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Astrology Predictions Oct/November 2020, the AstroNews with robert of mayflower

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Astrological Notes
An AstroNews brief for S.T.A.A.R. Journal
Oct/Nov. 2020
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All this is my astrological thoughts. Many asked for me to comment more. I’ve been working on new songs and finishing Tarot Book. But here is my quick unedited first draft of astrology now through november aspects with few comments!
No one can predict the future because everyone has free will to change, update, and rearrange. Astrology is the science art of interpreting tendencies, possibilities, probabilities, and another opportunity to use good common sense. Ben Franklin was an astrologer who made predictions by the way!
October 20th saw in USA progressed moon conj pluto (sag. Rising chart) and trumps prog. Moon square his uranus. I thought if these aspects don’t shake the markets, weather, and crazy times up, nothing will.
This prog moon to Pluto is market worries and pandemic spike, negative emotions, misuse of drugs/alcohol, but also sense of emotional renewal and need to find more deeply rooted life styles supporting the Higher Self. Many are seeking a more spiritual life style and happiness with less worry and ‘stuff’.
I think. We shall see if this weekend’s full moon with Sun oppose Uranus Oct. 31st (being felt now) turns markets around and gives many a new insight and breakthrough. The opposition aspect is often break down rather than break though. I wanted to mention the aspect so you can ponder events in that light. This coming week into October31st full Moon conjunct uranus, and sun oppose uranus, will shake and quake, storm and unearth us in new ways making some crazy days preceding and following. Uranus makes for erratic behavior, up and down markets, weather, and seismic shifts in consciousness.
Markets may reverse and rise up again for a bit with week ends aspect but if not, look for serious new lows. Its a wild time for sudden endings, new beginnings, explosive situations, quakes, storms, off and on weirdness, electrical disturbances and computer bugs, internet confusion, mail and communication problems, but also may offer quick solutions as suddenly as problems. Uranus always surprises, the intensity hits exact Fri/Saturday but things intensifying now approaching Saturday coming.

Last Thurs/Fri Oct. 22-23rd, moon conj Pluto/Sat may well have delayed triggered USA progress moon conjunct Pluto recent market falling up to thousand points prediction. But end of week into Monday will tell the story. – but we will see- wild crazy near insane times for many folks.
Gosh, i wish World was more loving kind respectful, joyous and happy. We need more awareness of clean air and water, good food and education for all.

Mercury retrograde till day of Election will certainly make for a phenomenal history making day good or bad depending on how you look at it. It may take near week to figure out what happened.

Jupiter Pluto conjunct again coming up mid November reflects the huge voting turn out and the huge social identity ‘death and rebirth’ this last year.

This Weekend Full moon at end of weekend lookin up to be a cliff hanger, wild and unexpectable, unpredictable, sudden rise and fall, reversals; and perhaps wonderfully creative for some. Lots of news, extremes in weather, nature, emotions, behaviour. Some genius moments or sudden good humor may also be at play here. See more below.

“When bullets are shot at yr feet, dance!” ~Cowboy Bob

The world needs a dancing fever, not a pandemic! -Aria Fairchild
As progressed Moon in USA Astrology chart enters Aquarius on November4th, look for the American people to feel the age of Aquarius is just around the corner. December Solstice Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius will drive the message home. Hopefully the psychic civil war and the pandemic will begin to cease then. Many peoples at this time feel they are waking up from a bad dream.

AstroNews November 2020 (aspects may influence days before and after).

President Trump will have a hard time winning with transiting Neptune opposing his natal Asc/Neptune midpoint; while transit of Neptune close to T-Square with natal Sun/Node and Moon opposition. Neptune can be mystical but also unseen forces, the invisible hand if you will. Who knows!? Pluto opposing Saturn is authoritatively feisty and feels powers greater are confronting. Saturn opposing natal Venus makes you feel unloved by even those close to you. Mars square natal Mercury/Saturn midpoint makes one feel like a warrior at war. Pres.Trump has tough aspects. When i predicted Mr.Trump to win the first election, i then predicted he would lose this coming one. I get its very complicated but I am sticking to the original prediction that he will lose the seat of office. Pres. Trump’s transit of Pluto trine his midheaven is powerful and who knows if he is capable of magic again. This aspect can give him big money and power and makes it hard to sue him or get to him. Yet all those other difficult aspects should work to retire him. Astrology always has a higher and lower octave allowing each individual to transform negatives to positive outcome. In this light, no one can for sure predict the future all the time because there is free will. It is possible Pres.Trump’s Neptune aspects play into Senator Biden’s speech foibles and possible stress and health. We shall see. Election day time Pres.Trump has Neptune oppose prog. Moon. This can be very confusing and he may feel quite abandoned. It can also be strange spiritual experiences and other worldly encounters. Can be spiritual revelations and dream messages. He will sound profoundly philosophical and spiritual, or profoundly confused, depending on who is listening. I wonder if Oprah and Michelle Obama’s good aspects election time indicate Pres.Trumps losing the next election. Aha! We shall see.
Who ever wins, the aspects are tough on both sides. One wonders if the VP will be President before the end of the four years. This fits into many a conversation of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction every 20 years affecting possible loss of President to VP by mysterious events including death. Mercury retro square Saturn on november 1st and again when Mercury direct on Nov. 5th makes for 5 days of heavy head thinking, blocks, delays, obstructions, calling for much patience and forbearance. Patience and wisdom needed to overcome things and events, happenings, that seem unfair. Mercury in Libra wants fairness, balance, social justice, even love. Saturn in Capricorn wants control and rules by authority, not loving kindness, compassion, and social justice. On and around election day, Mercury going direct trines usa Moon at 26 Aquarius, should give the majority of Americans a feeling they are getting their minds and home back. Also in USA chart transiting venus trines uranus making for a sense of love’s victory over hate and violence. Freedom and love are in the air.
Nov. 9th Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries. This makes for love fights or amazing love connections. Let your higher self choose love. All cardinal signs strongly affected. Airs signs need flow to flower, stay in the pocket of harmony and love. Fire signs need gently seize the time. Cardinal signs need to avoid force or contesting, over aggressing or being overly critical; as well as not feeling too passive and run over. None the less, good time for the dance and romance of action heroes and champions of peace and love making.
Nov. 12th Jupiter conjunct Pluto again for last time signifying further social cultural restructuring. A complete death and rebirth of social identity. The pandemic really exasperated this feeling of social behaviour restructuring. Its also a strong aspect for restructuring your long term money and security planning. Different and new views of relationship and courting emerging. Jupiter/Pluto makes folks go way big with money and love plans. Some climb a mountain, some just fix up their house right where they are. Avoid gambling big, you could lose big. Jupiter Pluto aspects make many act like a mad teenager who wants their way. It can impulse some to amazing selfless behaviour helping others less fortunate, or it can demonize some with incredible selfishness, hoarding, and power plays stealing wealth over wisdom.
Nov. 13th Mars goes direct banishing retarded behaviour of last few months and invoking a will to plow forward with plans whether doable or not. Mars in hard aspect to capricorn Saturn/Pluto has precipitated much anger, hatred, violence, fear in the world. Now that its going forward lets hope real earthy practical workings bring us all to more security and peace come the new year when mars enters Taurus.
Nov. 15 Venus square Pluto ~ Feelings of deep intimacy and connection, or feelings of rejection, hurt and estrangement. Important to have good sense of wisdom compassion for others. Avoid helping those who either don’t want your help or who you are unable to help and waste your time.
Nov. 16 – Venus square Jupiter. Loving not matter, or struggling to find love? A coming back with a happy face? A sense of daring to try new things, celebrate, play, see the humor in weird or tragic events. Avoid over eating, drinking, indulging. Good for play.
Nov. 19th Venus square Saturn. Lack of love? Needing to give more? Feeling selfish or impoverished. Need for long term commitment to loving oneself. Not good time to party unless its a happy one on one.
Nov 27th Venus oppose Uranus. Sudden need to be free, find creative outlets, play music or sing, break out not break down. Impulse to love creatively. Danger of slip and fall out, break off, need for patience with loved ones. Markets and weather jittery and roller coaster with emotions.
Late November 2020 USA Chart, Sagittarius Rising, has transit of Saturn conjunct USA Natal Pluto; possible indicating last of tough times due to the pandemic, stock market shake ups, earth changes storm or quake in October on into Nov, social and anti-social forces of misery and lack of humanity, charity, compassion for others. It could be also, a very cold beginning of winter. Saturn/Pluto makes one feel forced into things. Good for long term goals, not good for personal freedoms and play. Feelings overworked and no play make for depressive weather.
November 30th Full Moon Eclipse at 8 gemini, Sun Sagittarius with Washington DC chart having Uranus opposing Ascendent makes this and all last month back to full moon oct. 31st with Sun/Uranus opp., a month of sunspots, flares, quakes, shake ups and turnarounds and reversals, sudden partings and other sudden coming togethers, many quirky behaviorists, sudden quick or shocking behavior, along with breakthough genius activity and serious attempts to raise oneself and others up to the next higher level of activity. Early fixed and mutable signs , houses, planets most strongly affected to change, rearrange, quickly drop out or in, shift money and love perceptions and ways of behaving, upgrade or quick fade away energetic. Good for revelations and changing self. Trying to hard to change others may backfire.
December solstice jupiter saturn conjunct in Aquarius may very well be the beginning of the end of the pandemic and mass hysteria , anger, angst, and psychic civil unrest and anti social behaviour of last months and more. Many will start to feel more of the Aquarian ideals of brother and sisterly behaviour toward each other, a sense of one family humanity. Hopefully too stability in friendships, family, home, economics will begin.

