Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius – December ’07

Jupiter Pluto Conjunct in Sagittarius; the End of Knowledge, Nature, and the Dollar, and just another excuse to party? Or is something real happening to our higher mind?

What? Me Worry?

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto about every 13 years, making it a collective puberty rite, so to speak. Here’s where everybody wants to leave their parents restrictions. Sometimes that’s your routine, friend, boss, party, or authoritative mate. Besides leaving, it’s good for coming too, coming to your senses. Jupiter/Pluto is the sigil for death and rebirth of
the social identity. Here’s where lots of familiar family and friends untie the knots in their life, and part the way, part the sea and cross. Others may find themselves hooking up and casting fear to the wind, docking a new boat after sinking the old one, and tying the knot anew. At any rate, it’s a definite blow out if one is apt to go to extremes.
Jupiter Pluto coming up should pretty much seal the fate of many a proposition and situation in the world. It’s an aspect where people want to finish old business with ‘enough already’ attitude, as well as a ‘get on with it’ one.

This, and the few weeks to follow, should be the peek moment for the dollar crisis, sub-prime loan crisis, Bond crisis, economic crisis, stock market crisis, oil crisis, war crisis, political crisis, constitutional crisis; even the breaking point for the ecological crisis pending cognition ignition. Even the Jesus or Christ crisis, and fundamental crisis. Certainly these times give us all much to ponder. Jupiter Pluto makes things go to extremes and then pop, explode, turn around, and ground. The last apparent time Jupiter Pluto conjuncted on the Galactic Center in Sagittarius was in October 1758, Pope Benedict the 4th died and the 8th Dalai Lama died. This time, big-time sports as a virtuous role model for youth is dying. So are religious and political virtuous authority figures and emulation models. Politics, sports, religion, travel, it’s all dirty now. Easy fun long distance travel is intimidating and be-labored. Jupiter Pluto brings about a crisis in social justice issues, demanding soul-searching mindfulness when it comes to inequalities between the poor and rich, the social masses and the plutocrats who rule. Here, lone individuals (Pluto) try to speak their truth to the collective whole (Jupiter). On the other hand, here is where a few (Plutocrats) rule over the masses (Jupiter). Here is where they meet, at such points of time, every 13 years, for a celestial conference. All this December, happenings will reach a crisis point of break-through or breakdown by the Mars opposition Pluto January 2nd, 2008.

Jupiter/Pluto is the desire for power or the loss of power. It is a need for political and social, spiritual and material, economic and ecological renewal in both the sciences and the arts. It is the need to have something meaningful to say rather than the same old same old glut of crass advertisements and medications of the spirit. Often Jupiter/Pluto reveals some world event that moves the masses to rise in either support or reprisal.
Here psychodrama and antics propelled by jealousy, attachment, anger, hatred, and poor view of self, won’t work. Acting out of love and compassion and a greater sense of wholeness and belonging is the way to go.

Do things now repeat or go in reverse?

1994-95 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Scorpio led to:
Iraq disarmament crisis. Now it’s Iran? Others?
Newt Gingrich leads the GOP in taking over both houses. Now what? The opposite?
White Water Scandal Investigations begin in Washington leading up to Impeachment attempt. Now?
World Trade Organization established? Is it working or reversing?
Big earthquake in Japan.

1981 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Libra:
In USA there’s trouble containing inflation with lots of fears of defaulting. We may now have trouble containing the deflation and the inflation, depending on what you’re buying. All the good stuff seems to cost more, but houses and dollar, commercial real estate are down.
Time Magazine says a computer is man of the year. Maybe that’s now the problem, computers run things.
Record cold that year! Watch out, here it come. Pluto going into Capricorn for the next number of years could very well spin our wheels from global warming to global freezing, as mother earth tries to find a new balance in an out-of-balanced toxic war environ.
Falkland Islands War
Debt Crisis in Mexico
Pope John Paul wounded by gunman. Not a good time for popes it seems.
Egyptian President Anwat el-Sadat assassinated
AIDS first identified
Microsoft IBM first personal computer released to public. Look for further breakthroughs.

In 1968:
Beatles released White Album
Robert Kennedy Assasinated
demonstrations against Vietnam War
President Johnson announces cessation of bombing in Vietnam.

Other past dates of Jupiter/Pluto include these events:
Gandhi leads revolt in India, largest building in the world (Empire State Building) opens, Rosa Parks (who in past visited Mayflower Bookshop!) refuses to give up bus seat to a white man and is arrested, Winston Churchill resigns, ‘Lady and the Tramp’ disney movie debuts, first Atomic generated electric power sold commercially. Late 1893 into 1894 brought strong hurricanes to the USA. Way back in history, Pluto on Galactic Center in 470-468 BC brought the end of the Persian Empire (where the war is now). In 271-273 AD, the Roman Empire began fragmenting. 1758-1760 begins the 7 Year War, a kind of world war. Some think a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction occurred in late 26, early 27 AD, placing it around the time of the experiences of Jesus in the missing years so mysteriously spoken of in Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Fifth Gospel’.

Be it as it may, if you know what house late Sagittarius is in your own personal astrology chart, you will know what area of life, love, or work may be needing repair and a new paint job; or where dead-endings make for new beginnings. It’s a make it or break it kind of aspect. Unless you know what you are doing, be careful of going to extremes. This will be a tough holiday season into the new year for not falling into negative patterns of the past. All being well, it’s a great time for renewing one’s social, political and spiritual values.

Signs most affected by the crazy aspect side of Jupiter/Pluto in the sky include late mutable signs of Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces born around 17th to 22nd of their month. Mars retrograde’s anger or courage, aggression or repression is most felt by cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries born near 20th to 29th of the month.


Look for winter, winers, and winos to come on strong 1st of December with Moon and Sun squaring Saturn, on December 9th to 13th.

Get your shopping done early…..!!! Around the 19th to 21st December with Saturn going retrograde and Mars squaring Neptune, traffic and weather snarls abound as well as misguided good and bad intentions. As we get past the Mars oppose Pluto early January, and enter 2008 moving toward Jupiter trine Saturn and Mars trine Uranus, things will smooth out and get more stable in politics, economics, and at home.

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