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Astrology Predictions News and Views for August into December 2020

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Robert of Mayflower’s AstrologyNews&Spiritual Views for August into Sept. 2020

To substitute for argument and exhortation the semi-magical influence
of slogans, repetition, and psychological tricks
is to exploit the unconscious, not to enlighten it.
-Owen Barfield

“Let us then fly from hence my friends, to those delightful realms: for there,
while connected with body, we may find a retreat from the storms and tempests
of a corporeal life. Let us build for ourselves the raft of virtue, and
departing from this region of sense, like Ulysses from the charms of Calypso,
direct our course by the light of ideas, those bright intellectual stars,
through the dark ocean of a material nature, until we arrive at our father’s land.
For there having divested ourselves of the torn garments of mortality,
as much as our union with body will permit, we may resume our natural appearance; and may each of us at length, recover the ruined empire of his soul.”

-from footnote at end of the book at mayflower bookshop called-
‘The Hymns of Orpheus’, translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor

Hi there! Many blessings of heart, Spirit soul!
Friends! Happy Summer!
Astrology News and Spiritual Views below!

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U know yr getting older
when u discover the glasses
you’ve been looking for
are on yr face.
You know you’re getting wiser
when you discover the gold
and goal of life
is within your own
and others

Many never make such rich discovery…

– robert of mayflower
at yr higher self service

Half, if not two-thirds of our ailings and diseases are the fruit of our imagination and fear. Destroy the latter and give another bent to the former, and nature will do the rest.
-H.P. Blavatsky, Raja Yoga or Occultism,

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Best Books to read this summer are Steiner’s ‘Foundations of Esoterism’ and HPBlavatsky’s ISIS UNVEILED! Divine Pomander of Hermes. Initiation into Hermetics by Bardon. Deeply Spiritual and Provocative genius books to awaken your highest thinking heart intelligence.

Susan Rice or Elizabeth Warren Biden best pick for VP astrologically. Kamala Harris’s transit of Saturn may not be right pick, but i like her gutsiness and bravado. ps. When i predicted Mr.Trump to win last election going head on against what the Wall Street Journal called the best 300 astrologers in America claiming Mrs. Clinton to Win; I predicted Mr. Trump to lose this coming election. Just astrologically saying, its the tendency. Michelle Obama would sweep it! Its legal to ask Mr. Obama! Or will it be someone not on the map yet. No doubt, Election still depending on Pres. Trump’s actions that include and help enlighten all of us, the world; or help divide and create fear and chaos. In the big picture, each of us matters and votes for future of the earth by the individual and collective way we choose to live, breathe, feel, think, do. See the amazing book by Blavatsky called ‘Isis Unveiled’. Einstein, Steiner, Manly Hall, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. read her! Check all her books out for that matter. Also Steiner’s great interpretation of her Secret Doctrine, his ‘Outline of Occult Science’. There books available at Mayflower Bookshop but free on line. Theosophical University Press online, and Jim Stewart’s wonderful RudolfSteiner Archives (Audio too for you on the run folks).

Comet NeoWise in the western sky at sunset during June/July brought many a new impulse and idea, perhaps even friend, into and out of one’s life!? Comets cleanse, wing in, defy, throw out, clean up, suddenly get new light turned on. Interesting events wing in and out offering opportunity for new growth and insight. With two tails, some see the ‘devil in high places’ and in the details. Cancer, Gemini, Leo planets affected with flashes of genius or craziness.

Those born with sun and planets in Cancer/Capricorn/Libra/Aries are especially feeling intense call to be change up, be free, tell truths bigger than all of us, love like its the last time.
Early Leo and late Gemini have some kind of miss or kiss the beauty as it flies by.

