Astrological News and Views for April 2014

April 1st, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s 

Astrological News and Views for April 2014

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“Where two or more gather for sure, human love awakens the river of time, sacred space for souls to arrive, grace the place and divine, how to unfold the mind into heart’s sunshine.”

-robert of mayflower


Astrology for the times—


March 29th Venus trines Mars good for love and kissing, foreplay and just good old friends at play. Venus early eve square Saturn putting a dampener on affairs, cooling off weather; but for some a deepening of their wisdom mind stream as to what matters and what doesn’t for long run.


March 30th New Moon conjunct Uranus while both opposing retrograde Mars on 31st triggers early warning shots of Grand Cross of April. Quakes? Solar eruptions? Storms and Winds of Change? Or just sudden shifts in directions, habits and patterns, goals? Difficult connections, fragile feelings, strong reactions, or is it temporary breakdown in communications. Brains vs. Brawn and instinctive will? Taking risks and being opposed. Storms, natural or man-made crisis or phenomena, mishaps, earthquakes, accidents, war drums, quirky stock markets, and other wild sudden new challenges or adventures arise now and continue to amaze us all month. Many world changes and re-directing impulses present themselves. Also, near genius spiritual creative impulses try to find new solutions and doorways to prosperity while attempting to make peace not crisis or war. Crazy month coming up here for highly unusual events, changes, shifts in Aquarian Age sense of revival or increased awareness of higher consciousness arises. A renewed sense of individual and collective spiritual awakening prevails, along with a need for common sense and universal good spirit, one humanity yet each of inner worth, love for the earth arises. Or so I hope … Many breakdowns and breakthroughs, challenges with communications, electricity, lightning, satellites, and new vulnerabilities to truth and love.


“You can’t find light in the dark, not really. Dark can’t make sense of itself. The same old finds the same old. If in the dark, turn on a light; learn something new. When you turn on the light, the darkness flees. That’s why the Mayflower Bookshop is here, to turn new lights on! For others, Mayflower can help the mind find rest, quiet, the holy dark.”

-robert of mayflower


April 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sun triggers the April Grand Cross. Hopefully the Sun brings us light, warmth, insight and love. Sun square Jupiter on 1st expands our thinking. Sun conjunct Uranus on 2nd shakes, rocks, and rolls us to new arrangements and sudden shock changes perhaps quaking foundations with new realisations. Sun square Pluto on 3rd arouses a politics of compassion or one of reaction. Strong indications of what’s to come later in month may appear these last and next 3 days. This is a really good time to make the changes in self and surroundings you’ve been waiting to make for some time. Update, don’t re-negotiate. Lots of challenges but lots of good things happening too. Can be a bit of a chaotic time perhaps as the world still works at learning to make peace/balance/harmony with self, other, and environment. These first three days in April can be vastly enriching and rewarding, but also a time forcing strange bedfellows together for odd or upsetting reasons and circumstance. It’s a make peace not war time for some. World events staggering in their future potentials and possibilities. Vicissitudes and provocative events this month cause ripples and waves in reality, world media, economics, science; along with many knee jerk reactions. Expect sudden change of direction or change in response from self to other or other to self. Expect the unexpected, yet have to expectations. Step out of the light to let others shine to earn long-term kindness. New initiatives and remarkable responses to find immediate solutions to problems. Markets, politics, geopolitical hotspots tingle and twist, gush then reverse, and perhaps even drop out of sight. Caution advised during these times. Mercury goes into fiery Aries on April 7th possibly making for hot shots and hotheads, so be cool near volcanic emotional activity. Sink holes are expanding so learn to fly in your wisdom and compassion. Enthusiasm good, anger bad here.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


“Love your enemies.”

-Jesus and Buddha said that.


Sun opposes Mars in retrograde on April 8th further triggering anger or weird accidents and precipitive danger. Need to attempt quick resolution to expanding problems. Avoid negative emotions exploding into disruptive events. Last 3 months a foreshadow of possible coming events.  Events starting to unfold last months more fully emerge now in first days of April. Tendency to get carried away, yet also time to be actualised to manifest one’s dreams. Yet tough time to daydream this month! Sun/Mars is sure fire action hero stuff, but also a dangerous time to take risk or travel. Avoid stress, use of risky machinery, avoid arguments and impulsive acts, use of force or anger. On the light side, the Sun brings light of intelligence and understanding, resolution, if one listens and is clear-minded, right hearted. Mars tends to act and not listen, act and ask questions later. With Mars retro avoid hasty or rash actions triggering mistakes, accidents, or misfortune, loss. Higher octave of Mars is Buddhist Compassion and Wisdom in practice. Anthroposophically speaking, Buddha now on Mars. Buddha is working on and in the Astral Plane of dreamtime and emotions with Wisdom/Compassion, selfless ennobling virtue action. Mars is also Michaelic Wisdom and Courage to do the right thing with a heart of gold, love and truth. The Sun makes for the light of moral imagination possible, the rising or uplifting consciousness in the spirit of the good, true, and beautiful. May that happen! Om!


“When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


“Love doesn’t have to rely on another, we are love. When you realise that, there is no falling or rising in love, only being, forever shining in love.”

-robert of mayflower


April 11th-12th Venus conjuncts Neptune. Some balloons and illusions pop. For others, the little red balloon of imagination is starting to carry them to success. Such aspect can create mystical magical love, romance, escape, private gardens and parties, secret affairs of higher airs and nomenclature. For others, the dream is melting. Security and tradition struggle with progressive and perhaps needed change, fresh air and ideas.  Need to simplify or purify self, diet, environment. With Venus in Pisces, follow your love; don’t follow your fear, need, or false imagination or projection on others, the world. Good time to have a talk with God, one’s deep silence, the ocean of love compassion lives there. One for all, all for One ideal. Avoid projections, shame and blame, name and cheap gain. Time for reality check to keep from miscuing. Avoid unnecessary criticism and emotional negativity. Good time to beautify, clean, sparkle, and shine. Some experience weird psychic phenomena and mysterious dreams, intuitions, sightings. Logical mind and feelings, reason and intuitions may conflict. Moon in Virgo while Venus conjuncts Neptune attempts to join the practical common hard-working sense with the intuitive feel for it all. Travels or plans to travel, plans for future, musical or artistic endeavours prevail at this time. April 14th Mercury squares Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus, bringing innovative, radical, or even revolutionary ideas to the table. A time of strong outbursts of genius and creativity. Take care not to rock the boat unless you are taking over the boat and giving new course instructions. Sudden events and turn of events give new revelations, insights, surprises, and unusual news. Rethinking and upgrading in vogue here. Sudden turnings on and off, and on again. One door closes, another opens kind of vibe. Avoid distractions from true goals and work aims.


