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Calendar of Soul for Michaelmas

Monday, October 1st, 2018

Descending into being’s stillness depth
Arousing will and cause to stir
Shining adventure, inner renewing
the ‘Self’, a light, a sun gift
sparkling through autumn’s feeling
lifting, enwarming sun seed striving
thriving, enkindling
wisdom’s light and love
In flowering awakening Soul Life.

-rudolf steiner, 

A robert of mayflower rendering, calendar of Soul michaelmas 2018

Astrology for July 2018 into August, robert of mayflower

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Astrological News and Spiritual Views, July 2018
Robert of Mayflower, astrological consultant, speaker.
author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
Laws of Hermetic Wisdom, The Hermetic Dream,
publisher of Hermes Press, Thrice Hermes Press.

Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227
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Without vision people perish, with heart they reappear. – ~Capt. Bob and the contagious truths

July 19th, Robert talks at Birmingham Community House
7 pm to 9 pm, $30
Food, Love, and Creative Mind
Learn secrets of vegetarian cooking, macrobiotics and Self-Healing, changing moods with food, and more. Robert Thibodeau, co-founder of Om Vegetarian Café will share his spirited ‘conscious cooking’ techniques for grains, greens, soups, veggies, along with many an insight into awakening both health and higher consciousness, love and happiness.

Major Astrological Moments in July,
Three in August 2018.

“There is no one or two party in spirituality and truth. There is Religion, Philosophy, Science; Art and Culture, truth seeking, and reliability or face; there is Spirit, Soul, Body, and all three need to show up to protect each other and flower each other in loving kindness, compassion and truth. There is no one party unless you’re the one having it. In that case, have compassion for yourself.”
~robert of mayflower

The Asteroid Juno conjunct Uranus in Taurus and thirty degrees from Chiron early July may precipitate minor stirs but not shaken moments in the modern psyche of wanting things secure and regulated yet free and open. Impulses to be unique, colorful, and maverick emerge by those usually tame and docile. Need for greater security of mind soul spirit rather than just externals perhaps. Sudden creative urges to restructure, update, beautify, and kiss the moment as it flies by.

Only a miserable mind thinks of the past, an escapist the future; without the present, being fully present, there is no real future to go nor past to become wise by. Being present in the present, being here now, awake, aware, one sees what the past has created and the future holds and foretells. Be here Now, start there. If you can’t see the problem, you can’t fix it. Show up for your self and world, start there. Stop dreaming, wake up! ~robert of mayflower

July 3rd-4th the Sun hits opposing midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, transformative encounters press for positive change. Such aspect possibly contributing cause of weather extremes around the world, our midwest (and elsewhere) heat wave with heavy flashes of stormy rain here and there. Fire and Water taking turns in the extremes around world. Positively its bringing the light of the Sun to real problems affecting us all. The Sun wants light and love, Saturn and Pluto represents the denial of truth and love, or the WORK NEEDED to implement and manifest love and truth. Its also indicative of the desperation of the poor or down trodden in search of true light, education, ascent of consciousness and life resources. Most challenged to root deeper and reach out to grow in new ways, the most affected now and in week to come are those Signs/Houses/Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries born between June 25 to July 16, Sept. 26 to Oct. 16, Dec. 25 to Jan 15, and March 25th to April 14. Strong sense of bottom line and far reaching goals now. Avoid making ultimatums or dictating too narrow a view. Be sure to have your facts right, live the life as emulation model. Leaving others free to discover for themselves possibilities and alternatives will help oneself be free. Yet, now is a time one should be clear about one’s needs and goals and not force it on others, but work on it oneself! Such aspects can make for stress at work, or push for new decision making. Some just hide or patiently wait it out for better opportunities. Good for catching up with one’s personal life, health, exercise, cleaning, ridding oneself of unwanted burdens or things not going anywhere. Or is it renewed time of learning to educate or carry oneself to right result or outcome. Currents stresses or concerns reach either a breaking point or resolution and turning point now into July 12th Solar Eclipse and on to July 25-27 Lunar Eclipse. A crisis of power, a need to use right action not force, a call to deeper wisdom and compassion, patience and generosity in the face of limited resource to deal with situations. A need to work with others for common wealth goals and better futures.
July 2rd to 8th the Sun in Cancer makes Grand Trine to Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. July 3-4th Moon in Pisces adds to configuration. Truly this Sun/Moon in water adding to Jupiter/Neptune makes for some beautiful days and heart felt ways in many a place and space in time. Sun in this grand trine presently on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Jupiter while transit of Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter helping surprise victory in New York defeating ten term incumbent. Alexandria is a political activist bottom’s up for the poorer average person and may be sending a signal for what’s to come in some politics. Mexico’s new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a former leftist mayor of Mexico City also shares in this astrological mindset with his Scorpio sun trine his Uranus in Cancer. Jupiter will be constructively and positively stirring his future work and aims.
This watery grand trine great for weaving one’s dreams and deeper needs, goals, desires, into workings of every day little things. Now is the time to beautify and care for the little things of life, so to support the big things coming.

