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“An open heart pure and true, clear thinking not a cloud when blue, a simple walk and spirit for life, is the best of guides to find eternal life in each passing moment.” -rt


“The whole planet and all of life is a vast university. The historical moment we are in this year, is a sort of final exam, in which we not only learn if we graduate from high school and go to a college of higher learning; but we now get to find out if we will even have a world left to learn from.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi


Conquer the ignorance within oneself and the war will cease. Furthermore, it is in the discovery of who and what we are, that all great wealth and peace arise. With such work we are never unemployed, the job takes and lasts forever.


*March 1st to 5th, March 6 into 7th; Stormy weather, fights, oppositions, accidents, strong shake ups, fall outs, reaching peak out and need to turn round and think deeply about how one’s own actions create future karma. Beginning of March and end of March loaded with war like, storm like, aggressive aspects. Many relationships (business, personal, friendships) need to go to a higher level of spiritual integrity, virtue, and qualitative life style; or perish is a storm of negative reaction, projection, and little mindedness. Good time to find higher octave of harmony, intelligence, constructive critique for self and other, and compassion, peace. Good aspects for getting lots of work done. Bad aspects for just working on others to be at fault. Such aspects may bring intense storms as well as early spring moments. This could be a time when some things fall apart, depart, or impart new arts, ramparts, and co-heart in higher truths and love struggles to incarnate new forms out of old. Ominous or good time (depending on personal chart) for starting or ending affairs of the heart, business, or political ties. Good for both birth and death (the middle of March brings spiritual mass attunement, the beginning and end of March is strange karma time for many). Relationships, work, calling, home; its all up for grabs or re-consideration and re-construction. This early and late March is a very feisty time where many relations and arrangements, struggle or fight to survive. Struggle to make it in or out, to be on the top, or fight to avoid hitting bottom hard. Good for the fight for truth, love, and a higher calling, freedom to learn and express. Extremes in the weather, a warring of opposites, warrior moves and reactions. Upsetting emotions and difficulties in relationships which are fixated in negative fixations and obsessions such as jealousy, anger, attachment, projection, possessiveness, and control freaking. (See m’new song ‘Bigger Love’ on YouTube mayflowerbookshop channel for further insights, the ‘ONE SKY’ song was inspired by OSHO book that title). This is a big month for wanting a ‘bigger love’ in self and other (in self usually prevents the war). A general lack of compassion and higher spiritual freedom with early and late March aspects, so take care. Positive side is courage, conviction, strength for standing up for what is right to do for oneself, honoring long held virtues and family traditions. The problem is when one forces others rather than enlightens oneself with freedom. while respecting other. With Mercury conjunct Uranus March 5th and again on the 18th, Some people grow quick with unexpected positive surprises, others flip out not able to grow or change. New insights or personal revelations cause shake ups in status quo. Expect a month of constant intellectual change and challenge when it comes to day to day activities, job, relationship, and decisions concerning home (where, and who to live with, arrangements). There is a tendency to fix it or get rid of it. Interesting upsets or turn around bring new possibilities. March 7th good day to plan garden, spring, and summer plans and venue. Avoid the negative path. Unless constructive critique, purifying diets, pulling the weeds of unruly emotions, avoid conflicts escalating with other. Uranus and Mars aspects often precipitate events before actual aspect occurs, recent shootings and tornado, storms reveal such precipitate events. Needless to say, this could be a wild month for storms and unbridled emotions. Positively speaking, spiritually brave souls for truth and love arise.


There are many people I’d tell to ‘Go To Hell’, but it seems they’re already there. -Captain Bob and the Paddleboat Erie.


There is no solid forever permanent heaven, each day we must rediscover the garden within each other. There is the Great Work to be found. -Trebore Tau Bodhi



*March 8th, Full Moon crosses equator to ‘stir it up’. Stormy? Sudden shifting of technique or strategy. Switching inner to outer, outer to inner? Constructive criticism vs destructive criticism? Good time to clean, fix up, catch up, and honor the other’s views. Good time to be the love and truth you’re looking for.


My goal is this: always to put myself in the place in which I am best able to serve, wherever my gifts and qualities find the best soil to grow, the widest field of action. There is no other goal.” -Herman Hesse, N&G.


