January 2011 Astrological Newsletter

“Every path into the spiritual world goes through the heart.”
-Rudolf Steiner, from the Contents of Esoteric Classes, 8-24-1910

News and Views from Robert of Mayflower—

1. January 4th New Moon in Capricorn with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, along with Venus in strong aspect to Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune makes for intense changes in love life, investments, and strong shifts in weather right up to Full Moon on the 19th. Storms of change and storms of love quake and shake things up. Unrealistic expectations or projections on others may pop your balloon. When Venus leaves self oriented heat seeking Scorpio and goes into Sagittarius on 7th, take care that vanities don’t change into profanities; or is it secret profanities become new vanities. Gosh, ideals need to come to the ground of reality. Negative emotions or false dreams can catch one unawares in the mirror of reality, in the school of hard-knocks its about what works. All creative actions to free one’s inner artist or to embrace a more universal love and peace, prosper one’s journey. This next few weeks is a critical time to overcome obstacles to true self and goals including the world around you. Avoid unnecessary criticism and extremes in behavior. Lots of sudden luck can occur now; but also, danger of misfortune and sudden ‘falling outs’ due to inflated ‘carried away’ emotions or unrealistic fantasies. With all Sun Sign indications, check your own personal chart for where such signs land in your chart. Cardinal Signs (Cap/Cancer/Lib/Aries) need be more patient keeping in mind the long term picture. If running naked out in the field, don’t sit down in the nettle patch. Be diplomatic among the animal farm of fear and desire. Fixed Signs (Taurus/Leo/Scorp/Aquarius) need take care not to misfire and shoot themselves in the foot. Its hard to be glamourous if you’re hammered or hammering. The Doctor Jekyll-Mr.Hyde in that special other is only out done by that same polarity turned inside out in you. Remember, Captain Bob says, “Don’t burn bridges behind you unless you’ve finished crossing the river”. Mutable Signs (Gem/Virg/Sag/Pisces) continue to grow, learn anew, and make positive progressive changes this month. You are setting the stage for much more prosperity and security in the next 3 years. Take care that your immediate family/friends are really your friend. Avoid telling your secrets to false friends who gossip. Some friends are anchors for sure; but some friends are dropping the anchor as well as your secrets, in wrong places. Dead weight friends or fair weather friends? Keep the hard working ones, the loving ones, the playful ones, and let go of the rest. The Solar Eclipse on the 4th signifies many a parting of old ways for new roads, and inroads, to better futures. Luck is with those who creatively continue to engage a bigger picture holding the whole world, the whole spiritual community, in mind and heart. This is a bit of fun aspect wanting to get rid of what is too burdensome or unworthy of one’s higher virtues and spirit, letting go in the spirit of the moment. Next two weeks or more carries a wilder healthy spirit for the world. Seems like half the world is lost, and the other half is found; both keep looking for each other. Sitting still and listening with the heart is the only solution is see at this point. Chit is getting wild…
2. January 7th Sun square Saturn makes for cold reality day or two. Keep your nose to the grindstone, or is it a good day to avoid drinking hard, driving hard, or hard nosed affairs. Good for wisdom but oft lacking loving kindness and compassion, that old saturn. ‘Who is not the miller, is the grain’; is an old axiom that comes to mind. Money, friends, job, and the past against the future all need a re-tuning, patience, endurance, and appreciation. Old friends show up now at the oddest moments. As usual, give all these exact times a day or two before or after to feel the full affect and even, effect.
3. January 10-11th, Mercury square Uranus/Jupiter followed by Mars sextiles Uranus/Jupiter on 12-13th. Good days to set the wheels in motion for new projects and better communications leading to better futures. Lots of new initiatives leading us into a better year. Truth and practical reality now get results looked for. Tendency to quickly adjust oneself for the sake of future needs and realities. Intuitive innovative changes day by day, moment by moment now occur. Good aspects for intellectual intercourse or sex. (Yes, without love nothing really works…i know.)
4. January 18th Mercury conjunct Pluto. Good day for deep research or catching up with past mistakes and trying to correct, or dharma it. Strong news and decisions concerning the economy and money matters. Bad day for laying negative rap on others. Strong drive to know the truth or facts. Good day to avoid aggressive hard driven maniacs and control freaks. Outspoken honesty needs wisdom and compassion as wings to avoid the pit bull attacks of ignorance and delusion. Good time for deep thinking practical considerations. Avoid quirky ‘get rich’ quick schemes. Frank leadership needs to avoid the traps of pride, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, gluttony, and sloth. Avoid unnecessary travel on 18th, 7th, 24th-26th. (these last dates along with 4th and 10th could also be difficult weather days). Good time to donate to this free astrological spiritual newsletter. 10 years off purgatory! Sorry, just kidding. But good time to be sweet…
5. Jupiter goes into Aries on 22nd initiating a year of prosperity and good luck to Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Advancements and much new growth. Libra, Capricorn, Cancer need to take care not to ‘over-do’ nor go to ‘extremes’; but these cardinal signs get invited to many a new stage of higher learning, growth, and fun. Check your own chart for what house Aries is in to see where Santa may have hidden special gifts for you.
6. Other news gone by me include—-

