th Mars trine Plutocratic Pluto, and October 17th Mars conjunct Jupiter, the Nineteenth Moon conjunct Pluto … all this indicates strong forward push or motion to grow, accumulate or amass power, money, virtue with increasing intensity. Many world events in the news this month. Strong corporate and political moves. Intense news from the war fronts creep into 22nd when Mercury squares Pluto. Renewed need to create peaceful alliances. Difficult thinking or communications. Need for patience and thourough thinking through. Although such aspects can be food for healing, restoring foundations, fixing things; it’s also aspect where so called ‘good guys and bad guys’ fight and quarrel, or ‘debate’.

10. October 23 Sun enter Scorpio and Venus trine Pluto. Balanced intellect subsides or turns into, transforms into, passionate moods, intenseness, sensuality, and boldness right into coming full Moon 27th in earthyTaurus.

11. October 25th Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mercury oppose Uranus. Fund days to play, socialize, frolic, or make gains in social, monetary, or political arenas.

12. October 27th Full Moon , grounded sense of happiness and good friends. For some a sense of turn around.

13. October 30 Sun trine Neptune into Halloween. Good of creative spirited imagination, fantasy and fun.

14. November 4th, Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo, notorious for no love, pure love, or very kinky thoughtful or naughty love. Here where love works, it’s the best; for others … ships passing in the night. Good for creative arts, music, play.

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Astro News – September 2015

September 17th, 2015
Robert of Mayflower’s 
Astrological and Metaphysical News and Views
Mayflower Bookshop, Robert Thibodeau, (248) 547-8227
Make a note on your calendar! Oct. 2nd A Robert of Mayflower Talk at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on west side of Woodward south of Catalpa. Oct 2nd 7pm donation. Talk subject, ‘An Esoteric Metaphysical approach to Love and Death, and the secret of success and happiness’. Please feel free to come!
“Real Friendship lasts through lifetimes, act that way today.”
-robert of mayflower
  • Sept. 1st Venus conjunct Mars in Leo, here love is the best or worst. Need to love others, appreciate others, for who they are, not who we want them to be. For some, ships passing in the night of unconsciousness. For others, a meeting of angels. Some clash with inner feelings with outer realities. A conflict between inner and outer values, or between hard thinking and sensitive feelings, or vice versa. Male/female tensions. Holding the tension of opposites to birth more noble futures is key to tension of heavenly ideals and earthly concerns. Respect of others also key. Remember, everyone has a right to their experience and opinion, even if they are wrong!
  • Sept. 5th Sun trine Pluto empowers practical earthly matters.
  • Sept. 6th Venus goes direct calling for more love and less show off, more showing up and less throwing off, more light of love and less love of being in the light and throwing mud at others. More letting others shine, and standing in the dark yet to come to better light. The spiritual darkness is divine pondering, a waiting room for God.
  • Sept. 8th Mars trine Uranus good time to push to further goals, good time to take action. A sense of ‘just do it, stop talking about it’.
  • Sept. 9th Mercury square Pluto, avoid negative over-critical words and endless negative critical thinking. Good for going deeper into pondering, contemplating, researching, and having compassionate awareness and sensitivity to what others suffer and struggle with.
  • Sept. 13th Solar Eclipse 20 degree Virgo, Next few weeks good for cleaning, clearing, getting rid of unwanted or burdensome situations, things, qualities.
  • Sept. 17th Jupiter oppose Neptune, Mercury goes retrograde, Saturn enters Sagittarius. A sense of homelessness, lost in space or at sea, need to migrate or move. For others, divine intervention transforming the inner and/or outer, landscape. A sense of homelessness in the Soul life. For others a new inspiration of Spiritual Soul forces, intelligence. For some, a turning point of coming back to oneself. For others a need to travel afar and seek new horizons. For some a sense of loss or disappearance. A sense of going as far as one can in one particular direction, and a need to discover new paths of knowing, sharing, identifying. Others suddenly find themselves in new circumstances and futures. Ecological problems or challenges for some. Avoid pie-in-the-sky false dreams and gambles. Upsets due to falsely projecting on others. Avoid all falsehoods or deceptive tactics. Keep to the clear honest open road. Avoid scams and instant profits. Bad time to gamble or invest for many. Danger of false inflation followed by deflation. Bad timing to go overboard, party too hard, or to take risks. A time to curb overly expansive projections and plans. Time to work on what is right before one. Saturn in Sagittarius brings wisdom concerning boundaries and justice, higher knowledge and right education. Some difficulties in traveling. extremes in the weather. Strange circumstances difficult to ascertain. For some, extraordinary spiritual perceptions and dreams. Jupiter and Neptune associated with strong nature phenomena (such as unusual quakes, volcanoes, UFO sightings, virgin mary sightings, psychic spooky or entertaining happenings; danger of a sense of confusion or getting too out of it). Saturn leaving Scorpio calls for clear common sense and intellectual smarts, not feelings clouding issues. A call for practical needs and disciplined approaches to the future.
  • Sept. 22 Venus trines Uranus, creative breakthroughs and renewed sense of loving intelligence. A need to love in new ways. Creative outbursts, sudden turn of events. Venus in Leo wants to lead Uranus wildness and blunt forwardness into regal and more sophisticated ways of life, behaviour. Uranus in Aries wants to shoot first, think later. Together can make for new creative peace and love making. A sense of wanting to be free, the heart of the artist, poetics and music, the arts, the artistic mind and heart flowing.
  • Sept. 23 Sun enters Libra, the search for balance in self and others, world and self, job and relationships. A need to listen better to what others are saying. A need to balance self with other, other with self this month.
  • Sept. 24th Mercury square Pluto good for research and fixing things, constructive criticism. Bad for negative over-critical bitter thinking and speech. Good aspect for catching up wisely to the past. A sense of what’s wrong with the world or self/other. A need for critical assessment of what to do to make things better. End of month dynamic calls for need to work on self, change self to realign or heal relationship to others.
  • Sept. 25th Pluto direct, Mars square Saturn. Strong decisions to end or complete projects. Strong clear decision to proceed or stop a project or projection. Strong inner and outer initiatives to work on, go forward, work hard for goals and aims. A sense of running into obstacles or working through obstacles. Mars is the war god, at least the tough stance and muscling others, forcing or aggressing. Saturn is the authority, the long-term needs or laws, or even walls. When Mars works with Saturn, good work toward long-term goals occurs. When Mars and Saturn don’t work together, there is a need for a new aristocrat, a new authority of power and wisdom; a need perhaps to ‘police’ certain actions. Possible separations, interruptions, end of work or strike. Difficult time for those who are over assertive. Good aspect for cleaning up and catching up to work needs. Good for yoga, meditation, healthy eating and exercise, patience and persistence.
  • Sept. 27th Lunar Eclipse in early Aries (7 degrees)From Sept. 27th here to October 11th urge to free oneself from all that holds one back from growing in new ways, individuating of coming to one’s sense of destiny, dharma, truth, right work. Finding one’s sense of belonging, community, tribe or family, and job or right work.  The search to find one’s right working relationship to self and other, world and self.
Make a note on your calendar! Oct. 2nd A Robert of Mayflower Talk at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on west side of Woodward south of Catalpa. Oct 2nd 7pm donation. Talk subject, ‘An Esoteric Metaphysical approach to Love and Death, and the secret of success and happiness’. Please feel free to come!
  • October 11th Jupiter trine Pluto and Sun oppose Uranus brings many to major turning point in life. For some it’s a ‘take 3 steps forward’. For some others its a turning point of just letting go and letting God, learning to trust fate and destiny.  Good aspect for new job, new directions, new ways of getting healthy, new forms of learning, new long-term goals worthy of one’s inner deep soul needs and aspirations.
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“Love is the way truth arrives in the heart mind.
The spirituality of love is compassion with a willingness to learn
how to make friends with all life in every life.”
-robert of mayflower

robert of mayflower’s News and Views – July 2015

July 6th, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Spiritual Views
(248) 547-8227, on the web