Do we no longer have leaders or heroes of ethical merit? Inspirational characters, noble with virtue and spirit able to inspire us with a ‘One World Spirit’, a ‘university of Souls’ seeking to enlighten, free, heal, self and others? Sparking us all to work together for the good of all, all for the good of each? The most for the many seems a lost ideal now. We each must now learn to stand on our own for truth and freedom and the highest ideals. Each stand up for the most beautiful good things we can truly imagine with all our love and truth and right action. We must, by the way we live, prove there is a God; a God of truth and love and being a fair human being in love with the world starting here right under our feet and beyond our fence and walls. Higher Love must prevail with a higher truth that holds us all dear.

Whew, blessings,
robert of mayflower
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author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
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AstroNews Nov/Dec 2019 and Astrology Talk 2020 link! from Robert of Mayflower

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Astrology Predictions 2020 here ~ mayflower bookshop robert thibodeau songwriter channel


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Talk coming up with Robert of Mayflower

Astrology 2020, the major positive and challenging aspects, predictions and insights into.
November 20th,  7 to 9 pm.  Astrological Aspects for 2020; signs, planets, USA, Elections, famous people, weather, more.
Call Mayflower Bookshop to reserve your seat.
Oct 31st Halloween has Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, but also Mercury goes retrograde at the end of Scorpio until November 20th., trine Neptune along the way. Good for indoor parties and catching up on biographies and stories. Many want to dream out, space out, let go of tough reality. Possible severe weather and winter coming, but now frolic night before all saints, all virtues day.
NOVEMBER in coming weeks mercury retrograde reeks havoc, many plans (impeachment) get complicated and confusing and mistakes mistakes made. Many dream on or fall back. Perhaps many too high? Meds not working right? False imagination? Desires and fears having trouble with reality and hard cold facts? Good time to prepare oneself for better futures to come, or a need to step back from some situation your are not ready for, or not well thought out enough with details. With Mercury retrograde its best not to make heavy important agreements (contracts etc). You or they may not follow through later on. Avoid major decisions. On the other hand, astrology works in opposites and higher and lower octaves of event possibility depending on the individual~ how smart, how good the karma, capacity, talent. So Mercury retrograde can be a time to really get to know what you want, desire, and aim for, Good time to overcome fear with greater love and truth. Good time to dream real and plan good futures. Good time to fall back and fix a few things, making right on some mistakes not flight to further mistakes and hard learning. Some feel trapped or stuck and fume or boil over; but working on new learning always helpful for new views, greater perspective. Avoiding hiding under the mask or being fooled by someone who is. Good time to find right direction for higher love calling vocation work play. November 11th Mercury transits the face of the Sun making for many getting clear quick on the facts, others shocked by the facts, some feel burned by the facts, and some cut right through right to the point to score big, accomplish the deed, or perfect the work.

Could be roller coaster of vicissitudes and fear,
perhaps heavy down turn, drop. Avoid Risk or gamble or use of force.
Or is it just really tough political weather in the White House!?!
With mars/uranus in sky thinks and things can reverse quickly from what you thought was occurring. Stormy weather inwardly and out. Turbulent moments. Around Dec. 10th-11th nutty disturbing time too.

Michelle Obama has great aspects in her chart to run for President. She could win from the astrological point of view, but so could Oprah! Late December into January she may well jump in! Or are her good aspects other successful adventures.

Unless someone else jumps into political race, Elizabeth Warren still looks the best bet to win astrologically. President Trump’s chart rough at election time indicating tough time then. More on this next talk.