*Julian Assange–pluto mars opp sun natal and sq uranus natal (july 9th, 71; Townsville Australia). Jupiter/Uranus trine natal Venus while close to conj. Mars, sextiles Jupiter/Nep. Lots of ups and downs and surprises from to to this boy. He is a wild card…
*Weird animal deaths in Arkansas, Birds falling from sky and dead fish on river banks. The apocalypse of the animals? Gosh, what will that do to our love life? The earth is in ecological turmoil as we near the myth reality of the end of a natural world and end of the Mayan Calendar 2012.
*Voyager Space Probe after 33 years is about to leave the solar system…now in the heliopause threshold leaving the heliosphere. Scientists predict within next few years that Voyager will be outside the solar system and in the interstellar space between stars. Most of our leaders have been outside the solar system for years. Is there really life on earth? Might be time to re-enter our moment in time, seeing it as if for the first time!?! Please sign up for our ‘I’m not going to heaven but staying on earth’ sign up list now!
*Ex Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick continues to have difficult aspects astrologically speaking, and it won’t be a surprise if more legal troubles on the way.
*Legalize marijuana and stop the mexican drug wars? It would also be a good way to make most americans honest; bringing many a new job to the market. There is definitely a need to rediscover fasting and meditation in this world. Seems like everybody is on something. Just for your personal info, i don’t smoke.
*It has been reported that another 16oo missing persons each year in detroit! Have they looked in the Casinos? Reality is stranger than fiction and addictions. We need more family, friends, social community net to catch our brothers and sisters.
*In December a medical group of doctors asked Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to impose a moratorium on new fast food restaurants citing a study showing Detroit has more fast-food restaurants than four other cities with similar population count, and that the high-fat and meat-heavy diets contribute to heart disease which kills 3,400 detroiter’s a year; obesity being cited as another problem with fast-food diets. Om Cafe anybody? Inn Season? Where is brown rice and miso soup when you need it. Still my favorite cookbook, Turner’s ‘Self Healing Cookbook’. Its been a long time coming! Food is really important to healthy body and thinking.
*Kosovo’s illegal market in human organs business exposed. Ahhh…..the rich sick organ buyers. The ego, “Me, Mine, My”…..gods and pirates of samsara. When we don’t learn and understand the principles of Karma and Reincarnation, as taught in theosophy, tibet, Steiner; the world’s thinking gets very ‘this shore’ little. Where Compassion? Where future life? Where the love? Where the eternal spark each heart bares?
*News reports that fake and impostor doctor worked out of Royal Oak’s Beaumont hospital and Western Michigan University for last 15 years; he was found out and fired. Hamman trained hospital staffers and directed simulated medical exercises. He lied about being an MD and having a Ph.D.. Liars and cheats in the medical profession? Doctors die younger than any other profession. Some think due to poor diet. Stress perhaps? What kind of food is in hospitals? Tricky stuff…, but how to be healthy, wealthy in spirit, and wise?
*Other news….discovers….that ‘Bright city lights interferes with cleansing process of dark night’. see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11990737
Meditate….bring back the dark! Hey? Didn’t Niagara already have this idea. I talk about it in a new article in Crazy Wisdom Journal out of Ann Arbor. Holy, holy, holy dark stillness to receive the universal truth and love to shine from our hearts!
*Well one way to conquer China, President Obama is making headway at China buying our beef. What’s the beef? Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson thought American diet should be centered on GRAINS! They have to be crazy to buy the beef. But alas, i am a vegetarian…
*Miami Call Girl prostitution ring busted in detroit hotels….i listened to some sport’s jock on radio in detroit asking listeners to call in if they think this all should be legalized so we (the taxpayers) can make the money rather than pimps. Reality is stranger than fiction. Sex is sports for many. Love is some lost ideal at the church of bingo…
*Captain Beefheart dead at 69. Famous musician and artist of Frank Zappa daze.
*Crystal Harris, 24 yrs. old engaged to be married to Playboy (boy?) hugging and still wagging the tail, Hugh Hefner; now 84 yrs. old. The ‘Hug Hef’’er’ is creating his own way to confront Ageism in society.
*Internet equality at risk. Duh!? Just figured that out? Transnationals taking it over methinks…
*In late december, Australia down under got heavy snow in their summer, and now is flooding terribly. California breaking records with tons of rain: unholy end of Mayan Calendar Batboy.
*Blowhards? Fox News? No…..
*Not on fox news…sex slavery round the world…from the stupor bowl to this one….the world’s crazy. Its the ‘Golden Ass’ all over again, seems the neo-platonic boys got it right. Where’s Venus when you need her? See, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12068974
*Its obvious that what people are saying and what they are doing seem in quite opposite directions. Freedom, truth, love, kindness to all living things, is at stake. Its time we all live what we secretly think and feel, in the open, without cover ups, true to self and other. Otherwise, the world is ending before it ends. Take forever to figure it, but there is no time like now. -Trebore Tau Bodhi

