Astrological News and Views – November 2012

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“Necessity is the mother of invention, compassion the mother of healing growth; freedom is the father of war when wisdom is not the mind of forgiveness and cutting through spiritual materialism.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi


“People don’t understand how strong nature is…”.

-N.Y. Mayor Bloomfield Oct. 30th


“May all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness.” -buddhist saying


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  ~Victor Hugo

“Nature doesn’t understand how slow people are, and how quick in the end they are to recover. I, myself, think it is due to all the movies watched where the deep insight is at the end rather than the middle where the heart is.” -Captain Bob


November 1st, Venus oppose Uranus, with Moon occultation to Jupiter. Love gets turned upside down, previous values receive new light, strong change in family or social tribal structure, need to find love that is both intelligent and works. For some this aspect excites and makes for fun. For others, the tables are turned, balance in relationships difficult to keep. Hearts and minds criss cross, turn inside out and frazzle dazzle trying to keep trust while wanting independence. Cardinal Sign planets and houses affected the most. Expect 3 days of upsets in relationships. Past and future clash with present needs. Watch out for Saturday and Sunday for mistakes starting to be made today. Trying to always please another may not work. Pleasing oneself is always an artistically creative endeavour. Jerky motions backfire, for many, upsets.


“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” -Beethoven


November 2nd, Moon oppose Mars makes for strong heroics or angry responses. Mutable signs, planets and houses affected most. Avoid wasting your time with those who are all talk, no action. Also take care around those who rashly act and think later, if at all. Good aspect for being brave. Mutable signs and houses affected the most. Air signs prosper or gain ground.


“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” -Frank Zappa


November 3rd, Venus square Pluto. Now all the complaints come out, as well as the deeper suffering no words can describe. This aspect can make one feel a great loss, or it can make one feel profound depth of love and compassion. Avoid feelings of crazy intense lust, and nuts taking it personally rather than karma learning or need to be more selfless in observation. Love entanglements abound, jealousy and obsession make some weird. This aspect tends to blame others rather than self, for everything wrong. Others feel victimised. It can be a tough aspect. Yet this aspect can show higher side of selfless understanding of another’s suffering and struggle. Working with others for better solutions, or continuing to divide, fight, and conquer? Compassion’s big love, or being squeezed by little stuff. Dirty politics back? Feeling stabbed in the back? Or is it profound new understandings that more encompass the whole of the world. Venus is love and the things we love, Pluto is deep hard endings and new beginnings. Many hard decisions. As I rewrite this now, I realise this may be a tough day on the east coast, in parts of warring world, and for more weird weather and behaviour in parts. Good aspect for humility and humble learning to grow in new ways.


“The universe is the soul that can be heard in music.” -robert of mayflower


November 6th, Mercury in Sagittarius goes retrograde on Election Day. This Election goes down in history as being weird and confusing. Should everyone have a vote or just the electorate? Puzzling and profound. Conspiracy theories much abound, but virtue absconds. Much debate and confusion concerning election. Tough to get accurate news or facts. Travel and communications difficulties persist until Mercury goes direct on 26th. Much debate and reconsideration concerning long-term plans, climate change, science and futures. Eclipses coming November 13th and 28th may alter all preconceptions and present conceptions of what the future holds, or is to bring. All signs affected. Mercury retrograde can be good for going over the facts and past, but often makes for difficulty getting new starts going, or fixing problem clearly. Lack of clarity on how to go proceed and go forward. Real knowledge is trying to get in but many inner weeds now being pulled to allow for future growth. Wow, rough crazy times. Love and peace is a long-term goal, not an immediate demand. Be a genius now or go in peace.


“He who sings scares away his woes.” ~Cervantes


November 9th, Venus trine Jupiter brings some financial and spiritual relief. Mutable signs and houses benefit the most. Love and good friendship in the air, hearts abound with good cheer all round this day. Expanding friendships, good for social and business life, lots of good communications.


“Artists live on the edge of dark and light where rainbows weave simple complexities of time and space, poetic songs, roses in lily lattice winding wendings along heart ridges, crests of despair, disaster and hope of future worlds, art and fabrics for tonight’s party and rhythms of the absolute ceiling of possibility.”  -Trebore Tau Bodhi of mayflower


November 11th, Neptune goes Direct. Expect coming month or two to illuminate many a past event. Many a cloud disappears to reveal a new sun or way to go in coming weeks for future past tense. If you just understood this, stop reading and start living. Major historic discoveries give much insight into the past and future. Spiritual visionary aspect gives many new perceptions to the meaning and purpose of life. Spiritual awakening dawn now leading to next summer, another ‘Summer of Love’ of sorts. A summer coming of spiritual truth and revelation. (Also more idiot cravants, craving, wanting, thirsting, eyeing, yearning, beseeching, praying; common sense will be as rare and expensive as simple good food with no additives.) World Peace and Prosperity may have its good moment, month, or two cents. Many a revelation and virtuous doing then. Neptune in Pisces brings a sense of humanitarian purpose, spiritual collective identification with all of life. Water signs and houses get prophetic messages. If complaining about the complexities of life or the vagueness, pay more attention.