July 5th to 11th. Mercury oppose Mars, Sun trine Neptune, Jupiter goes Direct (on 10th). Intellect vs. instinct, intelligent ethics vs animal appetite, selfish motive and rights vs. what is right to do for achieving the ‘most for the many’; education and bottoms up. Or are you awaiting the trick? or trickle down? Or still, waiting to be shot up, go to mars, win the lottery, suddenly zen yourself awake without any real work or effort? With Jupiter in trine to USA natal Sun, look for strong moves by ‘powers that be’ affecting world economics and deep pocket world view. A struggle for what is fair, co-equal justice and opportunity to grow, learn, enrich may be at stake. A Fight of truth, ego over collective, or collective usurping individual? Hopefully honest dialogue or debate. Fixed Signs/planets/houses of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio affected the most in trying to make everything matter for the good. Being too fixed or addicted to one’s ways no matter what can blind subtle changes in the subtle body and turn of events. Many water signs keep dreaming out and avoiding being present , thus impotent for real change. If one is dreaming, they are still asleep. I think Dylan said that long ago in his way. Selfishness kills the ideal and dream, or does it manifest the higher ideal. Dreams and ideal fight and work to be realized, manifested, incarnated. Discursive mind disrupts the wave and day, wandering mind fades fades away into dust and vapor. Few find lasting peace these daze. Yoga and research good at this time, as well as active listening and looking at what is going on, imagining source, presence, and where things going. For this last, one needs hold very still and look inward and out. In these hot days, fasting, lots water, chewing well, walks, taking things lightly, and fierce silence, listening from the heart to the heart, and back to the heart, very necessary..

“In politics, sex, money, and love; being fooled is no alibi for impatience, laziness, lack of presence and awareness, and lack of wisdom and willingness to learn. The lack of the willingness to learn is the worse dog crime. blessings….”
-robert of mayflower

July 12 Super Moon New Moon. Solar Eclipse with Sun oppose Pluto Magic, July 14th; Venus trine Saturn too. Some find their true Star, others fall off the wagon, lose their land marks and roots, some emotionally compost or let go of past, looking for renewal, better opportunity, re-imagining job, home, friends, family. Sense of death and rebirth, or turning point. A sense of a need for new leadership or higher intelligence to guide. Compassion without the wisdom of many years, many lives, gets too wet soggy emotional, or too dry hard and brittle. Here light in dark places may emerge, and truth be known of secret dirt behind doors, but also egomaniacs of power and taking the law into their own hands is danger. Here need for immense wisdom and ultimate compassion to protect the little ones and move on into brighter future than dark ego selfishness. None-the-less, heavy power plays and major karma for both individuals and parts of the world this second half of July it seems. Good time for attempts at renewing and updating, finding true root and ground.

Compassion isn’t an ideal, it is a universal law just as real as karma and reincarnation. Those who can’t see are short sighted. -robert of mayflower

July 24th to 26th, Venus oppose Neptune, Sun square Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde on July 25th at 23 degrees Leo back to 11 Leo on August 19th when Mercury goes direct. Fixed and Mutable Signs especially feel need for a love and truth, reliable facts, to base a future as well as day to day reality on. False imaginations come to stare some in the face. Highly idealistic escapades endanger themselves from limited or too selfish a view, emotional propensities to gamble love away. Or is it revelations of higher truth or immense feelings needing to taking a leap into bigger waters of possibility and potential? Luciferic impulses to escape may screw up practical realities and immediate needs at hand. On the other hand, some need to escape and now is the time for a zest for higher truths, real freedom, and a love carries us all. The way to the future is in the present tense. Be here Now!

“Whether man die in his bed
Or the rifle knock him dead,
A brief parting from those dear
Is the worst man has to fear.”
W.B. Yeats

July 27th Lunar eclipse, Sun oppose Mars, Moon conjunct Mars, Venus trine Pluto. High stress upset or anger vs strong need to change and hang on to deeper love or concerns for family/friends/loved ones. A deeper love prevails but not without a cost. Early degrees of fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius the most affected (see your own chart for what planets and houses). War and crime, violence and anger, egotism and acting out of selfishness, rather then what good for all of us, each and all. Time to jettison negative vibrations in self and others. Time to have compassion for ignorance and delusion and move on. Danger of over aggressive assertiveness and shoot em up mentality. A real need to both control guns and educate animal instincts. Many now feel strong urge to make change for the better. If over confronted by externals, take long walks, exercise, yoga, healthier diet, chew well, eat slow, don’t react, reflect and study. Avoid stressful situations and places. Such aspect can be good for bold courageous heroics, but higher power and virtue, divine provocation need be present. Prayer and meditation, gardening and yoga, lighter diet good antidote to all July’s crazy aspects for chaos or accident, explosive change. Peace and joy start with inbreathe to the heart of hearts, love and truth.

