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Astrology newsletter March 2011

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrological News and Views
for March 2011
(248) 547-8227, by appointment only

“When the sun rises, everybody is able to see it. The fundamental or ultimate sun lies in the hearts of all people. Therefore, everyone possesses fundamental well-being, brilliance, and purity.” -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

“A higher love must lead us all to a higher truth, otherwise the same old ghost will be jumping out of the closet at you again.” -C.B.

*March 1st to 28th, Venus into Aquarius gives an impulse to progress and modernize or update relationships. Struggle in love between security/reliability/rooting and freedom/expression/flowering. Good time for new art or presentation.

*March 4th-5th, (lasts 2 weeks) Uranus square Moon Node. Sudden shifts and changes in the way one relates to others. Unexpected events or experiences causing change in one’s way and pattern of relating to others. Sudden insights and perceptions causing one to change one’s thinking in relationship to others. Sudden surprises or insights causing one to rise or fall. Strange dreams and premonitions. This aspect will be in activation for a few weeks. Brings need to be innovative, new, or renewed; otherwise infighting. Many political back rooms reshuffling the cards, internal changes.

“It’s always young ones new on the stage, who else is soul naive and gullible for the ‘my precious’ hobbit chit.” -Aria Fairchild and the Thunder Brats

*March 4th, New Moon in Pisces. Inner moods conflict with outer drift. Need for artistic or spiritual endeavor to lift the spirit. Psychic or dream like insights, need for clarity and inner sureness.

“Motion and sleep velocity is big business, the saints hold still and listen.” -Aria Fairchild

*March 9th, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mercury into Aries; over working mental and nervousness can create rash actions, hasty aggressive moments of electro/magnetic and emotionally charged storms (all month, especially mid to end). It gets wild this month with protests and quick reversals, upsets, changes in plans, regime changes … now till near end of month hot time for growing up quick. Solar flares, Storms and genius flashes as well as blazing egomaniac shooting stars all this month? 2011 is prep for 2012? Whew!

Mutable and Cardinal Signs affected most strongly. All planets in fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) and earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) get booster shots of courage and good luck now into early July, and again at end of year into next; luck, spiritual growth, positive spirit, lots of things happening. Water and Air signs need to kick start their intuitive clairvoyance if drifting or dreaming or sleeping or spaced out too much. Need to change direction, diet, and recharge with meditation or yoga. Sudden bursts of energy followed by lack of energy needs a rebalancing act. If feeling good, follow your higher feeling heart.

“A crazy person is crazy. And the one who tries to challenge a crazy person is definitely crazy. You can’t get angry at a crazy person, because he or she is overwhelmed by delusions and is not acting out of choice.” -Gelek Rinpoche, from his book ‘Good Life, Good Death’.

*March 11th, Uranus into Aries (next couple years especially). Welcome to Zero Point Gravity and Vortex speed changes in our social life and world. Impulses of new creative genius and freedom is afoot. If you know what you’re doing, all ahead full. Otherwise, avoid unnecessarily negative people and unintelligent or unwise conflict. Avoid hasty or pre-mature actions. Avoid criticising or blaming others unless hugely smart, wise, compassionate. Outer change and reform clash with need for inner change and growth. Cultivate listening silence for deeper perception and patience. Ask for anything, accept the way things are just for now, and increase your intelligence by putting yourself in others shoes and mind set. Turn up the higher love and listen again. Many new ideas or changes of wind now offer new directions or workings, concerning all relationships both personal, business, and spirited. Next few months offer new events that allowing everyone to agree on personal and collective meaning of the current time; bringing more creative positive long term results, changes, and methods of action (or reaction). Events that affect us all, events effecting collective change in thinking and action now occur. Remember, not just Charlie Sheen is a thunder storm, earth quake, and solar flare on the dark street…

“I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin rock star from mars.” -Charlie Sheen

*March 13th Mercury square Pluto. Need to do further research, catch up, re-think or re-work a situation. Making hard choices, or having to make unfavorable decisions, perhaps concerning the least of two evils, or what’s best for long term. Avoid actions or thinking based on fear or anger. Unhealthy or unwanted compromising. On the positive note, compassionately wise manouevreing through difficult waters is possible to those patient, generous, and open hearted enthusiastic. The Charlie Sheen in us starts to make it or break it in next few weeks. Did you know that 20% of all homeless are veterans according to the news? Is that true or propaganda? Whew! Most all of us are homeless to our spiritual virtue selves.

“Joy and suffering are very much a matter of mental perception.” -Gelek Rinpoche, from his book ‘Good Life, Good Death’.

*March 15th Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Avoid inflated wealth of positive plans, thoughts, schemes, overwhelming ability to ‘do’ or ‘manifest’. Avoid putting the cart before the horse. If your chart is well aspected, expect many a good turn of luck. With ‘bad’ or ‘difficult’ aspects in one’s chart, possible turn of bad luck or loss, financially and relationship wise. Avoid over doing. Over all positive day for initiating talk, thought, action.

“Ignorance is when you ignore the truth right in front of, when you ignore one’s true nature, selfless heart listening to each and every heart. Here is the word, the world, the grail. There is ‘no self’ capable of grasping it all, soul listen!” -Trebore Tau Bodhi

*March 17th to 21st look for Crazy Stormy Weather, possibility of major quakes, as well as many shake-ups in the realms and reigns of power. Sudden changes, loss, deaths, as well as breath taking breakdowns and breakthroughs in science and high tech. Leaders topple or gain ground these mid weeks to end March.

*March 18th-19th Mercury oppose Saturn, Full Moon in Virgo. Stark realizations about what doesn’t work. Practical realizations can be gained as to ‘how to work with a situation’. Oppositional critique calls for clear vision of future and action to take. Bad Karma goes down for some, others full of wisdom insight; still others know the secret of patience, perseverance, and loving kindness/compassion as selfless way to Tao, to flow.

*March 20th Vernal Equinox, Sun into Aries, First day of Spring, coming the day after Full Moon and day before Sun/Uranus conjunction typifies stormy electrifying weather in both nature, politics, and self in relationship to others. Look for many a change to take place this month (and for next 3 months of Spring). Uranus is the determination to be free, but often falls short due to lack of patience when it comes to wisdom and compassionate ways of handling situations. Crazy storms politically, economically, and in relationships prevail. Its an ‘all things being equal, take the new way’ kind of aspect. It’s also known for major solar storms of insight and new light, inventions, breakthroughs, creativity, and strong shift in music, fashion, and style. Expect real breakthroughs with better cars, machines, and high tech. Strong weather extremes, quakes, volcanoes, winds, storms, and emotional release or breaks of pattern almost inevitable. A need at this time to release pressure and frustration in creative spiritual healthy ways. Blazing insights need dark deep safe roots to not just blossom, but to come to fruition maturity growth and futurity. All dictators of authority rather than self evident truth may have a problem with this aspect. Remember, Charlie is no Tiger; he’s sharing his story do buy. Gaddafi doesn’t share his insanity or genius; bipolar delusional or just a billion dollar bad big baby.

“When one is able to overcome the romantic and emotional attitude, one discovers truth even in the kitchen sink.” -Chogyam Trungpa, Meditation in Action

*March 26th Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus into Pisces on 27th makes for romance and dreamy high spiritual feelings. A wanting to smoothly flow, a wanting of love and gentle affection, a desire to melt into oneness or superior situation. Good for musicians and artists to make magic. Avoid false dreams or erotic nightmares. Good for spiritual ethics meeting divinely inspired heart and body. (aspects last a week or month depending on one’s individual chart. Water signs and Air Signs most affected along with mutable signs and sins (mutable signs both highly erotic and weirdly hung up or uptight). Good for illusion. Beware of someone promising futures rather than nows. Neptune/Venus aspects notorious for UFO and Virgin Mary sightings, inner paranoia and desire/fear projections, false advertising, wrong medication, and dream realities, as well as false notions of being anywhere rather than ‘Be Here Now’ mindfulness. The past and future steal the present for those not mindfully compassionate and wise.

“Seek the divine in the sky, on the earth, and in every mind and heart.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi
“When one is able to overcome the sense of self or ego in the picture, the moment, the situation, and see and feel the divine possibility in each and all, in every moment; even a fool will find the love, the compassion, the flowering of intelligence and relationship.” —Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

*March 28th Sun square Pluto, Jupiter oppose Saturn. Serious world economy news, environmental concerns, along with need for extra security these daze of 25th to 30th. These aspects indicative of need to rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, slow down over the top spending and inflationary trends. Indicates possible need to grow from the bottom up. Need to renew all efforts working from the ground up such as education, child care, care for the elderly, gardening, earthy practical needs. Need to not fly in the air and promise or commit to too much. Avoid carrying others karma or holding up their need to learn from some other than yourself. Help others out who need out. Patience and compassion to all the little ones, including the little one in the ‘big one’. This aspect makes things that get out of hand or go too far out …, go really far out, fall out, or break off. This aspect indicates long term work and serious commitment, patience, compassion, and insight wisdom; or out of bounds chaotic or violent overthrow and change. Serious loss and/or gain.