We receive but what we give,
And in our life alone does Nature live. …
And would we ought behold of higher worth. …
Ah! from the soul itself must issue forth
A light, a glory, a fair luminous cloud
Enveloping the Earth. ~Coleridge

Comets come to bring new ideas and people in, and take old outworn ideas and people out. As we approach Comet Neowise close pass to our earth July 22-23rd into August (in affect since last March and its close pass to Sun July 3rd), we will see all that it portends. Comet cleanser is the best description, although comets also associated with quick rise or fall in popularity, fame, name, or blame, shame, game. Comets want us to go back to good old days, or rush into an unsure future. Need wisdom and patience to insure good work and lasting true value. Such a comet is usually indicative of good to great wine year. Many experience events influencing the rest of one’s life time… for good or ill. Depends on you; your purity, courage, honesty, bravado, daring, and smarts, love. Sudden rise and falls, sudden arrivals or partings of ways.

There is a rose of the heart in which when open, angels meet.
All the intelligence of the world awakens to such heart ground.
Peace is the patient gardener, joy in good day’s work;
night is the song freedom sounds when all the world is still.
~robert of mayflower

Another wild aspect in the sky this summer was Uranus at midpoint between Venus and Mars! When the Moon triggers Uranus, it quickens the pace of this extraordinary aspect of love, fights, sex, and contesting resisting engaging, going crazy go nuts for feelings and intellect, dreams and realities, exotic meetings. This aspect particularly hitting fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius/Leo. as well as mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces. Opportunities to step up to the next higher level of love , higher truth. One can suddenly make splits, space, distance, and disagreement in relationship. Need to rise or fall away perhaps. Intelligence and feelings of love need meet, otherwise a further distancing of the divide or separation. The Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries are working hard to include everybody, still worried about self finding a good way to keep it all together. But also, how to find time for oneself, for research and new discovery? By November we will see how we did!

i’ve been very very busy this summer with gardening biodynamic style organic. Vegetables, greens, flowers, and more. Writing poems and songs, helping out friends, researching, communing with eternity and simple silence, presence, now awareness yet holding all seven levels, deeper than ever~ that i’ve not been keeping up with posting my cosmological and astrological insights, other than to subscribers. But here i am again to share!

Of course the ideal is for you to get a personal reading and get quick insights into you and yr world happenings, timing, predictions, and ways to change, rearrange, play and work the great game of life. Finding deeper long lasting insights, workings, timing, and ways to go is key. Meditation, exercise, healthy diet, right reading and study material is very important. Mayflower can help !
Many have asked for some insights into what’s up. Get on my special email updates by donating something. Otherwise here is a few of my latest astrological and spirited views ~

I light a candle
I am flame
lighting each moment of day.
~robert of mayflower

We’ve been going through aftermath of last January’s Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (a planetary mid life crisis) making for powers that be bigger than you and me messing with directing the weather, economics, behaviour, the world into ‘good behaviour’, (whatever that is). Usually means getting paid or sedated from symptoms. Sat/Plut is power over wisdom and forced behaviour, obedience, incoherent coherence, cognitive dissidents.
For instance, China and Russia want the USA to be divided, go through psychic civil war, experience chaos. Hopefully we don’t wish the same for them. Where is creative World Peace thinking?! The big conversation should include howto not lose sight of world harmony, co-creative intelligence, freedom of spirit art culture, and a sense of universal love, respect, a sense of unity through the diversity. Without higher love and intelligence, freedom of spirit and disciplined action, we’re all in trouble. You can’t just ‘get high’ and figure this out.
The United States of America, because of its history and urge for freedom and happiness, was and still is, the main place to figure this all out, to be free, smart, happy. In China and Russia you don’t see dissidents, they disappear without media or court dates. Think about it. We are the last hope of real freedom and justice for all. And nobody is smart enough. We need a greater courage, love, truth, and willingness to live the life to prove the doctrines.