“Some pick flowers, others plant them. There is a season for everything.”

-robert of mayflower


April 14-15 Pluto goes retrograde for 5 months (big plans take that long, or is it mistakes taking that long to fix!). Tendency to try to reverse one’s wheels or face karmic fate. Or is it sitting back and taking a deep breath to re-examine the state of affairs in light of a bigger picture. Dangerous quirky time for markets, investments, turn arounds (also April 20-24th period). Higher Angels of destiny are also at play here above and behind the scenes. Powerful moves made this month in the world chess game, proving to either further the game or even tilt the game out of balance. Also note, a total Lunar Eclipse visible in U.S.A.


April 15th with Mercury square Pluto! Tough news day for sure. Need for clear, sure decision-making. Cardinal Signs and houses beware: Aries/Libra/Capricorn/Cancer (see your chart for houses). Eclipses (and we have 2 in April) have a way of cutting things out and plopping new realities in. Big changes for some. Pimps and pimples pop, others betray or radically change moods and mind, posture, position. Eclipses also good for becoming intuitively sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive. Sudden changes and turn-arounds. A sense of need to eliminate negative elements or be eliminated. Danger of negative projection and making strange difficult ultimatums, which may back fire. Yet, those in the power often use eclipses to make strong changes in structure and directions. Chance of moments of very poor weather, difficult communications or relations, sour dispositions. Need for much patience and compassion in dealing with others’ problems. Attempts to further positive goals, may feel held back, other’s resistant. Sense of immediate needs and demands, and frustration achieving such goals or results. Good for research, deep thinking, taking one’s time and being patient. Heed warning signs of danger and impending necessities. Indications of fate and destiny abound. Need to rid oneself of unnecessary baggage or negative habits. Danger between this and next eclipse of 29th of major awkward or shocking changes. Good time to cut out all bad habits and to keep mindful of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Here negativity is its own reward. Virtuous actions worth 1000 times more spiritual merit (inner wealth, wisdom, love). Libra Full Moon time calls for balanced heart and mind when it comes to personal needs and desires vs. those of others. Work and personal life need strike new balance. Avoid negative criticisms that are not constructive or educational towards bettering oneself.

If all this is confusing, let me put it this way. Work on yourself and try to leave others alone or to their own means of learning, growing. Go inward and kneel at a heart of compassion for all.


“Love is a madness, for others reason is. Genius is to grow a garden and friends anyway.”

-robert of mayflower


April 16th Mercury oppose Mars, Good insights and ideas come but difficult to express in a way others understand. Tendency to quarrel, argue, debate. A sense of getting one’s thoughts aired, yet disagreements and contesting abound. Avoid gossip and loose windy thoughts/talk going nowhere. Tendency for one-sided intellectuality. Logic at odds with feelings, demands or needs with instinctive passions. Danger of crash and burn, pushing others too far, or going too far with demands or ultimatums. Yet need now to give warning and draw line of how far one will go to accomplish aim and avoid disputes, or how much one can take before breaking point reached.

“Love is freedom from the self, freedom is compassion for self. The true nature of the Self is freedom and love. Here, truth is the housekeeper, service to higher love/compassion the soon to be master student.”

-robert of mayflower


April 17th, Moon occults Saturn and Venus trines Jupiter. Some parts cold, others warm up friendly and lovingly. Long-term love works here, as well as practical true and tried methods of operations. Sense of new friendship while good old friends seem golden. Happiness in little things. Negativity is its own reward, so be sweet and warm and patient to win this day. Be the warmth and love you want. April 17th Venus trines Jupiter and on April 25th Venus trines Saturn giving an 8 day window to future Jupiter trine Saturn in May Vibe … Great time to make big plans for the future. Good time to follow your love and bliss, gather round you robust friends and make virtuous vows for future trends, family, friends, community, and world peace endeavour, joy, prosperity. This can be a most fortunate time, especially for those with planets and houses in water signs (see your astrological chart for where your water is hidden).


“The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.”

-Oscar Wilde, from The Artist as Critic


April 20th The official Grand Cross is in Play here! Jupiter squares Uranus, Jupiter oppose Pluto, Moon triggers Pluto/Jupiter/Mars/Uranus. These are critical days for many – a realisation and major understanding, event or happening potentially forever changing your life. A real sense of new beginning but also a sense of ‘death and rebirth’ for some. In ancient Egyptian Initiation, Osiris lays in death-like coffin for 3 days and then resurrects or ascends. Our soul is contained within the symbolic three days within the physical, emotional, and mental plane. Initiation or coming to wisdom, is letting the Universal Spirit of love and truth awaken our Souls to shine in a new way within its three sheaths or bodies. Same wisdom for Ishtar the Goddess of Spring. Jesus the Christos descending into hell for 3 days reveals this enlivening and renewing rejuvenating of the physical, etheric, astral bodies. This is a big part of the Easter mystery. See Steiner’s ‘Festivals’ lectures. Spring has for better and worse arrived and we slowly again raise our consciousness along with the flowers and rising sap to honour higher skies, stars, angels, virtues, above and within us. Strong shifts in how we look at life occur at this time, April 20-24th. At this point it’s clear what we are dealing with to survive and thrive as a planetary culture, community, and people.  A sense of progress and change, quickening and growth; or a sense of crash and defeat, thickening and slow down fill this time period with change. Markets and weather highly provocative and may go to extreme or reversal. In politics and the entertainment arena, more than a few heads roll while others quickly rise to new fame or power. This month into May, events continue to play out, even to July/Aug where things take a much more positive up turn. Weather can be really weird in parts of world, especially beginning, middle, and 20th to 24th April. Intense hot vs. way cooler, wet vs. way dry hot, up vs. way sinkhole down these days. The grand cross reflects how many feel crucified and nailed to some unfortunate situation or life process. For others the cross is reflective of spiritual and material manifestation, incarnation and realisation of the ideal, one’s higher aspirations and dreams. The cross can be a four fold incarnation or manifestation of the higher self. A realisation of one’s goals or desires. Plato said the World Soul is “crucified”, meaning fourfold, cubed, on the square, in time and space within each individual. (See my book ‘Astrological Aspects the Art’ available worldwide for further esoteric and practical wisdom on this; i.e. platonic solids and chakras, four Noble Truths and Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’, astrological aspects, the descent and re-ascent of the goddess).