“Anger can’t be repressed, most say.
It has to be confronted with the dharma mind,
or perhaps redirected toward beneficial work.
Kindness or wisdom loving kindness and compassion for how dumb we all get at times, will insure not burning bridges behind you, and perhaps even the one right before you.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

*March 30th Mercury goes retrograde till April 23rd. Need to really rethink past in light of the future.

*Charlie Sheen told NBC’s Jeff Rossen. “I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitchin’, a total … rock star from Mars.”


“You should have read the directions before showing up at the party.”
-Charlie Sheen, now turned realist reporter or Shakespearean comedy tragedy figure, and proof the drug war isn’t working. Is he a Hunter Thompson or Alan Ginsberg anybody? How about last call for reality drink and currents events thinker? Breaking the record with quickly gaining millions on twitter account, many are entertained and watching. Why? Is it a love for carnival and Adonis/Dionysius gladiator human sacrifice stuff? More of what Chomsky calls distractor factor? Is it that so many ‘relate’?The ‘violent hatred’ thing and ‘defeat is not an option’ doesn’t seem to work anywhere in this interdependent world. Doubt if it will work with Charlie, it didn’t work in the Middle East or with the War on Drugs yet. Mr. Sheen would benefit by acquitting the buddhist bodhisattva warrior values quick, i would think; along with more humor and wisdom cracks. If Charlie doesn’t bite the arrows he shoots boomeranging and returning, or experience a crash and burn by mid April when Uranus transit approaches his opposition to natal Sun/Pluto midpoint, I will be surprised. His good aspects may strangely make him a weird media hero. Maybe he will make his Howard Stern type immortally mortalizing move or movie; or find an appropriate off the wall TV reality show to do? In September he’ll be at it again, if he survives this month or two.

Perhaps Charlie has met his real challenge with ‘the Goddesses’, including also his wife. Charlie Sheen, i believe, has been the highest paid TV actor in history with about 2 million dollars a show. His recent firing for wild party boy antics provoked and stirred his mass media rant. He has bragged that his party wildness is way beyond Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger & Richards. Perhaps he more needs to invoke Johnny Depp’s Pirate energy as well as Thompson and Ginsberg for more literary provocativeness. Perhaps it’s Mr. Sheen’s transparency that entertains us? To see a person truly be who they ‘is’ is rare, even in this spectator/mass media barbeque mentality awaiting a human psyche stripping and sacrifice. Charlie’s no angel, but he may be a messenger of hypocrisy and what egotism can do and not do for you. Mid March, Charlie faces Mars square Sun. Last month’s newsletter on Anger would have helped him here now. Avoid the weird materialistically minded and insanely obsessive angry drug called cocaine Mr. Star Shine; ah, Sheen. You may end up the only one on the inside with the “I am going to win inside every moment” (another of his quotes). Charlie, have you tried Mu Tea yet? Taking 3 breaths before speaking? Yoga? Vipassana Meditation for 10 day retreat? Tibetan Buddhism? Loving others for who they are, like you want them to do for you? Do we have to win all the time? Kill the opponent’s will? To be continued…

“Many things i sought, i could not find.
Many things i found, i could not bind.
Many things i bound, i could not free;
and many things i freed, returned to me.”
-Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower
Other News and views include—
-Sugary drinks and high blood pressure scientifically linked.

-‘Watson’, an IBM Computer, wins at Jeopardy (vs Geo-Party) is giving many a 2012 apocalyptic nod that artificial (vs art of ‘I AM’ show) intelligence (vs inner spiritual soul intelligence) is taking over the reins of what it means to be smart and try to run things, rather than running to or from.

-Borders started in 1971 is now going bankrupt after (with Barnes and Nobel) wiping out independent bookstores. Mayflower started in 1971 too! Little is now big!

-Popemobile luciferic and/or ahrimanic?… bad air and tight quarters if you have to go, for sure. England paid millions to protect the Pope’s recent visit. Some critics in England say we should go back to crucifixions, it’s cheaper. Jeez… what a life and world we live in where so many have to protect and hide from attacks. We need metaphysical inner spiritual development stores everywhere!

-Jupiter inaugurates change and coming uranus square pluto by crossing ARIES POINT which the great astrologer Ebertin popularized. Where is it in your personal chart may make the key difference to what happens next!

-As Uranus enters Aries on March 11, 2011,,,the next 7 years are being initiated with new intelligence and genius craziness. Stay tuned for much more on this. Shades and shadows of the 60’s batman! Only now, all around the world…its the 60’s Sexties square rooted and demystified. Last elections in the USA and now Jupiter’s going into Aries on January 23 sparked a fighting spirit for freedom and something new to better living conditions.

Forget space people, aliens, and new planets and signs, if earth gets blown up and dies for awhile, we won’t need them.

Wherever your Cardinal Sign houses and planets are in your natal chart will tell the story and give the future indication of what’s to come. More next newsletter.

*Grammies 2011 heavy courting and petting with the voodoo hoodoo phantom of the opera like: someone needs a buddha doctor, doctor jesus, or a good break in the garden. Everyone is watching Grammies while few note the 14 anti mountaintop removal mining protesters including Wendell Berry at Governor’s office in Kentucky. The age of entertainment in the Kali Yuga. The forests there are disappearing due to devastating abusive and extensive coal mining. see-

*Have you noticed that it’s difficult to have a baby, or start a new business, a new something good in your life when the one at home or the lover is such a big baby already, eating up the future by making everything past?

*Huffington Post sold to AOL. Whew! Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, going gone! Owner said she is tired of two part system. Yes, higher truth and learning always needed. We need a trilectic, not dialectic.

*Men’s pics outnumber women’s pics in the news, ever notice?…men still run the world and conversation, money, guns, bibles. After 2010, women start to run what’s left of the world.

“When you can’t ask right questions and have a mutually kind and respectful conversation— monsters, vampires, and zombies appear. Think about it…- from Captain Bob

*The detroit news reports this month that Men’s Health magazine entitles Detroit to be the angriest town in America. Recent years have seen Detroit winning with high crime, unemployment, most violent, fattest city, and most illiterate. Hey! We got emminemyaknow! We need more artists, gardeners, musicians, true christians and Buddhists, and anyone who loves everyone and earth living there! Come one, come all.

“By abandoning the earthly warmth of the life of the senses, we can feel in the cold regions of intellectualism the warm sun forces of the cosmos; by abandoning the shining objects of the earth and by experiencing inner darkness through the intellectual world of thought, the living soul impulses, which we bring into this darkness, can receive the Cosmic Light, after having overcome, as it were, the earthly darkness.” -Steiner, Knowledge Pervaded with the Experience of Love, a lecture Dornach, Feb 18th, 1923, GA221
“Unless knowledge is pervaded with love, it is not possible to grasp the truths given by Anthroposophy.” -Steiner, same
“Life in the Holy Spirit leads to life in Christ, or to the presence of Christ, the Son of God.” -Steiner, same

“Inner sun, warmth and light, must with love seek cosmic warmth and light. Every thing is possible, no-thing is permitted. To the Holy, all is Holy.” -captain bob
“All goings and doings must be pervaded by a higher love, a divine enkindling to rise in every occasion, every moment, to a higher truth holding us all.” -captain bob

*EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is setting new water standard to eliminate rocket fuel chemical Perchlorate (used in fireworks and explosives) found in drinking water in 26 states. It is said that the military may face certain liabilities for tainting water during rocket and missile testing. Unholy fireworks batman!
*New scientific evidence that mentally challenged (mentally ill) find new sense of solace, peace, harmony, and sanity in gardening. Fountain House in New York City, a working community for mentally challenged reports of increased health and therapeutic value.
*As oil rich countries protest their dictators and super rich elite, oil prices rise and fossilized fuel cars get way expensive to run. Remember when cell phones appeared and suddenly public access pay phones got too expensive and never worked good besides?
Weird Caribbean islands, U.K., Hong Kong, and several others including Japan and #1 China hold the most U.S. Government debt! Who owns America anyway?

“Where do we find something that can teach us how to transcend our ordinary consciousness and to penetrate into something which is estranged from us, without getting dazed, without falling into a kind of sleep? In the large field accessible to our ordinary consciousness there are two things which evidently lead us out of our ordinary consciousness without dazing us or putting us to sleep, as is the case every evening, when we go to bed. These two things in our ordinary consciousness that may serve as a kind of pattern for the way in which our consciousness can transcend its ordinary limits and penetrate into an unknown sphere, these two things must be sought in the moral field. Two moral experiences, permeating the whole life of the human being, supply a prototypical idea for the way in which we can go out of ourselves, without losing our consciousness.

These two things are first compassion, and second, conscience. If we study the way in which compassion and conscience are related to consciousness, we obtain, to begin with, an idea of how consciousness may go beyond its own limits. When I develop compassion, love or sympathy for another human soul, I experience within myself, according to my capacity, not that which touches me — for that would not be an experience of compassion and of love — but the joys, sorrows, pains and pleasures of the other soul. When I am full of compassion, I can lose myself in the soul of another person, and I actually live (as any unprejudiced observation will show) outside my ordinary consciousness, within the other soul.

