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Astrological and Spiritual News and Views – June 2013

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological 

and Spiritual News and Views for June 2013

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Weather and wild extremes in behaviour continue as we just passed another Uranus square Pluto. We are discovering a planetary mind, a more universal holistic thinking able to work with, and be co-creative with, the whole of humanity and all living things. Perhaps we will yet discover a politics of wisdom and compassion. Uranus’s impulse for freedom and higher intelligence struggles with Pluto’s shadow side of ignorance, delusion, greed, attachment, insecurity, limitation, fear, terror. Pluto’s higher octave of selfless compassion and an understanding of a true nature of self as truth and love, an angel in the becoming, a participant co-creative with all life struggles with Uranus’s shadow side of noise, change without real change, and meaningless contest, conflict, and senseless one-up-manship and war. The ancient wisdom thought that cataclysmic weather was related to collective humanity’s negative emotions of anger and hate. Our modern dilemma includes pollution and violence, numbness and escapism. Our hearts close up and what will awaken the heart soul again with wonder, joy, compassion, and social participation? Uranus will square the USA Sun sign as Pluto opposes it in the coming months into next year. Uranus is like Hermes, or Prometheus, an awakener of higher mindedness. Pluto is negativia, a being dragged into the underworld, the unconscious, and a forcible facing of consequences of past history, karmic mistakes (mis-takes). Pluto is also a letting go of the past, a dying in becoming, a shedding of old skins, a rebirth, a renewal, a turning point allowing renewed awareness and participation with deeper love, compassion, truth of inner being in relationship. There are a few big turning points in history upon us. May the change be positive. A huge cycle is ending and a new one beginning. Many people are rediscovering themselves and the world round, which is a good thing to do at this time. The Mayflower bookshop carries books on every sacred religion and spiritual teachings available. Ben Franklin once had a bookshop like Mayflower. There has never been a time when so many spiritual teachings were available for us to make use of. Each of us is called to awaken anew, to rise to a higher calling, to be and become the art and artist of divinity. May each of us learn to divine the divine in all moments, things, and each other. May every heart flower, every mind awaken, every soul shine. May all beings awaken to their true calling, work, love and truth nature. OM! The book ‘Astrological Aspects the Art,’ is not just an astrology book, it’s a treatise on modern spirituality revealing a keen relationship of Steiner’s teachings with buddhism, hermetics with self-initiation and spiritual awakening, mythology and the descent and re-ascent of the goddess, the chakras and sacred geometry. Blessings.