“Love makes us immortal;
awakening to how that works
makes us a buddha,
a christ, a hermes,
or just a wonderful human being
alive and kicking with life.” -robert of mayflower

  1. July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune. Very high ideals and dreams concerning love, new projects, beautifying, adding onto, travel, kids. Practical yet far seeing concerns. Beautiful experiences.
  2. July 6th, Sun oppose Pluto. Nasty weather rumblings in parts, or is it just nasty feelings and conversations heard round the world? Pluto can internalize experience, take things too personally, tendency to be over-sensitive or reactive. Some experience strong assertive or aggressive energies. Possible subtle shifts or changes in calling, vocation, home, relations, personal identity. Power struggles vs. running and hiding. Passive aggressive, aggressive passive manoeuvres. Deeper currents stir feelings for where things want to go. Some experience endings or new sense of beginning. Cardinal signs and houses affected primarily are Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. A sense of finality or completion for either what is behind you, ahead of you, or present now. Some struggle between making profits and making fun. A want to improve the quality of life, ecology, environment, home. Sudden rise or fall from power for some in coming weeks. First photos of Pluto coming in showing it to be ‘reddish’ and full of water (it appears). Pluto has a few astrological faces or expressions, one is a higher or lower octave of the planet Mars. Mars is known in esoteric circles as the fiery red planet, red for iron in the blood, cars and swords, assertive aggressive speech and action, courage or even war. Pluto can be discreet or secretive. Pluto can act instinctively and passionately from unconscious pervasive impulses. Pluto is plutocracy, plutocrats, ‘power over’ rather than ‘power through’ another. Pluto at higher levels is compassion, redemption of the dark feminine, relaying of foundations, renewal, and acts with the impulse of ‘the most for the many’ and ‘education of the poor’ ethic.
  3. Weekend of July 10th to 13, Sun square Uranus aspect. Quick changes, at times shocking revelations or insights. Sudden storms or quakes. Sudden loss or win. Depends on one’s chart whether Uranus is lucky or unlucky. Some feel need to change and update home and/or personal appearance. Strong urge to rebel, or be especially unique, even go a little crazy with needs to be free or freely express. Sudden urge to do something new. Strong creative juices, much communication and making connection. Multitasking and getting lots accomplished for some, others feel split and divide to conquer or are conquered or waylaid by diverse impulses and split personality.
  4. New Moon July 15-16th, Mercury/Mars conjunct just after opposing Pluto. All geo-poetical hotspots most likely on alert. Dangerous stormy time in weather and emotions for a number of spaces and places. Strong assertive, even aggressive, speech and action. Force and strength may need to police chaotic elements keeping in check unruly behaviour. This is not a good time to misbehave or act crazy wild. This is most likely a day we see strong need for good police and strong military. Danger of dangerous acts and violence in many parts of world. Stormy or severe emotions and weather for sure. On the positive side, there is strong assertive speech for truth, compassion, social welfare, also much political jockeying and posturing. Strong economic corporate political strategic moves positioning for future. Take extra care and caution if traveling. Avoid confrontation. Strong energetic for protecting one’s long term view and home dynamic. On an esoteric level, Raphael, the angel of healing, teams up with Michael, the archangel and time spirit for these times, and confronts darkness, ignorance, and lack of love. Or from buddhist point of view, Medicine Buddha and Manjushri, angel deva of wisdom and cutting through obstacles, team us with a secret Tara, feminine wisdom of Buddha, to bring insight, wisdom and compassion, healing, to the less fortunate, those in ignorance and delusion. At any rate, during this month, this aspect triggers very strong forces of light and dark, and brings about here and there rainbows of love and truth and colorful unforgettable experiences. The individual and collective heart of love and peace is birthing a new planetary wisdom! Good time for purification, prayer and meditation, times of beautifying and attuning to the wholeness of life. Good time for a new book from Mayflower Bookshop.
  5. Venus into Virgo on 18th makes for critical week before Venus goes retrograde on 25th to go back into Leo until Oct. 9th. Venus goes direct on Sept. 6th . Venus retro good for yoga, meditation, self reflection, and inner beautification and contemplation. Avoid un-constructive criticism. Clean, renew, and work on self to change others. Don’t take anything personal other than trying to live up to your higher self and ideals of virtue. The secret here is to let your heart shine for everyone, unconditional universal love. True yoga is the union with the higher self that is in all of us, starting with oneself.
  6. Uranus retrograde on 26th adds to Venus retro making for many unique maverick and individualistic moves, changes, reversals, and escapades of adventure and change of mind. Uranus retrograde till direct on December 25th on Christmas! Progressive aggressive moves of last few months may retreat to review and re-analyze situation. Bold individualistic maneuvers can throw others off balance during this time. Good to check with close ones before sudden surprise actions. For some its too late and too little, a retreat or reconsideration of past and future. Esoterically, the inner love looks for new ways to express and explore full nature of the self.
  7. July 21 Sun trine Saturn followed byJuly 22 Mercury trine Saturn makes for smooth wise long-term thinking and actions. Think practical, think wise, act slowly, be true to your divine stillness and pure depth. Happiness when alone or in deep silent contemplation. Good time to sign long-term secure contracts and agreements.
  8. July 23rd Sun conjunct Mercury can bring a quake or two, storms, and sudden winds of change and direction. Otherwise, it’s a wake up and smell the coffee of reality and clear thinking. Lots of new realizations about what is up and what direction or action to take to make it yet better. Good time for communications and sharing, learning, speaking, listening.
  9. July 25-26th Venus stationary retrograde and Uranus stationary retrograde while Mars squares Uranus is not good for some; for others its divine revelation not apocalypse. Extremes in weather and behavior for some, for others it’s breakthroughs and freedom. Danger of going too far with something, reaching breaking points in life. Anger and aggressive violent action day for some. Others find need to make strong changes in their day-to-day life to assure security and sense of creative freedom. Can be a day when truth and love find each other in need for change. Sudden shifts in direction or thinking. This is one of those aspects where people come unglued and do dumb things to hurt others. Danger of premature hasty actions and mistakes, misfiring, premature eruptions. Basically, Mars is need for courage to see truth, Uranus is higher truth trying to reach everyday reality. Patience and recognition needs here to overcome impulses of anger or hatred. The key here is to learn to love people for who they are and to leave them free. Jealousy and trying to control others is not love nor wise ways of educating or freeing oneself or other. Special heroics and feats of action can happen but special caution and wisdom must prevail over instinctive impulsive unconscious actions which could fail or backfire. Courage for truth and higher love is needed with this aspect.
  10. August 2nd Saturn goes direct from retrograde, wisdom and forethought emerge to redirect actions toward better futures. Mercury trines Uranus for fortunate turns of fate and positive returns of friends and luck. August 3rd Jupiter squares Saturn in the sky for many a good investment for long-term success. Our happy side wants to find a good home and garden to grow in and through. A sense of being co-creative with life, past and future now present. August is a month of strengthening foundations and securing sense of long-term direction. Good time to take off the crown and start to dig in for a gentle fall and return to earth, the inner connection, and good friends we can count on. The return of lasting qualities and virtues, good character and sustainability in sense of self and self-worth.