“True change always happens from within first. Events unfolding now are but decisions and actions of the past, our karma. How our inner self interacts and participates with life creates the future.”

-robert of mayflower


April 21 Uranus Squares Pluto. Forced change for many, others make major decisions affecting self or other.  Need for yoga, meditation, relaxation arts, contemplation, patience and new learning to deal with the stressful times. Tendency to rebel or criticise without real alternative wise solutions. Need for truth and higher-minded awareness. Need to address suffering in wise ways. Helping others to help self is key here.


“Sometimes when the grasshopper’s cage door is left open they don’t jump for freedom, sometimes they do.”

-Trebore Tau Bodhi


April 22 Mars square Jupiter triggers ACTION and heroics or foolhardiness for some. The Grand Cross is totally activated positively here but the days to come may give many a crisis opportunity challenge or obstacle. Here the hero wears a thousand faces, the fool but one. Important time to not be too exuberant or over done. Appropriate well-defined action needed. Tendency to overdo or party too hard, over eat, or over satiate. Here, as Goethe noted, too much good is evil. Need to act for sake of others. Heroic acts and selfless endeavours go far here.


“Scientists are always looking for speed, quickening thing and thinks up. They want to find something first and faster, even go faster, than the speed of light. But forever will darkness be first and last, there from the beginning and there when we finally arrive, and even after too. And the secret of darkness is easy, it is love, the heart yet unfathomed, unknown, alone and yet still one. It is love, and the light of stars and mind is its consort.”

-robert of mayflower


April 23rd Mars opposes Uranus triggering Grand Cross and causing reactions and backlash from preceding events and actions. Mars/Uranus is lightning fast changes, reactions, accidents, misfires, calamity, violence, crashes, explosive events, mishaps. Yes it can be a call far and beyond duty, incredible luck and bravery, success. For most this is dangerous time so play it safe. Expect strange mysterious events in high places of religion, politics, economics, and the every day flow rhythm. Squares and Oppositions in astrology put one into the center of the action, trines are more visionary or feeling oriented. Avoid wild man action hero antics or demanding too much attention or center stage. This grand cross in cardinal signs signifies world events where everybody, like it or not, feels they are tossed into the action. On the other hand, one could say, that each and every one of us by the way we live, breathe, think, feel, act, are co creative agents for change. Each of us has a front seat, or on stage center, of the action. How we live our life, creates, or co-creates, the world. We are the world, and yes we are also alone. Though it’s all crazy at times, we can be intelligent enough to share and care, make peace with ourself and the world.  Each of us is both at fault and at cause. To see oneself as victim is spiritual suicide, even if it is true materialistically or outwardly. From the higher point of view, our higher self has put us here to learn and we picked the time and circumstance to perfect our self learning world education. There is no shame or blame or game playing here, there is just learning and returning till we do it right. We come to grow and know ourselves as co-creative beings with the whole of life, the future of the world. How one lives their life is a vote for futurity good or ill. Only you and God, or Divine Mind, know for sure how you voted. I can only take a good guess and my guess is that many frustrations come from not voting or not voting well. Ha! Soul wake up, live your highest ideal, virtue, dream, bliss, angel, call it what you will. Avoid drugs and negative emotions that could obscure your clear highest sense of all Life. Live the life to know the teachings, yourself, the other. Om Ah Hum, May it be! Obviously with crazy aspects like the ones earth has been going through since Pluto went into Capricorn. Some real estate and goods will go sky high in price while other places and faces fall into disarray and free fall in price and merit. Many relationships are re-thinking goals and definitions of what is happiness and who do I share the adventure with. The times are a’changin, re-arrangin’. The future is re-strategizing for some, or alarmingly disengaging for others. Strangely enough, this could be a highly prized time to have a baby; for others the worst time. Same for all big doings, plans, and future projects, projections, and precipitations of art, biz, and spirit.


“Rose gold diamond dew on the green, wet with morning dreaming May flowers trembling like young butterflies to wing weaving blue skies on tips of asparagus and pastel petals momentarily still twinklings eternity grants hearts with eyes to see.”

-robert of mayflower


April 25th Venus trine Saturn, Moon conjunct Venus, Sun conjunct Mercury. Love and reality, common sense and kindness, conscious recognition and smarts make sense of past events and set proper stage for fixing things up, bettering the future, making good on promises, making amends and future plans.


“She told me I was no Keats, and I realised again nothing would hold me until I could be myself alone with her.”

-Aria Fairchild


April 27th Moon again triggers past grand cross, after shocks, anger, hurt, emotional overload, intense feelings. Good day to catch up, heal, clean, rest, renew, reflect on the times past and to come.


“It’s hard to say if the kiss lit the stars or the stars lit the kiss, but heaven and earth touch lips when a heart opens to another.”

-Aria Fairchild and the Mayflower Guitars


April 29th Solar Eclipse in Taurus affecting fixed signs and houses primarily (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius). Sudden cutting off or being cut off, sudden change of plans or future, sudden change in day-to-day rhythms. Mercury trines Pluto giving help in finding intellectual understanding of very moving events (for some).