August 1st to August 11th, Mars square Uranus, Solar Eclipse (11th). Avoid fights unless you have to defend, and maybe not even then. Defend the weak, be brave and true, virtue deed self and other, be free, strong in roots and honoring all life, rights for all, God and Goddess, Great Father and Mother, Highest Truth and Love, bless us all. Here the breaking point is reached and many go beyond their means to find freedom, intelligence and love. Some just break their stride and search research for new truths capable of holding their emerging Higher Self and Future Destiny in the World Big Time.

August 19th Jupiter trine Neptune, on 25th August Sun trine Uranus and Saturn, Grand Trine. Act as if redeeming the past, awakening the present, and creating far futures. You may be having a heavenly time, tell me after fall equinox lasting love you find. You may be deluded and dreaming again, yet hold your heart to each and every other heart as friend, what goes around comes round again. Many are so deluded now they won’t really wake up till next lifetime. Others see the big love and light and plow on to higher destiny and calling. Many prophetic dreams come around these times. Unfortunately many scoundrels and false dreams too. Be still and know, keep a journal, there is no religion higher than truth, no science deeper than love, no art or job bigger than becoming fully human, grace grit and onwards.

The economic view should be ther brotherhood of existence, family and home. The religious view should be also the cultural artistic and ecological view. The political commonwealth should inculcate with it the ethics (what is right to do) and the rights of all mankind, spiritual equality and practical everyday justice, education, for all.
Robert of Mayflower

Full Moon August 26 with Venus square Pluto, on 27th August Mars goes direct. Love no matter what but attend to those less fortunate, the most for the many. Don’t take things personal other than your highest dream to work into manifestation. To proceed, to grow further, sometimes you have to pull weeds, cut something out, get rid of bad habits, let go of what don’t work, find your own way with others who want to grow and know more beyond this and back again. Deep love now works, fake love causes negative emotions and insecurities to emerge. Good time to share your naked mind and fully flowering summer heart. It may be now too late to pull weeds in the garden, but never too late to pull weeds in the soul stripping oneself pure in the light of universal truth and love, a brotherliness and sisterly mind/heart for all life. Be well, be star, be mindful dharma heart. Blessings.
~robert of mayflower

When you’ve given your best flowers, and the World’s still not at peace; hold to the roots thru winter for spring’s sweet release.- rt

6/12/18, 11:35 PM

Robert Thibodeau is a psychic intuitive reader, astrological consultant, speaker, author and song writer, vegetarian and organic gardener, swimmer and student of Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and NeoPlatonism, among other things like piano.

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Astrology end of March 2018 into Full Moon Coming, and more!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
Astrology Now!
from robert of Mayflower Bookshop
“Keep your face towards the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you.”
-Walt Whitman
Venus/Uranus conjunct in sky thurs. March 28th makes for wild creative upsurges in eccentric love, miraculous kisses, emotional flings and insights, heart revelations, sudden happenings of spirit, sudden meetings, significant sense of being touched by higher power, sudden spontaneous meetings or partings. For some new love, for others roller coaster of oceans of emotions. Quick but short lived encounters needing till mid april to make certain. Certainly the news will be humming with everything from Jen and Brad secretly meeting, Megan Markle and Prince Harry twists, to more of the President’s Women friends and mavericks, and many a more love tryst or risky behaviour . Venus Uranus aspects can bring about quick changes, either upsetting or joyful, concerning love, the arts, kids, creative pursuits, sudden purchases of beauty, or for beautifying, daring even. For the most part its a fun up aspect, playful and robust with vigor and enthusiastic enthusiasm. Cardinal and Fire astrology signs affected the most.
The more troubling time and aspects for rough politics, weather, meanness and cold, cold shoulders and hard facts comes to the mutable and cardinal and fire signs/planets/houses this March 29th when Sun squares Saturn (serious bottom lines, forceful measures, authoritative play for power or law, karmic separations, risky behaviour; turn in the weather). This last aspect plays into Full Moon Saturday March 31st with Moon square to mars/saturn, not a good time to take risk here; authoritative troubles or troubles with authority. Here patience and compassion win, need to override anger and emotional reaction, fighting spirit with wisdom love. Then April 2nd, Mars conjunct Saturn lays even more heavy news and ultimatums, more serious actions or reactions making more work for many. Rough endings, for some rough beginnings these last and next days. Delays and slow progress here. The whole last week may feel like a funeral for some, for others good old hard work and the attempt to either take down walls blocking communication, or the making of walls and slow progress. Mercury most retrograde square mars and saturn April 4-5th drives the strong and hardy to persist. Hopefully even though much tough or ‘bad’ news with last week here, this aspect may bring out facts and truths eventually clarifying many things. Retrograde Mercury though has a way of keeping things unfinished, or in need of going over again later. Many initiatives of last few months need review and good look over if one is to continue. Look for rough quick turnover of winter into spring New Moon April 15th when Mercury goes direct and April 17th when Saturn goes retrograde. By then much clarity and clear vision arrives for things to move forward, and spring to truly start, star, and arrive. Spring fever and renewed love in the air in spite of it all around April 17th with Venus aspects!
“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on
Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintery rest.”
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views July 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013


Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views July 2013


Voyager 1 surfs edge of heliosphere, the edge of solar system;

earth’s heat record being broken in south west USA; many have

gone beyond themselves and back in their search to know the Self,

love and truth who we are. Astrologically this is posed to be

an unforgettable amazing summer for truth’s revelation, insight and joy,

self discovery and opportunity for Higher Love and happiness for all!