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Astro News and Views – June 2015

June 1st, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s

Astrological and Spiritual News and Views for June 2015

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“Humanity is at the crossroads again where every little thing we do to beautify and be true will heal the world with love. May all of us grow in new and wonderous ways!”


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way; where there is love and truth, any way, all ways, will do.”

-Captain Bob



  • June 1st into June 4th Moon triggers Saturn semi-square Pluto, influence lasting throughout month, possibly making for extremes in weather, tough hardliners, and a number of crackdowns on repeat offenders. Bad time to cause trouble and end up in complicated negative entanglements. Good time to work on self, clean up past. Self discipline and persevering focus good. Avoid ‘idol lovers’ and those who have the weird psychological illness and vanity of always being right, knowing better than everyone else, and who just talk and criticise from authoritative position with no good actions to back them up. Good for hard working success, happiness when alone, and deep honest talks with close intimates, friends. Although this influence of Saturn/Pluto (disciplined compassion and hard work; but also using force or acting out of compulsion) is around all month, there are a number of good Uranus aspects this month promoting positive change and good luck, joy and expansive opportunity for many. Read on…
  • June 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius. Lots of talk and chatter, far-reaching words, plans to travel, new aims, views expanded. With Mercury in Gemini opposing Full Moon, look for those who have action and deeds to back up their wild far-reaching dreams and ideals. Many rethinking future aims and course of right action. For others, it’s being patient and continuing to persevere and persist.
  • June 4th (give or take a week, but also June 10th/11th, Uranus squares U.K.’s Moon. Is there a rare quake? Storm? Loss of power? Fall from power or grace? Sudden change of face? Some crazy event makes the populace react strongly? Mind change of populace? Scotland wanting out again? New immigration and security policies? Revolt of the poor or jobless? New initiatives affecting future of United Kingdom? Need to act out of freedom and love, truth and compassion. Uranus calls for creative new sure change, also need to raise consciousness to new higher spiritual level – otherwise Uranus shocks people into awakening, forcing change.
  • June 5th Venus enters Leo urge to shine, play, make love, do good works. From now to when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo on 20th, but also around June 29th into July 1st. Lots of creative opportunity and joyful interactions, play. Many leap forward, others fall back to old bad habits or addictive loves. Yet, there are good aspects for love, new love, and beautiful vibes; a time for flowering oneself with others. A time of high romance, love affairs, flirtations, and romantic moods; but also new business and good connection. July 18th, Venus goes into Virgo; watch out for the negative love critic and cynic who is obsessed with evil and everything that is wrong with everything; putting down others to make oneself look better; impotent perceptions not able to help, heal, educate, or illumine others. Avoid the ‘dicks’ (dictators) who run the world with fear and negativity. But what to do? Need for compassionate understanding for sure, but more. We can try to be emulation models by proving things by the way we live, think, feel, and act. Now is the time (all month) to put one’s highest ideals into action. Love for the body, the body of love poetic is alive. Wanting to fix things up in a way that is beautiful and leaves others free works best. Beautifying oneself and others, the environment. Love for shaping or sculpturing the future. A looking for higher love aspect is in the air rest of month.
  • June 10th/11th. On 11th, Moon eclipses Uranus and Mercury goes direct in early Gemini where the last Neptune/Pluto conjuncted in late 1800’s. Lots of new insights, shake and quake, storm, or volcanic wake ups. Science and spiritual values attempt to meet this month. This critical aspect point is related to the struggle for spiritual insights and ethical moral religious views. Need to heal and raise consciousness in high spiritual virtuous way to antidote crass materialistic pagan scientific views which ravage both our environment and souls. Profit driven wars are polluting. Mindless crimes are numbing the spiritual proclivities and capacities of healthy bodies, minds, and souls. Much conflicting information at this time, but many a keen insight emerges to the problems and troubles poor orphan humanity suffers and is spiritually challenged with. If ‘God is dead’ as some think, you may want to think again; “God” is still inside each and every one of us. Listen to the stillness of your own heart and see for yourself. (Read ‘The Voice of the Silence’ by HP Blavatsky, available at Mayflower Bookshop. A most inspirational book written to awaken the intuitive intelligence of the heart.) You may also want to study and work into your life the principles and lifestyle of Steiner, Blavatsky, Osho, Buddhism, Manly Hall, Yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, vegetarian diet. Don’t fool yourself, there are no more gurus or angels come to save us. Unless we work on ourselves to become a pure vessel of our own higher self, our own genius, making our own good karma receptive to work and study of the great ones who went before us, who will come. Another way to look at it is this. We have neither enemies nor friends, we only have teachers. Some of them show us what to do and we can become like them. Some show us what not to do, or we’ll end up like them. Each of us is a divine spark of God, Holy Spirit, World Soul, Universal love and truth, call it what you will. Check out Emerson’s ‘Self Reliance’ for simple straight forward. Free on line somewhere i think.
  • June 12th Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces till November 18th. More Volcanoes or less? Strange water phenomena and a real need to purify all waters. Need to act collectively for health of earth, of all. Shifting boundaries, loss of consciousness for some. For others, a reassessment of dreams and ideals, making many future plans. Changing the inner to rearrange the outer world round us. Opening anew to inner spiritual possibilities.
  • June 14th Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio and Sun conjunct Mars making for hard lines and ultimatums. Apollo golden virtuous actions and heroic deeds, spiritual warriors and bodhisattva ideals; or is it just warring elements and fighting for position, winner takes all. Time of tough decisions, and perhaps tougher actions. For some, it’s about who or what to let go or keep. Forced decisions and/or hasty sudden action. Need to make new rules, enforce old ones, stay the course. Some things seem like they will never change, other things you thought would last forever, crumble. Strong energetic to fix things up or eradicate problem. Need to clean up messes, and get the job done, finish projects. This aspect can draw tough lines in the sand with warnings not to cross. Obviously, geo-political hot spots get tense and edgy. With Moon eclipsing Mercury, take care to drive slow but sure, and talk clearly and precisely what you mean. Too much speed or velocity, or over-the-top antics, could cause problems. Be patient when traveling and take your time. Bring a good book. Interesting deaths (symbolic or real) and sad complicated tales to be told these days into new moon. On the other hand, good aspect for purifying, cleaning up one’s act, making the most of any situation. Avoid undue negativity or pessimism, use only constructive criticism. Moderation and patience, compassion and sharing. Loving kindness with intimates, extra tender loving care with family, children, elderly, and less fortunate called for. Struggles to properly end or complete projects, involvements, something. Saturn goes direct Aug. 2nd giving impulse again to let go of past and push forward.
  • June 16th New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars. Could be a few weeks of testy temper tantrums and harsh judgements. Or is it lots of energy and youthful juice to make bold moves into the future, expanding one’s fortune and good fortune. Avoid anger and force, yet this a good time to push forward. Better to do one or two things well, than a dozen not well. Focus and joyful spirit mark of the time.
  • June 20th Moon in Leo conjunct Venus and Jupiter makes for 3 or more days of high romance and beautiful travel, views, friendships, social cultural outings, and more. Friendships, family, friends, prosper. Take care not to over indulge or go to extremes. Egotism may flare or upset the cart. Otherwise fine time to wine and dine the stars. Starting around June 5th and lasting into July 1st, it’s a love fest of heart and soul, special friends and spiritual romance. The joy of being in love with anything, someone, something is near overwhelming. Marriages, strong ties, babies, creative projects one is in love with…lots of good things happening to many; fun social times! Pride comes before a fall as Leo comes before Virgo/Libra…so feel the inner subtle contractions birthing the higher love between friends, family, world. “Not I, but the Christ within me”…or tibetan buddhist emptiness practice helpful. Be thankful and share the light and blessings. Make strong resolution that all beings find happiness to protect good karma events. See my videos on Youtube on meditation or Sophia and more. Visit Mayflower Bookshop for updates, get on our mailing list too!
  • June 21st Sun in Cancer, Summer Solstice, Longest day and shortest night, days now start to get shorter. Yes we are slowly heading for winter solstice, but not for awhile. Now the sun shines and summer fun is strongly in the air.
  • June 22 Jupiter trine Uranus making for many a breakthrough furthering success and expansion. For many the lightening strike of good luck, for others the lightening strike of needed change. This is good aspect to tie your cart to a star. In other words, attune one’s self to the highest virtues and dream/ideals. Work to make your dream come true, work on yourself. Good aspect for creative breakthroughs, new discoveries, new science and spiritual revelations. Great for music, arts, business, and making new friends, connections. On the other hand, danger of doing too many things and being too busy (a modern form of laziness). Important to hold still enough, be quiet and deeply inwardly listening enough, to recognise the subtle art and spiritual way to go for maximum result and attainment. Good time this month to get a reading!
  • June 23 Mercury squares Neptune. Good for dreamers, artists, imagineers of the future. Also an aspect of deception, lies, bluffs, fakers, exaggerations, and falsehoods. Take care to avoid swindlers and thieves, liars and scoundrels of forgery. Trust not the news. Good for re-imagining the good, true, beautiful you. Avoid purchases unless well thought out. Good for getting lost in beautiful wanderings, people, and things. Peculiar thoughts and dreams need to be put to the test of spiritual science and virtue thinking, dharma.
  • June 24th Mars enters Cancer sign until August 8th. Mars in Cancer brings out the wild man, but also the violent man. Take care to avoid those who bear too much negativity and anger, or forcefulness. Good for cleaning up one’s own messes and avoiding picking on others, blaming others, shaming others. There is one person in the whole world who can make the changes you need, YOU! Boil all your troubles into one, self cherishing. Act not out of separateness. Act as if God is your witness and the soul of the world is present. Act to others as you would act to oneself. See everyone as your mother in some lifetime past or future, or present (good spiritual technique to gain 6th Epoch Aquarian Age insight). Compassion not passion, unless for pure love and higher truth.
  • June 29th Venus trines Uranus. More love vibe and fun times. Easy to make connections, express one’s true feelings, love and respect for self and others.
  • July 1st Full Moon Venus conjunct Jupiter making for peak out experiences concerning love relationships, having babies, making new trysts and friendships, new job or calling. Many great adventures started this June going into July.