*March 9th, Moon triggers Uranus/Pluto, freedom and need for security struggle to find lasting truth and love. An emotionally and intellectually charged day revealing hints as to the coming few years. Remember, everyone has a right to their experience, even if they are wrong. Teaching by example goes far here, as does patience and cautious or wise words. Create time to be silent, listening to the whole of life’s teaching and subtle direction. Protest one’s own lack of talents and creative response. True humility only comes in the face of a higher spiritual recognition, seeing. Knowing one doesn’t have the answer to help another find peace and enlightenment is the humility that opens the door to learning. As long as we are willing to learn, we will never grow old and harden against higher love and truth.


*March 10th Moon Perihelion. Things get delivered, come to understanding, intensify, become realized, and are cognized or faced. Good time for dealing with things, otherwise need to compromise or make peace, not confront.


Each of us must learn to ensoul our money, our work, our givings and offerings with the purpose and intention of world peace, loving kindness, compassion and freedom to all. Such universal intention multiplies our wealth and good return, our reincarnation into the next moment or life. -Trebore Tau Bodhi


*March 12th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries returning to Pisces on 23rd, going Direct April 4th. Mercury retrograde, unless well aspected to your natal chart, is a time to go back over the past and fix up things. Difficult time for new beginnings or new starts. Good time to stop fighting others and resisting what life is teaching you. This Mercury retrograde tends to make many tire of fighting all the time, or struggling just to be oneself.


“This isn’t as simple as an experience of Harry Potter and friends, pre and post puberty rites. Its not just a taste of life away from the parents, this is a real Lord of the Rings, experience. The world is in trouble and huge monstrous shadows of darkness (ignorance, selfishness, pollution, greed, fear) are coming to the little hobbits still sleeping in small personal comforts and little universal thinking. If you really take a look, there is probably a Gandolf knocking on your door now!” -Captain Bob and the Mississippi Paddleboat Thunder Fun


*March 13th (active all mid March!) Jupiter/Venus trine Pluto; Lover’s bliss and whole life connection, the leaping into the sunshine of the Heart. The tantra of love and devotion, right action and universal harmony is vibe now. (avoid gluttony). Happiness in the journey aspect abound. Good for locking into good strong connections, long term goals and sure foundations. The ability to see and feel the archetypal good, true, and beautiful. (Basically Venus/Jupiter grand trines Mars and Pluto benefiting all earth signs and houses. See yr chart). Women rise to power, new beauty and arrangement. (A woman VP?). Look in your natal chart for what houses Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Virgo (and Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini) being hit by Mars retrograde needs this positive vibe moment. This is rough month for these signs, and everyone;s houses such signs in!). The Stock Markets could be doing well at this time. If they fall a bit, its due to profit taking. Such aspects mid March often find some people making lots of money easily and without much effort. Its also an aspect, on the down side, when some people lose big money due to throwing caution to the wind, wanting something for little or no effort or work, and lost due to over estimation of self. Avoid self aggrandizement, bragging, ego inflationary activities. Goethe’s cue is ‘Too much good is evil’. Too much of a good thing can hurt one. Everything in moderation. None-the-less, Mid march if full of exciting aspects for positive new meetings and connections, group endeavors, positive news economically in the short and long run view. Good for peace making and plenty of positive vibe. A much necessary break from the grind. Sometimes such aspects portend of the death of highly celebrated personality. New arts and cultural impulses arise at this time.


The Economy isn’t the worst problem facing America, its our life style! It’s the lifestyle that creates economy. We don’t need more money, we need more loving kindness, sharing and caring for each other. -Capt. Bob and the Queen Paddleboat Maya Gaia.


The economy that will not economize is an unruly adolescent pleasure seeker, addicted to the fear of one’s own mortality while quickening oneself to such bitter end. -Captain Bob and the Tugboat Land sing Anyways U Can.


