Mayflower Bookshop News and Views October 2012

Mayflower Bookshop News and Views

October 2012


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“When the truth is found, to be lies;

and all the joy within you dies,

Don’t you want somebody to love

Don’t you need somebody to love

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love

You better find somebody to love.”

-Jefferson Airplane



  • Bewitching October – Watch for extremes in the weather and behaviour in the first and last seven days of October. Definitely a good time for redefining sense of self and priorities, future goals and what is inapplicable and antiquity, amiable vs. inadmissible, and inadequate to the situations at hand. Inevitable scrambles of stable thimbles and crumbs of reality and security, as some ramble and reassemble past garbled actions and mishaps, bad gambles and mischief with the truer needs to be free, oneself, honest, good, secure, and stable. Global foibles continue to humble many a personal dream for good fortune and upward mobility. When you find yourself grumbling too much, warble and sing; it won’t help the situation necessarily, but it will uplift your soul and eventually your common sense, unravelling your garble and diffuse mind into more intelligent focus and amenable social attendance. Now if you understood all that, October should be a fairly easy month for you.
  • Venus enters Virgo on 3rd until 28th making for sudden shift in feelings of the heart wanting critical discernment, discrimination in values and friendships, wanting to purify and correct errors. Critical mind can block or suppress true feelings or social/party flow values. A sense of morality, righteousness, correctness, cleaning up situations and messes prevails. Feelings tend to be critical and judgemental. Good for purifying and shifting diet to avoid illness or the blues. When Venus enters Libra on the 28th, playful joyous social outgoings override negative fears or critical blocks. Venus oppose Neptune on 3rd adds to some experiencing unresolvable longing for something or someone far-a-way or forbidden or make believe. Tendency to crave the impossible, so to keep oneself stuck where one is. Danger of being lied to, or lying to oneself, as to love’s future. Good for the arts, compassion, and pursuit of spiritual values when practically attended.
  • October 4th Jupiter goes retrograde in Gemini until January 30th, 2013. Re-thinking is inevitable at its most retrograde position 6 degrees Gemini, Jupiter basically will be conjuncting the last Neptune/Pluto (late 1800‘s) conjunction degrees; signifying a new explosion of ideas, science, the arts, new spiritual knowledge, changing world scenarios, inventions, innovations, and world thrust for progress, growth, and learning. Free Universities anyone?! It may also take that long to figure out what the heck happened during the Election. Jupiter in Gemini is the love for learning and making connections; as well as being busy, even though, perhaps, much of it is superficial. Those born late February, May, August, or November will feel it the most, a sense of expansiveness and wanting to do everything at once. Good for learning, growing, connecting, playing, sharing. Jupiter going retrograde on the degrees of the infamous VENUS TRANSIT of last June, and going back to degrees of last Neptune/Pluto conjunction along with Mercury retrograde on Election Day going back to near opposition of VENUS TRANSIT degree and Jupiter’s degree at October 4th retrograde will make for one of the most interesting spiritual and karmic situations for some time to come. Many a higher revelation and truth will emerge concerning the quality and state of mind soul when it comes to love, compassion, and the future destiny of both earth collectively and the individual. Anything not done out of love and higher motivation can backfire at this time. This is a great time for re-inventing work, divining true calling, taking up a new art or musical pursuit, or just pondering one’s true self-identity in all this crazy world which seems always at war and in want of peace and joy. None-the-less, we will be starting to make sense of the huge outpouring of spiritual and scientific information at the end of the 1800s, and a renewed sense of global responsibility may well be upon us. A renewed sense of love and virtue, right work and heart thinking is awakening in the midst of these somewhat difficult times that often appear chaotic, ecologically damaging, apocalyptic, deluded and void of any virtuous merit. If there ever was a time that artistic and spiritual perception, insight, and action was needed, this is it. May all beings find happiness and their own creative part to play and work. OM!
  • Saturn enters Scorpio on the 6th. This aspect may bring about a serious re-evaluation of everything. Such aspects make for private feelings and yearnings, concerns and needs, for lasting happiness, bliss, and peace. Saturn in Scorpio wants to probe deeper for the true meaning of life, the true nature of love, security, self. One can become moody or depressed, fixated and blocked up, feeling like one is always facing obstacles. Fears of economic dependency or burdens of responsibility, may tax or weigh heavy, on some. Yet, such aspect can allow one to deeper probe into what makes lasting relationship or happiness. One may here seek a more long-term meaningful job, relationship, and investment of resources, self, energy, and finance. Here one seeks a deeper search for lasting values and meaning to life, and may well see the need to cut some things and people out of one’s life to do such. On another level, it is a concern for the world’s rules and regulations to economic and ecological life that could add lasting value. Relationships either find deeper meaning and purpose, or face roadblocks and dead ends (dead ends in thinking and emotional avenues). Negative habits and behaviour may make some feel imprisoned and stuck, while spiritual practice and virtue habits may help free others. Saturn in Scorpio lasting two and a half years creates an energy that needs to know what to keep and what to get rid of, where to draw the line and where to go the limit. It often brings many an ending to make way for new beginnings. This aspect is associated more with tough love than surrender.