“Without Love this world is haunted,
Without Truth this world is alone.”

-robert of mayflower


May’s tough aspected days are May 10th, 11th, Full Moon May 14th, 18th/19th, 28th for those making plans. Good days of positive aspects include May 3rd, 4th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn give future insights, 12th, 15th for some, 18th for some, 24th especially Jupiter trine Saturn, 25th, and 31st for some. May 22nd to 24th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn grand trine melts minds and hearts into allegiances for the good true beautiful, friendship and happiness.


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Astrological News and Views – March 2014

March 6th, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views for March 2014

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March 1st, crazy weather, war drums, quake and volcano uptick, and new impulses to realise yourself before more crazy weather appears. New Moon in Pisces, Mars goes retrograde from 27 Libra to 9 Libra mid May. Mars will trigger the grand cross in cardinal signs end of April; so these days critical to making peace not war. Stocks jittery this coming week? We may see shaky markets. War drums continue to bang into April? More crazy weather too? Yoga and meditation for peace, prayer, may be the most appropriately important thing to do these days. Taking a deep internal breath to reckon one’s heart as a compass to greater identity and destiny, better futures, is key. Here, the way out is the way in, retreat and muse on the eternal verities. Unless of course you are a heavyweight player jumping into one of the many vortexes of crisis opportunity to sway the vote, lay back and ponder the inner sun. Heavy karma being worked out for many these days into next few months. Good time to manifest one’s true self, destiny and purpose. Time to free oneself from ‘same old same old’ repeat offenders or psychic chains of wrong habit, friends, diet, or thinking. Patience and compassion for those in chaotic vortexes and negative experience welcome.


March 2nd, take stock in your inner self, your own heart/mind/soul in harmony with the Spirit of the world. Unstable times for world markets and sense of peace and security. Good time for yoga/meditation/reading and pondering the inevitable opportunities to change, grow, learn. Saturn retrograde is a reveal of what makes us feel grounded, secure, fathered. Venus in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra making for intense love/sex energy as well as wanting right relationship, partnership, meaningful dialogue. Love quarrels come from making demands on others rather than looking to oneself for change, growth, new learning. Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn has kept leadership intact and investments/markets controlled or sane. Saturn retrograde may question what is true security or investment. Spiritually speaking we need to invest in our own learning, in our own inner flowering, growing wiser, more loving. Yet, the outer need for security, food, water, air, shelter, good friends, is important too; and this outer world is getting a bit shaky and in need of new revelation, higher truths and love, and just plain out simple honesty and practicality. Saturn/Pluto mutual reception has kept the world somewhat sane and the economy controlled if not continuing to grow. As Saturn goes retrograde, those in authority or leadership may need to internally review the short and long-term plan. Taking a breather from intense conflict to reassess the long-term consequences may be good. April’s Grand Cross may force a play or action, but now is the time to slow things down. One’s personal desires or wishes may be frustrated with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Investments need play it safe. Last few days and next, many changes of gears or reversals, endings and new beginnings. See Youtube ASTROLOGY FOR 2014, Robert Thibodeau’s December 11, 2013 talk predicting weather, politics, Putin, and more.

March 4th, Moon opposes Mars retrograde triggering a forewarning of what is to come in the coming couple months. Avoid aggression, anger, hate. Bravery to be oneself, courage to tell the truth and protect the little ones, the earth too, is important here. Much rash negative speech and news, rowdy behaviour.

March 6th all ahead go for many, a shift of gears to higher octave. Jupiter bangs its way forward through Cancer and water signs to enter Leo in July when many a positive event takes place. Others might feel a need to purify or make preparations for renewed sense of self and inner worth heart shine. Sudden realisations, subtle earth changes felt in inner heart/soul, sudden shift in weather hopefully for the better, huge social upheavals, (this is a quake/volcano uptick week), weather and stock market shake ups or testings; yet somehow the future looks bright and one feels a positive jolt of inspiration to try again to make things better. Perhaps warring elements take a break till end of month into 8 days of April where higher angels need to work their miracles again. Maybe we will get lucky with co-creative peace making during this time and the coming weekend. Jupiter goes direct giving go ahead to buy, sell, proceed with individual immediate plans while attending and attaining long-awaited goals and status by the time Jupiter enters Leo in July/August. Then all fire signs begin to prosper. Till then WATER Signs favoured with good luck. Think July/August when making big plans, not March/April. Now is the time to catch up, clean up, fix up, heal, metamorph and inwardly grow outwards. A ‘more you get into it, the more you get out of it’ time. Things happening now, this last week or even last few months, now reaches peak and climactic eruption or turning point into April when the two lunar eclipses April 16th and 29th affecting cardinal and fixed signs the most, re-define reality and world endeavour once again.

March 10th-11th, Mercury squares Saturn: reality hits hard, so have patience learning how to interact, participate. Face the facts and be true to yourself yet patient in expression and delivery. Delays, blocks, obstructions, or are you just dealing with one horse jump after another. Fixed signs feel this the most. Those who plan for the future have more flexibility when the future hits them with surprises. Think deep and slow to find sureness in future actions. Good for long sure slow wise thinking. Good for catching up and doing paper work, or making honest simple acknowledgements to yourself, others. Avoid negatives, use only constructive criticism. Others moody or depressed. Humour and spiritual light heartedness could be helpful in some areas.

March 13th Sun trines Saturn: success in long-term ventures and adventures. The true blue, good, tried, come through. Good for making long-term plans and having honest conversations, decisions, contracts, work. Some shining hearts seem to last forever, those friends live in our innermost hearts and souls. Appreciation is key word today, along with blessing grace.

March 14th Mercury trine Mars: great for communication, networking, new ideas, innovations, breakthroughs in discovery and getting point across. Strong truths and voicings. Good for exercise and making new friends, making headway, sharing future views and making good negotiations, agreements.

