Astrology Newsletter July 2009

Astrological & Spiritual Insights for July 2009

-Robert Thibodeau, Mayflower Bookshop

“Children are love made visible. We are the seed and ground host for love’s infinite possibilities living in outer nature and inner art. Love is the foundation and blooming rose of magic. Love works magic. There is no other miracle.” -robert of mayflower

“I am a part of all that I have met; yet all experience is an arch wherethro’

gleams that untravell’d world … Come my friends, ‘tis not too late

to seek a newer world.”ULYSSES

WHO OR WHAT DO YOU LOVE? Three Eclipses in a row may change your mind about this. These coming eclipses bring about an intensified need for spiritual renewal, right job and home life, and a higher feeling and sense for what and who we love. Eclipses help us cut unnecessary things and people out of our life, or we’re cut out of something. Eclipses ring ‘in with the new and out with the old’ type changes. A deep questioning within as to what or who do you love, and why, may arise at this time. Economic VooDoo or new window of opportunity for many a new enterprise and adventure. With Uranus going retrograde, look for lots of reversals and surprises, especially you mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius – the unexpected is now to be expected. All things being equal, take the new road. The beaten road is for beaten people.

“Imagination is to Love, what Eternity is to Truth.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

Wild exaggerations and denials is Hollywood, but so are big dreams and wild kisses of success. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is Hollywood—mystical experience, spiritual lovemaking, fireworks and rain the day after. It’s the highest mountain and deepest sea, it’s lost in space and newfound adventure all at once. It’s the feeling of belonging to the universe, and a song in your heart of surrender to all that is good, true, and beautiful, like life itself.

“I have no problem that every human being is a child of God. My problem is that there are not very many who grew up to be adults with God.” -robert of mayflower

The Moon conjuncts the Jupiter conjunct Neptune on July 10th. Jupiter/Neptune is the second of three conjunctions in Aquarius with Chiron within orb. Boot up the old wild maverick in you and get ready for big adventure and sacred mystical experience. Some of us may only experience the big gass garage sales in the neighborhood along with a front porch picnic, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Jupiter/Neptune is notorious for some big events in people’s lives, but also it is an aspect for grandiose delusions and big balloon explosions plopping us back to practical ground zero, let’s start again. Still, I don’t want to deflate anyone’s balloon. Jupiter/Neptune is great for that ‘Once In a Lifetime Experience’. Great for making peace with yourself and others. Great for experiencing beyond oneself. Great for travel and imagination. Jupiter/Neptune can also indicate difficulties individuating or finding one’s singular purpose and sense of true self. Troubles due to being too (YIN) diffuse in actions and endeavor. Jupiter/Neptune can indicate a strong need for mothering in social cultural or religious group identification, such as Mega stadium spectator stuff. Being a spectator to one’s own life can be a problem. The other side of that coin is being an hysterical screamer, an inflated boisterous performer or personality, and a caricature of oneself pantomiming one’s own higher self. This is not good. The upper and lower worlds should serve the fire of the heart, serve truth and love, the higher self.

Jupiter/Neptune can also be finding a greater sense of purpose and meaning to life. Finding a sense of self in the greater container of group identity, a social womb or cultural religious/spiritual net to catch one’s higher inclinations into virtuous action. Jupiter/Neptune can be group identification, such as an internet grouping, a religious or spiritual identification. This can be good, but often the individuality is lost in the blur of mass hysteria or mass hypnosis. On the positive up side, it is the sixth cultural epoch of co-creatively working with others to help make the world a better place for all of us. On the negative side, it is escapism and an unconscious wish to return to the womb or be mothered, fed, nourished by someone, even if we feel imprisoned. Good time for socializing and dreaming of better futures, artistically endeavoring to manifest higher dreams and imaginations. There is a danger of unconscious projections. Under the influence of this transit, people are most prone to false imaginations based on either personal fear or unconscious instinctive desire. Also danger of mass projections and subjections to experiences beyond one’s own control. World Event Tsunamis, fears of abandonment or loss, feelings of aloneness or loss of consciousness, or even loss of personal or group identity. The positive side is a reaching up to higher attunement and atonement for past misgivings or mistakes; that is, higher learning. Those most affected by this Jupiter/Neptune aspect are the fixed signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, though all of us have these signs somewhere in our chart. These fixed signs may feel lonely or alone, lost or misunderstood, cut off or separated from what they once knew as reality or security, or even sense of self. Others may feel swamped by others’ demands, feel unduly impressed by others’ wishes and dreams, and having no worthy sense of self. The positive side is better futures coming, so have a big dream, plan big and prepare. If you have any planets in fixed signs, those areas of life will be affected. Positively, it is ‘the big dream come true’. Or at least the plan, the beautific vision of such.