November 2nd Moon occulting Saturn/Pluto subtly triggers impending troubles, problems, hurts needing solutions and healing.
Nov. 5th Mars square Pluto is a sad affair, some sorry they didn’t dare a higher highway truth and love. Such aspect usually brings out the upset, anger, hate, gun play, violence, threats and counter threats. Such aspect spiritually is meant to fight of truth, goodness, justice, repair everywhere. Deep compassion and passion for truth and love needs banish fear, hate, crookedness. Avoid harmful speech, negative emotions, fixation on a point, selfishly not allowing others their free speech. Avoid unneeded criticism or harmful words, actions. Good for cleaning and ridding self of burdensome, going nowhere matter. Here negativity is its own reward, and honey catches the honey bee and flower.
Nov.. 8th Sun sextile Saturn, Sun tine Neptune, Such aspect works to bring a more peace and harmony to warring sides. An attempt at compromise and agreement is at work everywhere. The ideal and workable compromise is struck for many. Peace and Love have a day or two here, perhaps a month.
*Nov. 11th Transit of Mercury Retrograde across the face of the sun. Things go backwards, need redoing, recalibrating, rethinking, renewing, rewriting, reviewing, rewinding, and more rethinking. One needs check and recheck the little details and perhaps avoid big decision making. Mercury retrograde from Oct. 31st to November 27th, but November 11th combust Sun a time of increased tension and facts necessitating action or reaction. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius get hardest hit by this Mercury retrograde time. Desire and fear tend to sidetrack one’s bigger picture and higher self. Weird power plays and taking things too seriously a problem.Electromagnetic tensions run high, so get good exercise and workout, sauna or yoga or massage; eat more healthy. Good for research and discovery for some.
Is this a time when danger of unconscious or egotistic actions wreck the day. The pimple detracts from the whole, the little things bug and annoy and can trigger strong reaction. Negative thought/feeling/action wrecks what could have been sweet day? The gold orb’d day sours?
A day when the speck of separatism, ‘egotism’ acting out of separateness rather than One World View, is divisive and disturbing in effect? Or is it a time when one’s astral body or animal appetite gets burned or over cooked, over indulged, biligerantly verbose or over done, over flowing indulgent and ill willed, sick? Or is it a time one is purified and brought closer to the light/ love/truth/compassion, right workings and creative sunny play, realization and enlightenment? Many a reavealing fact or ruth may suddenly or shockingly appear around this time (two weeks either side).
More on Nov. 11th Mercury crossing face of the Sun~~~~
Mercury/Sun is sextile Saturn/Pluto and oppose by Moon giving a very serious mood and serious play for heavy bottom lines, accusations, attack and defense. The Mercury combust Sun makes many feel burned or ripped off, or needing to rid self of burdens and ‘what’s burning or burdening’ them.
Four planets desposit to Saturn, 5 to Jupiter, one to Neptune. Popular vote, democratic urge, is toward change in regime, but when did popular vote win recently?! Plutocratic Corporatocracy on the defense and offense. Another French Revolution collectivism at hand? A kind of psychic or emotional ‘civil war’ in ways? A minority equally strong in event and outcome as collective mass vote? Indecisive unsure actions. Still business as usual? Need for better ground rules and clear future outcomes? Neptune is indecisive or confused or escapees from such decision making. With Saturn/Pluto in first house of mercury transit, authoritative forceful hand at play. With Venus/Jupiter in 12th, many feel oversensitive and misunderstood. It seems a stand off between liberal and conservative bent as well as spiritual vs materialistic world view. Moon/Uranus opposing Sun/Mercury/Mars indicates high emotions, being at odds with others, split decisions and oppressive tensions, upsetting news, argument, disagreement, popular collective reaction to events seemingly hostile. Selfish, plutocratic, or forceful means to control. Persistent riots and complaints in many places. Upsets. Mars within square of Pluto portends of strong hostility or mean cruel behaviour necessitating police or well thought out action/reaction. China/Hong Kong rough time for free choice. Many protests in world go unheard in media. Good for breakthroughs in research, revelation, intimacy. Touchy situations though taking extra caution and wisdom compassion to maneuver through.
November 12th Full Moon in sensuous and honestly practical down to earth sign of Taurus. Happy week to come making things work for self and other.
Nov 14th Venus square Neptune is silly idealistic or otherworldly, Beware of false dreams or signs and dreams misinterpreted. Good for poetics, lovers, artists, musicians, heavenly bodies and spiritual wanderings, journeys. For some wild fantasy and love come true for a spell. For others at the lower octave, reality and truth bump fantasy and illusion to wake up and smell the coffee of truth both freeing and holding us to go on. Believe in what you can touch now, not forever awaiting tomorrow. Venus here wants to know for sure, not sleep and dream forever.

Nov 20th mercury goes direct. Many get a wake up call that now is the time to be real. Much insight into past pushes us positively into future. coming months full of forward moving actions. Avoid impotent criticism which not only doesn’t help other, but side tracks oneself into deadened avenues of thought, word, deed. Positive time to work on oneself to renew negotiations with others. Compromise and solutions arise to persistent past problems.

Nov. 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius. Wings of inspirational wisdom includes us all arises in hearts and minds for a month. A sense of seeing wholeness, but pay attention to the details!
Nov. 24th Venus conjunct Jupiter, and Mars oppose Uranus.
Fluctuations and sudden shifts in Stock Markets?! Good aspect for fun and love, adventure, but take care to avoid overdoing or accident. Avoid risk or gamble. Dare devils meet angels? Angels blink and wrong turn ensues. Doing what one loves may create unwanted reactions. Negative critique on others may backfire. Every encounter must be out of freedom. Collective consensus to contest lies, insults, contraband, and selfish intentions.

Nov 25th Venus enters capricorn brings a pracitcal serious note or deeper need, security, predictability to love and money matters. A wish for deeper or longer lasting values, relationships. Long term values and wisdom now gleam and shine. Practical matters at hand supersede far away plans and promises, imaginations and fantasies. Next weeks reveal what really matters bottom line.
November 25th to 29th particularly crazy with Stock Markets, weather, politics. So is December 10th to 16th! More on this at my talk. Avoid risk.
Nov 26th New Moon in Sage Sagittarius is a call for seeing further than one’s own nose, seeing what challenges all of us. A sense of collective striving. Many plans and seeds planted, few the real oak trees arise. Don’t be fooled by far away promises. If feeling stuck, now may be the time to fly or take first real steps to learning anew what freedom and love may mean inside out.

Nov 28th Thanksgiving Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus. Lots of love going around. Try to join in and pile it on, the love and attention, the bravado and creative urge to awaken, unite, share, and care for each other’s inner striving and aspirations.

Nov. 29th Moon occult saturn/pluto Hangover or hard realty wake up call. Very serious day concerning lots of serious heavy matters. Good for keeping an eye on the long term, or is it need for freedom from restriction?

Dec 2nd Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year and earth signs get a break and new renewed breath of positive change coming. Shift from many a trouble and struggle to enable greater play and good work, luck, money, romance. Look for what house and planets you have in earth signs. Fire signs work into actuality last years ideals and dreams, some profiting while others reviewing missed learning lessons.
December 12th full Moon in Gemini followed by Dec. 13th friday, Mars trine Neptune and Venus conjunct Pluto
December 15th Jupiter rine Uranus in earth signs. Yea, somebody is winning and we are enjoying it!!? Hope soul.

December 26th Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn with Sun conjunct Jupiter on 27th giving way to popularist values and pep rallies that things are going to get better. Good time to network, extend your grace and good will out to the world. Good for meeting others these coming weeks and making positive plans for present into future. A strong desire to ditch trouble and look for more fun times.

The Dreaded possible really tough winter and more coming with Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January.

More on that coming and at talk.


‘the Motto of the Social Ethic’:
“The healing social life is found
when in the mirror of the human soul
the whole community finds its reflection
and when in the community
the strength of each one is living.”
-Rudolf Steiner

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Astrology as a crisis opportunity for growth, peace, creativity, and social participation.

“Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love.” ~misquote of Rudolf Steiner, 1894, The Philosophy of Freedom

There is no lasting freedom without truth. No lasting love without true understanding of freedom in Spirit and Soul! A World Conception of a common humanity as one family, all friends, is needed. The experience of thinking, feeling, doing in its proper transformation by virtue and honest common sense is called for. A modesty and pureness of heart and mind to transform the anger, pride, ill will, honor, false humility and over sensitivity selfishly indulging in the animal ignorance delusion is far from home at the moment. Where the wisdom removes pity revenge, false piety? Where the higher angel, the gratitude, loyalty, duty and love? Immanent and Transcendent, the highest love and most earthy common sense is called for now. We need work together to find solutions to the world’s challenges.
The ethical individualist activates and actualizes the principles of freedom, ethics, and pure conceptual thinking. In spiritual thinking heart is there renewed hope for a raising of consciousness needed in these challenging times. A temporal retreat from incessant worldly noise and motion may be necessary good start to research pure heart thought engendering a will towards the good, true, beautiful. Theory (sense free thinking and virtue mind training) and Practice, putting ideas ideals to work is in that order.