‘We live in a time when Voyager 1 is entering the “bow shock,” a region of space marking the boundary between the solar and the galactic winds, the edge of the Sun’s influence. Voyager 2 has also encountered this frontier, as each craft prepares to enter the region astronomers call “interstellar space. Surely we could do the universe a favour and enter into our own inner space, heart and time, virtue mind. If you haven’t meditated yet with results, it surely is getting late.’ -rt

November 13th, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with Mercury retrograde square Neptune. More strange weather extremes coming this next few weeks? More lies and false promises, illusions and fakery, false advertisements and proclamations? Sudden change of direction when it comes to investments and romance? False fears and foolhardy desires and escapades? More weird psychic emotional weather along with that eerie “nature’s way of telling us something’s wrong” song in your head? Next two weeks are crazy and prophetic, daring and cutting. Rid yourself of unneeded burdensome things to lighten the journey. Take nothing personally, just keep learning. This time may reveal deep concerns over monetary matters, taxes, banking, world economy, debt crisis etc. Neptune can befuddle and inflate or belittle people and information. Remember, just because you feel it, dreamed it, or even saw it, doesn’t necessarily make it true. Remember, just because they are dead or in spirit, doesn’t particularly make them spiritual (virtuous), or smart. Follow your intuition, but common sense is simpler and direct to the point. Eclipses are often a time for important individuals to rise or to fall from power. Wild roller-coaster rides, sharp endings or new beginnings for many in Hollywood or politics. Many a deep shift or change of long-term direction. Watch for strong political manurers and hot news concerning China, Russia, USA, and other geopolitical hotspots. New technologies and old clash. Scorpio adds intensity to personal and collective needs for security, reliability, honesty and fair trade or business practice. Avoid making ultimatums unless you have to. Repeat offenders, and too predictable bores or lazies, may be rid of at this time. A need for discipline arises. Fixed signs and houses affected the most, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus. Many endings and new beginnings this month. Need to regenerate or face degeneration. Cancer and Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo may benefit at this time.


“They say the universe is peopled with intelligence, but I’d say it’s more music.” 

-robert of mayflower


November 14th, Moon occultation to Mercury. Sharp insights or just wrong views? It’s time for a new mental direction, a new spiritual book from the Mayflower Bookshop to re-inspire, renew, review, and re-choose your future. Good time for rewriting the old scripts of the past into more pleasing adventures with lasting quality and virtue. A sense of being in the present prevails with more sense of presence, mind, heart, and soul. Intellectual talkative outgoing day. Take good notes, write a poem, sing a song, take a good walk, go big!


November 16th, Moon occultation to Pluto, Mars enters Capricorn. November 17th, Sun conjunct Mercury. Power decisions changing course of future for some. Need to concentrate on true goals or desires, eliminating what does not hold true purpose or future. A need to be honest with self about some situation. This aspect goes along with that song singing, “When the whip comes down”. Mars in Capricorn can be over-assertive or aggressive, so take it easy, slow, and sure. Think long-term rather than all-at-once-now tactics. Think power through, not power over.


Music reminds us that we are all beautiful.” ~robert of mayflower


November 21st, 22, 23rd, Sun enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Scorpio (21st) trine Neptune, Sun square Neptune (22nd), and Mars square Uranus (23rd). Opportunity to see big picture, spiritual and future opportunity for healing and attunement, higher love vibe. But also danger of foolhardy blindness to what is right in front of you. Need to contemplate future, not blindly jump into it. Friday 23rd shock and realisation, Thunderous shake ups and stormy weather, emotions, ground. Avoid angry dangerous emotions and such people. Many a breakthrough, yet danger of breakdowns for some. Haste makes waste today. If it sounds like a lie, it probably is. Good day for dreamers, avoid schemers and screamers. Highly imaginative artistic day for some, musical.