“We are what and where we are because we have first imagined it.” -Donald Curtis

Mars conjunct the ‘evil eye’ star Algol, squares the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron triad July 1st to 7th making for much movie madness and sudden leaps of faith into the future ready or not. It’s about watching your own dharma mind to learn to fly, and avoiding the downfalls of negative thinking and non-virtuous acts of anger and jealousy, obsession and infantile fixations and paralysis. Of course, you could try eating more greens and grains (see Self Healing Cookbook at Mayflower).

The question is though, are you living in the right movie?! And is it your future or your neighbors? Your parents? Your good or bad karma? Your free will? Might be a time to meditate, do yoga, go vegetarian. Otherwise, avoid driving people nuts, or being driven by too many feelings and things outside of yourself. Avoid anger and angry people, unless you’re part of the policing of such. This aspect can make for the mad but creative artist, musician, or magician, even wildly creative business adventures. This aspect is also prone to overdo, over-indulge, and go to unjustifiable extremes in behaviour. All planets at the end of fixed signs along with those especially born on or near May 14-17, Feb 12-15, Aug 16-19, Nov 15-18th are affected. Take extra care to be patient, kind, gentle, and caring. Try not to speak of others unless it’s true, kind, and constructively helpful. Positive critique only is advised. Good for waking up suddenly to what you should be doing. Waking up out of an emotional coma or intellectual sleep, or some retarded involvement or situation you fell unconsciously asleep in. A Macrobiotic diet, a healthier natural diet and exercise, can do much to free you from feelings of falling numb or asleep. Mars can wake you up from difficult or erroneous situations with a wish to be free from neurosis. It can make for the most ingeniously creative moves enlivening the sense of life and joy and youth.

“Smee: Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out, and the flowers are all in bloom… 

Captain Hook: He’s back.”  

-From Peter Pan. Pan is the archetypal eternal youth living inside each of us. Mars hooking up with Jupiter/Neptune signifies such youthful action arousing etheric life force.

Mars is a also a freedom fighter wanting a higher sense of self-worth, creativity, skill and adventure. Avoid Neptunian fixation on problems, staring too deep into one’s own narcissistic woundology pattern. Instead, find a higher star or ideal, virtue to spark your imagination. Find things and people that wake you up rather than numb you out, or put you to sleep. Avoid unnecessary arguments or discursive thinking that doesn’t lead to positive new growth. Good aspects for getting rid of things that seem good, but persist in going round and round, going nowhere man. Work for your individual spiritual progress, self unfoldment and expansion, and let that overflow into the world. Seek not the world, seek self-knowledge and self-realization, then let the heart overflow. First heart/mind training, then let the heart feelings go; not the reverse. Then true bliss comes. One needs, with this aspect, to be free and playful, but practical in self work, working on oneself. Avoid fantasizing on love or money or places too far from what’s right under your own nose and feet. Clean your own house before critiquing others. There is a danger of overshooting to keep oneself stuck where one is. There is a need to work on obvious things right in front of you, rather than big far-a-way dreams of pie in the sky. Some famous celebrities that are born on the above dates and may very well be affected by such aspects of fantasy and reality mixing drinks include: Jennifer Aniston, Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro, Madonna, George Lucas, Sean Penn, the USA Scorpio Chart (financial chart), Pakistan and India’s Chart (quake or economic turmoil, warring or new peace), and Israel (intense power plays, infighting, and need to take new progressive peace making direction).