March 16th Full Moon in Virgo: Avoid unnecessary criticism and sour notes. Good time to heal, catch up, clean, do home work, purify, exercise, eat healthy food, and work on the self to help others. There is no perfection, only wholeness. Complete thoughts before voyaging on the new. Constructive critique may work to further plans, especially if it’s a positive self critique.

March 18th Venus sextile Uranus: playful sexual aspect, take care not to go out of bounds or offend. Almost too much is happening at once, very busy time. Take a breath and stay in the flow, ride the wave to new ecstatic insights at play.

March 20th Sun into Aries, Moon in Scorpio occultation of Saturn. Cut out negative unneeded habits or repeat offenders, or friends who offend and take advantage. Don’t start wars or conflicts but lay out the event horizon and the consequences of misbehaviour. Listen to warning signs that you may need to slow down and take a breath, a break from stressful situations. Listen quietly for messages from dreams, intuitions, or higher worlds calling. Avoid fallback, backsliding, taking too cold of view or behaviour.

March 22nd Beware of false or broken promises. Be clear in speech and read the small print. Take care in purchases and accounting matters. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces; Great for dreamers and spiritual believers, bad aspect if you think you can get something for nothing and get scammed. Beware of lies, deceit, or wishful thinking that has no real means of realisation. Good aspect for futurism and artistic progress. Good for creative artists, poets, and musicians but stay practical. Dream true, manifest your ideal higher self. Don’t believe all you hear and and half of what you see. Good for artistically attempting to please or satisfy others wishes or dreams. Very idealistic aspect, religious, spiritual, outer space or deep sea adventures and revelations. Can be an emotional aspect where one goes astray of reality. Breaking away from the routine might be just the key if one doesn’t go dumb or numb with foolish actions. Avoid ‘What was I thinking? aftermath’.

March 27th Moon conjuncts Venus in Aquarius: an ideal day (and lasts for awhile) to share your dreams, love, and future inclinations to greatness. Poetics and flowers work well here, as do kisses and hugs.

March 29th the love fest continues or is it sharp turns and sour grapes? Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra, Venus square SATurn in Scorpio; what makes one person happy may make another sad. Love seems has no limits until imposed on you by another. Set healthy boundaries and enjoy. Magic is afoot if you live in such a way that redeems yesterday by holding on to tomorrow.

March 30th (into new month) More changes and rearranging? Change within to avoid outer change. New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus (influence until April 3rd). Scary drums of war still rattling, or is it this crazy weather still putting many on the rocks and stirred up? Shaky quaking earth or storm? Volcanic or disruptive emotions? Scary start to spring? Extremes in weather? Or are new impulses for peace making, compassion to those less fortunate, bravery in face of difficult challenges. Mourning prominent deaths, a sense of rebirth, social renewal, and need to learn new ways of being true to ourselves, others. Many rediscovering or reviewing, renewing or questioning nature of work, home, relationship, personal identity; all Cardinal house and sign interests connected to Grand Cross in April. See Youtube Grand Cross talk.

Lunar Eclipse April 15th with Mercury square Pluto. Research, deep thinking, warning signs of impending necessities. Indications of fate and destiny abound.

April 10th to 23rd grand changes and world awakening as the Grand Cross of April triggers. The Templars’ Revenge? Make love not war? Mother Nature telling us something is wrong and needing fixing? The new age of a politics of wisdom and compassion? Breakthroughs in technology and energy; a vision of freedom form fossilised fuels? A need for ecology policing? A new emerging love of the earth. A new emergence of the Prosephine Mysteries and goddess mother religiousness movements. A new rise of the feminine, Sophia, wisdoms in politics and economics.

April 29th Solar Eclipse New Moon with Mercury trine Pluto. Mental realisations, conclusions, and future things to do. Making an agenda and setting realistic goals. A need to change one’s mind, renew one’s highest vows, and start anew.

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“I believe in the creative power of certain individuals who, because of this power or gift, must be allowed by society to be alone, work alone, and left alone to perfect their work.  Our education must be more lenient to these individuals and more understanding on that individual who does not conform to the average.”

-Norma Lorre Goodrich, ‘Her Statement’


“Friendship is an inner Sun makes light

the World. Love is a candle in the heart

illuminating, unfurling, the Soul flame Spirit;

the same name, every star,  burning in

every cell every living thing, thought, feeling

raising angelic voices bringing a grail

catching stars singing our names.”

-robert of mayflower


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Pine Forests good for healing climate change.


Building a library of brains from those who died; downloading memories

Scientists discover 715 planets but have yet to discover earth it seems. Grass greener on the other side?



Astrological News and Views – February 2014

February 4th, 2014

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views for February 2014

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“One day a woman I know came face to face with heroic beauty, that highest beauty which Blake says changes least from youth to age, a beauty which has been fading out of the arts, since that decadence we call progress set voluptuous beauty in its place.” -William Butler Yeats, from the Celtic Twilight 1893