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“When, at the cosmic hour of destiny in the life of a human being, a certain relationship is established between Jupiter and Saturn, there flash into human destiny those wonderful moments of illumination when many things concerning the past are revealed through thinking.
If we look in history for occasions in the time of the Renaissance — particularly during its last period — when there was a great renewal of ancient impulses, we shall find that this was directly connected with a certain relationship between Jupiter and Saturn.
But, as already said, Jupiter is in a certain respect impenetrable and his revelations remain in the unconscious if a man does not bring to them clear and active light-filled thoughts of his own. And that is why in ancient times, when active thinking was still at a very early state of development, the progress of humanity was in truth always dependent upon the relation between Jupiter and Saturn. When Jupiter and Saturn together formed a certain constellation, many things were revealed to our ancestors in those days. Modern man has to depend more upon receiving the memory of Saturn and the wisdom of Jupiter separately in the course of his spiritual development.”
-Rudolf Steiner, July 1923

Jupiter the planet of social identity and growth has conjunct Pluto, the planet of scary things like death, evil, bad guys, monsters of finality, and never ending bad time. Jupiter Pluto is the death and rebirth of the social identity. Its an aspect where many go broke and a number of folks get super rich. Its an aspect of social (jupiter) injustice (pluto). Its also an aspect of transformation, transfiguration, transmutation, and social alchemy at a very high level needing me to talk for an hour or two one. Not so simple to write for masses quick like this.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto came after the last January’s conjunction of Saturn/Pluto. A darth dark invader collective shadow of history conjunction. It was star wars but inside us. Bottom lines and limitations of growth. Forced retreat. Jupiter conjunct Pluto occurs 3 times this year and seems to be the timing for triggering the world’s problems at a collective social cultural level; i.e. Virus, poor world leadership incapable or bringing world peace and harmony rather than continual military one up on another and escalation of troubles, economic and ecological imbalance and injustice, equality of rights.
November is the last Jupiter Pluto conjunction and should bring many a conclusion to troubled times, be it Kanya and Kim, or Leaders past and present, Presidents of the world, Virus, economic imbalances, injustice and kinky weirdoes in the news.

“Mars has a great longing to be always talking, and whenever some quality in human nature enables him to make a man loquacious, he stimulates this tendency.
Mars does little thinking. He has few thinkers, but many talkers, in his sphere. The Mars Spirits are always on the watch for what arises here or there in the universe and then they talk about it with great zest and fervour. Mars is the planetary individuality who in the course of the evolution of humanity instigates human beings in manifold ways to make statements about the mysteries of the cosmos. Mars has his good and his less good sides — he has his Genius and his Demon. His Genius works in such a way that men receive from the universe the impulses for speech; the influence of his Demon results in speech being misused in many and various ways. In a certain sense Mars may be called the Agitator in our universe. He is always out to persuade, whereas Jupiter wants only to convince.”
~Rudolf Steiner , July 1923

Mars, the planet of forward moving trouble making fiery and feisty argumentative and aggressive with desires and fears is making trouble for few more months, or is it a conquering of new land and insight? When Mars transits Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn by conjunction last March following saturn/pluto last January, all hell broke out with the virus and political economic infighting. Mars triggered mayhem and chaos, and real fears of Virus. Mars will square Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in August now, triggering ‘More Karma and God only knows what’. Danger of extremes and opposites, of too much aggression, force, or feelings of being sunk, or having to make tough hard decisions, touchy reactive choices, feeling at odds with others. Will be backslide with virus again? Or will be brave on forwards? Mixed bag?
Will we all be ‘at war’ with each other? Will higher Courage and Truth unite us? Will the guardian angel protect, the ArcAngel of the Sun bring higher intelligence and socially transformative lasting result? Mars coming not to twice again trigger the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn trio in Capricorn, and it may take till December to figure out what actually happened this last while!
Will courage to love one another’s ‘higher self’, infinite possibility and holy space stillness truly transform tough times into healing and renewal, transformation and rebirth, c0-creative peace on the planet? Will higher wisdom and a more eternal view give us freedom from these insane chaotic moments now pressuring us? Mars can be stormy both in nature and politics/economics/and personal life of emotions, attachments, unresolved karma both individually and collectively from this and other lifetimes.
The end of September Mars retrograde squares Saturn retrograde,,,,,more trouble here?! Retrogrades always the toughest! Third hit usually has it figured and reconfigured out. Will end of Sept. finalize and clarify troubles and what we’re really dealing with? Will real clarity put trouble makers in checkmate. Will we discern finally real from fake? Honest protest from fake paid for opponents? Whew, tough times!