“There is no end, just new beggings of the heart

to find itself, the unavoidable poetry of love.” -rt


“Every heart and mind is a garden, a friend.” -rt


  • Jupiter is conjuncting USA natal Venus now. Is America about to fall in love with itself and the world again? Big year for love, marriage, and babies perhaps? Real estate values, and the values of everything and everybody up? In the coming year of 2014, Uranus will square the USA Sun, and Pluto will then oppose it. This year and the next couple of years are a critical time for a re-awakening of high and noble road of ethics and higher self. Time for renewed aspirations for freedom love truth. Time for re-inspiration of the original founders high vision of peace and love for all. Time for renewed philosophy and dream enabling America, the USA, to reawaken and grow in world spirit, strong and noble. Unifying spiritual principle and ethical philosophy of higher love and truth, responsible compassionate politics and economic opportunity for all is once again needed for a healthy future. Each of us is called upon to live our highest dream. These are trying times for both the USA and the World and a new inner impulse of love and truth stirs within us. Pluto in Capricorn will oppose the USA Sun while Uranus squares it. Selfless truth and an all encompassing love/compassion is called for top to bottom. Pluto normally is thought of bringing a death and rebirth type experience as well as a youthful spirit of selfless courage. Perhaps it is the world awakening to a need for healthy environment and lifestyle. Its negative side is selfishness, dictating authority, and the shadow side or plutocracy in all modern materialistic affairs. Uranus is lightening changes and flashes of genius, originality, and creative freedom. Its negative side is going through changes without anything really changing. A sense of hysteria and panic without the calm wisdom to channel new crisis opportunities into positive change. Danger of change without any true inner transformation or realisation renew. With the Scorpio rising USA chart, Saturn transiting is about to conjunct the Asc again end of July into August making for one possibly very hot severe summer for some. Or is it a tightening of the belt, a more disciplined, less obese and less ‘over the top’ overdoing America. The grand trine in water signs coming has brought much needed rain in parts of the country (eastern half) possibly leading to a good food harvest in such parts this summer. Jupiter is trining Saturn making for good economy. These are amazing times. In the Gemini Rising Chart for the USA, Uranus mid July here is almost hitting the square to natal USA Sun. Such aspect now and into next year depicts a sudden rise of new stars and leaders, as well as a sudden fall or change at the top of many a biz and enterprise. Uranus astrologically calls for strong change, a need to go to the next higher level or get crunched or take a fall. A need to do something, not just talk or feel about it. Uranus can bring new discoveries and new forms of energy, energetics. It can also bring quakes and storms, sudden changes and shocks, quick change. Pluto in Capricorn coming to oppose USA natal Sun in Cancer resists change; but calls for need to keep water, air, and food pure, clean, and healthy. A polluted environment and cluttered myriad channels/media and minds may be karma catching up to us, calling for a new simplification of everything. Pluto is associated with scandals and many abound these days. This could also be an influence in fluctuating gold prices. Pluto represents degrading or devaluing gold, the golden sun. Pluto’s opposition to USA’s Sun here represents devaluation or downward trend in gold prices. In 2014, it may portend of major turning points in history on many a front. As Jupiter, expansive energies, conjuncts USA Sun late August, we may see a very positive rebound and ascent in many a place; happiness and a sense of renewed prosperity, family, friendships. The Pluto opposition becoming exact in 2014 may yet tell the fuller story with history making events. July and August are astrologically attuned to give many an opportunity for love and peace, prosperity and social fun; but keep your eye on end of July and around August 7th for quirks and turn-a-rounds in the summer of peace and love plans.
  • July 1st Venus square Saturn, love crunch or searching for small pieces to the puzzle. A need to love and be loved. Cold reality and sober truth contest with the big dream or future plans. Sun oppose Pluto attempts to heal with compassion and mother love that which previously was dark. New light on old problems. Extremes in the weather, hot and/or wet. Sadness or melancholy when not aligned to higher principles of wisdom love. A sense of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings. A need for patience when considering long-term goals and what is trying to birth into the future. Jealousy or loving another for who you want them to be may thwart higher aims. Be the love you desire, live the truth you see, be the creative spark untiring in the higher self to free in self and other. Help others be happy to improve your own happiness. A sense of inevitable contests with the ability to ‘be here now’.
  • July 4th Sun square Uranus, Determination to be free no matter what. Sense of   quaking moments and giving the shake, shake ups and hot bake outs, solar flares and vacant stares, all compete or flow into a new intelligence rising from the hearts and minds of those living into the future with compassion, love, truth. With progressed Sun squaring USA natal Sun and the transits of Uranus and Pluto afflicting USA natal Sun in sign of Cancer; many challenges for change are upon us. Either rise to the higher level of intelligence and freedom, truth and compassion; or face world change cast upon us.
  • July 6th Gemini Moon conjunct Mars and later in evening Moon slips into Cancer to conjunct Jupiter making for highly energetic day and fun evening for food, friends, and expansive visionary feeling experience blending both mind and heart.
  • July 8th New Moon in Cancer, Saturn direct, Moon occults Mercury with Sun conjuncting Mercury next day on the 9th making for windy minds and perhaps airways, weather; changing moods and a wish to better oneself and one’s environment. What works and what does not work takes front stage. A strengthening of bonds of friendship and family.