  • Jan. 25th into early February influenced by Ceres (Asteroid) conjuncting Transformation Point (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto midpoint). Issues around mothering, breastfeeding. Who to let in or not. Who to feed/nourish or not; who to love or not. Who to mother. How to redeem lost parts, one’s lost youth. What is nourishment to body and soul, spirit? What is wholeness? We have sex education but do we have love education? Spiritual education of the Soul? And should the government mandate breastfeeding? See:,0,6963031.story#. Also see:
  • Near the end of February, Vesta – the goddess of hearth, flame and critic of perfection or righting things – brings clearer focus on true goals. Vesta conjuncts Transformation Point (T.P.) (Jan. 25th into Mercury direct time on 28th). In the same time frame, and in first few days of March, Mars and N.Node near conjunct T.P. Mars triggered T.P. during Boston bombing. Volatile financial markets, as well as ups and downs in emotions. Check critical days below. Good or ill happenings can occur to force us to grow in new ways. Not always fun. So end of month into March is a critical time to take extra caution and care to get things right. For one thing, Congress needs to raise debt limit or U.S. may default on debt by end of month. Jupiter square Uranus at end of month portends breakthrough techniques and energetics that truly stir inner and outer growth, but not all will be happy. More vissisitudes in world markets then. Feb. 3rd Moon triggers the coming Jupiter/Uranus, which always spins surprise, shocks, and reversals. And then does it again the other way. Volatile inner and outer weather for sure.
  • The still lingering influence of Jupiter opposing Pluto energizes serious thought on search for a more harmonious system of world government and economy allowing for greater peace to family and friend. Until the Grand Cross in April; market & stock fluctuations, extremes in weather and human relationships, and the pressure and stress to grow in new ways persist at an extraordinary speed and pace. The universe and world is changing and we must change with it or show the world new ways of virtue and wonder from within ourselves. If there was ever a time to spiritually and creatively awaken to both our sense of self destiny and world fate, it is now! Hey, its time to read a good book from Mayflower’s Spiritual collection!
  • Critical and Eventful Days for the month (extremes in weather, emotions, markets) include (give or take a day) Feb. 3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th, 18/19th, 21, 25th/26th, and 28th into a few days of March. These are days to be more cautious of taking risks, yet also days where great changes and progressive motion can take place if you know what you are doing, wise and skilful. Markets and emotions may go to extremes here. All heading for climacteric of positive change when April’s Grand Cross occurs affecting primarily Cardinal Signs, planets and houses (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra). Many feel like it’s the ‘Carrot or Stick’ time. Go (grow) for the carrot, the ideal visualized; or be hit by the stick, the reality of life, and be forced to grow. Plato said “if you are willing to learn, anything could happen”. Keep learning about the world and self. Read a book! Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Yogananda, Manly Hall – all good places to start learning how to awaken your own gifts and talents, genius and greater capacities.
  • Feb. 1st, Moon conjunct Uranus kick starts new cycle new moon energetics. Lots of new plans in the making along with a sense of the ever-changing and challenging world situations. Wild weather and storms, uptick on quakes and volcano activity may continue to challenge many. Hopefully, we are not in for mini year or two ice age like in latter 1800’s and in 1600’s. Hard to grow food. Speaking of which … price rises in food and fuel? Backyard gardeners and home-brewers listen up: Your time is coming. Moon/Uranus known for upsets and turn-a-rounds, surprise twists and new insights, earthquake/volcano emotions. Sudden shifts again in weather.
  • Feb 4th, Moon oppose Mars – avoid aggressive moves causing angry response. Otherwise, all ahead … go!
  • Feb. 6th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces.  Take care in starting new things, signing contracts or making aggreements. Good for being psychic and intuitive perhaps, but Mercury retrograde is notorious for making wrong decisions or being confused, misled, not clear about facts, details, or bottom line realities. Rethink, redo, retroactive, reactive, retract, remember, renew, review, rewrite, religion, recall, all the ‘re’s’ for sure. Good side is to re-think and make better. Mercury retrograde until Feb. 28th when direct. The next day March 1st, New Moon occurs while Mars goes retrograde (huge event here). Then Saturn retrogrades while Venus squares Mars on March 2nd. This last portends of need for strong decisions and actions that have lasting value and merit. The need to secure the future of one’s sense of self and dignity, job and vocation. Concerns over quality of relationship and current events. Mercury retrogrades from Pisces returning to sign of Aquarius the night of Feb. 12th. Many wake up from false dreams, others really start to manifest and realize their dreams.
  • Feb 11th, Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Sun square Saturn. My hope is we have a good solar flare and most happy realistic day. Most likely we will see more extremes in the weather worldwide, hot and cold, wet and dry. Fun for some, others are dying for change. Day of decisions, who is in and who is out, what to do and what to not.
  • Full Moon Feb. 14th on St. Valentine’s Day. Full Moon Opposition of Sun/Moon T-Squares into Saturn, Sun trine Mars too. All ahead, Go! Great 3-day weekend to strike new chords in the song of your life, make good points and bonus points with friends and future dreams, drive your imagination closer to your dreams of realization. Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury on 15th with Mercury trine Mars in Libra on Sunday the 16th, brings intellectual realization, clarity, to world events and happenings. Increased awareness and mindful networking/connectivity good. Good weekend for conversing, travel, meeting up with others, making plans, stategizing, getting ideas across, connecting, communicating creatively and clearly with others. In many parts, good weather and mood.
  • Feb. 18th to 20th, into 21st Moon occultation of Saturn may bring rough weather and more, ironing out flaws in relationships. North Node slips into Libra from Scorpio, as Moon in Libra conjuncts node and Mars, giving strong urge to make relationships work or change, re-arrange. Relations (business, fun, or love) need work to further transform or change. Many new plans made this month may take till July to fully unfold and be seen to manifest. July is when Mars conjuncts the North Node after a long retrograde motion. Mars is Libra’s lesson in working with others, not running over others. Learning patience and Tao in the flow to make things grow and go forwards. Love as a two-way street rather than one way. Striving for a new relationship, higher attuned and harmonious. Those who can’t find resonance of working in harmony with others may cause much conflict feeding back on self.
  • Feb. 19th Mercury square Saturn, good for catching up with paper work. Otherwise obstruction or slow going, difficult travel next few days. Hard to get ideas across. Bad karma, or is it attempting to make lemonade out of lemons? (always hard to do in winter). Avoid taking things too personally, keep a balanced view, long-term loving view.
  • Feb. 21st Moon occults or eclipses Saturn. Cold shoulder or cold weather?Serious view of self and world? Good for getting work done, keeping oneself in check, discipline, and on the quest.
  • Feb. 23rd Sun conjunct Neptune. No matter how nutty the weather, it’s celtic beautiful. Weather foggy or mystical or dreamy or futuristic; it’s a good day to dream, be creative, write, paint, sing, escape into spiritual reality.
  • Feb. 25th to March 6th is a critical turning point for many. Need to finally deal with reality, make proper long-term decisions, finish projects or let them go. Many turns of events giving inevitable consequences to future. Much politics behind and out front making strong road ways to what is up in November elections. Perhaps too, major events and happenings indicating more clearly the nature of the coming April Grand Cross. See my video of Dec. 10th 2013 talk at Om Cafe for more details. These times are important when it comes to keeping one’s spiritual practice and virtuous disciplines, diet, and good friendships, support systems. Although these aspects can in parts create havoc and more extremes in the weather, quakes or volcano; it can also suddenly become clear and pleasant as to what to do or not to do. This could be a time of breakthroughs and inspirations, early romps of Spring, especially the days around Feb 26th Jupiter/Uranus and Moon occultation of Venus?!
  • Feb. 26, Moon eclipses Venus and Jupiter squares Uranus. Breakthroughs or breakdowns. Suddenly feeling cut off, or suddenly turned on?! Electrical sunny vibrant cathartic day to boldly go where you never been before. Lots of luck for many, others make dumb mistakes and accidents. Sudden good fortune or loss. Strong shifts in weather and investments, markets. New insights and news, sudden shifts and revelations, new inventions and breakthroughs but quirky and not to be fully trusted with Mercury still retrograde. Leaks and bold statements or challenges. Sudden upsets, turn-a-rounds, sudden victories, or loss. Highly charged day, affecting few days around this time before/after, to make proper adjustments and creative changes to upgrade or update your style, goals, home.
  • Feb. 28th Mercury goes direct and Sun trines Jupiter. Many shifts of gears empowering future. Many sudden insights or news allowing one to upgrade view. Healing the past and letting go of obsessions or fixations or addictions or past woundology psychology is good move at this time. Clear the ground for more positive times to come.