“Imagination continually frustrates tradition, that is its function.” -John Pfeiffer

“Imagination is the match, Inspiration the breath of new possibility, Intuition the meeting of the spiritual being, yourself, and those here and not quite here yet. Listen deeper, your heart can hear the nearing pulse of new wonder!” -Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower 

Lunar Eclipse on July 7th at 15 degrees of Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse on July 21st at 29 degrees Cancer primarily will affect all Cardinal signs born July 6th to July 22nd, January 4th to January 20th, April 4th to April 20th, and October 7th to October 23rd. (See your astrological chart for other planets that may fall into alignment with these Cardinal degrees). Expect changes (or rethinking) in all areas concerning direction, goals, job, career, calling, home life or domestic securities. Eclipses have a way of cutting out dead matters, cutting out what no longer serves the higher self or true spiritual direction. Continuing attempts to resuscitate the economy will be the concern, but until Uranus enters Aries in 2010, expect only short-term results. Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer are most affected. 

“If you want to be happy, live out of your imagination. Live not out of fear or money or poor view. Be rich in imagination, that is where all prosperity and happiness begin!. Otherwise, eat more brown rice and chew well. Life is all about awareness. When that fails, chew on your past a little more to digest the experience. The future then awaits you, and the future is all about imagination.” -robert of mayflower

July 21st 2009 Solar Eclipse in Cancer is the longest total eclipse (over 6 and half minutes) that will occur in the 21st century, the longest until June 13th 2132. Eclipses suddenly make us alarmingly sensitive to situations unperceived previously. Sudden realizations and turns in life are now possible. The eclipse will be total or near total in India, Calcutta, Delhi, Kathmandu, Shanghai, and Wuhan. The end of the eclipse passes into Central China, then into the Pacific Ocean. Expect challenging crazy wild news and ever-changing events in and concerning India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and even our economic relationship to China. Eclipses often bring about quick changes in leadership, sudden fortune and misfortune, quakes and storms of change and rearrangement, as well as more sudden celebrity/politician scandal, crisis or death. The eclipse in Cancer affects quality of food and environment, home and land, property, family values, and the sense of security or not. This eclipse at 29 Cancer opposes the USA Chart’s natal Pluto. Expect strong changes in Federal Reserve structure or rules, along with further bank problems with this aspect. Venus squares Saturn this day of the Solar Eclipse indicating serious bottom lines when it comes to money, love, long term security, and taking care of others. Those born on or near January 15th to 20th, April 15 to 20th, July 18th to 23rd, October 18th to 23rd are most affected to change or be changed, be sensitive or be shocked, cut out dumb stuff or be cut out. Eclipses can reawaken what really matters most in one’s life. It’s always a time for increased compassion and patience. All major astrological aspects create a window area of opportunity to make good or bad karma quickly. Choose awakening virtue mind and making good karma. 

“John: Michael, are you shot? 

Michael: I haven’t checked yet, but there’s something worser. 

John: Oh, what could be worse? 