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“The happiness of the individual
is inseparably connected
with the happiness of all.”
~Rudolf Steiner, Apocalypse lectures chapter 10

“We are continually overflowing toward those who preceded us, toward our origin, and toward those who seemingly come after us. … It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again “invisibly,” inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

“It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again ‘invisibly’, inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
Rilke wrote in a letter to his Polish translator in 1925, “

Astrology and Spiritual Science Art of Soul Weaving september into 2020

Monday, September 9th, 2019
ASTROLOGY NOW! Stormy weather, roller coaster ride with love and money, and tough travel or executing/ completing plans with 4 planets in Virgo. Virgo can be too sharp, critical, avoiding reality or over indulging without higher lift off in event. Here nothing is good enough and addiction to perfection rather than finding wholeness and balance, can diminish the times and value of one’s experience or right interpretation of experience and dream. These daze…. Venus, mercury, sun, mars is opposing Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is known as the god of the seas, emotions, wet, victim or crazy delusional, but also highest spirituality, virtuous activity, angelic experience.
Virgo/Pisces T squared by Jupiter can inflate everything and get out of bounds with good or ill behaviour. Can ego trip or or be tripped by fear, of leaving the known and clinging to perishables. Here negativity or virtue is its own reward. Strong urge to grow. Such aspect, strongly impelling to many, can bring feeling lost,or wishing to escape, or keep on partying while Rome floods or burns, is repressed or compressed, pressured into rather than educated and inspired to.
Many influenced by Jupiter in Sagittarius, to get smarter, rise to the occasion (like Marianne Williamson), and flex their renewed angelic virtue mind wings in the passion for truth and love, friends and loving earth, all ‘God’s creatures’. A sense of spiritual being, becoming, Presence Divine. A sense of dancing with positive changes.
Last of the wild craziness and going to extremes, as well as opposite, a heart soul spirit for freedom love truth~~~ IS THIS SATURDAY SEPT.14TH FULL MOON WITH MARS OPPOSE NEPTUNE; the vibe and impelling (not compelling) influence is in the air now for ‘something big to happen. Lets hope for the good true beautiful. Yet, this week, ‘it ain’t just exactly clear’! May take later in month, this coming January, or even till December 2020’s big Grail and World Pentecost (higher Kundalini Yoga aspect). Now and for last months, a strong time for arts, music, musing, poetics, spiritual experience and intuitive encounter. This can be soothing dreamy or its opposite; ‘this can’t be happening’. A ‘god help me’ vs ‘holy smokes i’m sparked and sparkled by the holy spirit, the great goddess or World Mother , divine intervention, compassion and hope. Love and truth play out into the third Jupiter square Neptune come sept. 21 (its been influencing last several months~ some in denial put their heads under the ground while others are suddenly dawning and sprouting, winging and emerging with new insights, wisdom, higher love and consciousness, new or renewed adventure to stop the apocalypse of inner and out nature. Remember the song ‘Its Nature’s Way of Telling you, something’s wrong’ ? Virgo wants to clean things up but can be too critical and “nothing’s good enough”. Excuses made to not act, not be the solution, not rid the pollution inside out. Pisces and Jupiter want to believe in miracles. The ultimate miracle is selfless learning, experiencing what every self is going through. The ultimate miracle is we can think for ourselves. Thank you Prometheus, Buddha, Hermes, Christ, Krishna, Athena.
Saturn going direct around sept. 18th will more accurately critique the situation with how much work on oneself is needed to fulfill the mission of happiness, freedom, truth and love in a good, true, beautiful way. True, though maybe humble new ways of working with others will start to present themselves in next few weeks and months.
New Moon Oct. 27th into January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction may bring new indications and strong realizations, wake up calls. Yes, for some a really strong aspect for manifesting dreams and ideals, but for most extremes in the weather, cold, cold shoulders and hearts, slipping backwards or to dictorial dictates, authoritarian command, limitations, striving in survival mode, spiritually if not physically. The good ol’USA needs a spiritual, a virtuous, heart mind renewal and awakening of genius. To the higher self, all strivings, sufferings, hard workings, is the labor pain of a higher birth, a further revelation and growth. Compassion and patience is key to the heart of the great mother.
Look for December 2020 when Jupiter/Saturn conjunct (happens every 20 years, so 2020, 2000, 1980, 1960…1920; its the bring of big collective shifts of consciousness and opportunities to grow in new ways). Jupiter Saturn is every 20 years but every 60 years is challenging. Its (60yearCycle is two Saturn Returns and 5 Jupiter returns. Think 1960 new hippies for peace and love! Think1920 on, both roaring 20’s but also Rudolf Steiner building the Goetheanum, it fire bombed burnt down, his rebuilding second spiritual mystery school Goetheanum, and his outpouring of spiritual wisdom, Anthroposophy. Jupiter/Saturn is mostly a Positive meeting of heaven and earth, peace among enemies, justice and compassion world wide, spiritual and material values meeting to agree in harmony and peace, a new renewed understanding of the arts, the art of being human and not machine and animal. What makes this Jupiter/Saturn really interesting and different is ths ~ this time Jupiter/Saturn conjoined is in Aquarius which hasn’t happened since 13th century time of Sacred Chartres Cathedral being finally built and activated to bring together Platonic and Aristotelean values and knowledge, to bring spiritual wisdom knowledge co-creative with both Spirit and whole earth evolution to each and every person not just the elite aristocracy. It was a time of Gothic Cathedral building, sacred temple and architecture built for spiritual experience, a conscious sense of ‘at-one-ment’ rather than ‘atonement. A time of Divine proclivities, spiritual quest, high virtue striving, holy workings, a sense of One for All and All for One. It was the time of the Cathars, the Templars, the Holy Grail and its guardians that feed all the little ones, a sense of spiritual and physical nourishment, love, wisdom knowledge. A time for attempting acts of social justice and equality for women and children to participate creating healthier future. There was a sense, thanks to the spiritually educated Templars, that every man and woman is his or her own Pope and King. Freedom and equality was in the air, education was free.
It was also the time of the Rosicrucian beginnings (see Bamford’s book ‘the rosicrucian stream’) where spiritual ethic moral insights and self evident thinking, a spiritual science (like later Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner) would try to introduce, more than just a neoPlatonic renewal, but a call for world renewal and spiritual revitalization. That wisdom and love should rule the world. (Hello Marianne Williamson! and more)) Rosy Cross teachings tried to heal the materialistic alone dictates and authority enslaving souls to sense bound thinking and values. The High Romance of Enlightenment was early in the air.
So we are now in September 2019, in the last of the idealistic dream and hope, the last of the imagination and first stirrings, of what could be and should be ~ peace and love ruling the world, higher holy consciousness transforming the war animal and machine into gardening family and friends. We are in a transforming world calling to incarnate our highest dreams and imaginations for love compassion sake, for wisdom truth courage creativity. We a ‘wee bit’ lack the language or clear mind for such, but generally our hearts and spirit souls are overflowing with wanting such, postive possibilities, opportunities, and good adventure, work and play are at hand and at play. The saturn aspects will both weed and trim to more workable life style, as well as help manifest destiny and dreamy ideals into reality. Our thoughts need to inspire, our inspirations need to activate and go to work. Intuitions abound, work on what’s right in front of you. We have all eternity to ‘get it’, but there is not a second to spare. Awaken Now, Be Still and Know! Boil all your troubles into One, self cherishing. Distill your heart’s mind into the elixor of enlightenment. Be the alchemist in your heart soul’s listening attuning, make spiritual heart gold from the darkness and craziness, not just lemonade! Aha!
Inwardly now, at the time of ‘Michaelmas’ and Fall, Autumn Ra, now in September, look within to boldly go without. Looking inwardly we are all experiencing a new spring, a renewed conviction and sureness, that love and truth will one day rule in both high and low place. That everything will find its place, and we each our true calling, work, love, and garden of friends. Now is the time to call on our Higher Angel, our Higher Self, hearts be listening! It is time to become the dream, become the art, become the truth, to live the life we dream come true. Invoke the Higher SELF in everyday life. (see Blavatsky ‘Key to Theosophy’, or Steiner’s ‘Theosophy’ or ‘Road to Self Knowledge’, at or online for free!
Happy full moon September 14th coming, happy bigger lovetruth. Happy new moon september 28th, for many to renew or spark new beginnings. Happy Saturn/Pluto challenges and world crunch come January 2020 (Cardinal Signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn most affected the most with compelling learning situations, contractions of higher self heart birthing). Taurus Virgo can most benefit from this time.
Come December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius conjunct; Air signs Libra, Gemini, Aquarius benefit the most. Challenged by karma then to grow in new ways are Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. Each of us has these signs in specific houses or areas of life (ie. work, play, love, calling, day to day, other and more). Look in your astrology chart. Get your chart to see where you are most affected (free astrology charts all over the internet). You may want to visit Mayflower Bookshop to purchase a good astrology calendar and book! See my book “Astrological Aspects, the Art’. Check out monthly predictions at
Live the Life, be the change you want to see in the world. Love anyway you can, give your self to learning, doing, learning again. Be friend to all. Blessings, robert of mayflower
ps. check out latest songs at Youtube Robert Thibodeau ‘You Blow Me Away’. Namaste.