  • June 2nd into 3rd Mercury entering sign of Cancer plays into a grand trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. Good day for getting keen insights into the next few months. Jupiter will trine Saturn and Neptune in July triggering (hopefully) a creative new views, an urge for world peace and prosperity, good year for farmers and gardeners, many a pleasing social and spiritual experience, and many a good time. Many plans being made now for the better futures. Premonitions and dreams open possibilities. Venus peeks north declination of 5th, love ideals high-minded find a star to follow.
  • June 7th Venus trines Neptune and Saturn triggering grand trine embracing love and good friendship, family, financial, and social affairs. If you know who you are and what is your right working relationship to the world, proceed. Otherwise, Unfortunately, the same day here on the 7th, Neptune goes retrograde, Moon conjuncts Mars, Mercury opposes Pluto, and Mars squares Neptune; this could prove to be a really crazy day leading to a week of mixed messages and strangely beautiful weather. A mixed bag of fortunate and good aspects along with some very challenging aspects of frustrations, anger, struggle to reach ideals, sense of injustice and need to rectify, correct. Possible rough week coming of weird weather and behaviour. Avoid craziness, pathological states of mind. It’s a bad hair and drug/medication week of lies and bad lipstick (faҫades and illusion, delusion and projection of fear/desire) for many parts of the world. Bad day to have bad company or to be or be with someone who is hostile, fraudulent, angry, vexed, or projecting falsities and negativity. Strange comings together and stranger partings of the way, weird dreams. A heavy news day at the least. Extra caution needed to avoid acting up or over-reacting. Mars/Neptune aspect for food poisoning or illness, strange weather, UFO or Virgin Mary sightings, weird cosmic phenomena, pollution, and sci-fi. Many a spiritual vision or dream at this time. Good aspect at times for creative imagination, music and the arts, high ideals and the most spiritual strivings. Bad time to take high risk. The weekend into next Tuesday full of happy/sad, sweet/bitter experience. Sudden loss or death, sudden birth, the world seriously goes round with many a rise and fall in the process. Stocks may be shaky here till 12th with many a vicissitude up or down.
  • June 8th New Moon in Gemini with Mercury square Uranus. Lots of sudden insights and quick turns of event and mind. Vigorous debate and tension of words and thoughts. Keen insights and new discoveries could be upon us. The mind has wings for some, for others the winds of change blow fiesty.
  • June 11th-12th Venus oppose Pluto and then square Uranus. A sudden sense of what is necessary to do and what not to do. An appearance of a beautiful witch fortells hints of the future. Good time to tidy up affairs and be happy for what one has. Happiness for others who are happy goes far to strengthen one’s own good luck. Possible sudden change in love urges, feelings of rejection or needing to reject or eject out of a situation turned sour. Clinging to what doesn’t work precipitates further stress and change. Negativity here is its own reward. Knowing what is right to do to create better future furthers. Avoid fighting for rights out of pride and taking things personally. This is an in depth love aspect at times but one needs to avoid attachment and manipulative emotions. Saturn trine Neptune occurs now giving water signs and feeling/emotions a more long-term view and solution to difficult problems or challenges; as well as a wanting to lay back and not have to over work or fight so much. Also a tendency here for solid emotional relationships. Avoid jealousy, or using forceful persuasion. Avoid risk or gamble in love or money matters, large purchases or investments, playing it safe. Long-term view and investments may be the way to go here unless you are an expert at quick manoeuvring. Mercury at greatest elongation (24.3 E.) makes for minds reaching out far to know and find right thinking about things.
  • June 19th Sun conjunct Jupiter with Mercury conjunct Venus on 20th makes for good lovin’ and sweet times, a lock in on the beautific and joyful. Good for fixing up the home or making plans to. Good time to connect, communicate, plan, study, read, make the call or take the call. (Avoid overenthusiastic salesmen.)
  • June 21st Sun enters Cancer, the longest day and shortest night of the year. After this day, the days get shorter till winter solstice. Good time to make a wish and shart good company and future dreams. It’s Full Moon SuperMoon weekend so the energy is high no matter what the weather. SuperMoon is closest full moon to earth for the year.
  • June 23rd morning Full Moon in Capricorn with evening Moon occulting (eclipsing) Pluto. Evening (after 8:36 EST) good time to lay back with loved ones, have down time or rest, and to catch up to yourself for the week ahead. This SuperMoon at its most southern declination peek. Ruddy good summertime fun, but can bring about some heavy stormy weather in parts. Good time for a Moon Bath.
  • June 25th Jupiter enters Cancer for a year benefiting all water signs and perhaps Cardinal Signs too with growth and expansion, more social life and friends/family. Jupiter in Cancer, home life and food, should make for a good year coming for improving home life, friends and family life, and a good year for real estate and food farming.
  • June 26th Mercury in late Cancer goes retrograde with Sun trine Saturn and Neptune. Small but sure successes and little steps of growth prosper long-term future now. Humility and willingness to learn open doors.
  • June 27th Venus enters Leo, Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces; love shines, sentimental gifts work wonders, good time to wine and dine, avoid ill humor or lack of imagination, slap stick or anger/thunder. Good time for get away or planning for one.
  • June 29th Carolyn Striho Band at Bachelor’s Tavern in Keego Harbor.  A great band she has so it is sheer summer solstice time fun. She’s invited me to come up and play a few songs so I will add to the mix. Looks to be a hot fun event! Jupiter is peeking in its northern climb up sky making for good social scene! Good time to meet up anew!
  • July 1st Venus square Saturn, Sun oppose Pluto, good day to retreat, rethink it out, realize that you are love and are not outwardly dependent on love’s ever-changing forms. Good for formulating long-term in depth plans, relationships, goals. Weather can go to extremes and so can unruly people. Tendency to threat but usually this aspect attempts to keep control or lid on things. Tough aspect for those on the wrong side of the fence. Good for cleaning up messes, gardening, caring for others, serving higher goals and aims than limited personal self. Never act out of fear or anger. Love works when we work.
  • July 4th Sun square Uranus, sudden breakthroughs, crack ups, or shifts in direction. Revelation and sudden insight, sudden coming together or partings.
  • July 8th New Moon in Cancer, Saturn goes direct, Moon occults Mercury. Cardinal signs (and houses) feel they are beginning again in some aspect of inner or outer self.