  • July 13th Mars enters Cancer Sign. Aggressive moves forward while dragging that which is soon to be cut off? New initiatives about to hook up with positive future? Personal aims drive for fulfilment and accomplishment. Wanting to matter. Avoid use of force or over-aggressive modality. Impulsive, passionate, excitable meets cool calm collected. This is a month of unusual, yet improved, conversation and experiment when it comes to love and the creative arts. An impulse to improve business and home life or change lifestyle and day-to-day habits.
  • July 17th Uranus goes retrograde, some changes put off for a while, on hold and waiting? Feeling need to change before forced into change? Jupiter trines Saturn and Neptune making grand trine in water signs encouraging many to continue to grow with or without past frameworks and structures. New impulses for a new architecture of the future. Wanting to be happy in new growing ways. Many beautiful feelings for life arise, renewed sense for healing processes, lifestyle, and properties. Good for long range travel and future planning; new impulses for moving into better futures while redeeming past mistakes. Healing of past while positively moving into brighter futures. These aspects portend of renewed interest in world peace and harmony, family and culture making. The grand trine in water signs awakens one’s intuitive feelings on a grand scale. Many opportunities for inner and outer growth appear this month. Great aspect for creating and meeting new possibilities for furthering one’s dreams. Keep yourself on track with singular goal in mind for greater result; yet this aspect can for some can accomplish many things at once.
  • July 19th Saturn trine Neptune, practical realism, realistic dreams, manifesting the ideal, romancing the stone. Realistic steps toward manifesting the ideal, as well as realising the more eternal spiritual potential in the every day, every moment. Doing what’s right from a higher ethical motive. Negative side is wanting to escape or hide from higher truth or more authentic self. Showing up for your own life and a willingness to continue learning what life directly offers, teaches, is key to spiritual and material growth here.
  • July 20th wild weather into Full Moon 22nd, or even 24th, 26th, 27th, 31st, or is it just a need to wear leather? Good for stripping mind of fear and distraction, and with pure intent and naked soul present oneself to the world. Mercury goes direct, making for quick decisions and taking clear action on such. A feeling that one can’t wait any longer to make certain decisions. Mars trine Neptune and Saturn (grand trine in effect) pushes the envelop of accomplishing and getting things done, as well as initiating new initiatives. Moon in Capricorn makes for practical gains, asserting oneself and goals, aims and directives. Difficult Mars aspects influencing last 6 days of the month warrant taking extra security in travel, debate, contesting, and controversy. Avoid anger and negative emotions. Much patience and easy going compassionate approach to matters at hand needed here.
  • Full Moon July 22nd Mars conjunct Jupiter triggering grand trine Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune; avoid exaggerating, partying too hard, over indulgence, over asserting oneself, or taking on too much. Enjoy life, everything in moderation. Jupiter goes over board, Saturn wants to define limits of growth. Venus enters Virgo perfection in both wear and tear, and inner feelings. Sun enters Leo. Moon squares Saturn, Saturday Sun squares Saturn. Extremes in weather round the world.
  • July 24th Moon oppose Venus, on Friday 26th Venus oppose Neptune sextile Saturn. Who do you love? False dreams cut off or abandoned, or are you jumping into the summer dream and melting like ice cream in Phoenix. Avoid eating too yin or over acidic foods. Avoid indulgence in idiot pleasures. Good aspect for the arts, music, creating beauty and lasting happiness. Balloons of illusion and false dreams may pop this weekend; for some new dreams begin where old ones end.
  • July 27th Mars oppose Pluto, boiling point, avoid anger and use of force. Much need for forgiveness or compassion this day. Sun square Saturn, mourning or sad event. strange weather shifts. Mars here triggers the Uranus square Pluto…into 31st giving us a birds eye view of bigger issues confronting the world in the past few years and next. An aspect challenging us to transform the unworkable past into workable futures. A need to let go of what can’t be fixed or changed, and a challenge to rediscover ourselves anew in harmony with a future calling upon us to grow in new ways of wonder and love and truth. Avoid unnecessary travel or argument for a few days.
  • July 30th Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. Good aspect for realising what you truly love and acting upon it. Working for what one loves, needs, and wants. Aligning love with long view in mind, practical workable relationships with lasting value, quality, and appropriateness. Less is more here, simple is complex, exact appropriate golden mean rather than exacting. All in good time, all in right measure, little things can express more eternal inner treasures.
  • July 31st Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries triggers bravado, courage, honest reckoning; as well as rash actions, anger, crazy chaotic testosterone warring negative emotions if not careful. This is one of those aspects where the meds backfire and patience is easily lost. Possible explosive release of tension, sudden change of direction or conclusion of events, upsets, accidents. Good for purifying, rhythmic exercise or yoga, intensifying one’s spiritual practice. Intense need for freedom and creative outlet or expression. Tendency to be premature or rash, hasty in action. Tendency to feel split in goals, bipolar in sense of self identity. Beholding the tension of opposites, meditation, long walk or right exercise and diet (more grains and greens, hearty miso soup) can ease unnecessary tensions. Such aspect precipitates need to act, secure, root, or express oneself. Good for courage and bravado when not foolhardy.