So, Watch out for transit of Mars in Aries coming to square Jupiter making for aggressive moves to grow and know at whatever cost. Mars will square Saturn demanding truth and facts, reality and what is going down for real, structured discipline and rules work here but make one feel squeezed, not free. Mars squaring, Pluto in Capricorn makes for mischief, good guys vs bad guys, some take the law into their own hands, police and military very busy at this time. Good for research and much wisdom and patience to deal with peoples emotions and feelings of injustice, abuse, anxiety, fear, and ‘Woundology Psychology’ is out, Enlightenment is in. From the highest spiritual view, the Higher Self sets up one’s whole life as a learning opportunity, working off karma, and awakening Spiritual enlightenment. Yes there is also a material world in which one can find fault and karmic recompense, law and justice, mercy and forgiveness~ perhaps! Each is free to learn from life or not. It helps to have a many lifetime view, a theosophy of rosy cross and raised consciousness potential and movement.
There is a Spirit or Spiritual World wherein each of us rules over our karma, our awaareness, our learning curve, our true freedom/love/enlightenment, Truth; our journey home, our return to love and truth and heart mind spirit soul.
The Soul is the mediator, the mediator, the activating resonance and response to Spirit truths. Spirit into Soul, Soul into body, is the ‘Thought Adjuster’ and revelation. The lower bodies are always student to the higher awareness, thus giving light to the body’s mistakes or learning crisis opportunities.

So’ this coming triple mars transit will be giving us a roller coaster of effects and new causes to act or react upon. There is no longer any excuse for not finding inner freedom, genius, enlightenment, and encounter. Now is the time for inner awakening, the whole world lock down is pointing at us to meditate, reconsider, ponder, be still, get to know ourself, deep and world wide.

Mars/Saturn aspects need to get back to work, honoring self and environment. Patience and wisdom compassion is key here. In first half of October Mars retrograde squares Pluto making for social cultural need for truth and justice, fairness and equality, or social unrest will ensue. Deep need for spiritual psychology and many lifetime view would be helpful. It’s also a time for dishonest or dirty play, a time of negative projection and intense critique and muck throwing. A time of renewal or degeneration for many.
Mid October Mars retrograde squares Jupiter making for lust for fun, quick gain without work; yet such aspect offers the possibility of positive turn of events allowing us to see clear positive light at the end of the tunnel. Something good happening to spark our going on perhaps.
Mars goes forward from retrograde in November after election unfortunately, then gives positive shifting energies but will later come again to square Pluto after the December Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, yuk! And then Mars moves on to square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius from Taurus in 2021, which will be way more positive about what to do and what to not do.
Whew!…….Mars is kick ass aspect making more action, less talk.
So November/December/January should be positive big turning points in Virus, economics, politics, history, and our inner spiritual journey to enlightenment, wholeness, completion, and friendship. It is my hope that latest by late Dec. 2020, we see healing and positive turn of events; in spirit soul body… the planet as a whole, and to each of us indivisually. The Virus should subside or take its right small place in our lives.

“When efforts to bring clarity of thought to bear upon some weighty problem of existence are unsuccessful because of physical, etheric, and especially astral hindrances, the Jupiter Beings come to the help of mankind. A man who has tried hard to apply clear thinking to some problem but cannot get to the root of it, will find, if he is patient and works inwardly at it, that the Jupiter powers will actually help him during the night. And many a one who has found a better solution for some problem during the night, as though out of dream, than during the previous day, would have to admit, if he knew the truth, that it is the Jupiter powers who imbue human thinking with mobility and vigour.
Saturn, then, is the preserver of the Memory of our universe; Jupiter is the Thinker in our universe. To Jupiter man owes all the impulses he is able to receive from the spiritual present in the universe. To Saturn he owes all the impulses of soul and spirit he can receive from the cosmic past.”
-Rudolf Steiner July 23 1923.