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-Robert Thibodeau


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“Study what thou art,

Whereof thou art a part,

What thou knowest of this art,

This is really what thou art.

All that is without thee,

Also is within,

Thus wrote Trismosin.”

-Aureum vellus, 1598.

Splendor Solis, Alchemical Wanderings and Adventures in Search of the Philosopher’s Stone.


“I sprang in wonder frozen with the truth still within me screaming new springs wherever whenever I looked or felt in wonder the awe of eternal creation, or your primordial face, echo of my own still darkness yet rising this day with the sun dawning in our hearts meeting eternity once. Friends are angels still growing wings.”

-songs of inner sense, the backyard farmer robert


“Since ancient times, the left side has stood for the side of the unconscious or the unknown; the right side, by contrast, has represented the side of consciousness or wakefulness. Through the late twentieth century, the movement of the Left limited themselves to a materialist understanding of reality- exemplified by Marxism- demanding social justice and economic equality but not the restoration of intuition and the recognition of the hidden, qualitative dimensions of being suppressed by the mental-rational consciousness, narrowly focused on the quantifiable.” 

-Jean Gebser


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Eight Clues to Everlasting Happiness

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Eight Clues to Everlasting Happiness

by Robert Thibodeau

Too busy to find yourself? Too busy and worried to investigate your own free spirit? My second spiritual teacher told me long ago, “At the 101 level, there is no god unless you prove there is by the way you live”. Jesus said to the apostles “Do you not know? Ye are Gods in the becoming”.

Christ, Lao Tzu, Chan Tze, Buddha, Nagarjuna, Tsong Ka Pa, Pythagoras, Blavatsky, Steiner, Osho, Ohsawa, so many gave us such clue. Here’s my hermetic macrobiotic clues for happiness and infinite luck, good karma.

The clues-

  1. Always attune to the infinite supply of insight, energy, and good heartedness by sharing your best. Always be open to receive what life offers as an opportunity to grow, learn, and awaken to ever renewing energy.
  2. Always be hungry–for learning, life, and further experience inward and outward creating space for greater peace, understanding, and good will.
  3. Always allow yourself sacred deep sleep–enabling digestion of past experience creating new capacities for further growth, adventure, and experience. When you can’t sleep, read deep spiritual literature and relax, take a breath in of the divine imagination.
  4. Always have good memory by listening well to everything. Work to attain the ability to align oneself with the spirit of virtue, the dharma, mindfulness, cosmic memory, akasha, universal mind, universal peace, in stillness and infinite vastness. Imagine it! Cosmic memory is the ability to see the golden thread weaving through each and every moment life offers. Imagine it.
  5. Always be happy to give and receive learning, blessings, and helpful hand. Deep appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness for all life’s joys and challenges opens spiritual doors of new opportunity, healing, and good fortune (vs. misfortune).
  6. Always be inwardly at-one and attuned to the infinite spirit of the universe; egoless striving for awareness and truth. Rest in the great oneness as well as the great uniqueness of each expression of that oneness. Be immediate and present in both action and response, yet resting in the heart of eternity. We are the rainbow uniting the great divide.
  7. Always abide in truth and the happiness for all creation, all others, all of the world within and without. At the least, everything is an opportunity to learn ad grow; that is, purification, learning and growing up! Right judgment brings about a new world or order of the universe (see Ohsawa’s ‘Zen Macrobiotics’).
  8. Spiritual Justice is the harmony of the inner and outer, the heavenly and earthly making for beauty, health, virtue, freedom, peace, eternal truth, and happiness.