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Robert of Mayflower’s News and Views – May 2015

May 1st, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s News and Views for May 2015

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Bernie Sander’s is running for President. With Pluto in the sky in good aspect to his natal Sun, and again at Election time come November 2016 (due to retrograde motion), Bernie could take the light. Pluto indicating power and popularity, trines his natal Sun by degree. It seems from an astrological point of view, he has a successful chart for bottoms-up politics, money from low dollar donors online, and popularity with the common man and woman of the USA. We will be hearing lots more from this Vermont Senator about to challenge Hillary from the left. Jeb Bush has a very good chart though for President, so this looks to be an interesting race.


Joni Mitchell’s Sun is at 14 Scorpio where May 3rd (EST) Full Moon is. Is she ill? Will she pass into the spiritual worlds? Perhaps a difficult time for her this month with transiting Uranus square her ascendent and Neptune square her natal Uranus. Lots of changes and confusion or loss of consciousness. Uranus could be writing a new song though, and Neptune says… ‘Let’s make a movie’. No doubt, when she goes … there will be a movie.


What does President Obama and Russia’s President Putin have in common? Both have Moon in Gemini at about 3 degrees. Could they have know each other in past lifetimes as lovers? Brother and sister? twins? contestants? Gemini is known for being smart and knowing a little bit about everything but not enough about any one thing. As they get older, they get wiser and know about everything deeply. Gemini needs to deepen self knowledge to know world and other. Gemini is also known for talk but no action. Hmmm, we will see. The last Pluto/Neptune conjunction in late 1891-92 at 8 Gemini triggering an outpouring of materialistic science revelations as well as spiritual revelations such as Theosophy, Bhagavad Gita coming to west in English, and more. 490 years earlier, Pluto/Neptune conjuncted at 3 degree’s Gemini in 1398-99 when Richard II was deposed, which lead up to the War of the Roses. We could learn from that time to pay more attention to what is going on at home in USA rather than always being too busy with far away troubles. Russia’s Putin under stress for change again this month as Full Moon May 3rd is at 13-14 degree Scorpio where Pluto was in perihelion during the fall of Russian Wall in Berlin in 1989. Some of that karma is still working out. Seems also it’s an intense chess game with USA and Russia need to agree to agree. Both need more wisdom and wit, smarts and action to resolve in peaceful manner conflicts concerning us all. In May look for another stressful attempt to resolve differences and bring economic stability to Ukraine as well as further tensions between all warring countries. Astrologically, the first week and last half of the month the more challenging in geo-political hotspots, extremes in nature, weather, and storms. Mother nature can be wild, and human behaviour outlandish. Danger of criminal behaviour by egoists bent on their selfish or crazy-minded agendas during May. Much room for patience and perseverance, and opportunity to train the mind in virtue, love and truth.Strong forward motion and good work times come May 15, 16, 18, 21 thru 25th. Otherwise, lay back those days if the world around you seems hostile, wild, or insane.


Floyd Mayweather’s astrological chart makes me think he will win, or is he just making lots of money no matter what? With Mars on his Jupiter, he is for sure making lots of money and may not care if he wins…Whew! Funny what some call entertainment. The Bhagavad Gita is the path of the spiritual warrior Arjuna. Buddhists have the bodhisattva warrior attaining noble virtues to overcome negatives.


Baltimore’s chart natally has Mars conjunct Midheaven making for assertive aggressive aims. Last days of riots had Mars in sky conjunct Baltimore’s natal Sun exact. Need for strong listening from the heart here, otherwise everyone is over assertive aggressive. Mars is war like, but can also be buddhist/christian type compassion.


May 3rd Full Moon at 13 Scorpio with Mercury opposing Saturn; Jupiter midpoints Sun/Moon opposition making a T-Square. Serious conversations at the least. Definitely a vibe of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, and strong ego thrusts for change. Strong sense of accounting for people and things. Tough news. All mutable signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, are either melancholy and feel at a loss, or deeply serious about getting things done, completed, finished. Intellectual sensuous time for some.


May 4th Sun square Jupiter creates mass stir or popular consensus as to direction to go concerning economy, politics, ego. Fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, as well as Sagittarius and Aries in the midst of making big plans, fun times, and positive investments of self and time.


May 6th Sun trine Pluto gives control as to outcome, decision, stock market, politics, foundation. Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo feel in power about present into future. Aligning self with larger interests.


May 7th Venus enters Cancer sign. From now into first week of June, great time to beautify self and home. Deep feelings of love, family, friends, home, art, music, clothes, food, and joining up with others who make one feel intimate and warm. Avoid over-indulging, but after last winter…that may be hard to do. Urge to feel life is strong now.


May 9th Mercury square Neptune. Funny feelings, lack of certainty, bewildering statements, untrustworthy news, precognition of the future. The desire to map things out and know everything conflicts with moods and feelings overwhelming the practical matters of life. Higher truths conflict with straight out illusions or lies.


May 11th Mars enters Gemini till June 24th making for more talk than action but some intense sudden knee jerk statements and sudden actions. Avoid scattering energies into too many things, doing no one good. Networking and mobility is at a high.