Astrology Predictions and Spiritual Insights March 2019 Update

Monday, March 4th, 2019

AstroNews ~ All Signs Affected strongly this month!
March 5th Mercury goes retrograde in late Pisces Impelling some to cling on to their dreams, imaginative possibilities, ideal futures; and for others….projections of fantasy and let down. Stay practical with long term goals in mind. Inflation, escapism, fantasies are afoot! Don’t trust UFO sightings nor appearances of the Virgin Mary. Lots of revelations of love gone bad and sour investments. Some make dreams come true, others awash in winter blues and cold reality. A sense of pending events and wild chaotic dreams or reflections. Keep a journal. Poets go mad with wonder and awe with such aspects, as do romantics and musicians.
Some feel immediate need for renewed action, escape, vs more practical workings getting down to earthy results.
Lots of Pisces/Neptune energy can bring snow and rain, tears and pain, fake news and bad investments/gambles, feeling helpless or lost. WEIRD Weather, space news, psychic phenomena, ghosts in the White House, and more.
Some make music and song to make the time wise go by, good food and friends, hugs and love. Some need to find new ways to love along. Some thrown into the unconscious, others into higher creative arts, music, compassionate spiritual activities, yoga and meditation; contemplative reflective modes. Spiritual Compassionate moods prevail. Take care to believe in your own higher self attuned to universal good/true/beautiful……enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Dharma, call it what you will ~ Virtue Mind Training in the Invisible University of the Heart (A Mayflower Adventure)! Time willing to manifest and make real ones stillness inner listening and world word endeavor.
Others may let you down this week, but don’t let yourself down; stay heart centered, listening, learning, shining, listening more.
With early March aspects, then Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune March 24th not going direct till march 28th ~ Look for a very idealistic month of shooting for the moon, crashing on a dream, lies and lipstick, fake news to the max, danger of not looking at the small print, feelings and emotions overriding common sense and rational practical reasoning. For some a quiet retreat from the storm of separate self. For some its time to beautify and learn to develop one’s own psychic intuitive capacities. Mayflower Bookshop of course is the invisible college of the heart soul bookshop for perfect spiritual learning books, incense, crystals, statues, and artifacts to help you on your way. Rudolf Steiner books, Osho, Theosophy, Buddhism, Magic, Witchy Wit and more available to open that spirit soul door!

March 6th New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune ~wow! Look for dreamy creamy melting times here. Many go unconscious and its all too much the world and individual situation. Others know big time karma and world destiny, past and future lives are afoot! With Neptune be sure to look before you leap. Many plans for the future in the works here. Also could be a wet or emotional time in coming weeks. Tears and letting go? Or good rid of rubbish? Psychic premonitions and meaningful (or crazy) dreams. Marriage plans or love melting away, leaving? Good for soul mating but wrong turns may be soul meltings and left abandoned or lost at sea. Dreams and ideals, future plans either melt away or take steps in coming true. Mutable signs and houses melting or aspiring, lost or newly found ~ Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius.
Uranus goes into Taurus on March 6th till 2025 shaking up fixed ideas and signs Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo. Fixed signs want to get aggressive but fear past mistakes coming back again. Go for long term is safe but not fast enough in results? Karma at play here and deeper meditation needed perhaps with both fixed and cardinal signs Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries. What once was secure needs now go to the higher level yet root deeper in both wisdom and learning from experience and world coming at you, future coming at you. See your chart for what houses and areas of life need to rise to higher level rather than just get pushed out of position and nest egg. Stock markets may be shook up or up and down a bit for next weeks. (see individual chart for unique situation).
Full Moon Equinox has Mars trine Pluto for very strong persuasive moves by power brokers and corporate plutocrats. Can be good for world peace and economics but the lot of Neptune aspects make you wonder what’s real or not. Big love month, or big mouth month and a sense of losing the dream or falling out of love. Some finally fall in. All astrological aspects have a higher octave and lower octave that can be invoked and worked. My book mentioned below goes way into that as well as esoteric descent and ascent of soul in any particular situation.
Look to Full Moon and day after with venus square mars for the fire works good or bad, tough or rough, or intensely pleasing able to spark and sparkle one’s trust and lust for life.
March 28th-29th with Mercury going direct will give us cold reality both in feelings, emotions, politics, economics, and weather. Pluto conjuncts Moon’s South Node which makes for the best or worse love making at every level. We need a completely new conversation about what is love, sex, marriage, family, tribe, community, life, and responsible sustainable life style for healthy earth, future, life.
Hopefully warm by mid April with Sun trine Jupiter?
Spiritual awakening to the virtue mind stream of heart soul compassion to everything in the world can make miracles happen. Its about listening to the stillness within and the crazy world without with compassionate willingness to learn anew again and again till we are all friends! There is no ‘God’ unless we prove it by the way we live.
Its a great time to be musically sound, listen to your breath in throat weaving heart and head. Wish for peace for the world and creative heart mind awakening gently, energetically, wisely, in time and rhythm with all in all. Meditative, attune, be One in the many, many in the One. May the Great Goddess Sophia Wisdom, May the World Work, Word, World Soul, Higher Self (call it what you will), be the miracle, co-creative with you. May love be your humble listening stillness learning, being, seeing, believing, living. May happiness find us …
Blessings this winter into spring,
robert of mayflower
Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
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Robert, me, giving talk at Steiner House in Ann Arbor first Tues in April on My 40 years with Rudolf Steiner!