  • Mars enters Sagittarius night of October 6th until November 16th, making for flamboyant extravagant claims or inflated actions of grandeur, sport, flair, with perhaps a need to get noticed. Danger of being too candid, blunt, rash, and frank, causing over-reaction from others. On the other hand, it makes for good entertainment or contest. Tendency to overdo. One feels that they don’t want to just survive, but want to grow, expand, go vast and have fun. Beware though, if something sounds too incredible and good to be true, it just may be the case. None-the-less, think big today, be a good sport, aim will, tell the truth, and smile. Avoid rash frankness or candour, and overdoing things or people. Inflation is followed by deflation. This is a good aspect for team work, working with others, and being positive spirit in any situation.
  • Mars square Neptune in Pisces late night on the 7th makes for few days of being lost in space, misguided with false intention, searching for escape, daydreaming, active imagination, prophetic dreams impossible to interpret correctly, inflated ego or behaviour due to low self-esteem and lack of true self value (for antidotes and many spiritual insights, see the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Judge at Mayflower). With this aspect there is a danger of food poisoning, illness due to exposure or wrong balance of diet or lifestyle. Danger also of weird projections and anger, flamboyant proclamations and lies. Positively, this is an aspect creating strong ideals and vast visionary feelings, but has a danger of being delusional and fanciful. Illusory fever and obsession can take over, projection of desires and fears can distort reality. Too vast of big plans, imaginations, can make one over-reach or over-shoot aims; making for ‘over-inflation’ followed by deflation of ego, emotions and thinking. One can get depressed, feeling down, stuck, inferior, or wanting. Imagination, illusion, or make believe can usurp reasoning and rationality. This may indicate a tough month in knowing exactly who or what to believe in. Look to one’s actions and deeds for verifying proofs of quality, virtue, or valour; anyone can talk. Fasting and stillness go far in finding a truth one can live with. I find it helps to read and study Osho, Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and Theosophy, for mind soul re-attunement to higher truth and love. It’s a good mirror to look into to check oneself out. Mutable Signs and Houses are affected the most: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius. Good aspect for making the impossible, possible; that is, if genius and higher soul forces are up for it. Otherwise, this could be quite misguided missile days of confusion, delusion, and wrong directions.
  • October 8th into 9th Sun trine Jupiter, along with Venus trine Pluto make for ‘all ahead go’ energies for progress in job, money, love, and connections. Reach out and go for your ideal dream. Draconid Meteor Shower make for strong feelings and wantings to touch reality, realise dreams, make real and practical one’s ideals of love and work. Cardinal and Air Sign Planets and Houses benefit from this sometimes lucrative and fun-loving aspect.
  • October 10th lasting for days, Saturn trine Neptune. Healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice, yoga, meditation now bring results. Some will experience need to rectify or fix up, renew, spiritual vows and health practices. A bettering or worsening of one’s situation may occur, giving honest real life feedback as to what works and what doesn’t work in one’s life. Sacrifices and disciplines for attaining better future will work now. Those wanting something for nothing, or those always blaming others for one’s own ‘self-made’ karma, may now experience interesting learning lessons. Such aspects bring about a balancing of spiritual and material needs, learning, and karmic understanding for both individual and social surroundings. This aspect is good for bringing higher ideals into practical manifestation, spirit into form. Good for negotiating peace, lasting happiness, and investment. The spiritual and material worlds may here find more balance and even conflict resolution or peace. Some may feel quite stuck with some situation or person, job or place; but the karmic reason is now made known along with work still to be done to improve situation. Freedom and Necessity work together with this aspect; as well as finding right work to make dreams come true. Water Signs favoured here if willing to work on self rather than others.
