the world working

In the heart
silence awakens
holding a world
Word whirling in
the heart/mind you are
all love blooming
worthy of the greatest
dream, you are capable;
You, World is your mirror-
hold no one, all one accountable.
You are the Truth
each of us a glint
a flint in the earth heart,
a sacred glimpse, a holy breath,
a smile of belly heart
on the face of the world,
a spark in the dark infinite
I do. Ah Oh MMM!
Aaah ! In the wonder of it all
opening mind arms out stretched up.
O O O ! Heart holding hearth
whirling world Word molding
from within unfolding inner splendor
truth and beauty reaching all round
cupping every living thing with invisible
arms of love.
MMM AUM OM MMM, at home,
at home with it all, right working in all that
we do.
In the deepest silence of our deepest heart
is an invisible ear, an eye, a hand
holding the world. This deepest deep heart is
pure prakriti, pure matter, the one without a second,
the Virgin Isis, and Maya mother of Buddha,
It is the womb of the world, the purest inviolate matter,
self. The World is our Spiritual Self ever changing,
ever made anew. The world is our spiritual self ever
moving and changing and unchanging and harmonizing
with the silent partner of our heart. The mind is what arises
in virtue of the harmony, the balance, the middle way.
Between the ear and eye of the heart and the helping hand
of the world arises the heart of dharma, the moksha, the freedom,
\the bodhi mind, the heart of awareness, Nirvana, Heaven, Peace;
coming and going and neither coming nor going
ever present pristine awareness. Om Ah Hum,
Om Tat Sat, Sat Chit Ananda, AUM.
Victory victory O where is your smile;
sleep or death, where is your loss;
Each has traveled so many lifetimes and miles
to find this holy world pentacost circling in
the kiss of the ages where spirit and matter meet
a new day rising in a single word in silence spoken
by the heart to the heart.

-robert of mayflower
november 27, ‘07

One Response to “the world working”

  1. Zan Newstrom says:

    these words inspire to sing-
    the new language of the heart song