-Robert of Mayflower

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Sunday January 26th: The Holy Grail and the Astrology of 2014

January 24th, 2014
Join us this Sunday, 26th January, for ‘The Holy Grail and the Astrology of 2014′. Learn how your sun sign will be affected during the Grand Cross of April. Robert will reveal secrets of awakening the holy grail of your heart and the sword of spiritual thinking. How to transform the ‘wasteland’ into the garden of prosperity and friendship. Learn how to empower and awaken your own quest for the grail. A song or two before and after the talk. Doors open at 4.30 pm to meet and mingle. Song and talk begin at 5.00 pm. Donation ten to twenty dollars plus suggested. Food and drink available for purchase. OM Cafe is 23136 N. Woodward, Ferndale, Mi, 48220 (between 9 and 10 Mile, 3 blocks north of 9 Mile).
Robert of Mayflower

Astro News and Views – January 2014

January 3rd, 2014


Astrological News & Views for January 2014

by Robert Thibodeau

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“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

-Mark Twain


  • Jan. 1st New Moon in Capricorn with Sun conjunct Pluto. Stormy cold and wintery in many parts. Stock markets may adjust or shake, but Saturn/Pluto in each other’s ruling sign, as well as Jupiter trine Saturn, keep markets going on plus side. Turn of the year aspects challenge though. On spiritual level, such aspects demand inward turning to purify and renew one’s efforts, goals. Meditation, yoga, cleaning, catching up to one’s spiritual or inner higher self vs. taking things way too personally, feelings of being hurt or wounded, psycho-drama, and negative thinking in general. World’s geo-political hotspots active. Power struggles vs. finding one’s inner gold, inner power, inner virtue. See my December 10th Astrology for 2014 talk on youtube for snow, cold, volcano, and storm, quake predictions at last solstice and now…into April.


“In the long run, truth prevails; in the short run, it’s soccer and lacrosse. People will call it love, but it’s really a football game.”

-Captain Bob and the Lost Paddle boat


  • Jan. 2nd Sun square Mars activates heroics and brave action. Avoid use of force unless really needed. Intensifying times. Negatively, it’s warring anger and control freaking, fighting, crashing, accidents, hasty mistakes, and stormy robust weather and behaviour. Moon in Aquarius seeks higher octaves including all in one’s dream and vision of the future.


“The elastic heart of youth cannot be compressed into one constrained shape long at a time.”

-Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer.


  • Juno, the Queen of the Gods and relationships that ‘make you believe’. Juno can give you faith or belief in higher power. Juno, the asteroid, will conjunct Neptune in the beginning of the month, and conjunct Chiron later in month. Chiron is the centaur, in my view it is really Charon the boatsman to underworld initiation. The beginning of the month brings concerns for beauty, beautifying, and insuring love. The end of the month brings out the more maverick feminist as well as a call of a new sense of justice, a politics of compassion, and a sense of the wild woman in us.


“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”

-Jonathan Swift


  • Jan. 3rd to 8th is quake watch. Some parts still stormy but many parts turn warmer and/or more beautiful. With Mercury and then Sun oppose Jupiter and Mars square to Jupiter, people tend to be more sharing, caring, playful and joyful.


  • Jan. 7th-8th, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars square Jupiter may find many trying to break new ground when it comes to business, money, relationships. All month is slow but sure tendency to make things work or plan the break away. Over-the-top boisterous ego behaviour may cause strong backlash (all month, especially end of month when Jupiter opposes Pluto). Mercury/Venus wants to be gentle and culturally refined, kind and loving, with long term sure goals, pleasures, and commitments secured. Sun/Mars can be brash and arrogant, loud and forceful. An end of the month finality and conclusive result, ending, new beginning could be in play here.


“Thou and I are too wise to woo peacefully.”

-William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


  • Jan. 15th (may feel it on 14th) Full Moon in Cancer, with Venus square Mars on 16th. More Stormy weather in parts, other parts warming up hot. A sense of sticking to what one loves and holds dear, sticking to long-term goals in spite of conflicts with others. Need to find right balance or compromise to avoid conflict or heated debate. Love entanglements and controversy. Demonstrative love, overbearing needs or wants. Lots of sensual energy and play.


“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

-Ayn Rand


  • Jan. 17th Venus once again becomes Morning Star. New love is upon us Watson! Good time ahead for initiating new projects.


“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.”