May 15th Mars oppose Saturn. Military stand-offs? Strong aggressive or assertive speech. Accidents and travel troubles, storms or sudden cooling of relations. Over-the-top victory march and ego inflation vs. feelings of inferiority and infertile or impotent actions. Patience and hard work pay off, using force and anger may cause many a problem. A feeling that others obstruct, and a need to work on oneself to change or correct others’ wrong behaviour. A need for authority to correct mischief.


May 16th Venus trine Neptune, putting on a happy face, soul relations, strong feelings of love and wanting to nourish or be nourished. Good day for food, flowers, friendship, love, gardens, music, family, and friends. Erotic imaginations, far-a-way dreams or scheme, plans and projections. Illusions but sensuous psychic feeling galore. Long voyages and big plans to jump over the moon, travel, create.


May 18th New Moon at 26 Taurus. Mercury goes retrograde 9:50 p.m. till June 11th making for difficult communications unless one can command or demand outcome, and that may have its own problems. Good time to rethink, renew, return, remark at the wonder of life. Bad time to make major investments unless one really knows what they are doing. Good time to turn things around that already went bad (next week or two).


May 21 Sun enters Gemini, Venus opposes Pluto. All talk and no action causes problems. Love difficulties, separations, jealousies, infighting, arguments. Venus/Pluto aspects make for much psycho drama around sex and love. When love can work, it’s deep, but many fall into rejection and mean hard behaviour, coldness and cruelty. Weird sex stuff. Positive side is helping the poor, the underdog, the less fortunate. Good for gardening, yard work, cooking good food, sensuality with a magic touch. Dangerous time to be in dangerous places. Strains and stresses with who and what you love. Strong inner compulsions to love someone that may not be that good for you. Or is it really deep love and passion totally transforming your life. A sense of gardening the Soul for some. Great for cleaning, renewing, outdoors, gardening, cooking, making love not war. Sad news in world or death or loss makes some ponder the future.


May 22 Sun oppose Saturn. Seeing inevitable consequences of past actions. Feeling stuck with situations or authoritative or deadened people. May 31st Sun square Neptune. Illusory feelings, Maya, naive thoughts and projections. Perhaps good for the arts, music, painting, poetics, but need to stay practical and grounded. May 29th Mercury square Neptune. A need for a simple life, diet, thoughts. Good for yoga and meditation. Good for simple decisions to stay grounded. Bad aspect for high flying plans that could crash land.


May 24th Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo. Good hearted actions, happiness, feelings of religious ecstasy, sharing and caring for others. Avoid grandiose, inflated, over-the-top scams or schemes.


May 30 Sun conjunct Mercury. May trigger May 21st to 30th. Uptick possible in quakes, storms, volcanoes, winds, hurricanes, flooding, and god knows what. Good for smart clear thinking, making good plans positive and noble.


May 31st Sun square Neptune fog or sudden sunlight? Confused or sudden breakthrough. Psychic dreams and premonitions. Mystic or artistic perceptions possible. Don’t trust all that you see. Seduced or inspired behaviours. Obsession with something. Possible meeting with an angel.


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Astro News – April 2015

April 1st, 2015

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop’s
Astrological and Spiritual News and Views
April 2015
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There are no mistakes,

only learning curves

bringing us back to ourselves.’         -Robert of Mayflower.


Coming Talks—


April 12th at 1pm, ‘Mind your Heart, Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita Talk‘ using the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms and the Bhagavad Gita with Robert of Mayflower and Cinda. At Breatheyoga, 799 Industrial Court, Bloomfield Hills 48302; It’s on Industrial Court, east of Telegraph on west Square Lake Road north side is Industrial Court. ($10 to $20 suggested donation). ‘Breatheyoga’ has website on internet.


April 17th at 7pm, ‘Clothed With The Sun: Theosophic Initiation in the Book of Revelations’  Lecture by Christopher Fessler at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on Woodward.

The Apocalypse of St. John is a book sealed with Seven Seals. In the strange imagery of the Book Of Revelations are encoded mystery teachings about the unfolding of individual human evolution [microcosm] and civilisation’s destiny [macrocosm].  These are ‘The New Mysteries’ — mysteries of the future that have now been unsealed and given out by the esoteric schools. The seven fold key that unlocks them is a basic theme of theosophical study.


April 19th at 1pm Come to my talk with Matthew Darling–’The Bhagavad Gita; The path of the Spiritual Warrior and Peacemaker’. Learn how devotion and love work weave selfless action and happiness into our life. ($10 to $20 donation). Astanga Michigan is at 826 W. 11 Mile rd, suite #108 (enter on east side of building near back), Royal Oak, Mi. 48067 (east of woodward, north side 11 mile).


April 24th, ‘The Secret of Secrets: Further insights into the Divine Feminine and heavenly Sophia’  Lecture by Robert Thibodeau

from the TS ad—’Using quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms, the Voice of the Silence, and the mythos of the Triple Goddess; Robert explores the art and science of getting in touch with Sophia, the World Soul, with wit and wisdom.  Robert is an astrological consultant, intuitive psychic and futurist, rare bookman of Mayflower Bookshop, and a singer songwriter (with newly released CD Folk Rock Love). Robert is author of several books, the latest being Astrological Aspects, the Art.  He has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV shows, and in hundreds of newspapers over the years. He is smart, funny, and at times…persuasively wise.’


Astrology News and Views—-Astrology is the science art of tendencies, probabilities, possibilities, and angelic impulses of light and love to overcome negativities and darkness. Happy Spring!