here is my song Damn those Winter Nighte

AstroNews and Views, S.T.A.A.R. Journal with Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

AstroNews January 2019
’S.T.A.A.R Journal’ ~ Sabian Temple of Arcane and Astrological Research
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“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest criticss and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Let the immortal depth of thy Soul lead thee, and open all thine eyes earnestly to the Above.” -Chaldean Oracles

Astrological News and Views ~~~
Jan 2nd Sun conjunct Saturn. For some a revival these next few weeks, for others a sick and tired of it all, ache and cold and depressing wintery outlook. Extremes in the weather, politics, economics, emotions into lunar eclipse superman moon on 21st! Also a ‘What the heck happened last month, last year, wake up call’ kind of aspect. For some, a hang over of unfinished business or neglect. A sense of things taking more time to work itself out or to manifest all idealized or dreamed for. A wanting of bottom line, get to the real point, lets do the job. A sense of coming down to earth with need to be practical with work at hand, future plans. Bringing light to difficult situations or having to face difficulties with right light of thinking. Necessity to make strong decisions ‘for’ or ‘against’ something. Need for more discipline and focus, concentration. For some a sense of prolonging the inevitable, procrastination, teeth troubles, or need to get better grip and bite on things, thinks, people, events. Good for catching up for some, rest, meditation, yoga, contractions to renew and make amends. A sense of right or wrong relationship to spiritual teachings, teacher, higher self. Karma good or difficult depending on right thinking and action, right view of reality. Temptation to scapegoat or blame others for one’s own actions, karma. Patience, persistence, perseverance, and wisdom needed to overcome obstacles and plow ahead. Positively wisdom that comes through time.
President Trump’s transit of Jupiter trine progressed Pluto in his chart Jan.6 into his transit of Jupiter conjunct his natal Moon Feb. 23rd makes for luck in resolving problems. Look to January 3rd into Solar Eclipse on Jan 5th, and Uranus direct on Jan 6th for tricky time for President with Pluto during that time square to his progressed Ascendent, sticky icky and perplexing times, power struggles.

“Self-love must become love of all. Then evil will be overcome.”

Jan 5th New Moon Eclipse in capricorn conjunct saturn may indicate pretty cold and/ tough hard times for some this coming month. Authoritative tone? Procrastination? Delays? Tough couple weeks ahead, progress slow; for some slow and sure. For others its nose to the grindstone, hard work, and a deeper appreciation for lasting friends, qualities, virtues, wisdom books, practicality, grounding, long view in mind, sincere warmth of the heart. Good time to make soup and friends, grains and make amends, greens and free one’s long term vision and goals by taking first steps. Good time to read Theosophy, Osho, Steiner, Manly Hall, NeoPlatonists, Tibetan Buddhism, and my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.January 1, 2019, transiting North Node oppose Pluto ` Intense experiences New Year’s Eve into New Year Day powerfully pushing one to strongly change one’s ways or get side tracked or pushed out in the difficulties and negative emotions. Good time to confess your love and wish for connection, not disconnect. Possible difficulties trusting, sharing, caring, believing in. Need to re-invest, or is it wanting to not invest in some one or something any more. Jealousy and negative emotions can over ride clear thinking. Need to purify or rid oneself of inner and outer toxic environments. This intense time of emotions and weather weirdly pushes us into Jan. 4th when Jupiter transit semi squares Pluto in USA Chart adding tensions to change or be changed by outer circumstances beyond one’s control or mind set. For some, power alliances arise. For some, forcing one’s own way on others brings negative and ill effect. Saturn semi square USA moon on jan 5th adds to the depressive cold mood. Could be severe weather and tough politics or social mood. Or do all these aspects indicate a great Spirit for change and progress, purifying and again trying to raise one’s consciousness to the virtues taught by every great religion throughout all time?
The eclipse of Sun on Jan. 5th brings a sense of no going back, only going forward. Saturn transit oppose USA Sun Jan. 17th 2019 gives extremes in weather (cold cold cold in parts) and a sense that a lot has to change to bring about better state of affairs. Trouble with higher ups. Law and order vs love and play. Legal haggles and self assertion, resistance to change. Life may seem an endurance test at this time where its hard to see the fruits of one’s labor, nor happy futures. Need for discipline and long term view. A call for wisdom and deeper love. Happiness when alone for some.

Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. there can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres. ~Hermes

January 6, Uranus Direct. Sudden shift in perspective or view, re-energized enthusiasm for projects vs. dumping projects for new view. Are there breakthroughs or breakdowns in communications? Both? Sense of real lasting change coming. Jan. 6th celebrates Amitabh Buddha of the Boundless Light, also the day Jesus is baptized in water and fire of Holy Spirit, as well as the day the 3 wise men found the Virgin Mary and babe Jesus. Ancient Egypt tells the same story of 3 Magi or Magician Astrologers, wise men following the Star to virgin ISIS mother of Horus Hermes known as the good Shepard who writes the Sermon on the Mount about virtue overcoming non virtue.

“From orgasmic experience or ecstatic communion of higher union with life, we evolve into love. From love we come to awareness or universal mind, Plato’s Nous, the Christos, Hermes, the Word. It is the thinking in all things harmonizing eventually into pure Prayer, Mantra, whisperings of deepest cave of kundalini in heart soul. After that there is Nothing, a pure listening, a pure Emptiness, a calm abiding Space equanimity, a nothing to stop you from being your Self and mediating, mediating, all the gifts God has bestowed upon you flowering to all, As Above So Below, on earth as it is in heaven. Mediation is the fourth way, the way of listening to who is listening, watching who is watching, experiencing directly what is in every heart wishing to flower. There is no other way to go, for we are love and truth and becoming, being.” ~robert of mayflower

Jan. 9th Day celebrating the ancient chanting of Dirge over the Slain Osiris by Isis and Nephthys.

“Grief and wrath, avarice and desire, delusion and laziness, vindictiveness and vanity, envy and hatred, censoriousness and slander, are the twelve sins destructive of man’s bliss.”

Jan. 11 Sun conjunct Pluto. Sense of completion, or need to complete things before going forward. New or renewed light on problems, troubles, complexities, and dark deep state matters. A sense of degeneration or regeneration. Need to avoid non constructive criticism and scapegoating. A sense of need to change self to change world, need for compassion, need for sound clear thinking to steer unconscious instincts and passion.

At times, earth is a prison planet, a hospital planet, and you and me are either the prisoner or patient. In time we become the healer, gardener, guardian, cook, mom and dad of the soul life.
~robert of mayflower

Never say anything bad about the dead, you may wake them up.
~Trebore Tau Bodhi

Jan 13th Jupiter square Neptune, first of 3. A tendency to fantasize, imagine, escape, space out, get too high or inebriated, or to neglect priorities and necessities. On the other hand, the higher octave, brings forth selfless helpfulness, compassion, higher unions and trysts of spiritual imagination, inspiration, and intuition. A sense of higher morality, ethics and virtue, impelling one to journey, quest, voyage, and aspire to high deeds, adventure, love. Jan. 13th celebrates the Arch Druids HU or Hesus, successor of Abaris.