“A song without music is a lot like H2 without the O.” -Ira Gershwin


November 26th, Sun trine Uranus, Mercury goes direct, Venus conjuncts Saturn. Hard facts and ideal feelings work to work together in harmony and peace. Otherwise, day is full of forced realisations and hard facts needing to be dealt with. Tough weather in some parts for next while. Some may feel unloved, others most secure; some divine all below from above, others feel they bit the wrong lure. Be the highest love and truth you can conceive, be compassionate to others.


“Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass?” ~Michael Torke


November 27th, Mars conjunct Pluto. Need to arrest weird emotions and tendency for extremes, and put in check out-of-balance behaviour. Deep day for psychologists who may themselves need a new psychology. Day of reckoning or justice in a way. Good for cleaning, ridding oneself of unneeded things, avoiding negativities that don’t help one grow. If feeling confused or crazy, it may be a good day to read Osho, or one of Marion Woodman’s deep Jungian psychology books, perhaps even a try ‘Initiation into Hermetics,’ or the ‘Kybalion’. Mars/Pluto is good for research, but difficult when it comes to power plays. Are people in power making powerful decisions affecting masses? Good time to purify, clean house, catch up to unfinished business. Also, it is a good day to avoid rough weather. Try OM CAFE’s Miso Soup and Macro plate. Om is home to many a creative healthy imagination for life. Check out the ‘Self Healing Cookbook’ by Kristin Turner at Mayflower for your own OM at home recipes.


“T.S. Eliot said, “You are the music while the music lasts”. You are also what lasts when the music is over. Spiritual Self is both immanent and transcendent, ‘With you and without you’ like the Beatles said.” -rt


November 28, Lunar Eclipse Moon occultation Jupiter makes for new sense of family or group encounter, endeavour, project; or its opposite, a sense of loss of group identity, what mothers or protects one. One pretty much, or ugly much, understands where they stand now against winter. Gemini reveals the polarities of one’s life and world. The rich and poor, the inwardly rich and outwardly poor valued person is becoming more than obvious. Gemini calls for a new imagination of how peace and love could heal the world. A call for a renewed transcendental view holding all in heart, superseding division and warring opposites. World weather may be continuing to be weird. It is time for everyone to sing, play music, do art, garden; yes work and worry, but be an artist poet too.


“When nothing makes sense, be alone, talk to silence, god, or whatever depth of no-thing or god you can muster. Listen for a year, then talk.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi


December 2nd, Sun oppose Jupiter makes for ‘over-the-top’ expanded view of both the tragedy and the hope, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ aspects of present life.


“You’re only as drunk as you want to be.” -John Wayne


December 13th, Uranus goes direct, all ahead go, many new projects zoom into 2013 spring board.


“Love isn’t a thief, it’s a reminder of what is possible. Truth is another problem, it speaks and lets you think about it freely.” -robert of mayflower


December 16th, Venus square Neptune. This can be a highly idealistic dream love, soul-mate stuff, high philosophic love, far away travels, plans and ideals. Such idealistic plans and dreams can at times be false dreams, dead ends and fantasies for some. Often people buy, or buy into, the wrong thing or person. Good for being sweet, but take care of being too sweet and souring or spoiling. This aspect, though associated with divine love, can also reveal the lure of the soul mate, or getting lost at sea. Feelings of being abandoned or cheated; while on the other hand, some can feel divinely connected. All the planets have higher and lower octaves. One learns to work with such.


“Life can’t be all bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven sonatas and listen to them for ten years.” ~William F. Buckley, Jr.


December 25th, Sun square Uranus into December 26th Saturn sextile Pluto makes for strong need for home, healthy food, inner realisations of spiritual values. Thankfulness goes far here, as well as patience and creativity. This could be earth quaking day of upsets (25th) along with sudden weather changes. Strong shifts of awareness, priority, and values. Long-term values and workable solutions are strongly called for at this time. Many surprises or turns of events. Bad day to over-eat, over-do, or get too over-excited. Good day for genius inquiry.


“At this point you may wonder why external lightening and thunder force us to grow yonder the fence we set up years ago, when we could have been the burr under our own saddle all along.” -Arizona Bob and the Woodward Cowboys


December 30th, Sun conjunct Pluto and Moon oppose Mars continues extremes, or unsure difficult winter weather. Extreme weather, perhaps very cold, October through January into February 2013. Fab Feb we may expect big time early warm ups….we’ll see.


“Nothing exists without music, not the universe, not the earth, not your body, it is all harmonies and tones, still points and gaps. Let the music breathe, the universe is full of more song than anyone can remember or muster up.” -Captain Bob of the paddle boat May Flower


“People don’t understand how strong nature is…” -N.Y. Mayor Bloomfield October 30th


Have you heard Robert’s new song, ‘Detroit is reinventing love’?


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