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‘Taking advantage of the spiritual YOD, the astrology of the times’


We are the Music while the Music plays, we are also the in between notes when stillness and silence, awareness, lays dreams for the future.”

~Trebore Tau Bodhi


“Truth holds us still, Love moves us to greater deeds.” ~robert of mayflower

(La Verite nous tient toujours, l’Amour nous deplace a de grans astes.)


“Je tu dirais que ‘je t’aime’, mais ce serait dénué de sens sans tu montrer. (I would tell you ‘I love you’, but it would be meaningless without showing you.)” ~rt


  • End of November into December, Saturn=Uranus/Jupiter YOD. Early Yule log and season of festivity? Late November into December, Saturn making a loose YOD formation with Uranus and Jupiter. This aspect creates energies trying to stabilise, focus, ground, or harness/channel creativity, progress, high finance, better long-term prosperity and success. The negative side is being wishy washy or indecisive and to change or grow right where one is. Positively it’s patience, endurance, persistence in long-term values, hopes and wishes. At the end of December, there is another YOD, Jupiter=Pluto/Saturn, mentioned further in this article. This aspect will encourage great peace, resolution, socio-cultural harmony and positive pleasure.
  • December 2nd, Sun oppose Jupiter makes for fun, expansive, social planning and times. Good couple shopping days for those inclined. Tendency to overdo. Avoid overeating or inflated behaviour.
  • December 10th, Mercury enters Sign of Sagittarius. Good time for connecting to friends, expanding relationships, writing notes and letters (in Sagittarius for rest of month). Time to expand knowledge. This aspect precipitates New Moon events coming. In some places of the world, great weather and travel, other places difficult; especially around New Moon coming and Christmas time can be more difficult travel.
  • December 11th, Mercury square Neptune, Moon occults (eclipses) Mercury. Secrets exposed, or is it secrets further hidden? All planetary aspects have higher consciousness and lower/instinctive drives or influences. Each of us is free to attune, atone, or deny. Discerning truth from fact, fact from falsity or illusion can be tricky here. Lies/delusions and facts/inspirations intertwine and mystify the mind. Good for imaginative creative play. Difficult for accuracy and fact-finding for most. Things get lost, found, stolen. Danger of acting impulsively and foolishly without having all the facts straight. Danger of deceit, false promises, schemes, or misleading statements. High ideals may inspire some to grand deeds, virtuous actions, gifting. Fantasy runs high. Strange or extreme weather in parts of world, also December 24th to 30th. Imaginative play is at work here. Venus crossed Sun’s path (node) making for some love affairs to get turned inside out (or around back again); shifting from outer to inner drive, or inner to outer experience. With Venus squaring Neptune on 16th, this last Venus insight may not make sense right away; love never does right away. Revelling in romance or being plummeted back to reality. Artistic or musical imaginations and inspirations.
  • December 13th, New moon with Uranus going direct from retrograde; new moon perigee. Sudden revelations necessitating change in plans for the next two weeks. Mutable Signs and houses affected mostly (check your chart). Such aspects intensify emotions and sudden weather changes. Many sudden shifts and sudden realisations may necessitate quick action or renewed interest or change. Geminid Meteor showers land many a practical or grounded insight the haze these daze. Strange storms or climactic nature forces during this time period (also December 25th and 30th time period). Geopolitical hotspots triggered at such times too, as is extremes in weather, vicissitudes in the markets, and emotions. Travel may be tougher during this time. Many new beginnings or opportunities emerge from such astrologically critical times.
  • December 14th, Mercury trine Uranus with Moon occulting Pluto makes for sharp practical insights into money and economic solutions, breakthroughs, and task mastering. Updating or changing the map or plans.
  • December 15th, Venus enters Sagittarius, the love vibe and gift giving sense quickens into action now to Christmas at heavy pace. Good time to communicate with those afar. Avoid scattering energies in too many directions. Good time to close your eyes, make a wish, and kiss the opportunity right before you.
  • December 16th, Venus square Neptune. Confusion or over high expectations when it comes to loved ones. Deflated balloons vs. balloons lost at sea, in the sky, or in the heart mind. Ideals, hopes and wishes, can be over-inflated and due for a balloon pop or deflation. If you know what you’re doing, good aspect for artistic creativity, music, high romance, and far seeing plans, future feeling or pulse for the times.
  • December 17th, Mercury oppose Jupiter, makes for very busy busy day. Night’s Moon conjunct Neptune makes for artistic romantic play or fool hardy craziness zany.
  • December 18th, Sun conjunct the Galactic Center (for few days surrounding) makes for a mysterious spiritual day with many psychic intuitive connections and insights into both the past and the future.
  • December 19th, Venus trine Uranus, makes for lovey dovey creative love sex with intelligence play day or two. Here intelligence and humour go far as aphrodisia element. A sudden stepping up of the love urge or rhythmic id, or instinct, makes for a procreative day for some. Good for artistic rhymes, rhythms, music, arts, fun sharing back and forth. Child-like play. For some annoying sensitivities.
  • December 20th, Moon conjunct Uranus, makes for sudden knee-jerk reactions and sudden twists of fate, accident, or surprise. Good for novel experience, unique expression, sudden impulse, and flaring colours or surprise. Unique twists of fate for fire signs and cardinal signs and houses.
  • December 21st, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice, night is longest and the day is shortest of the year. Daylight grows each day to Summer Solstice. A most sacred day to all the ancient religions. Meditate on inner light reawakening heart mind soul these next three days. Envision a beautiful year ahead. Jupiter is the focal point of a YOD with Saturn and Pluto effective these daze making for some kind of spiritual and material insight into one’s deep self and world. Air Signs favoured most for favourable reception. Scorpio and Capricorn too, but they may feel the gift in disguise or inside an event. All signs affected though, especially water, earth, and air signs. Many spiritual unusual events taking place this last month’s time especially in this current time mid to late December.