  • October 14th Last day before New Moon with Moon triggering Uranus/Pluto can bring nasty ghosts of fear, anger, anxiety, neurosis and psychosis out of the closet or past. Need to take new steps toward healing, making peace. Peace, Peace, Peace in Spirit, Soul, Body is called for here. Forgiveness and generosity, as well as good time to clean up the house or any place one feels messy or untidy. Good for exercise and healthy food. Mindfulness and lots of exercise good for health this day and last.
  • October 15th New Moon in Libra with Mars trine Uranus gives days before and after an effect of energetic enthusiasm and excitement. Fire Signs benefit, but anger of force is to be reckoned with, or avoided. Wisdom comes from taking self, desire and fear, out of the picture.
  • October 18th energetic day leading to evening of October 20th’s Moon occult Pluto, dark insight or inner realisation, sense unfinished business/bad karma, or sense of finality or completion?
  • October 21st for few days, Meteor Showers of Orion. Good time for dreams to reveal secrets. Good time for inner and outer needs to be communicated or intelligently resolved. Make love not war. Good time to have spiritual discipline and discrimination to avoid little mistakes adding up.
  • October 22nd Sun enters Scorpio intensifying craziness and insecurity about both the coming Elections, as well as one’s own security needs.
  • October 23rd Sun trine Neptune makes for dreamy lazy day into 24th Moon/Neptune. Self-delusion and unrealisable plans can be avoided by clear simple common sense, stay practical and avoid wrong dietary intake throwing off your biochemistry stomach and thinking. Avoid pacifying self with addictions or ill habits. Good aspect for the arts, futuristic planning, spiritually dreaming, soul-mating, and music. Spiritual and psychic perceptions can come, but must be tested against cold facts and pure reason.
  • October 25th Sun conjunct Saturn smacks one with cold reality, need for more rest and renewal, more disciplined diet. Steady sure disciplines and yogas work for sure present into future. Wisdom of the elder or more experienced could be helpful here. Need to take control, or discipline those who are out of control or who take the law into their own hands. Need to think long run in the immediate present circumstance. More patience, perseverance, and continuity is called for, yet all work and no play may be tiring some. Freedom needs be given to the other to find it for oneself. A sense of need for law and order, practicality, comes with this aspect. This aspect may smack of negative politics and control-freaking for some. Patience with working long-term plans helps get through these days.
  • Love, need for security, money, and good politics clash here on October 27th leading into Full Moon October 29th bringing wild speculation, undisciplined energies, creative need for new freedoms, and unbridled mouths. All the way into Halloween there is a party festive barnyard mentality and an out-of-bounds flush of behaviour in love, marriage, relationship, gambling, partying, sports, and exhibition. Rich enthusiasm and imagination make for positive festive mood for some, others may feel disenchanted and out of bounds or the loop of the dance for success and happiness. Many may feel deluded, confused, and depressed. Full Moon in Libra calls for a healthy re-balance of fun and good work, spirited and practical working common sense. Mercury squaring Neptune on 29th Full Moon gives full expression to imagination; beware of lies, scandal, fantasy, and illusory perceptions and feverish pursuits followed by cold over reactions and poor results. Although spiritual communications and higher love is possible here, spiritual imaginations, compassionate ideals, and a heightened state of perception and creativity is possible; the times are shaky for any lasting positive results. Lies or misunderstandings may be fabricated at this time that wrongly influence the future. Negative or confused emotions ride into and may influence the Election on November 6th when Mercury that very day goes retrograde in Sagittarius until going direct in mid Scorpio on November 26th with influences into Lunar Eclipse November 28th. This aspect could possibly give much conspiratorial conjecture as to both politics, economics, and geo-political hotspots. Or, is this a spiritually inspirational time with much truth and revelation allowing us to fix up problems and misunderstandings?!? How we think about Love, Economics, Politics and World View go through many a revelation and new understanding and direction at the end of November. Fixed Signs affected most, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus; as well as Cardinal Signs. Many old plans tossed out, many new plans find their way to the table then.
  • October 31st Halloween portends to be creatively wild when it comes to love and sex, partying wildness due to Venus/Uranus aspect in the air, the number on aspect for sudden arousal and first time experiences that most often have no lasting value other than fun for the moment.
  • November 1st Venus opposing Uranus, November 3rd Venus squares Pluto aspects make for many sudden new realisations and insights, as well as surprise upsets or break downs in love and joy, politics, negotiations, economics, health and ecology of diet, sex, and love. Planets and houses in cardinal signs affected the most. If other aspects favour your planets, this could be breakthrough moment for putting past behind you, and better future before you. To find out how all these aspects figure in to your own personal life, call Mayflower Bookshop for your astrological appointment.



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