Here I am confronted by a deep mystery of life. It is all the deeper because, if our feelings are of a moral nature, our consciousness does not vanish and we are not dazed when passing over into the consciousness of another soul. Indeed, how far I am able to maintain my own consciousness to a full extent, when experiencing the sorrows and joys of another soul, and not my own, is a standard of measure for my morality. It is even a moral defect for my consciousness to be dazed by the joys and sorrows of another soul; for then we have a situation similar to that of facing one’s own creative activity taking place during sleep. Consciousness falls asleep, as it were, in the face of another person’s sorrows and joys.
The second experience which pertains to the moral sphere and leads us out of our ordinary consciousness, is conscience. If we observe conscience in an unprejudiced way, we can say the following: In life we may love or hate, do or leave certain things undone, under the influence of our instincts and passions, or of sympathy and antipathy, or perhaps we may follow the dictates of education or of social relations — these appear to us from outside. But there is something which never speaks to us from outside, and this we call conscience.
Conscience comes to us from a world — we can feel and experience this — that speaks to us inwardly and can be heard by us inwardly. Conscience influences our ordinary perceptible world, for everything which we can perceive is open to correction when the supersensible demands of conscience impel us to action. Conscience bears witness to the fact that, in the moral sphere, our soul can be told something which transcends our consciousness. And, again, we find that it is a moral defect if our soul falls into a kind of sleep when conscience begins to speak and does not listen to its voice but only listens to what speaks from the physical environment through sympathy or antipathy, so that these promptings govern the soul’s impulses to action. If we can thus transcend our ordinary consciousness without feeling dazed, conscience is a phenomenon that speaks to the human soul in such a way that it need not take its impulses from any influence coming from the external world.
In regard to beings outside our own self, in regard to experiences transcending our knowledge and our consciousness, we have in the moral sphere the possibility to penetrate into them through compassion and love. Through conscience we listen, as it were, to truths which do not come from the world of the senses.”
-Rudolf Steiner, Occultism and Initiation, GA136, Lecture 9 of The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature

Self cherishing
big babies trash things;
no self heaven sings
dreams come true
wedding heaven and earth.
-Trebore Tau Bodhi

-Like Magic-

Sometimes we walk
sometimes we fly
sometimes we talk
of days gone by.

Sometimes we go
where never before,
sometimes right now
is a new old door.

Sometimes we know
other times we’re stopped
right at the line
we thought we’d restart.

Sometimes we feel
what is real and true
sometimes we catch
you ‘n me, me ‘n you;
like magic.

-robert 2/13/11

Truth and Love , Peace and Joy,
-robert of mayflower

p.s.. Just read in news how some high ranking Scientists say that a small nuclear war might be good for slowing down global warming. What?! And we should blow up asteroids coming in? Are these Jesus fearing men? Wild world for sure. May truth and Love prevail, peace.

***New books by Steiner (i.e.. ‘Getting Old’) now in stock. Many other great self help and spiritually minded books just in. New artifacts, incense, crystals, and meaningful things to beautify self and environment! Come by Mayflower and see.

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Astrological News and Views February 2011

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop’s
Astrological News and Views February 2011
(248) 547-8227

“Anger weakens us; truth strengthens us.” -Steiner, The Mission of Truth

This is a month where many jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. In other words, ‘haste makes waste’ and ‘anger just turns up the heat, not the intelligence nor ‘wisdom-compassion’; the two wings of the true heart spirit-soul. Good month to brave the dark, be yourself, tell the truth and love everyone.

“You’re leaping over the hedge before you come to the stile.” -Don Quixote

The ego is unfree because it is ensnared in the toils of anger, of passion and the like. -Steiner, The Concepts of Original Sin and Grace, May 3, 1911

Anger is that powerful internal force that blows out the light of reason. Know this to be the enemy: it is anger, born of desire. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Making ourselves accountable, more often than not, helps others to count.” -Captain Bob of the Princess Lake Paddle Boat

*Feb. 2nd to 6th, New Moon applying in aspect to Mars then on to Neptune midpointing Uranus/Mercury make for much confusion, stormy weather, and misguided intention, delusion and tricks of the mind. ‘Much ado about nothing’? Sun conjunct Mars on 4th makes for swift aggressive moves both militarily and economically. Smart quick decision making taking action making for lots of strong winds, storm, and energy (esp 2nd to 6th Feb). Stormy weather, extreme weather and behavior, aggressive actions, crazy daze for sure! Good aspect for striving for one’s highest ideals and dreams. Often indicates everything from Don Quixote to Parzival, Shakespeare to Faust, 007 to Mad Max; Comedy and tragedy is at a high this month. Avoid Anger and psychodrama obsession. Courage for truth and love prevails but wisdom and compassion need be close consultants.

“Anger is the wine of fools” -Trebore Tau Bodhi

Hey! Is this Super Bowl week or what!? Astrologically tough call. Packers may or may not win on the TV. There’s 2 Super Bowls, the gambling one and the tv one. Last year Vegas Casinos declared that without the gambling one, there’d be no tv one. Didn’t i say this years ago on WJR Radio with J.P.McCarthy?! Yes! With Moon/Venus/Jupiter aspecting Sunday night, its gonna be one wild night for parties and fun.

On the whole, February is good month to deal with problems rather than avoiding. Catch up on all work. Many Mars aspects this month makes for bravery and courage for ideals, throwing oneself into solving problems and getting work done. Take care that Mars doesn’t end you up in arguments and feisty nasty fights of egotism and delusion, false dreams and control freaking, erroneous ways, illusions, fakers and lies. Honesty and Hard work go far this month. Long term practical ideals encourage one to prevail. Be brave for the higher truth and love living in us all. Be careful of partial facts throwing you off course from spiritual values, virtues, and higher morality. This month will have many of us re-examining the roots of violence, anger, hatred, and negative emotion psycho-drama, with emphasis on the ‘psycho’, and the ‘sci-fi’.

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” -Emerson
“A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.” Winston Churchill

“”Truth is a stern goddess, she demands to be at the center of a unique love in our souls. If a man fails to get away from himself and his desires and prefers something else to her, she takes immediate revenge.” -Steiner, Mission of Truth

Venus square Uranus on 2nd makes for amazing kisses, but also struggles tween love and freedom. security and growth. Good aspect for creative flair, poetic genius, and fights or flights for freedom. Other daze to invoke one’s higher angelic virtues and spiritual courage (rather than anger and taking things personally, woundology psychology, violence, political and religious unrest, argument, and insane craziness) possibly include; Feb. 6th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 24th, and 25th.

In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.”
– William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, 1.1

*Feb. 3rd to March 26 Venus goes into Capricorn making in time a more practical and secured approach to long term love and friendship. Striving for mutual goals and shared respect and responsibility with realistic plans for the future strengthens family friendship ties now.

“To strive against truth leads to humanly degrading egoism. Love of truth is the only love that sets the Ego free.” -Steiner, Mission of Truth

Feb 3rd beginning of the Chinese Year of the Metal Rabbit. Look for more passive aggressive people meeting aggressive passive people. Persistent and, at times, obsessive lovers, friends. Rabbits are all ears and good listeners. Metal Rabbits are tough lovers, hard driving workers, and don’t take things personally, tough skinned. Nibbling ears anyone? Other rabbit people include that bunny boy Tiger Woods, Frank SINatra, John Mellencamp, Marvin Gaye, Huey Lewis, along with Tina Turner, Muddy Waters, Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie, and even Drew Barrymore.

“The Duke: I invent information about a country and sell it to others stupid enough to believe it.
Miquel de Cervantes: Seems a sound proposition. What brought you here?
The Duke: A lapse of judgment. I told the truth.” -Don Quixote

*Feb 9th Venus conjunct Pluto into Feb.10th Venus reaches peak south before heading north. Avoid loving others for just who you want them to be. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be yourself, work on yourself, to effect real change. Expect atmospheric and love disturbances, reshuffling, and rebalancing. Venus envy? Deep insights into what works and what doesn’t work in matters of love, friendship, children, elderly. Feelings of deep commitment and bonding, yet needing down time alone to ponder and contemplate, meditate. Learning from mistakes and backing up to catch one’s breath at this time is a good yoga. Avoid sticky control freaks and those who manipulate with guilt or shame. Painful awareness of difficulty in relationships. A need for time alone (with self and/or that special other).

“The truth is more important than the facts.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

*Feb. 14th is Valentine’s Day and Tim Buckley’s Birthday. Avoid ‘The War of the Roses’ scenario as well as feelings of nihilistic avoidance of one’s higher callings and virtues. Protect the ‘little ones’ and care for the elderly. Help those less fortunate to lift your spirits. Mercury trine Saturn good for writing in journal, paying up bills, long term thinking and planning, gaining wisdom from the past.

Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.
-Carl Jung

“Sancho: They say one madman makes a hundred and love makes a thousand.
Aldonza: What does that mean?
Sancho: I’m not sure.” -Don Quixote

*Feb. 16th-18th Full Moon Fever. More winter storm coming? Fantasy and over the top escapes and escalades of mad rapture may land one hard to the ground of reality. Sun conjunct Neptune followed by Venus square Saturn makes for zany weather and hard cold reality checks. Also for imaginative leaps into the dark future followed by a bump of reality and down to earth practicality. Where is one’s higher calling, vocation, right work and relationship? Are you founded on virtuous spiritual ideals? Falling short in the love, wealth, and health projections?Taking a beating or are you fleeing from self imposed images and fantasies. Full Moon at end of Leo quickly followed by Virgo Moon may reveal how one’s egotistic view may block one’s right mind truth ground. Review self when it comes to one’s personal and higher calling, work, relationships, and health.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” -Joseph Campbell

Feb. 19th lunar perigee near the equator adds to the far out full moon fling turning many a wheel into Sunday’s new mind grind for a better future that includes you.