The economy will economize when each of us discovers our own inner wealth and fullness of heart, our spiritual treasure and psychic gifts; otherwise, nothing outwardly is capable of filling the hole or emptiness within. Virtue Mind Training is the wholeness capable of fulfilling and transcending, crossing the abyss of pain and suffering in this samsara carnival.  Deep within there is a great peace. Seek that first. -robert of mayflower



*March 14th (operative 11th to 18th). Venus conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Mars, and retrograde Mars trining both Jupiter and Pluto. Many interesting love and higher spiritual connections being made now. Spiritual alliances working for higher causes. Good aspects for romance, marriage (even plans), new business plans or arrangements, long term and short term goals for greater happiness. Danger of extravagance or over doing, drinking, partying. End of month reveals if you made the right moves. Middle of the month is magic spring dance. This whole time period of 11th to 18th gives vision and voice, feeling and higher attunement to our future in who and what we want to be. The end of the month is the energetic attempt to begin the work and journey of getting to our higher envisioned intuited place and self. This could cause some ground shaking reactions and responses from our past to arise. i.e.. Karma gets shook up and worked out so we can grow.


“It will never be possible for us to obtain a dishonorable victory over natural law.” -Manly Hall


“Love is the true way to peace. Fear freezes, anger burns, hate destroys, jealousy deforms, ignorance numbs, delusions throw out, our own future possibility. When we begin to discern and learn about our own karma and many reincarnations, the spell of bad luck is dispelled. True freedom and love may now emerge. Look to one’s own heart for all true predictions and prophecies.” -robert of mayflower, from the Charity begins at Home Talk.


*March 17-18th, Vesta squares Pluto in sky, Flaming on or off? Hot then cold? Many a hot shot waivers, many a slow one now quickens.. Strong determination to transcend, win, upset, intellectually debate, or even rise to truth. Success  comes from harmonizing the inner and outer, higher and more earthly worlds in truth and love for all. Negatively its the dilemma of the virgin and the whore, the pure virtue and the day to day matter of fact needs. The ideal and practical making ends meet in ever new beginnings. Conflict between warrior goddess/mom need to win or make right, vs need to surrender or flow to flower avoiding feeling used. Avoid smothery motherly or selfish benedictions. Mercury conjunct Uranus second time this month shocks many with new awareness, truth, insights, and sudden need to re-think or re-examine one’s position or direction. Good for living the truth, avoiding just ‘telling it like it is’.


“Its not about going to Mars or beyond, its about transcending the burdensome gravity of false materialism and attachment to form, to something that we wish to last forever and be solid. There is no such thing, everything changes, everything is up for grabs and rediscovery; even you. Fear is clinging to perishables. Love is the selfless mother of compassion.” -robert of mayflower


*March 19th Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune late evening makes for weird, but perhaps, psychic dreams and premonitions. Good for pre-cognitive visionary, musical, advertising flashes, networking connections, seeking higher connections, future connections, as well as redeeming past. Avoid false nostalgia or day dreaming. Good for higher connections, not always good for practical everyday reality or commitments.


“Often in separation or divorce; spiritual and moral ethical behaviour, even religion or spiritual life, is rudely cast aside. Social pretense and idealistic or superficial facade is stripped bare, and the barbaric selfish egotistic survivor instinct of an avenging god holds unconscious angry hostile expression oft leading to deeds with little or no concern for virtue, intelligence, wisdom, or insight into what should be nor what once was family, friends, social network, or bigger love or world outside the little selfish self.” -Roberre Ribbons


*March 20th, Spring Equinox, Sun crossed equator; avoid conflicts and unnecessary speech or travel. From 20th to 24th, time rocks and swirls too quickly with too many things happening all at once. Weird shake ups, break ups, turn-a-rounds, loss, separation, even death (of dream or ritual, habit). Juno squares Mars and Chiron around 21st (love quarrels or fun roll around?), maverick wild moves for fun, love, and profit. Moon crosses equator 22nd on New Moon/Uranus/Mercury causing wild weather and storm with both nature and emotions. A heads up and ground quaking shake up time coming now and in next few weeks. World Hot Spots erupt, complaints or rioting or protest arise. Strong voices for change with need for higher wisdom to guide. Need for true virtuous world leadership to arise. Morality based on universal principles of love, truth, lasting freedom and responsibilities needed for such may arise at this time. This last two weeks of March brings many a change like it or not to many a domain. Also brings many new breakthroughs in science, computers, economic understanding, politics, and relationship. World reality and personal little down home reality have trouble meeting on harmonious ground. Good time to let go and let God (or Goddess) when it comes to earth changes, and changes due to things outside or bigger than you. On the other hand, if you know what you’re doin, try catching a big wave and ride. Big week for big news world wide and nation wide. Lots of changing chairs, loss of chairs, and new chairs appearing.