Theosophy is the wisdom learning, the wise ways of ‘gods in the becoming’ meaning virtues and realizations, truth, in the becoming.

Anthroposophy is the wisdom of little moments mattering to big moments. It is the wisdom of awareness and mindfulness arising from knowledge of the macrocosm and microcosm, heaven and earth, coming into creative balance. Anthroposophy awakens the knowledge of the Christos as a healing force to the etheric/astral worlds of the heavenly garden that earth potentially could be.

Macrobiotics is the wisdom of the macro or centripetal forces of the peripheral heavenly energies learning to balance the earthly centrifugal outgoing energies. Macrobiotics is learning to balance outer and inner, higher and lower, acid and alkaline, yin and yang, to find a creative balance bringing about health, happiness, and freedom.

Plato said “If you are willing to learn, anything can happen”. Happiness, love, joy, and freedom is a learning choice, an unending story, an ever-flowering journey to wholeness.

Learning is to imagine ourselves and the world healthy, holy, wise, and loving. Imagination and learning is the first step. The second step is living it. The third step is learning from our own experience, as well as the experience of others. The fourth step in the heart of awakening and will be the subject of my next article. Blessings.

-Robert Thibodeau is an astrologer and metaphysical consultant, owner and operator of the Mayflower Bookshop, tel. (248) 547-8227, on the web at

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The Secret of Light- Crazy Heart Wisdom

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

“May the rains of lava, blazing stones and weapons

From now on become a rain of flowers,

And may all battling with weapons

From now on be a playful exchange of flowers.”

-Shantideva, A Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Life, 10:9.

It was the Promethean wish that all beings find happiness and the mindful causes of happiness. This is and was the goal of all sages in all ages, to awaken the mind, the light of the spirit, to co-create, participate with the world in freedom and loving kindness, wisdom and compassion, truth and love.

“The people who sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death, light is sprung up.”

-Gospel of Matthew, 4:16

Metaphysically speaking, darkness comes first, then light. The gardener knows that, without light, nothing blooms or comes to fruit, but without darkness nothing germinates, roots, and holds ground. Selflessness, emptiness, the willingness to learn, contemplative openness and yogic concentration, is the key to unlocking the seven seals or charkras of enlightenment. When we recognize and acknowledge trouble, conflict, and suffering, a space is created for compassionate action to arise. Think of the darkness of the garden compost.

“Hello Darkness My Old Friend, I’ve Come To Talk To You Again…”

-Song ‘Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel

Meditation is like that. In the dark silence, the quiet mind sits still in the heart until the voice of the silence speaks, or new light emerges. The ancient India Upanishad invocation speaks-

Lead me from the unreal to the Real;

Lead me from darkness to Light;

Lead me from death to Immortality.

In the Gnostic Gospel of Pistis Sophia, Jesus reveals to his disciples “the mysteries of the Light of the Father,” and tells them:

“Do ye seek after these mysteries? No mystery is more excellent than they which shall bring your souls unto the Light of Lights, unto the place of Truth and goodness, unto the place where is neither male nor female, nor form, but Light everlasting.” Many sacred scriptures speak of darkness or ignorance turning to light and wisdom.

Or is it an injunction to transcend opposites? Carl Jung’s evocatory title to his great work, ‘The Mysterium Coniunctionis: An Inquiry into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in Alchemy’. Think of it as the mysterious conjunction of the sun and moon, inner and outer, spirit and matter, purusha-prakriti. Jung knew the secret processes of alchemy, yoga, and healing. First you separate the gross, dark matter, prima materia, from the subtle body. Both are then purified, afterwhich a re-uniting or communion takes place at a higher level.

Goethe speaks in Faust:

“Wedded couples seeking bliss

Let this wisdom guide you;

The recipe for love is this,

that first we must divide you.”