Michael: My thoughts aren’t very happy! [they both fall]” –from Peter Pan

July’s Solar Eclipse conjuncts mega-church’s Joel Osteen’s South Node indicating both his charismatic prosperity gospel of buckets of money for everyone, as well as a possibly very intense love interest which may elevate or deviate his vertical ascent to success and glory. His emphasis on the power of love and a positive attitude is winning for him these days. The eclipse may signify changes of staff or working relations. With Saturn opposing his natal Sun at the moment, growth without limits may be his downfall, along with ‘trouble in the crib’ or health sensitivities. His strong and assertive wife may be the Saturnian influence dampening the party, or is it another? If Osteen doesn’t slip on the high slopes of mega church success with transiting Neptune (truth or lies?) conjunct his natal Mercury (public talk), the transits of both Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter, and transiting Jupiter coming end of year into next to oppose his natal Uranus will bring more windfalls of success. Osteen’s church holds 35,000 people. TV multiplies that count. He preaches and asks Jesus to give people bonuses and raises. Alan Greenspan and Ed McMahon, both public spokesmen, share being born March 6th, but in different years. This July eclipse will also reveal whether or not there is an economic ‘China-Centric Recovery,’ or is it a slow but sure China Doll? ‘Shine Ah’ … China, is a power to be reckoned with intelligently. Spiritually the raw material is in intelligent loving kindness and compassion for stones, trees, plants, animals, birds, butterflies, weeds, flowers, vegetables, and all humans. In money terms, China’s got raw resources and lots of money to buy anything it doesn’t have. The USA may soon need to return to sane yet free ecological and peaceful world economics. Intelligent and creative peace with China is imperative, to avoid new imperialism and totalitarianism in the form of corporate feudalism and communism. America is in the midst of being reborn as a world leader or fallen leader as Pluto comes to oppose our natal Sun sign. The eclipses also foretell of the struggle between inflation and deflation fighting for what, where, and when. It’s anyone’s guess. Most of us realize at this point that anything that has quality, costs more. Intellectual and emotional inflation followed by deflation, then again inflation, etc. seems the norm these daze. Interesting times. Inner wealth now needs to become as important as outer wealth. Imagination can make us again rich. Imagination as to how to heal the earth, live in peace, be co-creative and brotherly with all economic workings worldwide. Imagination to be be free thinkers and researchers, religiously spiritual about everything and every moment of our life. Spiritual imagination is the fiery warmth protecting us from, and capable of healing, the cold realities of ignorance and delusion, anger and violence, pollution and ecological disaster. We need a new imagination inspiring all of us to work together for peace and love. A new imagination enlivening and inspiring us to get out of our fear and little falsely protected egos. Love is the match for truth. Truth is the light of love. Truth and love united in an awakened heart is healing, awakening, bravery to be yourself, the world, the ultimate enlightenment. May all beings find happiness. May we see this truth and love within our own heart mind and moment!

“…and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”        -Anais Nin

July 26 to 28 Venus trines Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron while squaring Uranus. Good aspect for loving, making new and renewing good friendships, creatively engineering social cultural events and endeavors, parties, and just good positive vibes all over. A feeling lucky kind of daze. Air signs and Fixed signs feel this the most, but it’s in all our astrological charts in some area of life. You have your chart don’t you? Good time for a reading!

“There was a woman who talked perpetually of ‘the divine spark’ within her, until HPB stopped her with – ‘Yes, my dear, you have a divine spark within you and if you are not very careful you will hear it snore!” -Yeats, ‘Autobiography of HPB’ by Cranston p.467

August 4th Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (13 degrees) should bring much relief and creatively constructive relief to many an ill in this world of personal challenges and oft too many then not enough opportunity. Aquarius full moon eclipse should initiate a de-construction and re-construction of one’s ideals and higher aims in life in the two weeks following this astro event. Time of coming into fruition. Time for pulling the old weeds of wrong habits or false expressions of self. Time to cut back on extraneous expenditures of self in areas not fitting with true plan of the future.   

“Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory.” -Les Brown

Michael Jackson’s recent untimely death may leave more questions unanswered than answered when it comes to his money, estate, habits, and reason for death. With transiting Neptune and Jupiter opposing his natal Mercury at death, being vampirized by medications and other peoples money grabs, as well as his own needs to escape reality in overindulging fantasies and in undisciplined spending, may have in the end, done him in long before he physically died. Moving vans are towing away his stuff and nobody knows if he had a will or who either of the real parents of his children are!? Jackson is claimed to be over 500 million dollars in debt. Nobody knows for sure what he is worth while anything connected to him is zooming up in price as a collectible. We’ll know by the end of 2009 and into spring 2010 when transiting Jupiter will enter Pisces and oppose Michael Jackson’s secretive natal Sun conjunct Pluto in repressed (sometimes kinky) Virgo the virgin. 