When folks unable to make real ‘inner’ changes and transformations of growth and learning, keep changing just ‘externals’, the repeat offenders and experience keeps happening. You?
On other hand when external changes give inner revelation, inner revelation realization, inner change, the outer organically and naturally changes for the better. This is metaphysical hermetic law. This is truth, it’s art. In time each of us will get enlightened, Each of us on spirit level is beautiful no matter what, is enlightened now , just unconscious of it perhaps.
Keep trying to learn steiner, blavatsky, tibetan Buddhism, manly hall, yoga and meditation; then the outer will just fall in line, on point, circle, and golden ration, mean, and triangle of thinking/feeling/willing becoming truly transformed creative by Atma, Buddhi, Manas, or Spirit Self/Life Spirit/Spirit Man (see Steiner’s Theosophy and Blavatsky’s Key to Theosophy as well as her Voice of the Silence books..

Whereas Saturn tells of the past, Jupiter gives a living portrayal of what is connected with him in the cosmic present. But what Jupiter reveals to the eye of spirit must be grasped with thoughtful intelligence. If a man does not himself make efforts to develop his capacities of thinking, he cannot, even if he is clairvoyant, approach the mysteries of Jupiter, for they are revealed in the form of thoughts and can be approached only through a genuine activity of thinking. Jupiter is the Thinker in our universe.
Spiritual individualities of the planets, 1923

Jupiter has conjunct Pluto 2 times, and coming once more (the third time) in November 2020. Should be easy to handle than rather than escalation of everything negative and fearful. Good for letting go and recreating a self worthy of our highest endeavor. This aspect would take me an hour to talk about. Its basically the death and rebirth of your social identity; friends, family, co-workers, more. Its how some get filthy rich and others poorer than poor. Its all in our face now. Its about coming to renewed power and charity by recognizing all as brothers and sisters, or by separating and dividing to conquer and have personal opinion persuasion. Its about the difficulty of letting others be free to keep your own ego intact. Its about learning to be selfless and open to learning. Its all that and lots more. Its the death and rebirth of relationships, hope, land, feelings, ego, personality, relations, job and calling. Its feeling like a rebellious teenager at the same time you feel like you are dying to the past, struggling for a new you future.

Where is it all going?! Well for once, its all going into the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020. Then the Virus and many another craziness crashes and burns, disappears. What then? Hopefully a renewed take on long term security, happiness, friendships, ralations to body and land, and hope for the future, peace and love on this earth for one and all.

December 21st, 2020, on the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin (conjunct) at Zero degree Aquarius. It is my hope that such aspect brings the miracle of an awakened citizenship to the planet, a new vision and voice for world peace and harmony between nations and peoples, social and political justice and higher intelligence, heart and soul.
Such aspect needs an hour or two of me talking to unwind the possibilities, but here is very brief note on it.

“Who then are those who principally labour for the good of humanity in general, and who set themselves universal tasks in later incarnations? They are those who in earlier incarnations, have in some way or other died a death of sacrifice. The devotional natures, those given up to the spiritual here on the earth, owe this to their life of martyrdom in a previous incarnation. The earth could not progress unless people sacrificed themselves”.
-Rudolf Steiner – GA 157a – The Forming of Destiny and Life after Death – Lecture 3 – Berlin, 20th November 1915

Midpoints to uranus/neptune are critical but don’t have the time to explain at the moment. But so is your midheaven ascendent midpoint. Get a reading!