Some things only the heart can speak when mind is silent and spirit is awake.” -rt

“Quelques choses seulement le coeur peut parler quand l’esprit est silencieux et l’esprit est réveillé.”


  • December 22, Venus oppose Jupiter, making for wild fun social day and night. Over-the-top love and play, gifting, kissing, touching, romancing, socializing.


“Face to face, heart to heart; the Soul defines the human art.” -rt

“Visage à visage, le coeur au coeur; l’Ame definit l’art humain.”


  • December 25th, Christmas, Moon occults Jupiter, Mars enters Aquarius, Sun squares Uranus. Now to Full moon on 28th with Moon square Uranus, strange weather or storms, quakes or volcano, shake-ups in high places, electrical discharge or grid problems, black-outs, trouble with communications or phones. On the other hand, profound awakenings and insights into world’s problems. Revelations concerning future or new technologies. Air signs and houses most affected for high and low winds.
  • December 25th Sun square Uranus, December 27th Full Moon Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, and then December 30th Sun conjunct Pluto triggers the infamous Uranus square Pluto taking place several times. Many shocks and surprises, revelations and insights, quakes or upsets, turnarounds, changes of heart or heart attacks, electrical problems or solar disturbance possible. This five day period may be filled with wild speculation and worldly events, strange weather/storm/nature force as well as Mayan end of calendar speculation, sudden rise or fall of political or Hollywood figures; as well as interesting time to conclude, end, finalise, change, or renew one’s personal efforts for success or change. Lots of sudden electrifying jolts or revelations, insights and changes. Many strong decisions for the future are made.
  • December 26th Saturn sextile Pluto makes for serious long-term strategising. Nice snow if it snows, strangely beautiful. Good aspect for doing the final accounting to avoid Fiscal Cliff. This sextile along with Jupiter Yod makes for interesting opportunities for lasting relationships, partnerships, peace-making, new jobs, new social cultural emergence, art, and drama. Long-term investments of self and materials are good at this time.
  • December 28th Full Moon in Cancer aspecting the Uranus Pluto Square could trigger extremes in the weather and/or geo-political hot spots around the world. It could just be a shift of adjustment.
  • December 30th, Sun conjunct Pluto sextile Saturn, Long-term investments more secure. A closing of a chapter and a new one beginning. Inevitable karmic consequences both good and difficult or challenging need addressing or closing chapter. Tough travel or weather in parts. Good day for deep conversation, home-cooked meals (or that special restaurant visit). Pluto aspects make for regenerative or renewing times, or degenerative times.


