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April 1st to April 7th: Crime of Passion or Time of Compassion? This month is a serious time to consider and reconsider the world’s karmic suffering. Good time to find within yourself a patient contemplation of how past life karma has created the world coming at us, realizing that the way we deal with the present, creates the future. This is 101 spiritual psychology. Mental quiescence and patient calm openness to new learning goes far this month. Increased volcanic and earthquake activities, as well as melting poles and extremes in the weather have many of us pondering the idea that we are living in apocalyptic times, or at least 2012 end of the calendar time as we know it. These are difficult times, but important times, for learning deeper truths about the nature of self, the world, love and friendship. Finding truth and learning to love in a way that honors another’s truth, freedom, and spiritual love process is in high demand and order these days. Giving others the freedom to learn on their own is important, but in times like these, the time seems pressing. The lack of right understanding of the true nature of  self, karma and reincarnation, as well as a lack of knowledge of the seven states of matter and consciousness so well illustrated and revealed in the works of Rudolf Steiner and H. P. Blavatsky, or even the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of the Mahayana Prajna Paramitas or Lam Rin, is a problem for sure for the psycho-drama ego terrorist of our divided soul. A bit more compassion, patient tolerance and gentle loving kindness now will go far to heal the rough times. Seeing the truth of many lifetimes can help position oneself to a greater destiny and good fortune. Thinking that this is our only life time here on earth is beginning to appear reckless folly for the future children of planet earth. Recycling and karmic return is a major theme this month. April is a month to come back round to yourself and to realize everything goes around and back to ourself. Change yourself and you change the world. Blame others and try to change others alone, and you may find yourself on the recycling rinse or thrown back into the old karma. May all beings find happiness and freedom within their own heart and mind shining out in blessings to the world around.

Venus square Pluto on April 3rd into Saturday the 4th’s Mars square Saturn (cold?) makes for plenty of opportunity for compassion. Watch for extremes in the weather as well as extreme emotional states. Venus/Pluto is notorious for jealousy, revenge, psycho-drama and crazy love/hate chit; while the Mars/Saturn is both taking the law into one’s own hands, as well as needing to call in the law. Needless to say, where are the hippies when we need them?! They want peace and love for everybody.

When a person learns to be able to be alone with oneself and listen to the heart beat of the world, and we are all orphans of the Spiritual World, compassion and perhaps a will to do something genuine or real arises. (See the ‘Voice of the Silence’ by HPB, or Steiner’s ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’ or even Gelek Rinpoche’s ‘Good Life, Good Death’). See my cd talk, ‘Heart Meditation’.

 The first week of April calls for increased awareness of the tortured state of things, and a call for higher learning. Patience, patience, patience and compassion, compassion, compassion, compassion. But where is the light of alchemy? Buddha makes the distinction between two kinds of suffering. Suffering that doesn’t bring enlightenment, nor awakening, nor healing; and suffering that brings about healing (i.e. spiritual mind/heart doctor), an awakening of higher intelligence (such as the sacrifice discipline and study brings), and the suffering of virtue/goodness/beauty/truth to find enlightenment, freedom, happiness. Plato talks about incidental and accidental death or ‘dis-aster’. By living a virtuous life of learning and sharing, one may find true meaning in life. Destiny and high adventure in each and every moment or event can be conscious consequence, rather than accidental meaningless suffering and mindless violence. It is the hope of the author that a higher angel of learning and wakefulness be our guide and tutor during these worldwide cataclysms of change and challenge. It is in such difficult times that the Christ within, the Solar hero, the Christos, the higher self, the Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, dharma mind (call it what you will), the spiritually divine in each of us, is called upon to rise in awareness and action, peaceful and lovingly kindness. Where there is darkness, may there be light; where ignorance and delusion, may truth and right action correct and heal; where there is suffering, may healing and insight prevail; where there is chaos, may new order and harmony arise. Om Ah Hum! So Mote it be! Amen Ra~! May we learn to see the eternal spark in all that lives!


Venus/Pluto is a call for greater love and generosity to those less fortunate. Everyone who suffers more and knows less is our little kid. No kidding. A further need for universal love/compassion with no strings attached and no clinging attachment or need for reward is now called for. Karma free loving deeds is the spirit call of the moment. Make the wish, may all beings find happy and creative heart-mind continuum.

Venus/Pluto on April 3rd may reveal many more problems as we head for the explosive Mars/Uranus in mid April. Mars is all too often associated with shooting people, guns, gunning for people or trouble, aggression and little egotism. Look for more troubles and complaints with the economy, ecology, corruption in high places, and the non-virtues associated with egotism/selfishness gone to extreme. Without an inner life, a meaningful inner awakened participation with all of life; without this inner creativity and relatedness, inner to inner; craziness obsession and chaotic emotions of jealousy, anger, feelings of aloneness, separation, and obsession occur. Realizing our oneness with all life, feeling connected to all life, is healing.

April 4th Mars/Saturn can be extremes in weather making it much colder, other places in the world may have extreme heat. Mars/Saturn is both feeling blocked or inhibited, as well as feeling forced into things. Complex frustrations. Hurry up and be patient type aspect. Here there is a need for patience when it comes to obstacles and delays. Steady sure patient work bring progress. Extra sleep or exercise may be needed. This first week in April may prove to be a very tough time to travel, or to communicate well. Other difficult travel and communication/networking days include April 14-15th, April 22nd, 26th, and 28th. Avoid arguments and anger on all these testy critical days. Yoga, meditation, eating grains and greens and chewing well, long walks, and the patience of trees and rocks (not stones) is what we need here. Look for infinity within the moment, rather than reacting to the tempest in the teacup.