Its easier to fool people than to convince them that why have been fooled. ~Mark Twain

We have been accused of being dreamers, but they forgot; we are also the reason rhyme and work of the dream come true. If there isn’t a God or a Good True Beautiful, we will create it and become it. ~robert of mayflower

Jan. 20 Sun enters Aquarius and Venus square Neptune. A sense of universal love and justice or the need for such. For some false ideals and hopes may crash or need more realistic view. Good for the arts but some over do the sweet and spin out of control or go unconscious. Distractor factors abound yet freedom calls.

Love always works miracles, its the anger, jealousy, attachment, block the magic.Truth is holding still long enough for the miracle of love to reappear. ~robert of mayflower

Jan. 21 Lunar Eclipse SuperMoon in Leo, Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn. Hard work and honesty begins to pay off. A need to be straight forward and up front, not hide from oneself nor other with purpose and intent. Danger around cars or travel, tough weather in parts, harsh words may fail true purpose. Arguments and fighting in high and low places. Forceful intent may backfire. Good for honest clear work and thinking, long term commitment if not feeling stuck. Some fight the feeling of being locked in. Patience, compassion, in the taoist flow bending like grass in the wind may prove the better way than negative thinking and projecting.

The spiritual soul is immortal in each and everyone of us. To remember this is to have a bit of patience when all hell breaks loose. Karma and Reincarnation is a fact as sure as Compassion is an eventual inevitability one gives oneself and other. Some wait till the last moment before transition, but compassion and love is all that carries on to this and the next life. ~robert of mayflower

Jan. 22 Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. Reaching out to connect, expand, enjoy, encounter, play and love, lucky aspect for some. Good aspect for being sweet, forgiving, making amends, playfully engaging, expressing one’s highest love and ideals. Higher ethics abound. Good news day, people helping people.

All liars are afraid to totally love and trust. ~trebore tau bodhi

Jan 23 Mercury square Uranus. Surprising news adjusts the way to go. Moments of genius yet need to not act too hastily without all the facts. Haste makes waste, take care to read the fine print and watch quick words which may back fire or lead astray. Genius moments spark the day but oft miss the mark.

All Genius needs a lover, but not to come too quick before the magic is fully flushed out into manifestation. ~Aria Fairchild

Jan 24 Mercury enters Aquarius, bold innovative insights to dealing with old problems. Urge to free yet secure.

Real freedom is something awakens within the deepest heart and soul as a recognition and work in progress with every other heart and soul. ~robert of mayflower

Jan. 25 Mars trine Jupiter. Joyful assertive energy. Need to not over due or go to excess. Too much of a good thing can go bad or spoil affair. Fun aspect for adventure and play, starting out on new journey or adventure, or furthering the cause. Day celebrating conversion of St.Paul in christian tradition.

Jan. 28th celebrates Zoroaster, Divine Teacher from about 1200 BC.

Jan. 29 Moon conjunct Jupiter. Happiness and joy here are contagious. Be the good, true, beautiful, loving one rather than looking outside oneself; shine it, be it, live it. Luck and love abound, for others stay calm and don’t be a fool. Too much laughing and joking or not enough humor leads to difficulties. Smile, its a move holds the sky of infinite possibilities.

The birth of happiness is dependent on the fertility and impregnation of greater truth heart accepted. Without this truth love goes astray, misconceives true aim and goal, conscious freedom, peace and harmony, for the world. ~robert of mayflower

Jan.31 Saturn sextile Neptune and Moon conjuncts (occults) Venus. Desire to balance love and work, work and play, spiritual and material concerns. Avoid overdoing or undergoing, find a middle way to work through day and week to come. Travel or future plans abound.

Give unto Caesar what is Caesars, to God what is God’s, to Higher Self be selflessly sure. ~Trebore Tau Bodhi

Feb. 1st Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Difficult aspects often associated with good guys, bad guys; guns, violence, apprehending, anger, jealousy, negative emotions, lack of understanding and compassion, compulsive use of force. For some, need to push forward and attempt to open new doors. For others its time to forgive and let go, flow where life takes you and not fight the curve or wave. Good for inner and outer research, renewal, pulling out and starting something new, working to change self for the better rather than blaming others, shaming others, making guilty. No shame of blame, just learning. In the news though many accusations and secrets exposed. Crazy time when more wisdom needed to grow rather than force change.

Spiritually speaking; use no force other than the force of love and compassion, wisdom and truth, presence still a’witness to the divine true me and you. ~robert of mayflower

June 2019 Pluto trine USA Neptune, again Sept 2019
Deeply moving practical material and spiritual events, experiences, help all see we are one planet, one family of friends, co-creative with the future. Opportunities for world peace and peaceful resolutions appear now. This aspect very well may force many to grow up and face the coming Aquarian Age due in part dec. 2020 with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Last Jup/Sat in Aquarius several hundred years ago when Gothic Cathedrals built, much philosophy and spiritual Grail Quest, the alchemy of Angels, Chartres and the blending of east and west, Plato and Aristotle thinking united ancient ‘pagan’ and modern free thought. Age of Consciousness Soul and new World Views emerged and newly emerging now. Some experience the resuscitation of the dead, but for others a renewed sense of love for all the earth and the rhythm of stars that animate us.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep.
~Robert Frost

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Robert Thibodeau is a psychic intuitive reader, astrological consultant, speaker, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’, song writer, vegetarian and organic gardener, swimmer. Student of Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, Manly Hall, and NeoPlatonism, among other loves like acoustic guitar and piano.

Find me on Facebook, Youtube, and in person at Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley Michigan USA.

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Reprint from November news ~ Aug 10 2019 progressed moon oppose natal Sun USA CHART! Full moon experience; many take it to the limit one more time.
Jupiter aspects in USA chart in Nov. 2019 favor democrats methinks. More on this later.

From November 2018 astronews much of which active now~
What UP!?! (Nov. 2018 below, here overview)
Venus oppose Uranus Halloween Oct. 31st brought reversal in downswing of stock markets with upswing, but will it last past elections? Ven/Uran also brought some relationship and business reversals, for some highly creative upswings in love life. Venus is love life, money, what you appreciate, goods and hugs; Uranus is sudden reversals of the trend, changes, surprises, upsets, and more. The third Venus/Uranus is at end of November. From early Sept. to end of November lots of changes, rearrangements, creative upbeats and raising of consciousness, or upsets, concerning love, luck, money, where and how we invest ourselves, time, and money. With Uranus also in hard aspect to lunar node, many a change in how we relate to others, or want to relate.
For many, new creative pursuits a need to renew or be through, upgrade or repave….with calling, work, relationships.
With elections early november coming up, lots of crazy antics and unpredictable results, though all the stars seem to favor left wing swing.
O Halloween time, Fall, Autumn, time of ArchAngel Michael and need to inwardly awaken anew. Halloween time, that mysterious celebration of death, disembodied souls roaming the street looking for a love light, a porch light, a re-entry, rebirth into that pumpkin large stomach with a spark of light inside, rebirth! Actually its the heart needs to rekindle and give birth to the Higher Consciousness of universal love and peace, truth and wit. All Souls day, an old Celtic Wisdom that All Souls would one day find peace and joy, happiness and heavenly state of mind/heart/consciousness. Now into winter solstice is a time of inner renewal, rebirth, rekindling of higher love and truth inside out. Zany good times to you.