Be Happy, get to know your Higher Self is intimately co-creative with the World Mind and Soul !


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Astrological News and Views – February 2013

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Astrological News and Views for February 2013

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“We can say that developing truly genuine love and thoughtful, honest compassion are the right preparation for the soul that wants to find its way clairvoyantly into the spiritual worlds. When you reflect a little on how hard it is to acquire true compassion and the true capacity for love in this world of ours, you will not find these words completely unimportant.”

-Rudolf Steiner, Secrets of the Threshold


“Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed. When friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work but the solidest things we know.” -Emerson


“Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense.” -e e cummings


1st February, Mars enters Pisces until 12th March. The weak grow strong, the mild get aggressive, the assertive/aggressive types have second thoughts and feel sensitive. Mars in Pisces reverses archetypal roles, the inside turns out, the outside turns in. This is like Mars conjunct Neptune, there are disguises and things don’t seem to quite be what they are.


“Society is a masked ball where everyone hides his real character, then reveals it by hiding” -emerson


Mars forces and outward thrust to Pisces doubt, fear, insecurity, reactions to over sensitivities, even paranoia when biochemistry off. Avoid the tendency to exaggerate fears or escaping in imaginations abnormal. Tendency too for great daring adventures, explorations, spiritual love, far-out expectations and wishes. Mars usually is dashingly clear, a warrior simple true. In Pisces, Mars can be foggy, masked, in disguise, elusive. Unlike Virgoan critique and criticism, Mars/Pisces escapes, hides, projects, lives in feeling pictures rather than facts. Reversals take place when Mars/Pisces exaggerates a fact or two out of harmonious context with greater sense of space and time. An inability to face the right questions, problems, reality and facts, can make a Mars/Pisces person attack strongly the wrong subject or person. Mars/Pisces either wants to escape inevitables or wants to Don Quixote-like, attack windmills and defend idiots (idiot savants is another problem). Positive Mars/Pisces is taking a break from what doesn’t work, mediation in stillness, internship, beautifying or taking up music or the arts. (Great evening 9-10 p.m. at O’Mara’s in Berkley near Mayflower, Great Flamingo Guitar and Music with Dancers; beautifully enchanting romantic get-a-way). Venus entering Aquarius same evening for the month, Higher romance freeing the soul, joining with others, making new friends, breaking away from old or outworn behaviours. Aspect in reverse gives an ‘I don’t care anymore’ attitude, a wanting to be free of the fight or intensity going nowhere.


“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

-e e cummings


These two aspects together make for some serious planning by some to escape, change the day-to-day, elevate from the stress, journey anew, travel, try something new, and re-aim one’s direction toward a life-style more at ease with one’s own highest ideals and dreams. The danger of moving to the vision and view on the horizon is that by the time you get there, the horizon moved. Realising the carrot and the stick are both attached somehow to you may allow you to sit still for a moment and ponder your wholeness, or lack of.


“Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.”

-William Blake, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience


3rd February Moon conjunct Saturn gives needed catch up sleep and rest, or more weariness and feelings of burden carrying others’ weight, making for tough and ultimate secret decisions in the making.


“All of us contain Music and Truth, but most of us can’t get it out.”  