The first step in Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms (the first known book on Yoga) states-

“Yoga is the ceasing of the modifications of the mind”.

The first step in yoga, then, is to stop going through changes and sit the mind still, within. If full of light, go dark in stillness listening. If too dark, turn on the light. Look for a new balance.

“In darkness we do all we can, in daylight we’re oblivion; our hearts so pure and clear.” -Dougie MacLean, ‘Turning Away’

Stopping the noise and chatter of the mind and world round, being here now in stillness is the usual first step in both meditation and yoga. It is in deep inner listening, stillness, that a new light, a new insight, may emerge.

One suggested meditation practice is the mind asana of the heart, sitting still in the heart, while observing a spark or starlight at the brow or forehead (See Robert cd talk: ‘Heart Meditation’). There is an intimate relationship and dance of life between the head light and the wisdom of the body, the heart. Many spiritual practices consist of discriminating between the two, purification, and then later, a re-acquainting or uniting.

“With half-closed eyes focused on the tip of the nose, the mind steadily fastened [on its object], and the active prana current of the ida and pingala nadis suspended [by guiding it into the sushumna], thus the yogi reaches the slate of realization of Truth in the form of a radiating light which is the source of all things, and the highest objective to be reached. What higher state is there that he might expect?” -Hatha Yoga Pradipika

It is in the re-creating of heaven (star) and earth (heart) that new worlds are born, or new opportunities and insights emerge.

“Direct your [inner] gaze upon ‘light’ by slightly raising the eyebrows. Then perform shambhavi mudra as you have learned it. This induces samadhi. Some confuse themselves by the alluring promises of the shastras and tantras, others by the Vedic Karmas, and still others by logic. None of them recognize the real value of this mudra, by the aid of which one can cross the ocean of existence.” -Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Crossing, or making the proper passage or ‘passover’ from the head to the heart necessitates that you have a head to start with which to see the promised land, and a heart of wisdom and compassion to incarnate or manifest such ideal or vision.

“He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” -Gospel of St. John, 1:8

God (Father Archetype), the Word (Christos, Logos, Buddhi-Manas), life (Spirit), and light (Mindfulness, Dharma, Duty) are the four-fold initial ordering revealed in the gospel of St. John the Divine, but it is hidden everywhere in all sacred scripture to the wisdom eye of the heart. It is the Tetragrammaton, Pythagorus’ Tetraktis. It is Plato’s cross upon which humankind is hung, strung, and maintained. It is the Native American four directions, the four Vedas, the four elements. Plato said around 500 BC, the World Soul is crucified in time and space within each individual. Thus, the World Spirit/Soul is rose rooted or rosy crossed in every human heart, in every mindstream continuum. We are spiritual beings with a body and soul. May the physical body find its soul in the world of virtuous merit. May the soul find its light in the Spirit of the World. May the World find itself in each and every Heart awakened in love and truth.

“Words are mere sound and smoke, dimming the heavenly light.”


Yoga and Meditation can quiet the mind into the heart of understanding where the light of the universal logos, the World Word Ether or Askasa, the true voice of the silence, can be heard. There is a worldly materialistic light wherein we see differences and act out of separateness causing unnecessary suffering due to not understanding the true nature of the self, being light and love, wisdom and compassion. There is a light born within that awakens the way of virtue and joy. There is a holy quiet listening spiritual darkness within betrayed by anger, jealousy, hatred, ignorance and delusion. There is a rainbow of possibility open to each of us to explore our own spirituality in freedom, joy for the open road, and compassionate truth.

May each of us discover and find our unique way, and may the world find peace and wholeness. Om Tat Sat.

May the Light of Truth Eternal, whose echo throughout the ages keeps alive in each heart, spiritual imagination, inspiration, and the intuition, energize our hearts. May the highest truth enlighten our minds and quicken our hands and feet in compassion’s loving kindness! May all beings find joy, happiness and dharma mind. May the Light of Truth Eternal, whose echo down the ages has kept alive the spark of Spirit, enkindle our souls with spiritual intuition, energizing our hearts to enlighten our path.

The secret of light is that we make it shine.