The Venus/Uranus aspect also portends of possible big turnout of youth and women to vote, or for many to vote for universal good true beautiful and a more united United States of America. The USA chart, transit of Progressed Moon oppose Venus, and transit of Venus square Mercury also indicates women seriously taking the lead now into 2020 election. There will be much frustration and vexing struggle and striving for progress, but also much success and feelings of ‘belonging’ in a participation mystic, heart and soul spirit. (or so i hope perhaps). A larger turnout of women and youth to vote one would think with such aspects in sky
With transiting Mercury exactly conjunct Sagittarius Rising USA chart Ascendent. It will be a big deal day, an historical daytime of major event these coming weeks. Jupiter in late Scorpio but within range of conjunction in Sage Sagittarius of USA Rising Sign. May well indicate the democratic side of things empowered in congress (Saturn being conservative, Jupiter populist , people driven, democratic; most often). But on Election day, Jupiter not quite in Sagittarius yet so could be close or much contested as to voting methodology and who got cheated or what not. None-the-less, its a time for more people participating in the democratic process and wanting their voices heart.

With Ex President Obama having transit of Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven trine his Mercury and transit of Jupiter coming to trine his natal Sun, you almost wonder if he will run again!?! Perhaps as VP and then slide into President again down the road. Most likely not, but lots to ponder. With such aspects he will be happy, somewhat popular, and rich no matter what.

Avenettii, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, the stripper with lawsuit on President?!? Jupiter this last year on his Moon and now trine his natal midheaven gave him much popularity and for a spell, even still, stardom. With Neptune coming slowly to square his Mars , i don’t see him lasting into next presidential run.

Hillary Clinton now at Election ’18 time has Mercury trine her Mars/Pluto giving her a wee bit of power ‘say’ and ‘play’. With Mars coming to trine her Sun, she should be somewhat happy with election results and is considering her future play in politics. With coming transit of Uranus opposing her Sun at 2 degree Scorpio, she may well get thrown from both the political horse and her marriage. Hmmmm, we will see. For sure, Uranus demands big changes and upgrades, higher octave behaviour, or winds of fate blow one off course.

Elizabeth Warren’s astrology chart reveals transiting pluto oppose Midheaven square ascendent and heading for her Jupiter at bottom of her chart; I advise her not to run but be more a thinker behind the scenes. Don’t think she can win. Much research yet to do on all the contenders, will keep you posted.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York as seriously good aspects coming into 2020 elections making him a real possibility and at least, a positive influence on outcome. At 2020 election Jupiter transit trine his Mars/Saturn/Uranus in Taurus and in following year Jupiter conjunct his Venus/Mercury/Moon/Sun in Aquarius. At the moment nov. 2018, Mars in conjunct his Aquarius planets while trine his Jupiter giving him a positive and assertive glimpse of real possibility and luck in love and money.

With the President’s aspect at election of Saturn transit square Neptune, its tough to keep the dream alive. Saturn is heard reality and Neptune dreams and ideals. Saturn will tend to bring reality and work into view now. Nov 10 to 15th transit of Mars oppose Pres’s natal Mars, and Mars oppose his ascendent, he definitely feels attacked or over criticized and on the defense; as well as feeling need for counter rebuttal or debate. All this could indicate tough time at polls for republicans, as well as need for wisdom and patience in dealing with others. His transit of Uranus trine his ascendent for many months keeps giving the President new ideas and zest for what he perceives as creative change and progress. Uranus keeps one quick and creative with ever new ideas and expressions. Hmmm, we will see soon, eh?

Bernie Sanders Nov/Dec transit of Jupiter conjunct ascendent oppose uranus and trine his pluto with Mercury retrograde near ascendent gives Bernie strong voice in happenings, current events, and future trends; as well as powerful force urging him to run again for President. With transiting Pluto square his natal Venus coming in future, as well as transit of Neptune in future to oppose his natal Sun; I advise him to not run, and to be background counsel to who is. Whether such aspects indicate health problems down the road or what, not good aspects to run for president unless you really see this as your final fate and destiny, perhaps like Socrates near his end making final tribute!? Or is it such aspects truly break open his heart with renewed vigor, compassion, zest for what Bernie sees as the good, true, beautiful, the all american dream of happiness and honesty to boot. Pluto Venus is at best an attempt to redeem the fallen and help the poor in spirit. At its negative poll is a loss of popularity or personal or family intimate problems pulling him away from public life a bit. Most likely its compassion for downtrodden.

All this and lots more , I will go into more at Nov. 15th talk.
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With USA chart about Nov. 11th transit of Mars conjunct Moon, much contesting and argument or debate about late election. Saturn oppose Jupiter in USA chart brings dissatisfaction and legal haggling at high levels. Also may indicate trouble with stock markets and/or financial matters. Or is it need for more inner controls of investments and markets. Many feel need for inside smart controls to keep up face of things, outer appearance of happiness. Sat/Jup here could be USA feels unhappy about things or hard work needed to fix few things. Whew! Got that right.…

End of November Jupiter conjunct Oprah Winfrey’s natal moon/jupiter may have her again thinking to run for President. Or it is she too is happy with election results and where things seem heading? Makes for much popularity and wealth such aspects. Perhaps her two cents worth millions to some.

Some have got richer inwardly and out. For some, hasn’t been the most fun times. With Jupiter entering Sagittarius November 8th for a year to come, things will soon cheer up and grow more sociable and enlivening, fun and more enlightening. Although another great astrologer makes many a good point that the USA has Scorpio Rising, i have been sticking to Sagittarius Rising as Dane Rudhyar suggested to me long ago when visiting my home for 11 day hang. If that’s true, Sagittarius Ascendent, than Jupiter will conjunct USA Rising Sign in December triggering many an opportunity to grow and learn, expand one’s horizons, travel and enrich oneself in multidimensional ways. The USA will come out of its funk and sad sack madness of blaming others for one’s own karma. Opportunities to grow, be happy, unite and resist negativity will abound. Jupiter is a happiness time. We shall soon find out, see and experience!

Coming soon, for a year, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Leo and Aries and Sagittarius will get 3 good chances to improve their circumstances and self, grow and prosper inwardly and out. Mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius over flower and over flow with possibilities of happiness and success. Avoid doing too many thinks and thinks, dwindling your defined major purpose, aim, goal. Capricorns, Cancer, Libra, Aries need keep their nose/heart/mind to the grindstone of long term goals and rock solid practical ground ever deepening roots for wings to fly. Joys come and go, but keep the long term view in mind. For you Fixed signs (Scorpio/Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius for next 7 years) and last degrees of cardinal signs (Libra/Aries/Capricorn/Cancer ( for next few months!) especially in for many changes, updating, learning curves, and sudden curves thrown at cha cha ever changing you ~ Get free, Get New, Renew, or get through it! Let it go or face up to it, be truth and love to know it. Fixed signs need make creative changes now that will serve long term happiness and security. Musical chairs you may feel, but the music will stop and you will need a good seat. Air signs will sing~~Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, need follow your heart and soul, your love and bliss; if you stay free and don’t lie to yourself, others can’t lie to you and you will find love, prosperity, and calling (work) working together in harmony and peace. Pisces/Virgo/Sagittarius/Gemini either have dreams coming true, or dreams melting like left out ice cream on hot sidewalk. Need for practical ground and clearness, really be clear what you want or don’t want; otherwise be patient.

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“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself:
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the history of this generation.” ~robert kennedy

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