Resentment is the father of anger, selfishness the mother. -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

Feb. 20th Mercury/Mars/Neptune conjunct following Moon opp Uranus/Jupiter. Good time for the arts, music, creative speech and prayer. Bad time to argue, fight, or go crazy. Extra caution needed to avoid accidents or being carried away with oneself. One may want to ‘Look before You Leap!’. The best laid plans of mice and men may go astray. Avoid being stuck on too structured of a day. Go with the tao, with the flow, be water seeking sound ground and pond of playful security. Great day for all artistic, musical, and creative adventure in writing, play, adventure, and pursuing dreams. Difficult day for playing accountant, detective, inquisitor, or materialistic judge of others affairs. Avoid not paying attention to practical down to earth things. Avoid artificial or too rich of foods that can make one over acidic or feel weak, sick. Difficult aspect when it comes to economic reality, geo-political hotspots, and fast talk. Beware of lies and lipstick, far flung wild money schemes and far-a-way dreams.
Feb 22nd Mars enters Pisces till April 1st. Passive people get aggressive, aggressive ones get passive. Crazy turn inside out aspect this Mars in Pisces. Take extra care to avoid food poisoning, others crazy plots and inflated dreams and schemes, and wild no where rides or travels. Good for artistic, musical, and spiritual relationships.
“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” -Ben Franklin

Feb 25th Jupiter square Pluto with Moon conjunct Pluto on 27th brings a few dayz of seriously reconsidering all big plans and over night success stories. Greed, ego, selfishness; or social concern for the less fortunate. Ecological difficulties. Such aspects are notorious for making or losing large amounts of money/emotions/investments. Such aspects intensify need for social change, banking changes, concerns about social security, taking care of the less fortunate. One can regenerate or degenerate at faster pace. Make it or break it in big big ways aspect. The big shooters come out. This is the third of 3, Last 2 Jupiter sq. Pluto were June 24th and July 2nd. This aspect thus in effect for the last several months.

“Anyone can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not within everyone’s power and that is not easy.” -Aristotle

*****other news in the news:
*The Detroit Public Library is looking to close branches and lay off 20% of staff and cut pay by 10% for starts. With Borders on the brink of bankruptcy and Barnes and Noble having their own difficulties, what will people read? Bills?

It’s been recently reported that women ask for a divorce two thirds more often than men. I think what’s really going on is that men ask once and expect the woman to get it, women have to ask 3 times before a man begins to hear what she’s saying. Men want to feel what the woman is saying or doing, women just immediately intellectually get what men say and do. What do you think?

So lets get this right. The news reports that men quarrel and hit women more often during the Super Bowl. Its the largest gambling day of the year. And the news also reports that police are cracking down on Super Bowl day and city for the largest sex slave day of the year??! Jeez….., what is the Super Bowl anyway? And i thought it was entertaining advertisements and half time music!

Farmland birds in UK continue to drop in population dying out, as many as ½ as many birds since 1970. Pollution and cell phones? Who knows?!

News reports Sex Desires down in Japan. Too much porn and computers?

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” -Dale Carnegie

“Some things that count can’t be counted; some things that can be counted don’t count.” – Albert Einstein
From Rudolf Steiner—
“A small number of the seventh sub-race of the fifth root-race will become the true sons of the Kundalini fire. They will be permeated with its full power. They will provide the material, they will pass it on to the leaders of those who will develop: man further. Thus is the fifth root-race directed to the heights which kindle the divine fire; thus is kindled out of inmost depths with holy fervor the divine principle which no longer separates man from man, but evokes brotherliness as far as the human understanding reaches. And thus far shall brotherliness be quickened in our own root-race and in the next. This fire will live in single individuals; and in those who are initiated in the course of the fifth root-race there already lives a spark of this divine fire which is the capacity for brotherliness and will put an end to separation.
But it is only in its beginning, it is still hidden, veiled by the existing life of separation. The power of kama (lower desire) still conceals the Kundalini fire. And because it emerges in veiled form as premonition, as foreboding, in the immediate future it will assume another character. On the plane of illusion the divine fire is the divine wrath. When the whole of mankind is permeated by this brotherliness it will become the divine love. But so long as it makes itself felt in individuals as zeal, it is the divine wrath. It asserts itself by working with great power in individuals and since the others are not yet ripe enough, it manifests itself as the divine wrath.
The poet, the initiate, who speaks of such things, always expresses this at the outset of his poem.” -Steiner, Greek and Germanic Mythology in the Light of Esotericism, chap. 4, the Trojan War
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January 2011 Astrological Newsletter

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

“Every path into the spiritual world goes through the heart.”
-Rudolf Steiner, from the Contents of Esoteric Classes, 8-24-1910

News and Views from Robert of Mayflower—

1. January 4th New Moon in Capricorn with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, along with Venus in strong aspect to Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune makes for intense changes in love life, investments, and strong shifts in weather right up to Full Moon on the 19th. Storms of change and storms of love quake and shake things up. Unrealistic expectations or projections on others may pop your balloon. When Venus leaves self oriented heat seeking Scorpio and goes into Sagittarius on 7th, take care that vanities don’t change into profanities; or is it secret profanities become new vanities. Gosh, ideals need to come to the ground of reality. Negative emotions or false dreams can catch one unawares in the mirror of reality, in the school of hard-knocks its about what works. All creative actions to free one’s inner artist or to embrace a more universal love and peace, prosper one’s journey. This next few weeks is a critical time to overcome obstacles to true self and goals including the world around you. Avoid unnecessary criticism and extremes in behavior. Lots of sudden luck can occur now; but also, danger of misfortune and sudden ‘falling outs’ due to inflated ‘carried away’ emotions or unrealistic fantasies. With all Sun Sign indications, check your own personal chart for where such signs land in your chart. Cardinal Signs (Cap/Cancer/Lib/Aries) need be more patient keeping in mind the long term picture. If running naked out in the field, don’t sit down in the nettle patch. Be diplomatic among the animal farm of fear and desire. Fixed Signs (Taurus/Leo/Scorp/Aquarius) need take care not to misfire and shoot themselves in the foot. Its hard to be glamourous if you’re hammered or hammering. The Doctor Jekyll-Mr.Hyde in that special other is only out done by that same polarity turned inside out in you. Remember, Captain Bob says, “Don’t burn bridges behind you unless you’ve finished crossing the river”. Mutable Signs (Gem/Virg/Sag/Pisces) continue to grow, learn anew, and make positive progressive changes this month. You are setting the stage for much more prosperity and security in the next 3 years. Take care that your immediate family/friends are really your friend. Avoid telling your secrets to false friends who gossip. Some friends are anchors for sure; but some friends are dropping the anchor as well as your secrets, in wrong places. Dead weight friends or fair weather friends? Keep the hard working ones, the loving ones, the playful ones, and let go of the rest. The Solar Eclipse on the 4th signifies many a parting of old ways for new roads, and inroads, to better futures. Luck is with those who creatively continue to engage a bigger picture holding the whole world, the whole spiritual community, in mind and heart. This is a bit of fun aspect wanting to get rid of what is too burdensome or unworthy of one’s higher virtues and spirit, letting go in the spirit of the moment. Next two weeks or more carries a wilder healthy spirit for the world. Seems like half the world is lost, and the other half is found; both keep looking for each other. Sitting still and listening with the heart is the only solution is see at this point. Chit is getting wild…
2. January 7th Sun square Saturn makes for cold reality day or two. Keep your nose to the grindstone, or is it a good day to avoid drinking hard, driving hard, or hard nosed affairs. Good for wisdom but oft lacking loving kindness and compassion, that old saturn. ‘Who is not the miller, is the grain’; is an old axiom that comes to mind. Money, friends, job, and the past against the future all need a re-tuning, patience, endurance, and appreciation. Old friends show up now at the oddest moments. As usual, give all these exact times a day or two before or after to feel the full affect and even, effect.
3. January 10-11th, Mercury square Uranus/Jupiter followed by Mars sextiles Uranus/Jupiter on 12-13th. Good days to set the wheels in motion for new projects and better communications leading to better futures. Lots of new initiatives leading us into a better year. Truth and practical reality now get results looked for. Tendency to quickly adjust oneself for the sake of future needs and realities. Intuitive innovative changes day by day, moment by moment now occur. Good aspects for intellectual intercourse or sex. (Yes, without love nothing really works…i know.)
4. January 18th Mercury conjunct Pluto. Good day for deep research or catching up with past mistakes and trying to correct, or dharma it. Strong news and decisions concerning the economy and money matters. Bad day for laying negative rap on others. Strong drive to know the truth or facts. Good day to avoid aggressive hard driven maniacs and control freaks. Outspoken honesty needs wisdom and compassion as wings to avoid the pit bull attacks of ignorance and delusion. Good time for deep thinking practical considerations. Avoid quirky ‘get rich’ quick schemes. Frank leadership needs to avoid the traps of pride, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, gluttony, and sloth. Avoid unnecessary travel on 18th, 7th, 24th-26th. (these last dates along with 4th and 10th could also be difficult weather days). Good time to donate to this free astrological spiritual newsletter. 10 years off purgatory! Sorry, just kidding. But good time to be sweet…
5. Jupiter goes into Aries on 22nd initiating a year of prosperity and good luck to Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Advancements and much new growth. Libra, Capricorn, Cancer need to take care not to ‘over-do’ nor go to ‘extremes’; but these cardinal signs get invited to many a new stage of higher learning, growth, and fun. Check your own chart for what house Aries is in to see where Santa may have hidden special gifts for you.
6. Other news gone by me include—-