*A John Perry Barlow tweet, “We have reached a point in our history where lies are protected speech and the truth is criminal.”
*The average person visits the toilet 2500 years, the time of the precession of the equinox. Same amount of breaths in a day. Top to bottom we are connected to earth and stars, the heart mind stream is another thing.
“These critics with the illusions they’ve created about artists – it’s like idol worship,” he said. “They only like people when they’re on their way up … I cannot be on the way up again. -John Lennon, from final interview
“What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean. I’m not interesting in being a dead (expletive) hero. .. So forget ’em, forget ’em.”
-John Lennon, from his final interview
Here’s a quote from recently published Blavatsky book , She was always so brave to live the spiritual life. Each of us holds the infinite, in an ever changing form. Each of us is a spark of sunshine, each a temple and temple of the universal good, true, and beautiful. Some just get a bit buried, but in time, all shine out truth and love—

“The early Christians until the beginning of the third century would not hear of temples, or rites, or ceremonies, or churches or anything of the kind. That which is called a church in Paul is simply a gathering and an assembly in a room; there were no churches, no rites, nothing at all. You know what this {Minucius} Felix says: he says, “you say that we are not pious because we have not temples, and this, that, and the other, but we cannot have a temple, for where is the temple that is large enough to contain the Almighty and the Absolute?” This is his argument, that went dead against the temples.”

-H.P.Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Commentaries, The previously Unpublished 1889 Instructions, just published

“Perception can be categorized into three levels: experience, emptiness, and luminosity. The perception of emptiness is the absence of things as they are. That is, things have their space; they always come with a certain sense of room. Despite the complexities of the overcrowdedness of our experience, things provide their own space within the overcrowdedness. Actually, that is saying the same thing: overcrowdedness is room, in some sense, because there is movement, dance, play.”

From “Nobody’s World,” in TRUE PERCEPTION: The Path of Dharma Art, pages 105 to 106.
“But one gets closer to supersensible thoughts when one notes relations. Remembering a sound is a memory of a sensory things, but remembering a melody is something that consists in relations of sounds that don’t as such belong to the sense world.”–Steiner, 1-17-1911

Note: A Steiner meditative process it to empty picture consciousness or content of thinking into nothingness, into the heart; then out of nothingness we create.

In the rainbow’s flowering

Winter is the time to contemplate a thousand and one seeds
pathways leading out from the heart going in every which direction
only one reaches the highest mount to awaken the thousand petal’d lotus,
and you are that ONE. I AM. The other thousand paths are served
and are served by that ONE. You are One in a Thousand,
you are joy without end, forever weaving and bending
in the rainbows flowering. The intelligence making sense
of this world is a heavenly conductor of luminous harmonies
immeasurable and without end forever kissing the sky and earth.
Between the Mind of God (Hermes) and everyday experience,
the World Mother watches. Winter is the time to dream futures true
in the rainbow’s flowering heart of our soul.

-robert of mayflower, sunday after christmas 2010
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“The masters of wisdom and of the harmony of feelings send us an analogy to elucidate this matter. It’s as if we saw all the objects in our room in a mirror and we would then go behind the mirror to find their reality there. We would see that there’s nothing behind it. Here we must let concepts about higher worlds flow into us from higher beings and we must work at ourselves so that we form such concepts. But after we’ve acquired some through serious and honest work, we must step before the mirror again, make a bold decision, and destroy it. Then darkness and nothingness will yawn towards us. But if we endure steadfastly, light will shine up out of the darkness and reveal an entirely new world to us.”
-Steiner, 12-11-1910

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