                       -autograph for Stefan Czapka by Mark Twain


4th February Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces can stir higher intelligence and far-reaching future plans, but usually it is an aspect of more crazy weather, accidents, misguided intentions, deluded, angry, obsessed, mean-spirited, weird, lying, deceitful type experiences. Where are the noble truths and knightly honourees? Medications and guns don’t mix with this aspect. Danger of misfiring or starting war-like behaviour, storms and protest. Wild winds and weather. Although this aspect can bring out the highest bravado and knightly love, it can be bewilderingly blind to the obvious practical right before your eyes. Tendency to think the grass is greener far away. Beware of wasting time and energy, money and love. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Many a con artist is on the prowl, or caught at this time. This aspect is around all month. One’s imagination and moods can really trip one out at this time. Over-active imagination makes it hard to sleep for some, or wake up enough in day. Avoid misuse of all medications, alcohol or drugs. Such aspects can create a false sense of reality, grandiose inflated sense of self or the opposite can occur, inferiority. Bi-polar or Manic-depressive dangers. Flip side is higher calling and adventure, deep listening to the other, the world. Good for divine melancholy, listening to the stillness, witnessing and observing, watching, without judgement awaiting right creative expression actually helping the situation. Neptune/Mars can awaken great heroic and compassionate virtuous action, kindness toward the less fortunate, healing energies. Danger of taking things too personally though. Can be danger of lack of universal love and responsibility. Higher and lower more challenging side to every aspect. Choose the high road if you can, imagine everybody finding happiness and the causes of happiness. Tendency to be psychic from the stomach rather than the higher universal intelligent heart/mind including us all. Tendency to want something for nothing. Higher side is being inspired to do great works, but important to maintain practicality and common-sense, patience and reverence for all life. Weird psychic phenomena and weather around such Neptune aspects, foggy thinking. Important to exercise and keep a simple healthy diet. Good time to restock your miso soup ingredients from the Mayflower Bookshop. Some fly at this time, others crash from false dreams. Usually this aspect brings out liars on the news, outlandish events, mother mary and UFOs sightings, weird psychic phenomena, ghosts, strange prophetic or disturbing dreams. Outer Space or deep ocean phenomena occur. Sometimes good for outlandish Hollywood vignettes, movies, and ads. Danger of injury when foolhardy or party rioting.


“For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds.” -William Shakespeare, The Sonnets


6th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 28th February are important dates for weird drama, weather, intensity positive or negative in the world. Playing out the many subtle turns both money and romance can take this month, these aspects intensify the virtuous or non-virtuous behaviour; it’s the best and worst of times; stormy and weird weather, politics, economics, warring, or transformative times; powerful if one can channel the force and energy, do the good, and avoid the pitfalls or non-virtuous bad karma or ill behaviour. Ideals and dreams start to work out, or the bubble pops one into free fall, or serious re-considerations as to what’s real.


“When falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?” -Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


6th February Mercury conjunct Neptune, Moon occults Pluto on 7th with Venus trine Jupiter; Unless you really know what you’re doing, avoid paper work, major decisions, large purchases, and scams. Good day for day-dreaming the many possibilities that life offers. Good day to send flower or poem to a loved one. The 7th brings realisations of ultimate outcomes coming your way. Cardinal and mutable signs and houses are most affected. Write a poem, a love letter, be thankful, mediate or pray, look to your own deeper stillness for answers that clarify right where you are now. The present is the mother of the future, the child of the past.


Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.” 



8th February Mercury conjunct Mars, snarled traffic or quick-as-a-whip actions and reactions. The mind is sharp and quick with this aspect, when in Pisces one easily goes off half-cocked and deluded. Take care to slow everything up, avoid velocity and speed, be simpler clear with words, avoid unneeded travel and harsh words. Good or challenging for paperwork and communications depending on one’s other aspects in chart. Avoid too much talk, no action. Strong, clear, honest, simple communications, and patience for response, work here toward bettering future for all concerned. Ask for anything, accept things the way they are just for now, and turn up your universal loving kindness and infinite patience.


“Truth is handsomer than the affectation of love. Your goodness must have some edge to it–else it is none.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


9th February Moon conjunct Venus, Mercury square Jupiter, Moon in Aquarius, Good day for doing a thousand things, giving wings to your imagination and love. The world seems big today, good for socializing.


‘Truth includes all of us, its the sky holding all of us, yet each must prove it privately by the way one lives.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi, a mayflower fellow researcher


10th February to 19th (see below too), Sun and Venus square Lunar Nodes; significant spiritual and sensuous encounters, meetings, connections, friendships, and sense of connection, artistic enhancement, beautifying. Connections with public or larger sense of identity. Inner and outer sense of self works harmoniously with others, artistic or social events bringing people together, sense of extended family and friends. Significant encounters and beginnings (or shiftings, alterations, endings) of relationships, unions, agreements, meeting one halfway, or making greater sense of things. 10th February to 12th Mercury, Moon, Mars conjuncts Chiron too; interesting time for self-healing, or healing of other. Tendency to meet spiritual teacher or teachings, virtue mind light, in novel or new way conducive to new growth and learning. With right loving, healing, intelligence, maverick novel zen lightening approach and growth leap with possibilities at this time. A strong sense of mothering, earth mother wisdom, and mother wit as Sun trines Ceres. Concerns over mother nature, the earth’s little ones, and women in general. A tiring of war and a genuine want of world peace.


“Lovers alone wear sunlight.” -e e cummings


10th February New Moon in Aquarius, Mars square Jupiter, Moon conjunct Neptune, good day/evening for a trip to the Moon, a fantasy dinner and bath; or is it misspending oneself and resources, sense of overdoing or over-eating partying? Concentrated effort and work pays off. True inspiration is always accompanied by disciplined openness and long-term view of horizon. Another good day for doing a thousand things, hooking up with many people, networking, communicating one’s dream.