*Julian Assange–pluto mars opp sun natal and sq uranus natal (july 9th, 71; Townsville Australia). Jupiter/Uranus trine natal Venus while close to conj. Mars, sextiles Jupiter/Nep. Lots of ups and downs and surprises from to to this boy. He is a wild card…
*Weird animal deaths in Arkansas, Birds falling from sky and dead fish on river banks. The apocalypse of the animals? Gosh, what will that do to our love life? The earth is in ecological turmoil as we near the myth reality of the end of a natural world and end of the Mayan Calendar 2012.
*Voyager Space Probe after 33 years is about to leave the solar system…now in the heliopause threshold leaving the heliosphere. Scientists predict within next few years that Voyager will be outside the solar system and in the interstellar space between stars. Most of our leaders have been outside the solar system for years. Is there really life on earth? Might be time to re-enter our moment in time, seeing it as if for the first time!?! Please sign up for our ‘I’m not going to heaven but staying on earth’ sign up list now!
*Ex Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick continues to have difficult aspects astrologically speaking, and it won’t be a surprise if more legal troubles on the way.
*Legalize marijuana and stop the mexican drug wars? It would also be a good way to make most americans honest; bringing many a new job to the market. There is definitely a need to rediscover fasting and meditation in this world. Seems like everybody is on something. Just for your personal info, i don’t smoke.
*It has been reported that another 16oo missing persons each year in detroit! Have they looked in the Casinos? Reality is stranger than fiction and addictions. We need more family, friends, social community net to catch our brothers and sisters.
*In December a medical group of doctors asked Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to impose a moratorium on new fast food restaurants citing a study showing Detroit has more fast-food restaurants than four other cities with similar population count, and that the high-fat and meat-heavy diets contribute to heart disease which kills 3,400 detroiter’s a year; obesity being cited as another problem with fast-food diets. Om Cafe anybody? Inn Season? Where is brown rice and miso soup when you need it. Still my favorite cookbook, Turner’s ‘Self Healing Cookbook’. Its been a long time coming! Food is really important to healthy body and thinking.
*Kosovo’s illegal market in human organs business exposed. Ahhh…..the rich sick organ buyers. The ego, “Me, Mine, My”…..gods and pirates of samsara. When we don’t learn and understand the principles of Karma and Reincarnation, as taught in theosophy, tibet, Steiner; the world’s thinking gets very ‘this shore’ little. Where Compassion? Where future life? Where the love? Where the eternal spark each heart bares?
*News reports that fake and impostor doctor worked out of Royal Oak’s Beaumont hospital and Western Michigan University for last 15 years; he was found out and fired. Hamman trained hospital staffers and directed simulated medical exercises. He lied about being an MD and having a Ph.D.. Liars and cheats in the medical profession? Doctors die younger than any other profession. Some think due to poor diet. Stress perhaps? What kind of food is in hospitals? Tricky stuff…, but how to be healthy, wealthy in spirit, and wise?
*Other news….discovers….that ‘Bright city lights interferes with cleansing process of dark night’. see
Meditate….bring back the dark! Hey? Didn’t Niagara already have this idea. I talk about it in a new article in Crazy Wisdom Journal out of Ann Arbor. Holy, holy, holy dark stillness to receive the universal truth and love to shine from our hearts!
*Well one way to conquer China, President Obama is making headway at China buying our beef. What’s the beef? Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson thought American diet should be centered on GRAINS! They have to be crazy to buy the beef. But alas, i am a vegetarian…
*Miami Call Girl prostitution ring busted in detroit hotels….i listened to some sport’s jock on radio in detroit asking listeners to call in if they think this all should be legalized so we (the taxpayers) can make the money rather than pimps. Reality is stranger than fiction. Sex is sports for many. Love is some lost ideal at the church of bingo…
*Captain Beefheart dead at 69. Famous musician and artist of Frank Zappa daze.
*Crystal Harris, 24 yrs. old engaged to be married to Playboy (boy?) hugging and still wagging the tail, Hugh Hefner; now 84 yrs. old. The ‘Hug Hef’’er’ is creating his own way to confront Ageism in society.
*Internet equality at risk. Duh!? Just figured that out? Transnationals taking it over methinks…
*In late december, Australia down under got heavy snow in their summer, and now is flooding terribly. California breaking records with tons of rain: unholy end of Mayan Calendar Batboy.
*Blowhards? Fox News? No…..
*Not on fox news…sex slavery round the world…from the stupor bowl to this one….the world’s crazy. Its the ‘Golden Ass’ all over again, seems the neo-platonic boys got it right. Where’s Venus when you need her? See,
*Its obvious that what people are saying and what they are doing seem in quite opposite directions. Freedom, truth, love, kindness to all living things, is at stake. Its time we all live what we secretly think and feel, in the open, without cover ups, true to self and other. Otherwise, the world is ending before it ends. Take forever to figure it, but there is no time like now. -Trebore Tau Bodhi

*A John Perry Barlow tweet, “We have reached a point in our history where lies are protected speech and the truth is criminal.”
*The average person visits the toilet 2500 years, the time of the precession of the equinox. Same amount of breaths in a day. Top to bottom we are connected to earth and stars, the heart mind stream is another thing.
“These critics with the illusions they’ve created about artists – it’s like idol worship,” he said. “They only like people when they’re on their way up … I cannot be on the way up again. -John Lennon, from final interview
“What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean. I’m not interesting in being a dead (expletive) hero. .. So forget ’em, forget ’em.”
-John Lennon, from his final interview
Here’s a quote from recently published Blavatsky book , She was always so brave to live the spiritual life. Each of us holds the infinite, in an ever changing form. Each of us is a spark of sunshine, each a temple and temple of the universal good, true, and beautiful. Some just get a bit buried, but in time, all shine out truth and love—

“The early Christians until the beginning of the third century would not hear of temples, or rites, or ceremonies, or churches or anything of the kind. That which is called a church in Paul is simply a gathering and an assembly in a room; there were no churches, no rites, nothing at all. You know what this {Minucius} Felix says: he says, “you say that we are not pious because we have not temples, and this, that, and the other, but we cannot have a temple, for where is the temple that is large enough to contain the Almighty and the Absolute?” This is his argument, that went dead against the temples.”

-H.P.Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Commentaries, The previously Unpublished 1889 Instructions, just published

“Perception can be categorized into three levels: experience, emptiness, and luminosity. The perception of emptiness is the absence of things as they are. That is, things have their space; they always come with a certain sense of room. Despite the complexities of the overcrowdedness of our experience, things provide their own space within the overcrowdedness. Actually, that is saying the same thing: overcrowdedness is room, in some sense, because there is movement, dance, play.”

From “Nobody’s World,” in TRUE PERCEPTION: The Path of Dharma Art, pages 105 to 106.
“But one gets closer to supersensible thoughts when one notes relations. Remembering a sound is a memory of a sensory things, but remembering a melody is something that consists in relations of sounds that don’t as such belong to the sense world.”–Steiner, 1-17-1911

Note: A Steiner meditative process it to empty picture consciousness or content of thinking into nothingness, into the heart; then out of nothingness we create.

In the rainbow’s flowering

Winter is the time to contemplate a thousand and one seeds
pathways leading out from the heart going in every which direction
only one reaches the highest mount to awaken the thousand petal’d lotus,
and you are that ONE. I AM. The other thousand paths are served
and are served by that ONE. You are One in a Thousand,
you are joy without end, forever weaving and bending
in the rainbows flowering. The intelligence making sense
of this world is a heavenly conductor of luminous harmonies
immeasurable and without end forever kissing the sky and earth.
Between the Mind of God (Hermes) and everyday experience,
the World Mother watches. Winter is the time to dream futures true
in the rainbow’s flowering heart of our soul.