“One hears it quite often said, mostly in Central Europe, but perhaps in Western Europe too, that there is only one health, but a multitude of diseases. This statement, which many believe to be correct, cannot be upheld in the light of a genuine knowledge of the human being. Because man is so individual, so particularly  formed, that everyone, every child, already has a very specially suited health. We can therefore say that there are as many states of health and diseases as there are people. This reminds us of the necessity to continually focus on understanding the individual nature of man.”
-Rudolf Steiner – GA 303
– Dornach, December 28, 1921 (page 100)

uranus oppose Ivanka Trump’s Sun at midpoint……out of job and moving? Separations? This is one aspect indicative of big changes at the ‘White House’.

Kim and Kanya parting? Most likely if you look at their charts, even if outwardly staying together. Clinton’s the same. Trumpsters the same, maybe. We need a new book on love. Osho anybody? True Grail teachings or alchemy could tell, but few get beyond using everything to build up their tower of power and personal wealth lack of sisterly brotherly sharing. Beautifully weird time we in. Each has the freedom to reach for the higher octave, the higher self; rather than fall into fear and unworthy desires not making us complete, whole.
Change needs happen within first, then outwardly gracefully truly harmoniously flowering. Share don’t give, care and forgive or let go till more wisdom comes, but avoid being bitten again by repeat offenders. Love truth, daring, creativity, joy, work enlivens. Be you, all the others are insanely not you. Each has a gift to share with the world, without which the world is poorer. Lets inwardly be rich and shine shine share share our good true beautiful. Look to the Spirit of the Sun in the Spark in every heart. There’s a beautiful song in every heart as my song goes.

“We can grasp the nature of the Sun only when we know something of its nature of spirit and soul. In that realm it is the power which imbues with warmth the element of necessity in destiny, resolves destiny into freedom in its flame, and if freedom is misused, condenses it once more into its own active substance. The Sun is as it were the flame in which freedom becomes a luminous reality in the universe; and at the same time the Sun is the substance in which, as condensed ashes, misused freedom is moulded into destiny — until destiny itself can become luminous and pass over into the flame of freedom.”
~Rudolf Steiner 1923

I am still predicting, since i predicted his first win, Pres. Trump to lose next election. Joe B has difficult aspects so i won’t surprised if i’m wrong. Or does he drop out for whatever reason, or leaves office as president, and the VP choice by default ends up Pres?! E. Warren? Opra or Michelle Obama could easily win, why aren’t they running or pointing out who should? Will President Trump suddenly amaze us with unifying insight and wisdom bravado? Its a wild time, a good time, to be alive. Expect Sept and November to be wild card change ups and new directions, surprises, and bottom lines. December’s Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Aquarius is major turning point good or bad for our future both collectively and individually. Jupiter will take the lead and go ahead of saturn and pluto; a kind of ‘get behind be satan’ move which should prove positive for the planet. Obviously human beings must each come to this freedom, truth, love, on their own to truly matter and not continue look to others to save us. And yes, each of us by how we live, breathe, think feel creates and recreates the future. From the higher angle, anything could happen! We have inner freedom to resonate to the highest ideal and virtue!

Astrology Calendar ~
Major Hot (positive and negative) Astrology Days! Many retrograde planets make for reversals, rethinks, redo, redress, and feelings of going backwards or retrograde. Look to how these aspects hit your own chart to see what’s up.

July 30 Mercury opp Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus inconjunct Pluto. Strong need to have real love in one’s life. Whether friend, lover, family, plants, nature, music, philosophy, spiritual teaching; need for upliftment and passionate daring, adventure, vaster, deeper higher, feelings and mind of more enlightened holy state of consciousness. A sense of not trusting others. Need for privacy alone or with special other. Creative time or worrisome time. Plans that will not follow through. Edgy and dreamy.

Aug 1st Mercury oppose Pluto triggers the Pluto hanging out at the midpoint of Jupiter/Saturn. Everything wrong with this world is being thrown in our face. Many blaming others for their unhappiness but no good results or resolution is at hand. Positive side is radical stillness and willingness to go on, learn anew, renew, let go. One should be rather cautious of making radical moves. Great aspect for research and inner review. Great aspect to read deeply Steiner, Blavatsky, NeoPlatonism, hermetics, Manly Hall, tibetan buddhism, Osho, Alchemy, cabala, Yoga origins, and more. Now is the time to awaken a higher mind and heart for truth, divine love, real friendships lasting through lifetimes. Lots of wrangling and in fighting, worldly charms and materialistic dharmas run rampant.

