Mayflower Bookshop Astrological News and Views for September 2012

Mayflower Bookshop Astrological News and Views for September 2012


Robert Thibodeau and Dr. Schavi Ali speaking on ‘Self-Realization and Happiness, Spirituality and the Bhagavad Gita’ at OM Cafe on September 25th 7 p.m. (see below for details).

Robert also speaking on September 13th on Astrological Predictions and what’s up in your future. Sun Sign predictions and world events! Fun. Talk location to be announced, dance follows talk. Are you on our mailing list? Email me at [email protected] to sign up.


1) September’s aspects begin with Venus square Saturn on the 3rd with continual concerns about drought, wildfires, floods, and storms in many parts of the world. Serious questions about the world economy, ecology, ill health, unemployment and lack of good quality jobs teaching us moral respect, virtue and higher learning abound. The need for a new world harmony and creativity to ward off ignorance and chaotic situations continue. Yet, in many places a ‘party now, die tomorrow’ attitude continues, along with what Chomsky calls ‘the distractor factor’ of spectator sports, music, and entertainment venues. Venus is love, here Saturn seriously questions what really matters, what truly  enters the spiritual will or what just entertains (contains us), as well as what will truly last through time in a virtuous holy good healing way. Lasting values versus love that fails us, is part of this aspect’s question. How we love, be loved, find truth, and live it, is all part of September 25th’s talk on the Gita at OM CAFE!


2) September 7th and 8th Jupiter aspects make for a mostly sweet social and creative play weekend. Good weather for getting out and playing, networking, communicating. Many communications and shifts in consciousness expand the horizons of possibility and growth now.


“It is clear that education should be based upon three principles – the mean, the possible, the becoming, these three.” -Aristotle, Politics and Poetics.


“The Golden Mean is where the mind at rest can fathom the infinite possibility within the moment of striving, ever becoming conscious, aware, awake. This stillness within, this watching the watcher, this inner listening, is the root of all true becoming, growing, knowing, and flowering of awareness. This Silence is Golden to the moment of unfoldment. It is a sun shining in our midnight, a freedom from self habit, an opportunity to renewal and further exploration, adventure, and joy.” -robert of mayflower, Notes on the Way.


3) Mars in Scorpio opposes the Uranus/Jupiter Midpoint, sextiles Pluto giving crazy ‘passive-aggressive’ energy to the month (some may encounter the ‘aggressive-passive types, or even be one, so beware!). Mars in Scorpio can be deeply penetrative and assertive for justice, truth, learning secrets, and making peace or new war. It can also be manipulative (vs. womanipulative, ha!) and forcibly persuasive for desires, goals, even weird fears when one’s heart is not pure. Scorpio is secretive and often afraid to really put the cards on the table or be up front for fear of rejection. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their chart, as all these aspects appear for each of us in different astrological houses or departments of life. Some in the home, others at work, etc. The positive side of this is: persuasively strong moves for positive long-term futures, healing up past mistakes, closing up leaks or holes or things that are draining to money or energy, discovering cracks in reality, or draining circumstances and situations that need fixing, and perhaps permanently closing a door to the past for future needs and pursuits. The Uranus/Jupiter vibe adds sudden lucky (or sunken) changes, or challenges offering new opportunities to suddenly open up the game plan in a bigger way. This all escalades and escalates up to Pluto going direct on 18th, and Uranus square Pluto on the 19th portending of many progressive measures taking place to ensure a sound economy, politic, peace and harmonious workings together (or is it more struggling, warring, ill adventures?) Does the drought let up, do food and energy prices continue to soar? Is Romney zooming ahead? Are there more political scandals and sex perversions in the news? More ecological disasters and storms? These last years have been trying for many, and many now call for lasting change and prosperous peace.


“If democracy is not related to money, all the people’s democratic efforts will be destroyed by the power money can assume. So unless money has become a full rights document in which the production sector and the consumption sector are embedded in our society, it will continue to ensure the decline of human creativity, of the human soul, of the power of human creation, and the life of nature.” -Joseph Beuys, from the book ‘What is Money?’


“It is human skill that should attract credit, production capital, and not modern debt. Money should be credit, not debt. In spiritual matters, it is virtue and virtuous action, truth and love, that creates good karma, spiritual credit, and ‘destiny’ rather than karmic ‘fate’, karmic debt. This is the real difference to being a futurist, or being stuck on repeat performance, stuck in the past.” -robert of mayflower


4) The first three weeks of September, JUPITER at ‘Venus Transit’ degree where the Sun/Venus Transit Conjunction of last June 2012 and in 2004. This is critically important degree for Love and Truth to have its say in your life. This month is critical for doing what you love, loving who you love, and finding what and who you love. Living the Highest Truth you see. Anything not done out of total love and truth, honesty, total wholeness with the whole of the world in mind, as well as true inner self, will thwart one’s life and health. Universal truth and love/compassion is called for. Jupiter and Venus work for what helps and heals the greater sense of wholeness, world peace, and backyard politics combined. It is the Grand Mother, the big mother, compassion and sharing. The question is not just ‘are you better’ in the last four years, but also ‘are you inwardly richer’, wiser, more honest, more compassionate, wise, humble, virtuous, greater capacities, universally smarter! This is at first an inner problem of growth and abundance, then outer. The inner unfolds to the outer. ‘As above so below’ is the good old hermetic injunction. ‘On earth as it is in Heaven’ another one. Spirit becomes matter, and hopefully consciousness arises anew. This is not the President’s problem, nor any ‘other’s problem’. This is a question of SELF RELIANCE and learning … (see Emerson’s book ‘Self- Reliance’, or Osho’s ‘The Rebel’, Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’, the Tibetan book ‘Liberation in the Palm of your Hands’, Blavatsky’s ‘Key to Theosophy’, Judge’s ‘Bhagavad Gita’ if you want help with understanding this one).