-robert of mayflower, sunday after christmas 2010
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“The masters of wisdom and of the harmony of feelings send us an analogy to elucidate this matter. It’s as if we saw all the objects in our room in a mirror and we would then go behind the mirror to find their reality there. We would see that there’s nothing behind it. Here we must let concepts about higher worlds flow into us from higher beings and we must work at ourselves so that we form such concepts. But after we’ve acquired some through serious and honest work, we must step before the mirror again, make a bold decision, and destroy it. Then darkness and nothingness will yawn towards us. But if we endure steadfastly, light will shine up out of the darkness and reveal an entirely new world to us.”
-Steiner, 12-11-1910

March 2010 Astrology News

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological Esoteric Notes for March 2010

Be what you want to see. Spiritual research is the ultimate investment for one’s Self. Virtue Dharma Mind Training and Meditation is the ultimate exercise for the Spirit Self, the Soul. It will never let you down and it is good karma. Spiritual Practice is a gift that keeps giving. Be the gift unwrapping the present into future tense.” -Robert of Mayflower

1. Venus conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday, March 3rd, and Venus enters Aries on March 7th (EST) when Venus makes a good aspect to Mars. The first week of March has positive aspects for poetic flesh, heart soul connections, and flashes of genius. It is a good time for communications and communions with friends and loved ones. Venus aspects give that first taste of spring sun casting yesterday’s shadows behind. The genius of the simple, is the person who finds a way to be rich in inner feelings, mind, and presence.

Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, and perhaps to a lesser degree, the fire signs Aries, Leo, Sage benefit now. For lovers and philosophical romantics, there is no remedy for love but another kiss a touch, a melt of heaven; for the head strong, another mind meeting mind, body to body. As Thoreau indicated, ignorance and bungling with love is better than wit and wisdom’s material skill without love. Money can’t buy love. It might buy time and space, but without mind and heart, spirit and soul, it is money misspent. Love is a funny thing, when we most want it, it tends to be the most wanting. Love and Truth is for the inwardly rich. The spiritual trick is to purify and harmonize the inner and outer worlds. Many have one without the other.

The first week of March is great for networking and making new connections reaching beyond the borders of the past. Many yearn for new experience, new depth as well as new freedoms. Beware of the March of time, in like a lamb and out like a roaring lioness. Real freedom starts with ‘truth’ riding the waves of loving compassion for the struggle of the Soul seeking wholeness. Plenty of opportunity for compassion these days. For deeper truths, listen with your heart to the stillness yet to speak in the other. There is not much in earth signs, so Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo root deep and beware–it’s up to you to ground everyone with patience and longevity. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, especially Pisces) rule this month if you are creative and free, joyful in spite of all odds, ready to buck the system with truth as your shield and love as your sword. (Words of wisdom: never use love as shield, and truth as a sword. Truth is a good sword only when used on self, love is powerful shielding others). Yes, things sometimes seem backwards, Alice. Look to your heart for the magic mirror.

Judging from the main portions of the history of the world, so far, justice is always in jeopardy” -Walt Whitman

2. The second week of March, Venus opposes Saturn (9th), Mars goes direct (10th), and Venus squares Pluto (11th). Winds of ill fate? Or is it a reality check bucking the bronco rider off outworn goals and spiritually worthless desires? Obsession, control freaking, jealousy, fear and phobia got you? Or is it just time to take off the king or queen’s crown and get back to work? Love gone sour, or you just adding vinegar to the salad? Are you on a one-way low way, or ready for a new train track? The old lover (shadow, demon lover) wants to be lord king and doesn’t really want you happy? Too many controls and straight jackets? Those who don’t discipline themselves oft find others trying? Guilt trips rattling your cage making you feel like drawing swords when you wanted hearts?

Cardinal signs of Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer tend to really push for new ground, manifesting dreams and ideals or wanting radical change (look to your personal chart for what ‘house’ these ‘signs’ are in for places needing alchemy and holy composting, magic, tantra, and perhaps long term change).  For those at the end of mutable signs or the beginning of cardinal signs, there is a need to have others on board and on the same page with you, or else mutiny is in the air. Many may want to jump ship or change horses in midstream rather than walk plank or get tied up on the whipping post (song metaphor if there ever was one).

Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries get jump-start booster rockets and yet may need to jettison excess cargo to go for the big top circus act and high wire act. Fire signs may need to push themselves forward rather than push others round. High-minded fire signs look to be inspired to take new ways and roads to adventure and success.

Fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) need more physical exercise and right diet, less talk and irritable bowels in self or others. High-minded fixed signs need to make break-away moves revealing new creative genius and ability to be extraordinarily ordinary and simple. It’s about wanting your life back. It’s about relearning to be simple, relearning to chop wood and carry water, e.g. get simple work done and have time for oneself.

All the signs need to stop blaming others and learn to blame the one person who can bring about positive change in one’s life, oneself. This is the only way to really do something truly creative, change oneself and temporarily let the other go. All personal faults can be quickly amended and transcended with honest frankness, a sense of humour, and a willingness to go to work on oneself. Emerson’s ‘Self Reliance’ is a good place to start. Then try Steiner, Blavatsky, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Macrobiotics. Try change for a change. Try something new. Discovering something new in oneself or in any quiet self-reflective moment is key.

“I believe a leaf of grass is not less than the journey-work of the stars.” -Walt Whitman

3. Moon Apogee on March 12th and New Moon March 15th in Pisces/Virgo axis along with Mercury conjunct lightening flash Uranus and Jupiter conjuncting USA Sun Sign around this time, favors major breakthroughs in communications, computers, phones, high tech, new energies, alternative healing, as well as politicians working a bit more together in solving our many economic, ecological, and health-related issues. Sudden shocks or changes in directions, storm, sea changes, winds, and quakes can rattle certain areas of the world this month. Inner awakening and spiritual shifts can counterbalance, harmonize, and integrate outer events. Uranus often portends upsets in sports, harsh winds, shake-ups, terrible storms, and earth changes. Uranus gets triggered on 15th-17th, but the whole month has triggers for reconciliations or forced change in circumstance and mindset.

Other difficult days for stormy weather or weird worldly and psychic events, as well as rain (or snow), colder contractive (or suddenly opposite explosive hot extremes), burdensome or hard-working times, need to focus, harsh circumstance, possibly disastrously, or strange alchemically transformative days for going crazy, parting the dead sea, getting crucified, or laying down the law, challenging days include March 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, and 29th. Difficult astrological aspect days can be good for solving problems, dealing with troubles, pulling weeds, cleaning, fixing things, catching up, and being holy and disciplined in diet, exercise, yoga, and spiritual focus. Good aspects aren’t always good, oft times leading to exaggerations, over-doings, or going to extremes. Too much of a good thing can make one putrid or go sour, rot at core. Not a fun picture. Avoid extremes by finding a good middle way.

Getting the facts on a person is not knowing the truth of that person. Truth is our divine possibility, our infinitely divine potential for the Good, True, and Beautiful to flower and unfold. Facts are merely the outer husk and karma of the inherited tendency personality or fleeting temporal self. Think big, think many lifetimes, but begin the journey here and now.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

The last quake in Chile minutely shifted the earth’s axis, quickened the spin, and shortened the day; gosh, and we’re just approaching spiritual awakening!?! Let us shift our angle of perception to souls seeking wholeness. Let us quicken our inner life. Let us shorten our leash of distraction and discursive mind, centering on the heart of awareness, the great I AM, the Buddha Nature, Bodhi Mind, the Christos, the Higher Self in each and all. (See ‘The Key to Theosophy,’ ‘The Voice of the Silence,’ ‘The Path of Self Knowledge’ for further wisdom insight). We don’t read books to learn something new. We read books to tune the piano, to tune the mind and heart, to rediscover what has been there all along, our own divine presence and golden light. Mayflower Bookshop isn’t a bookstore, it’s a gold mine, a threshold experience, a garden for the heart minded. Support your local spiritual gardens!

This month favors diplomatic and breakthrough solutions to problems, both foreign and domestic. Water signs are favored, but by the end of the month, Air Signs offer solutions and festively creative alternatives. Fire signs need to prod, spark, inspire, and invigorate the less fortunate and downtrodden, those in despair. If you are down yourself, spark yourself to new adventure. Break away from old habits of self creating new pathways in the neuro psychic highways of the Spirit Soul. Earth Signs need to root in calmness these chaotic times, grounding ideals with self assurance and patience in these ever changing troubling times. Longevity and endurance speaks magic in time honored ways of continual good spirit and positive vibe in the face of every negative. Air signs are reaping the reward of much past good work, as well as laying the foundation for much good future. End of month reveals crucial turning point for Libra (and to lesser degree cardinal and air signs).

Positive Good Aspected Days for all signs include – March 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 26th, 28th, and 31st. (Some good aspect days collide with more difficult aspected days making rainbows possible.)

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.” -Whitman

4. First Day of Spring, Sun enters Aries on March 20th (1:32 p.m. EST) indicates a few days, weeks, and perhaps months, to figure out ways to find happiness and freedom without making enemies or meeting cold walls of indifference and obstruction. With Sun oppose Saturn, hot meets cold, cool meets hot, and new insights and ways of working or playing need sure ground practicality to have lasting value. A few very sunny hot days meet a few extremely cold daze this spring. Good aspect for reaching to higher ethical standards and ideals when it comes to political and social manifestations and workings. Or is it just more big business running over the little guy? Sun oppose Saturn can also indicate the tendency to duality, duplication, the good guy/bad guy stand off, face off. Spirituality demands of each of us to see the divine possibility, the Buddha or Christ, in each and all at core. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “you may have to fight, but they have the Christ in them too”! The path of the spiritual warrior isn’t just a movie, it’s a continual challenge and call for the spiritually awakened. Lots of re-tuning strings this month.