“The reason more people can’t realize the world is heading in the wrong direction, is that if they did, they’d have to turn themselves in.” -Captain Bob and the Paddle Boat Fanny May.


*On 24th Sun conjuncts Uranus. A sense of explosion or jolt, finality and sure change is in the air. A time of quickening and revelation. This whole last 5 days here may reveal over the top heroics, but also foolhardiness antics, shake ups and upsets, break ups and break through. Lots of wild ever changing and at time aggressive energies. Innovative breakthroughs or breakdowns. Reset or upset, re-tune or out-of-tune aspect. Good for change, hard on the unchanging.


Many people in the last 30 years have really come out with themselves, their personality and ego desires, wants, and personal expression. Looking at the world situation, it may be time for many more to turn in, tune in, intern, and return to the inner core center, the city of gold, the heart of being, becoming, be-ness. Only the Transcendental can transcend, only the loving ones be loved. -Captain Bob and the Upper Lake Superior


*March 25 Moon conjunct Jupiter, a quick and small aspect but pleasing when socializing, making friends, hanging out for fun and pleasure. Good time to catch a breath and good dinner and friend. Good time to make oneself at home with oneself too.


It used to be in a past history where our world was big and our problems small. Now the world is small and our problems big. Buddha wisely said to look for the middle way and avoid extremes. Jesus got crucified between the two, but also arose. Jesus said where two or more of you gather, I will be there. The Christos, the Mind, the Word. Jungian’s say ‘hold the tension of opposites’. Pythagoreans see a unity or a trinity and avoided opposites or duality. Unless initiate truth was to be revealed duality brings war. Jewish mysticism has the cabala, the middle pillar, to balance mercy and severity. The center of the interlaced triangles of Solomon’s Seal is the same. It is here that the solar hero arises. Brahma and Shiva have Vishnu. Its seems a middle way, a going to the celtic crossroads, is now upon us again for better or worse. Let us be centered in love and peace, the truth of who we essentially are. – Aria Fairchild, the STAAR Journal


*March 27th, Venus at greatest elongation (no joke) east from Sun. New beginnings, re-beginning, starting over or looking deep within for new ways to renew, awaken, rise in love and awareness. (earth signs and fixed signs feel it the most). Tendency to reach far  within or without for true love and love for truth.


The world will change when we learn ‘to become’ rather than ‘to acquire’ or ‘possess’. When we learn that we are the world, we are the walking book, we are the temple of Spirit Self, change will become only learning. There is no shame of blame, only learning. The world is a book of changes, an ever learning turn of the page. Stop trying to forever rearrange facts to solidify our own false security and ego. Only when we seek, learn, talents rather than seek luxuries,will real change take place. New aspirations of becoming rather than ambitions for finished products and material wealth alone is key to true happiness. It is time to have ‘spiritual access’, not just ‘material possess’. It is time to put everything to right use and not be held in bondage by our own fear and desires, our possessions and obsessions with what yet to possess. It is time to ascend in awareness while being here now, not flying to somewhere something else. The ‘cling-ons’ are the bad guys, be cling free of attachments. Be the truth and love you want. Give what you desire. Generosity of self makes one beautiful. -Trebore Tau Bodhi


*March 28th Mercury crosses equator, could make for stormy weather, or is it just new insights that ‘storm into view’?


If we are going to remain civilized and not return to barbaric warring tribes and gangs, a New World, a Spiritual Economy, a Soul Economy, needs arise within and before us quickly, before the tides of chaos both man made and nature reactive finally reacting at a massive level befalls us. -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower


*March 29-30 Sun square Pluto and Moon trigger; negative emotions eat at you? Or is it time to do another personal laundry, purification, and re-attunement to higher calling and true virtue motivation. Avoid destructive habits and/or unhelpful negative criticism. Good time for healing up, catching up, fixing up, renewing. Avoid tearing it up or terrorizing it up.


Blessings, robert of Mayflower


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