  • April 2nd. Mercury trine Saturn makes for good solid practical thinking, finding the bottom line, getting a higher long-term view, and being head strong. Sun conjunct Jupiter gives fiery bravado and courage to leap ahead no matter what. The light of awareness joins up with the power to hold and be bold in creating family, friendships. Happiness and reality of good work meet and agree. Good for making plans, agreements, meetings, contracts, friendships.
  • April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra gives powerful initiative to make peace now or beat the door down, rattle sabres, and bang the door. Bad day to hit the bars. Yet, expect pubs and bars to be busy. Cardinal Signs rattled. Aquarius and Gemini jumpy to start anew or take it to another level. (Check your chart to see what house Libra is in for where you need to cut something out or be cut out of the picture; all cardinal signs need to keep things in balance). Stormy weather, possible quakes and volcanoes, stormy seas, Strong winds or tornados, and intense emotions these days. Such doesn’t have to happen, but the aspects are strong for stormy weather. Much news. Eclipses can cut things out, suddenly change the game plan, a sense of ending and new beginning. A possible needed sacrifice of something for something better. Eclipses can make one really, really sensitive and almost psychic for a spell. Effect lasts for two weeks or more. Russia’s Putin affected here to make peace or face severe consequences. USA’s chart indicates need to be really smart and patient, thinking long-term and bottom line. Yet a sense of a need to act quickly and wisely. Can trigger many a geo political hotspot. Sudden reversals and turn a-bouts. A sense and need for authority and purity of motive. Intense feelings may upset rational thinking these days. Need for a higher spirit of common wealth, family, friends, intimates. Eclipses can at times just release pressure and shift the gears and change direction or goals. Makes one over-sensitive for sure. Some fall, others rise quickly these next days and few weeks.
  • April 5th Sun square Pluto. A sense or need for light of spirit, holy sunshine within us, to help us make strong decisions and take right action. A sense of wanting to do what is right and ethically noble. A sense of death and rebirth, meaningfulness, tragedy and hope. Some cave in and get really moody or negative, others turn the earth over and start gardening anew. A sense of funeral or new birth, rebirth. A need to regenerate else one feels somehow degenerated. A need or feeling for purifying, renewing one’s commitments to life.
  • April 6 Sun conjunct Uranus. Aspect for sudden jolts for change. Sudden loss and rebirth 5th, 6th, 7th. Promise to do better in future. Sudden shift of circumstances. Roller Coaster with stocks, politics, those in the lime light, and love relationships. Highly creative but volatile circumstances. Fast as they come, fast as they go aspect. See my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.
  • April 7th Mercury square Pluto. Depression or Divine Melancholy? Good for research, reviewing, thinking deeply, search and discovery. Good time to read a deep book from Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley. Such aspects can make one feel alone, or feeling of being alone; perhaps even happiness when alone; or is it private conversations with God. Eat fresh foods and do yoga to overcome funky dunky feelings of crashing. Fateful realisations of last few days’ storms or shifting realities. Need to deepen spiritual research into true nature of the times and self. Good for being alone with one’s thoughts and pondering the eternal verities. See Manly Hall’s book ‘The Secret Teachings of all Ages’ at mayflower, $18.95. Used to be $50 to $80. Great book on metaphysics of everything.
  • April 8th Jupiter goes direct in Sage Sagittarius. With Mercury conjunct Uranus, Open your mind to get a surprise visit from your genius angel. Good for all creative and expansive endeavours and adventures. Avoid haste and premature nervous actions and reactions. Here everyone can get a sense of direction, aim. What to do and what not to do becomes suddenly evident for the patient listening heart. New impulses and laws of conduct impel one to think outside the box. Collective consensus arises of what is right and wrong…in the news… (ok, this may only last a day or two, but it’s good sense of social togetherness and sudden consensus in areas of interest). Otherwise strange controversies. Jupiter moves fast now in last of Leo, so it’s a last call for giant steps in growth, for some it’s giant steps of egotism before a fall in the fall. Pride comes before a fall. Jupiter goes into Virgo August 11th when good work and job, health and happiness with those you work with. Inner being, healthy home and back yard, start to matter more than just outer looks and appearance. Humility and humble learning now into April 2016 brings higher success and further new growth; till then it’s the last hurrah for ego games and splashes of ‘power over’ rather than ‘power through’ another.
  • April 12th, ‘Mind your Heart, Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita Talk‘ using the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms and the Bhagavad Gita with Robert of Mayflower and Cinda. At Breatheyoga, 799 Industrial Court, Bloomfield Hills 48302; It’s on Industrial Court east of Telegraph on west Square Lake Road north side is Industrial Court. ($10 to $20 suggested donation). ‘Breatheyoga’ has website on internet.
  • April 14th-15th. Neptune in sky opposes USA Uranus. In the sky, Venus opposes Saturn. Some feel lost, abandoned, not loved, and alone; while other’s feel over-indulged, smothery loved, and not enough time alone. This aspect can make for strange bedfellows. For some, sense of loss or betrayal. For others, a sense of vast new horizons and fantastic dreams and plans for the future. A sense of betrayal or lack of love, or is it a need to renew one’s sense of ‘at-one-ment’ with God, Goddess, virtue and truth?!
  • April 16th Pluto goes Retrograde till end of September 2015. It takes till then to figure out what the fudge just happened these last few months, few years, few lifetimes. Those at the top get worried if there’s no bottom holding up the ‘big top’. Re-evaluation of what security is, calling is, goals and aims are. World change and need for universal love and truth on the planet starts to sink into those at the top…who start to realise they need a bottom.
  • April 17th talk at Theosophical Society on Woodward in Berkley michigan, by friend of mine, Chris Fessler. ‘Clothed With The Sun: Theosophic Initiation in the Book of Revelations’. The Apocalypse of St. John is a book sealed with Seven Seals. In the strange imagery of the Book Of Revelations are encoded mystery teachings about the unfolding of individual human evolution [microcosm] and civilisation’s destiny [macrocosm].  These are “The New Mysteries” — mysteries of the future that have now been unsealed and given out by the esoteric schools. The seven fold key that unlocks them is a basic theme of theosophical study.
  • April 17th Mars square Jupiter with Moon eclipsing Uranus. Spring fever or stormy moody emotions? A great time to share and socialise, but take care to stay on the side of the law. A ‘Take me to the limit, one more time’ vibe. Such aspects make for over-the-top wild party play atmosphere (friday night especially here). Can be fun but be careful of nut cakes spoiling the fun, avoid accidents and mistakes by slowing everything down long enough to not only enjoy, but also to remember to cherish these good times and friends. Those inwardly neurotic get really ‘crazy go nuts’. A sense of Rolling Stones ‘This may be the last time, maybe the last time, i don’t know’ permeates the air. A celtic spirit of fog and weird changes unconscious to the average bloke in the air. The future has little regard for the present other than ‘getting there’. Good for truth and good cheer if you have it in you.
  • April 19th Come to my talk with Matthew Darling‘The Bhagavad Gita; The path of the Spiritual Warrior and Peacemaker’. Learn how Gita devotion and true love can work and weave selfless action bringing happiness into life. ($10 to $20 donation.) Astanga Michigan is at 826 W. 11 Mile rd, suite #108 (enter on east side of building near back), Royal Oak, Mi. 48067 (east of woodward, north side 11 mile).
  • Venus square Neptune April 19th good for going the distance to attain new spiritual or artistic advantage, wisdom, insight, and experience. For some it is a very empowering day. For some others, a side tracking and ‘lost in space’ feeling. Inspired plans come into focus. Good for long voyages, art, music, yoga, poetics, song, love; for others strange dreams haunt the parade. Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, and demons may haunt the times for those lacking universal devotion and higher love. A sense of fight or flight. Delusions and illusions spark unsettling vibes. A need for the Great Mother of Compassion to quietly abide. A need for Michaelic Presence to awaken a mind for right action and future need. A need for a good talk on the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient text from India and maybe even from Atlantis on on how to attain spiritual realisation this life. A need or opportunity to talk to angels; that is, wise virtuous ones.
  • April 21-22. Mars trine Pluto, Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Mars. Strong sense or need for justice, equality, and love based on truth prevailing. Collective voice for peace and ecological harmony is heard by the heart’s ear. Good for communications, networking, striving for success, attainment of plans or goal. Avoid too much talking or waste of energy. Be sure that in-breath balances out-breath.
  • April 26 Venus sextile Uranus. Very busy day, playful and feeling connected. It makes for a most creative artistic loving day for some. For others, vexation and frustration and set up for critique and negative deconstruction next few days. Good for play but also for cleaning up and catching up.


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“For, we say it again, the surname Christos is based on, and the story of the Crucifixion derived from, events that preceded it. Everywhere, in India as in Egypt, in Chaldea as in Greece, all these legends were built upon one and the same primitive type; the voluntary sacrifice of the logoi — the rays of the one LOGOS, the direct manifested emanation from the One ever-concealed Infinite and Unknown — whose rays incarnated in mankind. They consented to fall into matter, and are, therefore, called the “Fallen Ones.” This is one of those great mysteries which can hardly be touched upon in a magazine article, but shall be noticed in a separate work of mine, The Secret Doctrine, very fully.”