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“It is always stressed that in order to progress in spiritual matters one should be as positive as possible and as little as possible negative; that one should speak less about what is not, than about what is. When this is practised in ordinary life it is a preparation for work in the sphere of the Spiritual Science. The spiritual scientist must not ask: Has the stone life? but: Where is the life of the stone? Where is the consciousness of the mineral kingdom to be found? That is the highest form of non-criticism. Particularly in regard to the highest questions this is the attitude of mind that must be cultivated.”

-Rudolf Steiner, Foundations of Esotericism, lecture 5


p.s. FURTHER ASTRO NOTES for December;

December’s aspects bring much control and tempering into vogue. Next summer’s grand trine of Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn will bring high ideals into manifestation. Such aspects make for greater world peace, harmony, jobs, better ecology, and economy. The trouble now is that the USA could get pulled into more wars or having to police and govern, protect, other countries in the world.

I am not predicting anything here, I am just reporting that the astrology in the sky is wild and crazy. It could go either way but the tendency is now for peace and world harmony (especially next summer and during latter December YOD).

The positive vibe of this aspect is courageous angelic action, truth, bravery, and heroics. Here in Detroit, it’s already so poor and violent that it’s hard to imagine it getting worse before better, but that’s probably the case till we pass the late December YOD and enter next summer’s ‘Summer of Peace & Love grand trine with Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn.

This is an extraordinary aspect in the SKY now and COMING for spiritual and virtuous possibility. Saturn is making a YOD with Uranus and Moon/Jupiter around the full moon on the 28th November into December; it’s in effect now. This is good for Higher Self or Authority taking over with discipline or higher octave of conscience and compassion. Yod=Saturn opposes midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus which sextile each other. It’s called the finger of God. This aspect makes for serious God experience, Holy inner Experience, happiness when alone or in solitude, nature, meditation, yoga. It can on the flip-side be obstinacy and stubbornness, self-willed one-sided-assertiveness; sudden disadvantages and loss; difficult World Karma. The positive side is some kind of spiritual awakening and self discipline, patience, and wisdom, compassion arising through, and lasting through, time.

Positive side of this aspect is getting deeply moving spiritual and psychological experience or advice. Learning from the past, digesting the past, arriving at well- earned wisdom. Such deeply moving inner spiritual experience can change one’s life forever. Many people coming to dead-ends and perhaps new beginnings as we turn the year into next summer’s aspects. Early December’s Wisdom turns into later December’s Compassion and loving kindness.

God and Universal Mind, Karma and Dharma Compassion of the Universal, the Great Mother, is helping guide currents and events into wisdom’s understanding, compassion’s awakening grace. This is a spiritual month for sure for many an inner awakening to greater values and virtues (with or without a major event precipitating such awakening, this is an inner experience experienced around the planet, as well as a possible outer event.)

Big thinks and big things (events) are taking place affecting us all, while each of us on our own microcosmic point of view and experience is going through our own little alchemy of transformation. I pray natural made, or mad man-made, further catastrophes don’t overtake us.

One might say that those in this world who aren’t mad or angry, are either asleep and naive, or depressed and moody. The third type person is the one who can keep a Higher Self perspective and view, a wisdom stillness pure awareness, and compassionate view of life, in thought and feelings, a continuous art of living, loving, compassionate truth, even long-term many lifetime view.

Uranus going direct on the New Moon of December 13th should help get clear insight into events and how to properly to deal with such (i.e. both personal and world challenges and problems). It will probably take till next summer’s (July) aspects of Grand Trine to see clear results of works and wishes made today. May the world feel a lot better, safer, saner, and most noble.

Peace and love, Joy and blessings,

robert t


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