“A human being is said to be confirmed in spiritual knowledge when he or she forsaketh every desire or fear which enters into the heart, and is happy and content in the Higher Self through the Self.” -Bhagavad Gita, a robert of mayflower translation.


5) Fall Equinox on 22nd 10:49 a.m. EST. On September 18th, Pluto goes direct, September 19th Uranus Squares Pluto and Mars occulted or eclipsed by the Moon. This could be strong turning point for many born at the end of March, June, September, or December. All signs affected in some way. A feeling that strong decisions and changes need to be made or will be made for one. Compassion and wisdom must be called upon in such times to weaken impulses of anger, obsession, control-freaking, and fear and rejection. Also those born in first days of April, July, October, or January can feel such changes in the air or future coming. Many changes in job, home, relationships, family, personality, world view. Anyone with major planets at 6 degrees to 10 degrees actually, are feeling the extremes of these deadening or quickening times, these hot or chilling times, these on and off, in or out, ‘this way or the highway’ times. This month’s aspects often bring strange revolts and sudden shifts in both individual and collective consciousness. Still others may feel a quieting and deepening, an inner turning for deeper insight. During such times patience and wise counsel are called for and needed. Anger and craziness to be avoided. All this leads up to more challenging aspects with the Moon occultation of Pluto on 23rd, the Venus square Mars on 27th, and into Harvest Full Moon on 29th; a kind of Truth or Consequences type aspect when a high degree of honesty, truth, and love/compassion is needed. Here decision-making must take place for future goals and dreams to be met, to unfold, or even hold us in place. This crazy aspected near ‘end of the month’ time (as well as December) could also bring warring elements of chaos and stormy confusion; for others, relief. The aspects at end of the month often  trigger quakes, storms, or major shake ups in high places taking place (around 19th, 23rd, 29th). Bad time to party here, or perfect time for a music jam? In esoteric astrology, the inner states of consciousness and spiritual or virtuous soul life (or lack of such) influences such world events and their outcomes. To the purely materialistic and mechanical astrological enthusiast, the planets and aspects manipulate circumstances and trigger or impel, impulse, events. Anyway you look at it, this could be a challenging time, a quite stormy bad weather time, eco troubled, or even quake time in some places of the world. It is a challenging time for world politics, economy, and status quo. Other shake-up times, partially due to triggering of Uranus/Pluto square, for individual change and world event, include September 5th, 10th, 18th/19th, 20th, 23rd, 27th, and 29th. Pretty much, all signs are affected at some point in the month. These are rough days for rough riders, so take good care to behave, get work done responsibly and in timely manner, make right needed sacrifices to attain higher aims and goals. This month is good time to clean up past debts, messes, catch up to details. Good time to rid oneself of unwanted or unneeded ‘stuff’, negative situations not working for your growth. Avoid aggression, anger, or cruel negative judgements, unnecessary emotions. Compassion good, anger and negativity/projections bad. Good month, especially second half, for ridding oneself of negative habits and negative people (repeat offenders) not willing to work to grow and learn. Geo-political hotspots triggered, as well as financial problems on before-mentioned days. Perhaps by end of month we will hear much about the government attempting to create massive new job markets, reconciling a difficult economy with world economy. Danger of much frustration, anger, rebelliousness, radical change, 3rd and 4th week of September. Pluto aspects 18th on indicative for need to improve the quality of our air, water, food, and personal behaviour and habits.


“On the destruction of a tribe, the ancient virtue of the tribe and family is lost; with the loss of virtue, vice and impiety overwhelm the whole of a race.” -’The Bhagavad Gita’, first chapter, William Q. Judge translation.


“The charge which Plato brings, in the Laws, against the intention of the legislator, is likewise justified; the whole constitution has regard to one part of virtue only-the virtue of the soldier, which gives victory in war. So long as they were at war, therefore, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war. There is another error, equally great, into which they have fallen. Although they truly think that the goods for which men contend are to be acquired by virtue rather than by vice, they err in supposing that these goods are to be preferred to the virtue which gains them.

Once more: the revenues of the state are ill-managed; there is no money in the treasury, although they are obliged to carry on great wars, and they are unwilling to pay taxes. The greater part of the land being in the hands of the Spartans, they do not look closely into one another’s contributions. The result which the legislator has produced is the reverse of beneficial; for he has made his city poor, and his citizens greedy. Enough respecting the Spartan constitution, of which these are the principal defects.” -Aristotle on Politics


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Other significant upcoming astrological aspects include—

-Jupiter goes Retrograde October 4th

-Saturn enters Scorpio October 5th

-Mars enters Sagittarius October 6th

-Mars squares Neptune October 7th

-Sun trine Jupiter & Venus trine Pluto October 9th.

-Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day November 6th followed by

-Solar Eclipse November 13th at 21 degrees Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse November 28th at 6 degrees Gemini; this should prove to be an exciting time in both politics and economics.


Early October will prove wild and woolly, wonderfully dangerous and alluring, rascal-like and intelligent, with both genius and incredible fool hardiness.


Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop and Dr. Schavi Ali

share and explore ‘The Secrets of Self-realization and Happiness, Spirituality and the Bhagavad Gita’ September 25th at OM CAFE, 7 p.m. (suggested donation of $15 to $25).


Dr. Schavi Ali is a retired professor from Wayne State University and Oakland Community College. Her main expertise is ancient history and linguistics. Founder and President of Kem Sia International, a spiritual and intellectual consulting company. Initiated as a Acharya of the path of Sanatana Dharma.


Robert Thibodeau is Mayflower Bookshop, a consulting astrologer, and deep student of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Tibetan Buddhism, Osho, and all Western Hermetic Wisdoms.

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