-HPB, The Esoteric Character of the Gospels, part 2


Robert of Mayflower Astrological and Spiritual News and Views

March 1st, 2015

Robert of Mayflower Astrological and Spiritual

News and Views

March 2015

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  • March 1st to 3rd – Jupiter trine Uranus. Sudden stroke of luck and good fortune. Many feel ‘thank the lord’ type feeling. Great time to start new projects, break the ice, pay off old bad karma, start again, sing a new song, strong collective voices and/or feeling one is striking out anew or alone, urge to follow one’s own dream. Sudden material good fortune and luck for some. If Jupiter not positioned right in your chart, could be sudden misfortune and turn of bad luck. A sense of family and friends sharing positive experience and growth. New ideas and plans for the future. Rise of new talent. Good for all creative thinkers and artists, those who entertain and beautify. Good time to make plans and patiently work for its completion, fulfilment, and its coming to fruit. Good time to get pregnant or come up with a new idea, creative dream, future impulse and striving. Jupiter/Uranus is individual and collective urge for freedom and creativity, social justice and social renewal. With Mars conjunct lunar south node in first week of March expect (3rd to 5th especially) strong urges for offspring, erotic encounter, need for release, sexuality, victory, sense of being on winning side. Negative side of Mars/node is being overly assertive, assaulting, disruptive, quarrelsome, off the top aggressive or angry. Can make for heroes or fools, we shall see. Jupiter Uranus wants fun and wild antics, playfulness and drama. Good for arts, music, creative juices.
  • March 4th into Full Moon in Virgo on 5th. Venus trines Jupiter, Venus conjuncts Uranus, and Venus squares Pluto. Love is highly charged to make it or break it. This could be a great time for wholesome love magic, or for some it’s love gone tragic or weird, gone wrong. Beware of comparing self to others, jealousy, anger, revenge, or just crazy psychodrama. Good aspect for selfless love, compassion, healing, and helping the less fortunate. Follow your bliss not your unconscious wish. Great time to  throw away the grey and take on new colours. Read an Osho book on Love, give one to a friend. Check out Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’, or Manly Hall’s ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’. Or my ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’. New doors open, old one’s close; what now seems tragic, later will grow a rose garden in your soul. Venus is love, Jupiter wants to go big; Uranus gets a little too wild, and Virgo like a little kid wines and dines and complains while explaining or giving away the trick. Anyway, didn’t mean to go Nostradamus on you. These aspects really good for love working in a selfless and compassionate way to make ‘others’ happy. ‘Selfish’ here doesn’t go far. Some have deeper experience while others face consequences of mistaken views and actions. Many exposed to their own craziness or karma coming back on them, while others just want to leave and never look back. Great opportunities here to reach out beyond oneself. Remember, negativity is its own reward, sympathy is for the devil, and smart intellect most often stands alone. Love anyway, it’s the only thing guaranteed to get you through. Take care around those with deep insecurity, jealousy, anger issues, or just straight out selfishness, carrying shades of dark unconscious need to win at any cost. Good time to help those less fortunate and in greater need. Bad time for power plays or selfish ego plays this month. Clash of ideals and urge to follow one’s feelings too strongly could end in strong conflict or victory depending on intelligence and wisdom available.
  • March 4th to 11th gets nutty with many difficult aspects concerning war and politics around the world. We need the peaceful warrior! The holy spirit of peace and love, social justice and spiritual equality. USA Sagittarius Rising chart has transiting Uranus opposing USA natal Saturn indicating high levels of stress and tension concerning matters of home security, international politics and law, breakthroughs and breakdowns in relationships, technology, structural formalities and demands. Stormy disputes, separations, sudden loss or death, change of fate or destiny, strong reactions. On a positive note, sudden genius to handle any and every ever-changing situation with a high degree of creativity. Can be stormy brutal weather too in parts of the world. Spiritual need to turn guns into garden tools. Practical need to save the honey bee and good farm land for future food. ‘Tis a dangerous time when it comes to world leaders gone astray, geopolitical hotspots, possible new hot spots, sudden need to act or react to negative situations needing correction. Mars aspects tend to aggravate war or contesting, arguments disputes, and disagreements. Important time to take positive action toward higher goals, career, calling. Good time for yoga, meditation, being patient and quietly seeking deeper wisdom concerning surrounding conflicts. Otherwise, yes, these are socializing aspects, party aspects. Good time to work or play with positive spirit towards the future goals. Those with emotional issues and insecurities need extra loving care and may go a little bit manic and crazy in behaviour. Try to be happy for others, it makes good karma for you. Power plays and immediate need for results conflict with long-term wisdom and security needs. Chaotic moments may reshuffle the cards when it comes to cardinal signs and houses in one’s chart. Mutable signs need to quit dreaming and wake up a little more to the hard realities, or do mutable signs need to make that big jump into faraway places and spaces? Fixed signs get further luck and blessings by blessing and helping others to help themselves, sharing your ‘know how’ sows new seeds for future luck and success. March 7th-8th Sun conjunct Chiron leads to maverick or highly unique individualistic endeavour, as well as opportunity to heal some situation or person in your life.
  • March 14th Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius heading back into Scorpio signifying that we may not be ready yet for higher wisdom. Mixed feelings confuse clear thinking. Or is there just a need to keep purifying till clearness comes. Trend is to want to get even, revenge, get nasty, kick ass, and play hide and seek. Gosh, real need to do kundalini yoga and go on a spiritual retreat here. Perhaps try vipassanna or something ‘’ like. Get into a Steiner study group? Saturn near square of Neptune reveals real need to balance spiritual virtuous ideals with everyday practical. Tibetan Buddhism and Rudolf Steiner’s Rosicrucian impulse does much to explain such workings. See my meditation clip on youtube. Far away dreams clash or marry everyday concerns. With Mr. Russia, Putin’s, Mars square his Uranus this month, he will feel the heat to make peace or deeply retreat. Troublesome tidings there unless wisdom and peace soon prevail in that part of the world. Take a breath and listen for higher wisdoms to come. Tendency to give ultimatums and escalate tensions rather than listen to wisdom of higher truths. Good time to read ‘Isis Unveiled’ by H.P.Blavatsky, a truly rosicrucian theosophy book revealing many a spiritual secret to both the past and future. Available at Mayflower Bookshop.
  • March 16th Uranus squares Pluto for the last of 7 times. Explosive changes and world transformations, mutations, gestations, and sudden unnerving gyrations, protests, and sudden endings, new beginnings emerge. New ideas of freedom, invention, re-invention, crisis emergency, and leaping into a brand new future struggle and wrestle with a sense of long-term rootedness, security, tradition, power, and steady as she goes mentality and/or wisdom. This month reveals a real need to put to rest neurosis and crazy chaotic disturbances that offset natural growth and futurity. Need to finalise problems and take serious action toward problem areas. Possible world events that force many to grow. Otherwise deep inner need to grow in new ways. The winds of fate and necessity blow hard for some. Tense turning points this month in history and futuristics. Technological breakthroughs and in other places breakdowns. Important to keep one’s cool head and one’s heart lovingly warm wisdom compassionate this whole month.
  • March 18th Mercury conjunct Neptune can be a day of psychic intuitive insights or one of blind unconscious misleadings, lies, or scandals. Illusions and maya may prevail. Be practical and realistic. Good for psychic dreams and creative inspirations. Good for colourful imaginations, painting, music, poetics, myth making, and drama rather than psycho drama or negative antics. Beware of misreading people. Take weird new news with grain of salt. Take extra care to be crystal clear in communications, yet ideally colourful and romantic to future possibilities. Good time to use a quartz crystal in meditation to get clear messages with angelic possibilities.
  • March 20th Solar Eclipse 29 Pisces, same day as Spring Equinox when Sun goes into Aries! Eery and scary, psychic and holy, or just a good time to step back and take a breath to recharge and reload the camera. 84% of Sun blocked by eclipse over London, more in Scotland. Weird phenomena and news. Challenging aspects for storm or quake or extremes in the weather. Good for telling the truth or making strong positive changes to update or raise one’s consciousness or level of operating. Ridding self of what doesn’t work these coming days clears the space for the new and novel.
  • March 21st doesn’t help any with Moon in Aries eclipsing Uranus and Mars. Avoid explosive situations unless you are ready to diffuse them and bring new peace and order. Need to avoid angry, aggressive, violent situations unless you are there to fix it or repair situation. Yoga and exercise, healthy eating, cleaning, cleansing, purifying, good. Possible major earth changes and collective social changes this month precipitating individual and collective need or consensus for healthy changes. A collective need to honour and love all living beings on earth, even trees and sea, garden and front yards, even stones! Need to consciously create world peace.
  • March 25th Sun trine Saturn brings a bit of logic and sanity into the unconscious tv viewer and electorate. Practical common sense and a more long-term wisdom takes hold here these days to get good grip on what is up now and what is to come. New shared long-term goals emerge. Good for making plans and working with others toward common goals.
  • March 27th Venus square Jupiter kicks off weekend to a good start. Love is in the air, a sense of wild abandon or future escapades are flying out the imagination. Tendency for social or sensuous sharing, good food and friends.
  • March 30th Venus trine Pluto good for long-term love and nourishing the deeper side of heart and health, soul and road ahead. Love and depth work miracles and sound ground.
  • March 31st Mars goes into Taurus; practical money-making sense, security seeking, strong hard drive to go forward no matter what person or situation presents itself. Good for outdoors activities coming up.
  • April 4th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse continues the need for peace in Middle East, Russia, and elsewhere. Emotions run over the top and can be quite destructive if not kept in check with strong intellect and truth. Sense of being at a funeral? Or is it just digging new gardens of world peace and future joys?
  • Mid April’s Neptune oppose USA Uranus can bring floods, stormy crazy weather, information overload, crazy sense of loss or busy busy diffusiveness. Ecology, health concerns, extremes in weather, climate or earth changes, strange politics and war fears, aliens and outer space, oceanic discoveries and worries, all contribute to a need for spiritual and social renewal. Such aspects can bring a sense of renewal in spiritual values and higher virtues in an attempt to raise consciousness to new higher levels, bringing new world peace and a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, family, friends, and inner peace.