“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” -Blake

11th February Venus square Saturn and Moon conjunct Mars/Mercury gives a sense of surrender to what works or holds you. Others may feel the impulse to drive strong and hard, be bold for their loving goals. Conflict of love and hard driving goals can lead to new compromises, negotiations, or long-term plans, contracts, agreements as 12th, Mercury trine Saturn, next day arrives. Otherwise look for more surprises and changes on 13th Moon conjunct Uranus. Not feeling loved enough or respected or paid enough? Work on inner unfolding and flowering, avoid anger, projection, blame and shame, using force. Act rightly, don’t react in haste or wounded vanity/pride. Long-term love works, short-term actions may fail here.


“The religion of one age is the literary entertainment of the next.” -Emerson


15th-16th February Mars sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn makes for strong future moves, business and practical realisation planning for long-term; settling the past, completing issues, people, and things. Good for making deals, cleaning up messes, making sure plans. Good aspect for making strong politics, business plans, serious assertive moves work. Strong forceful action for the good of whole works here.


“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” -e e cummings


18th February Moon occults Jupiter can make for strange changing weather or plans this week. Soured things getting sweet again, or the sweet now souring? Sun enters Pisces and Saturn goes retrograde until 8th July New Moon making for backing off on hard lines, taking a breath from forcing issues, re-thinking a few of the long-term demands and commands, reviewing and re-searching one’s needs. Perhaps one is not quite ready to face reality and make the necessary cuts or demands on oneself needed for further success. A need to rid oneself of negative habits and behaviours holding one back; rid self of unwarranted fears or needs to control. Patience, persistence, and avoidance of anger; listening deeper to one’s own and others’ needs helps bring about wise choices and right decisions at this time that further one’s goals. Perhaps even if truly committed, it may take until summer to see the results wanted if your natal chart is hooked into this Saturn retrograde.


“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1, Scene 2


21st February Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon oppose Pluto; Flying off into the sunset of dreams and schemes, fantasies and illusionary bodies? The balloon popped and you realised you weren’t driving? Sudden exposure of what you thought secret? Avoid get-rich-quick schemes. This aspect may amaze us with bizarre scientific or psychic facts and discoveries (all month really); can inspire, but most often a set-up for rude awakening. Good for higher love and compassion, helping the little one’s out, and living a more organic or healthy lifestyle; meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, natural foods.


“Of all the ways to lose a person, death is the kindest.”-emerson


“Tis the good reader that makes the good book; in every book he finds passages which seem confidences or asides hidden from all else and unmistakenly meant for his ear; the profit of books is according to the sensibility of the reader; the profoundest thought or passion sleeps as in a mine, until it is discovered by an equal mind and heart.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


23rd February Mercury goes Retrograde until 17th March; will trine Saturn and near conjunct Neptune at end. False starts to the recovered economy. Many many good aspects May through July/August for economy growing strong again for awhile, but maybe here we may see problems or troubles, little fall backs. Avoid any risky investments at this time. Be clear and simple practical, get things in writing, write stuff down. The spiritual ideals and practical needs either conflict or work out a deal here. Spiritual and material forces clash or meet and agree.


“The purpose of life is

to be defeated by greater

and greater things.”      -Rilke


25th February Full Moon in Virgo, Sun square Jupiter, Venus enters Pisces; Danger of sudden loss, financial reversals, moody shaky markets or weird weather (especially 17th to Full Moon 25th here). Sudden shifts and shake outs, exciting news for future more than present. On the other hand, for some the pendulum will swing for big success. Need to act, not just talk or dream. One’s life, one’s work, proves oneself. Tendency to want to have a good time and avoid negativity and craziness of the world. Good day to catch up or go play.


“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” -emerson


26th February Mercury conjunct Mars, moon in Virgo; many critical remarks and casting of blame, argumentative aspect. Tough critical analysis of situation along with tough talk and need for decision-making by leaders. Good for taking heed, re-analysing situation. Need for greater wisdom and harmony. Avoid angry, obsessed, weirdo people or projects. Avoid heavy work or machinery, unnecessary driving or travel. Mercury/Mars can be the most articulate intelligence, constructive, musical, or other talent if the mind and hands are trained; untrained, the circus can lose its animal trainer. Good aspect for nailing problems, fixing things, cleaning up messes or confusions.


“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1, Scene 1


28th February Venus conjunct Neptune brings more pleasing softer harmonious approach to dealing with people and issues. Avoid false dreams fooling you into being a fool, or feeling deluded, under illusion or fantasy spell. If one is practical, and not attached to results, and knows what they’re doing; good aspects for higher love, future planning, festive artistic musical adventure, and taking it easy having fun. Good for yoga, meditation, spiritual retreat, day-dreaming and song-writing or poetics. Flowers and good food work too!


“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” -e e cummings


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