-Bob Hope


  • Jan. 24th Aquarius Mercury trine Libra Mars. Clear blue skies and mind give much opportunity last few days for breakthroughs in communications, negotiations, connecting and making sense. Do it now because Mercury squares Saturn on 25th locking down the deal or denying access with chill winds to boot.


“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”

-Nelson Mandela


“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”

-Winston Churchill.


  • Jan. 28th Moon conjunct Pluto with Moon in Capricorn triggers changes in weather, stormy times, and possibly rough travels especially Jan. 31st when Jupiter opposes Pluto and Venus goes direct. Jupiter oppose Pluto reveals a need to renew one’s passport to life, to discover a ‘you’ worth loving all the way. Such aspect calls for social renewal in light of further revelations of unnecessary cruelty and suffering humans impose on each other. Jupiter wants to stretch the boundary for fun, pleasure, the pursuit of happiness, love, family. Pluto wants to either regenerate such efforts, or corrupt such efforts. Here misery loves company, or one needs to drop repeat offenders or no-gooders in favour of more virtuous co-creative lifestyle and friends. Jupiter/Pluto aspects represent the death and rebirth of social or family identity. It’s also an aspect for giant business deals or break-offs of such. Movie Stars and Rock Stars can suddenly rise or fall with such aspects. Notable deaths and heralding of banners. False identification with idols of sports/movie/TV/music may now turn awry. Fanatic dangerous moves or actions may here go awry. Unfavourable news. Positive side is a sense of social renewal, team spirit in helping others, compassion and will to do the good. Venus going forward may give positive spirit to sense of long-term future. Look to your chart for mid degrees of cardinal signs for where the action is. Russia’s Putin has Sun at 13 Libra so he will be continually making news January into April for good or ill, depending on his own free will and world circumstance. The USA with Sun at 13 Cancer continues to be major player in world drama. (See my Astrology 2014 Talk on Youtube, given last year, about all this and others with hotspot degrees galvanising events now into April’s Grand Cross, including possible ecological crisis needs and decision-making). China has Mercury/Neptune right at 13-14 degrees Libra. End of January Jupiter/Pluto makes for strong decisions, even forced decisions, concerning love, money, vocation, economy, ecology, energies and resources. Venus going direct wants to throw logic out the window and go for the flow, go where the love is, go for what you want and where you are wanted.


“In a false quarrel there is no true valour.”



“Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.”

-Mark Twain


“I had a lovers quarrel with the world.”

-Robert Frost


IN the NEWS—-

  • England continues to take major hits in both their their Astrological Chart and in stormy weather and bad economy. Neptune in the sky has been conjunct England’s natal Pluto and square to natal Chiron (Charon). This aspect indicates possible poor health of a leader (the Queen?), as well as difficult economy and loss of land (to the sea?). It also indicates the continual need to be ecologically sound and honest in all dealings. In the later part of February the Sun will conjunct England’s Pluto giving more indications defining clearly future events. Later in January Mars in the sky conjunct’s England’s Moon making for stormy debates or disagreements with leadership as well as cue to changes at the top and future trends. Anger and violence will then have to be avoided. In June, Saturn squares England’s Venus, the love affair with both the Queen and Princess may be over, or at least take a dip. Or is it an indication of a strong-headed woman taking leadership anew. After June, England’s economy should begin to turn around and be on the mend.


  • China’s Astrology Chart, Oct. 1, 1949, reveals natal Mercury conjunct Neptune at 13-14 degrees Libra right where Mars will be transiting for in the coming months triggering the Grand Cross in April with sky transits of Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. Expect strong assertive or aggressive speech and actions. Neptune throws a veil of confusion or mystery as to true motives, and can often misfire or become lost as to true practical direction. With Saturn transiting China’s Venus square to Pluto/Mars, many of the population may feel overworked and underpaid, making for authoritative tough stand on many an issue. Also China may not seem so popular in world view. Talk may be cheap, but action expensive and conclusive as to who is really in power. Later in year, Jupiter will trine China’s Venus making for more peace, prosperity, and popularity. Perhaps then, less stress and taxing worry by their common folk citizens.


  • Pope nearly triples attendance/crowds at Vatican. Transiting Jupiter now one his Ascending Sign while trining Saturn brings popularity with the masses as well as taking in more donations of money. With Jupiter also opposing his natal Mercury, the Pope loves to talk. He may get carried away with words and say too much, or go over the top, but his wish with such aspects is to go big hearted. I doubt if he’ll sell any of the art. Later in 2014, as the grand square hits on his Mars in Libra, the Pope will have to take more care, caution, and wisdom in his action and speech. This aspect may bring sharp criticism or even scandal. Or is it an aspect winning the Pope even more acclaim? Saint or Good Politician? Only time will tell. Within the next year or two he will either rise to sainthood or take a big fall. Pluto and Uranus will making hard aspect to his natal Mars will reveal the story.



  • Slowest rate of growth, lowest birth rates and population growth, fewer marriages, more difficult to be mobile since the Great Depression is blamed on the poor economy. Pluto in the sky coming to oppose the USA Sun at 13 Cancer certainly doesn’t help things. Japan’s population declined by record numbers in 2013 too. Is sperm count diminishing? China slightly increased by a fraction as did Russia, the last of which is predicted to decrease by 2015 due to death rate being greater than birth rate.


  • Sexual assault report in the military rise 50% while suicides grow. Perhaps the military should make all their soldiers and employees read OSHO books. And where is the department of peace to help one earth be one family of friends and family, garden?!


  • Over a million Americans lose unemployment checks. Good time to learn yoga and meditate, garden, play musical instrument. And that should be government funded. Educate to illuminate, employ to enjoy and enhance life’s creative side.


  • Cannabis goes on sale in Colorado, the first state in the country to legalise public shops to sell it to adults for recreational use. The thinking behind this is to make more money taxing it and steal the assets from criminal activity, effectively starting to end the costly and ineffective ‘American drug war’.


“It takes two to quarrel, but only one to end it.”

-Matthew Prior


-Robert Thibodeau, Mayflower Bookshop, 

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