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February 2015 Astro News and Views

February 3rd, 2015

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrological and Spiritual News and Views
for February 2015

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“Olympian bards who sung
Divine ideas below,
Which always find us young,
And always keep us so.”

  1. With Pluto opposing State of New York chart in beginning, mid, and end of February, wondering if storm, and/or scandal, will plague the state and surroundings. With Jupiter on Seattle’s Quarterback’s chart, I wondered if Seahawks would win the Super Bowl and they high scoring?! Well high scoring yes. Notice more people calling it the Stupid Bowl, or Stupor Bowl? Funny how many people say they watch it only for the funny commercials?! Most use it as another excuse to party with friends. With Saturn aspects on New England quarterback’s chart, wonder if they too tough, injured, need good running game, low scoring?! No, Tom Brady was one tough guy, and lucky to boot. The real winners were viewers: highly entertaining. Katy Perry won many a heart and eye riding the beast of babylon mechanical Tiger/lion and with a big ‘Roar’ over balloon worlds. Katy the ‘Dark Horse’ sang over a chess board, then dancing on a beach ‘California Girls’ between two sharks (phallos totem) and palm trees, and at finale, Katy was flying a Star through the air high above everybody. Whew, she is a ‘Firework’ for sure. Sounds apocalyptic this revelation of riding the beast, dark horse song on chess board, beach dance tween sharks, and riding a star overhead. Katy seemed to beat the commercials for being entertaining. Lenny Kravitz and his guitar rocked out with Katy, as did Missy Elliot with her ‘Work It’ and ‘Lose Control’.
  2. February 1st Venus conjunct Neptune makes Super Bowl Sunday either exceptionally good for love, or exceptionally bad. Avoid inflation followed by deflation (balls or otherwise). Love ideals and dreams strong, maybe too strong. Venus is love and appreciation or lack of it. Neptune is beautiful dreams and snow storms or melting dreams and abandon, wild abandon or feeling abandoned. Colourful imaginations and dreams.
  3. February 3rd Full Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius spins us into fun week and weekend with many dreaming of spring. With Leo, hearts shine; with Aquarius, friends share.
  4. February 4th Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo on to the February 6th Sun oppose Jupiter it’s good time to connect, re-connect, play and make friends. Good for social activities or planning such. Community sharing or networking, high job performance good, but avoid over-eating, over-talking, or over-doing things. Avoid boasting and over indulgence. Whatever happens seems big with Jupiter.
  5. February 11th Mercury goes direct at one degree Aquarius making coming week great for pushing ahead with one’s long-term and short-term plans and agenda. Good time for furthering oneself and one’s strivings, goals, good for networking, connecting with friends, breakthroughs in understanding, hopes and dreams. Strong ideals of justice. Knowing what to cut out or eliminate helps make space for the new to come in. Rid oneself of what isn’t working to free oneself to go ahead, attain desires, hit the mark straight on (Moon in Scorpio). New chances to grow and succeed come in next few weeks.
  6. February 18th New Moon last degree of Aquarius. Recent east coast winter storm had Venus at same degree. Mercury hits it March 11th and 12th. Look for possible big stormy events last week and half here in February, but also in (March 11-12th with Mars then conjunct Uranus and square Pluto and Solar Eclipse time March 20th). Dangerous time then for explosive angry aggressive activities. Need then for patience, cool calm collected wisdom and compassion. Many explosive troubles around world popping up. Need to kick into quick healing mode and raise oneself to higher level, or chance of exposing oneself to getting sucked into negative situations. Surely quake and volcanic, stormy, times … starts here February 18th, 21st, 23rd, a time to establish good communication and healing or time disparity, contesting, opposition, and  upset; before going into the challenging month of March (after which, many a good time to come).
  7. February 22nd Venus conjunct Mars in early Aries good for love making’s poetic passion, but also on the flip side time to avoid direct confrontation and relationship breakdown or break-ups. Venus is love, Psyche the feeling soul. Mars is Eros/Cupid with his arrows of love, but Mars is also a lord of war, anger, force, guns, not always known for being a good sport. Venus is forgiving and magnetic, but at times brash and crashing into things, hitting it head on or running from things with sulphuric winds. Venus Mars together can be dog and cat fights, or the divine play of gods in romance and new beginnings after tricky endings; or is it just starting again. Aries wants something new to happen, not just the same old same old.
  8. (February 23-25) Next 3 days good for working for long-term benefits. Establishing firm foundations. Honesty is critical, also a good bottom line. February 23rd Sun square Saturn brings pressure and hard work, cold shoulders, tough negotiations, keeping to the book, hard line, walking into blocks or walls; but also good for more long-term or more traditional and conservative views.
  9. February 24th Venus trine Saturn good for long-term love or beauty, paying bills or karma, repairing or restoring, appreciating and acknowledging. Reaping benefits of good work. Responsible workings. Good for renewing vows.
  10. February 25th Mars trine Saturn but also Sun conjunct Neptune makes for good news and bad news, mixed blessings. Hard lines and deceptive sentences. Striving and working for long-term goals good here. Good for practical arts and beautifying, painting and music.
  11. March 2nd to Full Moon weekend 6th to 8th fun loving time, with possible warm up in many areas. Everything comes big now. Good time to love and letting go of what don’t work. Create happiness for self and others now, but make changes and progress without attachment or creating negative psycho drama. Let others have their experience to insure better change of your being entitled to yours. Good time to avoid negative sarcasm and over critical non-constructive attitude and words. Good week for working for happiness by sharing your own inner happy energetic and view. Time for fuller participation with all life. Good for making new friends and ridding oneself of negative factors and behaviours hindering your higher self from more fully flowering.


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