Empty Openess

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Empty Openess, the Spirit Light of Soul and the Journey of MIND


Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower

“When you possess light within, you see it externally.” -Anais Nin

What is light? It’s hard to look into the sun or even a bright electric light, let alone see its true source. So what is light? Can we know light without dark to contrast it? I think of the  light of consciousness, the light in another’s eyes as the doorway to the soul. I think of all the people who had a near death experience and claimed they saw the light of peace. There is a light of knowing, a light of imagination, a light of being, a light at the end of the tunnel. I do believe that; I guess I just can’t find the right tunnel. Ha! In the beginning, the first creation was light. Thank God there is light. Who could imagine ‘Dark On Yoga’? It’s ‘Light on Yoga’!

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran

How many songs are there talking about the ‘light of love’? Even I have a song with the words ‘I want to be the light on your road, I want to be the light on your rose, set free the heart of your soul’. What about the light of awareness? Nobody says the ‘dark of awareness’. Consciousness and growth, upwardness, goodness, even heaven, depend on light. It’s an old wisdom that it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, so let there be light.

A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is the light of heaven, the light of the stars, sun, and moon. There is the light of enlightenment, the light of dharma, the light of scripture, the light of wisdom. There is the falling light of sunset, eve. There is an inner and outer light. One warms and enlightens the inner side of life.

There is on the shadow side, the fallen light, electricity; known in western esoteric circles as enslaved discarded disintegrating astral bodies, or artificial light. Desire and fear, anger and jealousy, obsession and compulsive actions seem to more fit this negative bardo state which can bring rainbows if we can learn to transform negative experience and perceptions into spiritual insight and light of knowing and loving kindness, compassion.

In spirituality and the mind of yoga, we are not talking about the outer physical light in which we see differences, separation, and contrasting views. Mostly I am talking about inner light, insight, spiritual light, even the light that lights dreams and imaginative adventure, joy. This light of spiritual possibility exists inside us. It exists outside us when we, from our spirit selves, learn to see and feel the unifying principle, the universal light and love available to all of us. Our Higher Self is united with every other, there is a great spiritual oneness, wholeness in the universe. Yet each of us is a unique expression of that oneness. Each of us out of freedom and capacity can choose to explore and unfold a unifying principle of love and truth. Each of us can choose love over hate. Each of us can choose to act out of wholeness, oneness, rather than out of separateness. As the Dalai Lama says, everyone wants to be happy. There is a vast richness inside each of us that is infinite.

His high endeavors are an inward light

That makes the path before him always bright.”

-William Wordsworth

Light and dark meeting in balance produce the rainbow. Goethe and Rudolf Steiner indicated this. The sky is blue because we look at dark space through light. Looking at light through dark (dusk) we see the red sunset. This can be demonstrated in any classroom and is self-evident once observed. Without light, we could not see with eyes. Goethe thought light itself, over time, created the eye. Light itself is invisible. We see what catches or reflects the light. In an analogy of spirit and matter, light is a spirit force that matter entangles or romances creating consciousness and form. Light and electricity are opposites like good and evil.

Turning on a light can chase away the darkness, but a simple electrical light usually does not banish the darkness of ignorance, delusion, anger, jealousy, fear, and hatred. Nor does a love that lacks wisdom stop an unnecessary war. Only hard-earned wisdom born of compassion and a love that is infinitely patient and wise can be a spiritual alchemy of lasting change and progress.

A sensible man will remember that the eyes may be confused in two ways – by a change from light to darkness or from darkness to light; and he will recognize that the same thing happens to the soul.” -Plato

Light and life (substance) are always in affair. In this respect, theosophy tells us that earth gave us our form and stars (suns) gave us intelligence. Between the upper light of intelligence and the dark life of will, is the heart of love or the middle way. Light, love, and life make the great trinity of a human being.

Light can be cold, warmth can be dark. Love is what reconciles opposites, marrying the higher and lower, giving birth to divine presence. The light of intellect alone can be cold, calculating, even ruthless. Love alone can be naive and foolish. Trees are in nature’s harmony and love and they get chopped down oft for nothing. Flowers are love and they get picked and stepped on. It seems that we need the light of wisdom and the higher love of loving kindness, virtue, compassion, and at-one-ment, union, to find lasting peace and happiness.

Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow’s speed.” -Howard Nemerov

When Jesus the Christ said ‘Ye are the Light of the World’, it indicated the possibility of an intelligence holding a world conception. ‘Ye are the Salt of the Earth’ perhaps indicated the need for practical earthy intelligence. Surely the Beatitudes of the New Testament indicate a higher love, a buddhist-like compassion for all who suffer. When both Jesus Christ and Buddha indicated that you will “know them by their deeds,” this is a strong indication that light and love, intelligence and virtue, need demonstration, to be put into action as the Bhagavad Gita of spiritual India infers. The further injunction “By their fruits you shall know them” is a further indication of virtuous actions leading to even a higher fruition of freedom and love/compassion to come in the future.

Alas! must it ever be so?

Do we stand in our own light, wherever we go,

And fight our own shadows forever?”

-Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton

It is a dangerous thing to live in just ‘good intentions’. The old saying is that ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. To live in just words and pictures, thoughts, is the beginning of spiritual pornography. One lives in pictures rather than reality. One reads a menu but never eats. To live in feelings, even loving ones, that have no head light is to set oneself up to be a victim or fallen flower. It is in the heart where intelligence and love, wisdom and compassion, may learn to meet and agree, learn to die and be born again (Being born into spirit is a teaching as old as time in ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, India). Hermes is thrice born; spirit, soul, and subtle body! It is in the heart that true light and love is born and reborn. Here the blues turn into the warmth of loving kindness, compassion. The heart, like the sun, can shine all the time.

The sun shines and warms and lights us and we have no curiosity to know why this is so; but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the heart of the teaching, YOGA is love. It is the union of purified mind (light) with purified body (form). When the magical arts state that each of us is a star, it is both in ‘possibility,’ ‘becoming,’ and in eternal being, spirit. This implies not only coming to light, but also coming into being. It implies a healthy darkness that holds the light, allows you to see the light. These are deep mysteries that modern physics and science touch upon in the discovery that there is a black hole, a dark void, at the center of each star. The light and the dark, the purusha and prakriti of old India, commingle creating the planetary system, the solar logos, the music of the spheres. The void is the dark heart of matter interacting with the universal spark at the heart of our own little planetary system of chakras, colors, tones and notes continually alive and creating. To awaken to spiritual nature and consciousness, the ancient wisdom has given us meditation and yoga. In freedom, each of us can come to ever new insight and compassionate understanding of our self and the universe around us. May all beings find light and love, self-realization, enlightenment, and the virtue of being true to the Higher Self of the world.

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” -Jung

If in the dark, be the light. If there’s too much noise, movement, light, be the dark stillness calm abiding peace beyond understanding. Be empty to become full.

“The SELF shines in all, but in all it does not shine forth.” -Upanishads

When the light outweighs the darkness, the teacher is present; quick, listen with your whole heart! Heart of love is the bell, truth is what rings us clear in the journey of light. Bless your heart and mind!

“Love is not consolation. It is light.” -Nietzsche

Perhaps in the end, as well as the beginning, it is we who make the light shine. It is we that learn from the light of others. It is we who carry the sweet and heavy burden of light. And how do we carry such a sweet burden as light? By love. And that too in the begginning and end is something we create and co-create, but that is another story.

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in.”

-Leonard Cohen

“Light is force, and the latter is produced by the will. As this will proceeds from an intelligence which cannot err, for it has nothing of the material organs of human thought in it, being the superfine pure emanation of the highest divinity itself–(Plato’s “Father”) it proceeds from the beginning of time, according to immutable laws, to evolve the elementary fabric requisite for subsequent generations of what we term human races.” -H.P.Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled.

Robert Thibodeau is an astrological consultant, singer songwriter, metaphysical researcher, speaker, and proprietor of Mayflower Bookshop and Gifts in Berkley, Michigan. He can be contacted on his website at

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