April 9th Full Moon should bring a temporary, but big, breath of relief from the stress of the first week. Full Moon in Libra trines Jupiter/Neptune allowing positive dreamers and mystics, futurists, lovers, and musicians alike to emerge from their cocoons to play, pray and chant, sing peace and love songs. At any rate, you gotta love people who love, who touch and are touched by the more eternal verities and higher octaves of creativity and play.

April 15th Mars conjunct Uranus brings quick and sometimes shocking news, upsets, changes, and recalculations of direction and purpose. Here, one seizes the moment or is thrown by it. Here some pretty tough decisions need be quickly made and supplemented into action. Avoid mistakes due to haste and premature externalization, yet timing is everything. All things being equal, take the new way. Otherwise, hide.  Here the early bird quick to act, react, adapt, and re-construe can be the front runner and winner. Mars/Uranus can also be dare-devil bravery and record-breaking endeavors and feats of heroism. Scientific and computer breakthrough or breakdown. Take care not to over-do or go crazy with out-of-bounds behaviour. At all costs, avoid anger and hasty reactions not grounded in wisdom’s virtue, love and truth.

What we do that we don’t love, is what we do that is making us sick and crazy neurotic. What we do out of love gives us wings.

April 17th Venus goes direct, and love wants to go forward no matter what. What we do that we don’t love, is what we do that is making us sick and crazy neurotic. What we do out of love gives us wings. With Venus going direct, there is an impulse to follow our higher yearning for love and  truth. Banks and investments at this time may make more positive moves toward long distance future. This is a time when what we’ve been ruminating and chewing on for the last few weeks, months, or years, flies out of our lips, heart, and actions. The heart wants to speak this week.


Love tryst or love mephisto? Love’s freeing us up and karma’s tying us down is sometimes a thin line of difference. Real love has no opposites, it reconciles all opposites or goes away alone on a new path of learning and unfolding. 

April 21st Venus conjunct Mars in late Pisces signifies far out last flings at fantasy, love, and highly imaginative adventure. It can also be last call for drinks or kisses before the ship parts port. This aspect is also Circe’s Siren call for Odysseus to get waylaid and lost. It is the lure of the soul mate. It is Odysseus’s port of entry or spiral home. It is an Eros flight from Psyche’s fevered love following her accidental touch of one of his arrows precipitating her forever yearning to re-unite. It is just some of the love/hate action hero energy releasing at this time. It’s all a set up to meet and semi-complete during the time Jupiter conjuncts Neptune—May 27th. Comes again, July 10th and December 21st, completing three conjunctions of Jupiter/Neptune. It may take the whole year and then some into 2012 to conceive and deliver this new world paradigm happiness, peace, justice, healing and good economy. Jupiter/Neptune is the call for world peace, collective social justice, and personal harmony. It is the attempt to manifest the highest good for the whole of earth. On the other hand, it can be the shadow of such in seeking ways of escaping real conversations and human meetings, avoiding genuine self-authenticity, and escaping being true to oneself. Too much partying or eating? Remember, by being ‘oneself,’ God can find you and help out. Try really to be true to yourself, all the other selves will confuse your destiny and God’s calling you by name. 

April 26th Mars square Pluto portends of either intense compassionate renewal and patience, or more troublesome neurosis and quarrelsome disputes. Nasty power plays and secret maneuvering for position and take-over, as well as aggressive provocation and retaliation is the negative expression of Mars/Pluto. Good for exercise, gardening, macrobiotic cooking, renewal, and psychologizing Buddhist/Jungian style. (From April 25th, Mercury square Neptune, to April 28th Moon oppose Pluto, area time of influence.) Good time to lay back, do yoga and regenerate. Bad time to have long-winded tortuous psychodrama rap sessions unending. Good time to bite the bullet and go back to work on oneself. Pluto/Mars is notorious for needing a good counselor or becoming one. Good time to do some deep reading at the Mayflower Bookshop. Bad time for endless debate over old coffee grounds.

May 5th Sun trine Saturn should bring some renewed sense of peace and quiet, and some control on the situation. It may not be until May 16th and 17th that spring arrives for real with good warmth and loving friends here in Michigan. Blessings.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson’s

‘Natural History of the Intellect’

The First Publication of Emerson’s Last Lectures.

Herein Emerson talks about imagination, inspiration, and intuition making it seem for sure that Rudolf Steiner must have read and heard of such. Or is it genius tuning into the Cosmic Mind or OverSoul? Emerson truly is an all American transcendentalist sharing easy-to-understand-and-utilize self-evident truth. 

“Every breath of air is a carrier of the soul of the world. And when once thy mind knows the law of so much as thine own body, thou hast nothing to learn from galaxies of stars. ‘Tis not diameters, but ideas and insights that make depth and vastness.” -Emerson.

p.s. Readers have pointed out the accurate predictions in past astrological monthly notes in both weather, quakes, volcanoes, etc., as well as Jennifer Aniston’s latest break-up and what’s up with late night show hosts. It is my hope to address more famous people in current events in coming articles. My work on new cd and book precludes my doing such this month. Many blessings as we enter a precarious spring.

And remember, as Pindar once said, 

“A human being doing good things forgets Hades”.

Or as Trebore Tau Bodhi so often says, “I’m too busy loving the God in all living things to fear neither devil nor hell. Love and Truth dispels chaos and darkness.”

May All Beings Find Wisdom and Joy!

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