“Reverence, enthusiasm, and a sense of guardianship, these three are actually the panacea, the magical remedy, in the soul of the educator and teacher.” – Rudolf Steiner 

“Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner

Jackson’s Sun/Pluto in Virgo indicates secret powers as well as eating disorders and psychological/emotional difficulties concerning sexuality and childhood. Michael claimed he innocently shared his bed with children; yet, he also did much for charity. By early 2010 we’ll get the clearer picture of his psyche and true estate and state of mind. Michael Jackson was born August 29th, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. There is no exact time for Jackson’s birth. My rectification puts it around 10:45 p.m. giving him a natal Moon at 16 Pisces being opposed by now transiting Saturn in Virgo (need for discipline and right diet, otherwise difficulties with food and medication, drugs, health problems, eating disorders). Jackson has a natal ascendent then at 26-27 degrees Taurus with transiting Neptune now squaring such (loss of consciousness, confusion, high ideals that don’t reach manifestation, concert canceled). Natal Mars near ascendent in Taurus, roughly opposing Neptune in Scorpio gives Jackson the Elvis wiggles, sexual moves and grooves, along with his infamous ‘moonwalking’ and robot like dance moves and illusionist tricks. Mars/Neptune is also an imagination that can inflate or deflate ego depending on the mood swing. Confusion about masculinity, along with acting ability. The natal Venus T-Square to Neptune/Mars and Ascendent adds to Jackson’s mysterious charisma, charm, and sexual allure. In 1993-94, following Jackson’s huge ‘Thriller’ success, transiting Pluto opposed his natal Mars and Ascendent simultaneous to sexual abuse accusations, which Jackson settled out of court for $22 million. In May of 1994, with transiting Venus opposing his natal Saturn, and Saturn transiting about to conjunct his natal Moon, Jackson married Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa. They divorced within two years. This is the end of an era in music history.

“Fame doesn’t take away the pain, it only pays the bills, and you wind up on alcohol and pills.” -Fred Eaglesmith

For others who over indulged in medications, drugs, or alcohol, check out ‘Alcohol and Pills’ song by Fred Eaglesmith ( which lists many other STARS who ended up on Alcohol and Pills. Stars like Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Graham Parsons, Jimmy Hendrix, Judy Garland, Charlie Parker, Marilyn Monroe, Keith Moon, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Gerry Garcia, Chris Farley, Billie Holiday, Lenny Bruce,  Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, John Bolin, Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), David Ruffin, Shannon Hoon, to just name a few.  

Check this one out too—

“The human race is ruled by the invisible government of imagination. Head thinking can only imagine what the heart enkindles. The awakened heart is the queen of imagination. Let’s imagine Love and Truth ruled the world and we are its servants.” -robert of mayflower

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Robert is also available for Spiritual, Metaphysical and Astrological lectures and talks, as well as live performance acoustic folk rock music. 

“The Path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire – the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain.” -H.P.Blavatsky



“Love can heal all things. Truth makes you forget your little self in light of all that could yet be. Love moves you, Truth stills you to listen to what is bigger than separate ego. Real love and truth includes us all, all of life.” -robert of mayflower

“In the end know this, there is a golden thread at the heart of which weaves all the worlds into one. All fellows of good spirit and heart are in league with this. To bear this knowledge in the soul of the heart, no matter how simple the voice, is greater than all the books ever written, better than all the world’s history and knowledge of the brain. The intellect can grow stale and cold, but listening to the voice in the heart keeps one eternally youthful and spiritually enlivened. Giving wings to both the golden bird of truth and love, this heart touches every iota of earth, e’en the furthest star; enabling the fully Human Being angelic intelligence and virtue, giving access to the simplest matters of day whether made of clay or spirit, as well as the vision of the eternal beauty we are wandering our many ways. Joy to the world. May all beings find lasting happiness.”

-Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower Bookshop.

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