“Re-examine all that you have been told … dismiss that which insults your soul.” -Whitman

Many an arm chair general will be mulling over and chewing on, wondering, whether politicians are smart enough, free enough, honest and virtuous enough, to really run this country. With more and more national and international calamities, crisis, and tests of intellectual and moral fiber (as well as military and monetary strength and caliber), 2010 is starting to shape up as a more difficult time than the much fabled and rumored ‘End of the Mayan Calendar’ and ‘Birth of the Great Goddess’ Holy Center of the Galaxy talking, 2012. It is ever more important to find the time to be still, time to quietly listen to the heart and mind of the world with our own listening heart eye. It is high time to be the highest ideal we can fathom. Escapism is Neptune, Sizzle is Uranus, Unending pettiness and selfish clinging is Pluto, the garden of the future is stillness, the heart, the listening and awakened spiritual soul, Consciousness Soul, World Soul. It is the still small voice within us whispering the simple things we can do to unravel the knots of the world. This is the ultimate goal, to be oneself. Who is it, if not self, holds the key and turns the lock?! Listen for the deeper heart to speak, serve that. (Many confuse the instincts or feelings of fear/desire for the heart’s wisdom and skillful means to hear, see, and speak in virtue, truth, and love). Major aspects within the natal chart of outer planets angled to inner personal planets; as well as the midheaven, nadir, ascendent, and descendent can reveal one’s deeper karma, vocation, and calling; karma and dharma of such unique Soul situation.

“Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.” -Whitman

The problem with near all theories of the universe is mistaking the body for the soul and mind, the spirit. Even a tree and stone has a soul. The common error of not working to discover a conscious relationship to one’s own inner ‘genius’ or spark of creative fire invoking the will to freedom and co-creative happiness is now at tragic proportions. Each moment holds immense discovery as well as deepening peace. It is up to each of us to individually search our heart and soul for the deeper answer and quest for solution to the world’s deepening struggles and conflict. We need to rediscover the angel within each other to restart the spiritual dialogue, making conscious the inner task. The unique principle, the World Soul, Spirit Self, is ubiquitous yet unusually absent from the most common everyday experience. Conscious Spirit needs be reawakened at the workplace, in the laboratories of science, in the war rooms and bedrooms (sometimes the same thing), in the gardens and kitchens, cosmologies, governments, and religions. Let us reincarnate into our own heart of understanding and listening, let it be Now.

-robert of mayflower

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -Thoreau

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December 2009 Astrological Newsletter

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

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“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.” ~Robert Anthony

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” ~Mark Twain

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop, the Astrological News

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Tiger Woods not out of the woods yet with his car crash. Where’s the fire anyway? With Tiger’s 14 years of Golf fame and millions of dollar endorsements, you can say he just hit puberty when it comes to big time celebrity status and privacy rights. The public media seems to love the sacrificial meal and daily grind to make their bread. Is Tiger done for the season? After running over a fire hydrant and crashing into a neighbor’s tree at 2:25 a.m., rumors are flying as to precipitating causes; the jealousy of an angry wife and a disconcerting alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel? What will happen to the role model for hitting balls into holes with sticks?

Tiger Woods birthdate is December 30th, 1975. With Uranus transit squaring his natal moon in Sagittarius, and Uranus transit about to enter the 7th house, keeping the marriage intact and the speculative inflationary and inflammatory press away may prove most difficult. With transiting Saturn almost square his natal Sun in January 2010, then due to retrograde, Woods may contract and try to secrete himself away from the camera for a while. Saturn makes exact square to Sun in September followed by conjunction to Pluto, meaning: this may take awhile. It may be time for Tiger to hide the needle in the haystack, so to speak. At least hide party pics and the security camera. Will Woods either buy a place in the woods, retire to storytelling and teaching, become a major sportscaster, or just hide or retire in the next few years? For now, Uranus will keep him on the hot seat of fame and notoriety. Neptune coming up to square his natal Venus in April and again in 2011, is a continual love attraction and soul-mate connection, as well as money-making media figure. Tiger needs both a good cave and a real friend at this point as he covers up whatever really happened at the crash, and as friend Rachel hires a top lawyer to either sue Enquirer for gossip they dished out, or negotiate money for her story, or both. Why can’t people be happy for others’ happiness? Many people say the scrutiny upon Woods is due to his ideally representing the family values of golf morality and sexual ethics. Maybe he does…

“No expectations, no let downs.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren Woods, birthday is January 1st, 1980. Astrological lore states it’s dangerous to marry the same sun sign as one tends to get bored with the other, which may then precipitate the ‘wandering eye’ (vs. Evil Eye) or affair. Be that as it may, both Tiger and Elin are Capricorns and both have an eye and heart for long-term security, but both have difficult or challenging Uranian aspects to their natal Moon now and for next 6 months. Elin has transiting Uranus coming to square her natal Moon in Gemini early next spring indicating reaching a breaking point and a need for more freedom and voice. Elin’s Pluto was opposing her Moon these last few years, making for weariness and locked-in stressful times when it comes to family and relationships. Will the coming Jupiter transit trining her natal Moon late December into January heal the rift temporarily? Or will the Uranus aspects both previous lovebirds share (more likely) dash their hopes for peaceful settlement of the affair, car crash, and frustrated marriage?

The couple’s composite chart reveals transiting Pluto about to conjunct natal Venus, with  Saturn about to square the natal Venus, portending of a need to buckle down for the financial security long run with patience and willingness to learn from each other and from mistakes made in the past, as well as the Plutonian need for privacy, secrecy, and downtime. The other possibility is to face the relationship shortly ending, and Pluto never makes that an easy affair; it’s always sticky and complicated. Jealousy and anger won’t work here. Stay tuned to the next adventure. With Uranus aspects it’s always exciting and zany crazy.

Meanwhile, world Stock Markets were rattled when Nakheel, the property arm of Dubai World, the lavish over the top state within the United Arab Emirates, declared they would have to delay a $59 billion debt payment raising fears of default on their $3.5 billion bond. UAE’s astrological chart for December 2nd, 1971 reveals Pluto transiting about to conjunct natal Venus after squaring natal Pluto. A Saturn transit is conjuncting natal Pluto and squaring natal Venus. Dubai’s vast wealth and expenditure may need quick contraction and severe cut back spending and restraint if it is not to fail financially. Criticized by many for its non-ecological wisdom, Dubai’s crisis could well be the epitome of the world financial crisis. Like the H1N1 virus, it just doesn’t seem to be going away and affects big business around the world.

The good news is that the U.S. Dollar rose, but high debt burdens of many economies continue to plague all of us. Virtually on the back of this, now on the front burner, is the opening of a 67 acre resort casino complex called CityCenter in lost wages Las Vegas, at the cost of $8.5 billion and already valued at less than 60% of that due to the economy. This complex entertainment and gambling facility is stated to be the largest privately financed construction project in U.S. history and is a joint enterprise between MGM Mirage and Dubai World. Gosh, this is the vision of the future? It’s a strange world when backyard gardens, clean air and water, and mother nature’s multitudinous living diversity are not invited. Kind of like living in outer space not inner space. Is there a meditation and yoga room in there yet? Where are the early American transcendentalists when we need them? At any rate, the state is hoping this new addition to ‘Sin City’ will uplift the economy. Others fear it will take away from other gambling entertainment industries already present that are already reeling from the downturn in the economy. Gambling on gambling to save the state of affairs seems risky. At the rate we’re going, and how we treat mother nature, the future of the job market and the earth as a whole may be in eco friendly alternatives. Looks for more economy bombshells by end of December. Astrologically, 2010 to 2012 will define the next 100 years. Stay tuned.

December’s Top Eleven Astrological Events

“The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1.” ~Author Unknown

“Remember your higher self; joy and negativity is contagious; so be good for goodness sake!” -rt

Uranus goes Direct from Retrograde on December 1st with Venus going out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. Expect the unexpected. Anything that doesn’t work tends to be cast off. Psychodrama and projection of shame, blame, or guilt ceases to work, and those perceiving such a projection upon them take off the kid gloves, their clothes (for the mud wrestle), or just take off, leaving the projector alone in the room talking to him or herself. Venus in Sagittarius wants adventure, freedom, education, expansive horizons, and no bull chit. Sudden changes of plans, sudden revelations and insights, sudden jolt or shift of correctness. Watch for reversals, upsets, new revelations and insights causing adjustments and change in directions or aim.
Full Moon December 2nd at 10 degrees Gemini makes for last minute communications of needs, wishes, wants, and necessities. Try doing more with less. Simple here is complex enough. Long winded explanations fail the reality test and limits are restated. Gemini moon always brings many a complex situation to clear light and temporary resolution. Good for networking and multitasking. Many diverse communications.

