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Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop News and insights
Happy Spring, Mayflower 10% Sale!
May Sunshine hearts and spiritual souls bless us all.
Happiness to all.

Coming Events~
A Town Hall with Marianne Williamson
Marianne is running for President of USA!
Detroit Unity Temple’s First Presidential Town Hall
Moderated by Michigan State Rep. Leslie Love (D-10)
Detroit Unity Temple
17505 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48203
Marianne Williamson is a Cancer Sun Sign conjunct Uranus and Venus, a sense of beauty, art, genius here. She has Gemini Rising for talkative sharing and vast knowledge. Her Moon in 8th house Capricorn makes her a long distance runner for President, responsible and practically sound, grounded in common sense.
Marianne’s Mercury in Leo is exactly conjunct Dark Moon Lilith giving her a touch of the personal intensity, love of life, humanity, world. Her Jupiter in Taurus keeps her more practical know how, justice and fairness for all. Her Neptune square Venus and Trine Ascendent keeps her spiritually minded at a higher octave, idealistic, and creative. Marianne Williamson is a sheer joy and spiritually and intellectually most rewarding to tune into and keep up with. Come if you can to this free sharing, but also tune into her website on the internet for more!

May 23rd Birmingham Community House, 7 pm , $30
SECRETS OF THE HEART with Robert of Mayflower
Meditation and creative visualization for
happiness, health, prosperity, creativity and wit.

Apollo’s Troupe
A story of humanity coming together in peace
reviving the role of the ancient Greek rhapsode.
The Underground at Hilberry Theatre, Wayne State University
May 17th -18th 8pm, May 19 3pm.
Students $18, general admission $23, two hours with intermission
For more info visit EarthrisePress.Net

Mayflower Bookshop Sale
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Astrology Notes
May 9th Venus trine Jupiter wants to know and grow and expand social mind and identity. Venus square Pluto wants to tighten up, be alone, be in control, or fight another with too much control. Sense of not enough TAO or flow, flowering, growing vs over reaching or eating or indulging or something. It may be hard to please everyone including your self. Some have tough choices and taking new measure to rebalance heaven and earth.
May 10th to May 16 more smooth sailing and calmer seas as many work long term plans into place, many sense security inwardly and or outwardly. Some see good things may take time coming around into full manifestation. Sound time here leading to ‘Blue Moon’ full moon on May 18th. Many have a sense of wanting better bottom line, others look deeper into the dreams make the heart sun shine.
May 18th at 5:11 pm EST, FULL MOON with Mercury trine Pluto and Venus conjunct Uranus. Hot day for being smart to the point, skillfully practical and real, and creatively genius in the performing arts, humor, music, wordsmithing, voicing, loving, creating, stepping things up to the higher octave. Should prove fun weekend for most right into May 21st, Tues. Good time to make solid long term plans and lock in. Take care to not let yourself get too serious and dead weight. Shakespeare wrote comedy tragedies, till enlightened we need them both.
May 22nd Moon conjunct saturn/pluto may put bottom line and damper on many a camper and future planner. Hold to the good true beautiful and keep your third eye on the goal. Set good boundaries and have fun! Some feel over worked, over burdened, weighed down and heavy. Good time for mediation of golden spark in sun heart soul expanding, glowing, radiating, blessings the world.
May 29th Mercury square Neptune. Tendency to talk too much, have a slip of the tongue, lie or mislead or be lied to. News is nuts and not always to be trusted. Although can be good for creative imaginative sparks of genius or beauty, music or arts; tendency to be blind to something. Avoid gambling or risk taking.Avoid things that drain you or squander energy and time. Good aspect for imagination but be patient to act wisely.
May 31st to June 2nd, Venus trine Saturn and Moon conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto. Good time to love and be loved and take a breath, let go of a breath, and love appreciate, be thank full, feel lucky and divine. Very good time to be real and find others to work with you for those higher goals and aspirations.
June 3rd New Moon triggers us into summer time fun ~ intensified and critical days for good or ill fortune, wilder or crazier, highly charged or whacked are the June3,8, 9, 10, 14, 15 to 18 Wildest Beautiful or dumb crazy Full Moon time, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27.
July 2nd Solar Eclipse and July 16th Lunar Eclipse affecting USA Sun could be a very intense (good or tough) time for politics, stock market jitters, quick rise or fall from/to fame/fortune, power and name. Mrs Trump under Uranus transit. Move? New Book or outspoken truths? Sudden changes. Uranus wants to more up to higher level or shake things up a bit. Some get put through changes, others make the change. More on this later.

Blessings, Joyful Heart good times!
Robert of Mayflower
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