“Evolution isn’t a progression to ever greater and greater differentiation, but … is first an ascent to a higher point, and after having reached this point is then a descent to more and more simple forms.”Rudolf Steiner (from Rudolf Steiner Archives)

Up to December 7th, “Who Do You Love?” Jupiter conjunct Chiron along with first week of December Neptune square Ceres precipitating the war with the mother, the wrathful mother, the ‘i don’t love you mommy’ along with the ‘who do you mother’, ‘what do you mother’ or future, and ‘who or what is your mother or nourishment’ –making for a confusing or highly idealistic fantasy world that only Neptune people can fully facilitate and maneuver through for the mostpart. On the other hand, there can be such a thing as the Fairy God Mother, but good karma is vastly needed both to attract such and to protect oneself from being overwhelmed with too much feeling. In Theosophy, the Buddhic nature or higher love compassion is the mother of all things; to the poet and artist, imagination is. This first Neptunian week or so, is followed by a week of ‘deadly aim and facts’, Mercury conjunct Pluto. This penetrating fact finder week includes the hard-working mind sweat of the inevitable Mercury square Saturn. These aspects may cause rough weather in politics and celebrity status. Watch out for delays, hindrances, obstacles and blocks. Watch many switch sides, becoming switch hitters, changing allegiances, changing families or jobs, with many a tough decision yet to be made. Procrastination here may not win in the long run. Critics run wild with Moon going into Virgo in the afternoon (2:05 EST) of the 7th until the 9th at 5:47pm. Watch those who can’t “do” or find the right “do me”, avoid doing anything but criticizing and blaming others. Change yourself to change the world. Change the world to change yourself, but don’t try to change others is my advice. This time is good for catching up to the past, doing the work to prepare for the future, and being present to the moment here now.

“What I’m looking for is a blessing that’s not in disguise.” ~Kitty O’Neill Collins

December 14th to 16th has Sun square Uranus going into New Moon squaring Uranus. With Venus trine Mars on 17th, Venus square Uranus on 19th, and Jupiter conjunct Neptune on 21st Solstice. The ‘Tiger’ in you looking to break out in new ways? The next 14 days may open many a new avenue of freedom and expression. At the least, a further letting go of what doesn’t work to carry one into a better future possibility. Lots of movers and shakers rattling the cage. More earth changes or shocks evoking change? Uranus calls for the need to take things to a higher, smarter, more illuminated level or face quakes and shake outs or shocks. Uranus invokes the energy of new insight and revelation precipitating new or renewed action. Lots of new news quickens the pace of change and discovery.

Once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: “No good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.””-Eleanor Roosevelt

This time is good for chasing one’s ideals, following one’s star, and shifting into higher gears in pursuing happiness, fame and fortune, freedom and bliss. Take care to avoid negative trolls and dwarves at this time, as well as deadweight or responsibilities that are not one’s own. Yet, at this very time, look for many a timely conversion, spiritual revelation and psychodynamic soul transformation. Many a new or renewed love affair of the heart and spirit reenergize one’s enthusiasm for the future at this time. Get good experience in at this time because …

“Love – is anterior to Life – Posterior – to Death – Initial of Creation, and The Exponent of Earth.” –Emily Dickinson

“You cannot always have happiness, but you can always give happiness.” ~Author Unknown

December 24th Sun conjuncts Pluto and Moon hits Pluto/Saturn making for last minute screw-ups rather than comings down the tree.

“Santa Claus has the right idea … visit people only once a year.”-Victor Borge

Avoid infighting and taking things too personally. Sun squares Saturn on December 25th highlighting a bit of bad news dampening the spirit of the times on Christmas Day. With Mercury going retrograde December 26th, many a present or negative emotion may get returned. Venus conjunct Pluto on 28th defines truly what one loves and what one doesn’t love about life. It also portends of some collective sadness or difficulty, as well as many an opportunity for a more compassionate politics and loving kindness. Venus square Saturn on the 29th portends of a need to catch up with regenerative habits and rest, as well as concern over loved ones, bills, karma, or being loved or appreciated. Good time to meditate on being love rather than needing love. The Lunar Eclipse December 31st makes for more difficult psychic weather, storms and cold, in many a place and heart. This time may prove difficult for both travel and for peace and harmony to prevail. The lunar eclipse also provokes inclination to reach escape velocity from troublesome times and people. Many will experience a collapse of old mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve one’s better or higher inclinations or spiritual proclivities. Here, there may be a gap in the perceptive abilities and spiritual capacities, taking until mid February’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction to fully snap back to reality and true future needs. It’s all in the Mind, and the Heart of endeavor isn’t it?

“The past situation has just occurred and the future situation has not yet manifested itself so there is a gap between the two. This is basically the bardo (life between life) experience.” This is the place where your life is reviewed – where you get another chance to let life teach you and end the cycle of pain (-EM).- Chogyam Trungpa

Much opportunity here this end of December for compassion and patience, stillness and the long view in mind. Any actions precipitated by wrong or selfish motivation will now fail. An ecological problem, scandals, death or difficulties of important person, stormy or weird weather, or war drums, may pale the festive mood of this holy time of the year. Planets and houses in cardinal signs hit the hardest here. Heal the world with hugs and unconditional love, avoiding getting caught in too many sticky and personal woundology stories, which limit one’s greater spirit and breath, enabling one to creatively cohesively and positively make it through these collectively challenging times. Compassion and yoga go far here. Silent open heart of listening can nourish and bring healing. Avoid repeat offenders and predictable negative emotions. Right action and mindfulness, love and truth dharma, pave the way to true happiness, self-renewal, and realization.

“You have inherited (the) most from yourself, not from your family! The family is only a river through which Soul flows.” –Edgar Cayce

Mars Retrograde in Leo with Moon in Aquarius on December 20th makes for 3 months of fixed signs keeping themselves or others in check. In chess, lose the King and you lose. In Nature and the spiritual soul realm, lose the Queen and deep do do problems arise wherein people can lose their wisdom head. A need to cut off Medusa’s ‘too many thoughts’ head? Obsessive compulsive chicken pecking orders got you down? A need for more sleep and proper exercise, diet, and rest? Keeping wrong friends and company? Always dragged down? Need another spiritual retreat? No real ground to move forward? Need to quit love that always beats you down?Metaphysically speaking, if you’ve got the real thing … the more you give away, the more you get. Tibetans say that generosity creates more prosperity. Each of us can be an alchemy of change, exchanging the present negative perception for something positive. Each of us in our hearts and minds can transform darkness to light, ignorance and unconscious repetition and habit with renewing awareness, virtue, and mindfulness. Purification is key, action is the door, the spirit we carry and embrace is who goes through the door. Back to ourselves with the flowering of heart and mind is what is through the door of this moment.

Mars retrograde is notorious for frustrated emotions, warring words, war games, and the need for more exercise, yoga, a better diet, a really good massage. Mars retro is also a retarding or frustrating forward moment. It is the psychotherapist’s couch, the procrastination of the future action. It can be a numbing rather than unfoldment, a hindering rather than awareness of the way to go, to act. It can be meditation and yoga, or just more medication. Natally, Mars retrograde or Mars in difficult aspect to Pluto or planets in Virgo, makes for a need to transcend one’s own biography or limited view psychology, or be entrapped by it. Many become psychologists or get wrapped up in the fear/paranoia/victim/martyr mirror, paralyzed to see a way of healing or wholeness, nor a transcendental view of karma and reincarnation, the spiritual path and goal the spirit soul offers. Many are attached and fixated on form rather than spirit or meaning of life. The reflection of reality necessitates a moon blocking the sun. Narcissism, as well as the fear of ‘emptiness’ of aloneness, may more reveal a lack of true perspective on the nature of reality and what Rudolf Steiner in The Philosophy of Freedom calls spiritual monism, spiritual reality. (Book available at Mayflower Bookshop.) There is no love without truth, and there is no truth without compassion. Without real art, no-one can talk from the heart. Without music in which you can grow children and plants, the lungs and heart fade quickly, the spirit declines, and free will tires or is beat. Truth is a faithful lover and art is the mind and way of ever seeking to unite with that lover. Love is the map of higher consciousness, truth is the land we travel, the seventh sense of who each of us really is. Happiness is being co-creative with the world we find ourselves in. Everything is alive when we are.

“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.” ~Robert Frost

Best days of the month are December 17th to 23rd.
Worst days of the month are December 6th, 9th, 26th, 27th, 24th to 31st.

‘Funny how we attribute to others the worst motives, but to ourselves the best. In the end everyone finds the rainbow; the trouble is, there is no beginning nor end, so we better improve right where we are.’ -Trebore Tau Bodhi

Yes, you can have the best and worst day on one day.

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.” -Francis Bacon

Best day to meditate and make a year long wish come true is December 21st to 23rd.

Other odds and ends include transiting Jupiter in State of Michigan Chart to conjunct Mercury in December bringing good honest intelligent news to Michigan’s recovery. Sarah Palin’s transiting Jupiter conjuncts her Sun/Mars making for luck and fame for now.

Hope you got something out of this!

Bless your heart,

robert thibodeau of Mayflower

“The aim of macrobiotics is to cure the illnesses of the soul; but for that, physical illnesses cannot cure. It is after the work of the soul that we can absorb correct foods; and it is this soul that cures illnesses. You have understood that it is not macrobiotics that cures, but the understanding of the philosophy. It is not rice or gomasio, but the attention of our mind that gives us will, and recovery occurs within a few days.” -George Ohsawa

“Regardless of who the father of a disease is, surely its mother is improper diet.” -old Chinese proverb –

“In life there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want, the other is getting it.” -Oscar Wilde

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