August 2nd Sun square Uranus. Sudden arrivals or partings. Sudden flashes of genius, revelation, insight; or shock, change, sudden turn of events, pressures causing premature actions failing in intent and result. Possible quake, storm, or sunspot activity. Breakthroughs or breakdowns. Need for genius and patience for the eternal verities.

August 3 Mercury oppose Saturn makes for reality bent and bottom line. Avoid negativity by eating simple grains and vegetables. Meditate of at least 3 to 7 life times, yours or those you love. Be patient with others but down wait to be yourself. Make time for yourself.

Aug. 4th Mars in Aries squares Jupiter. Over exuberance is good if brings immediate results. Otherwise slow down and smell the roses.

Aug. 7 Venus enters sign of Cancer. Good time now and coming to cook healing foods each and every day. Hug and be hugged. Be thank full and create reasons others are thank full of you!

t’s never as bad as it seems, nor as good.
This is but one of many lives, it’s good to keep things in perspective,
as well as respectful
and spiritually expectant
something good is coming.
~robert of mayflower

Sent from my iPhone
Aug. 10 Mercury square Uranus. Genius and connectivity if afoot. Dare to be creative, let go and let ‘God’ (virtue of true self) guide.

Tyranny is the temptation
of every ego,
deception of every lack;
individuality is universal
responsibility to the little ones
as well as those gone before
and yet to come.
sacrifice self for Self,
for perfect wholeness
in the listening heart,
in the open mind,
in the good for all.
~robert of mayflower

Aug 13 Mars square Pluto. This is a dangerous aspect. Good guy and bad guys fight it out. Dirty secrets exposed. Wisdom and Compassion seriously needed here. Play it safe, avoid risk taking or dangerous places.
Infighting, warring, making demands and giving ultimatums. Danger of mars aggressive or self centered actions causing reaction. Possible need to break away or out of some situation. Danger around guns, anger, law, breaking rules, trespassing, not keeping boundaries. Tragedy.
Positive side is heroic action, saving a situation or person, bravado and truth over power and selfishness. At times very strong female personalities representing justice and the American way of courage, virtue, audacity for truth no matter what. For most it will be a very moody depressing day. Bad movies and psycho drama, repeat offenders.

“Now the Mars Beings imbue everything with an element of aggressiveness, be it in the domain of physical, psychical or spiritual qualities. Nay more, they make a person combative, warlike by nature. This warlike element is compatible not only with attack but also with retreat; otherwise wars could not be fought! I think this was obvious enough during the [First] World War.”
-Steiner karmic relationships

Aug. 15th Uranus in Taurus goes retrograde and all the creative changes and earthly renewals either satisfy or temporally frustrate yr desires or fears. Many demand suffering and will do anything to find contributors. Ha! May we all learn to turn inward to discover our true stillness and moving genius, friend to all, enemy to none.

Aug. 16th Sun trine Mars makes for all ahead go, fool or genius.

Aug 17 Mercury trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury. If you are observant, this is a day (within 3) where Hermes the mercurial messenger delivers secret instructions to your soul on how to become enlightened, torture your friends with truth, love without sense of worry nor limitation, and find your true next step to higher destiny, freedom, and creative participation with the future of the world. Breathe deep to the heart and let go, take another breath and listen with your whole heart. A messenger comes, whether day or dreamy night, a messenger comes.

Aug. 18th Venus sextile Uranus and New Moon in Leo at the heart of the Lion. Love invisible and visible is at hand. Art your day into your wholeness of life.

Aug 19th Mercury enters critical virgo. As HPB says, “Fear no failure, court no success.” Avoid negatives that are impotent to bring positive results of learning, healing, spiritual returning, growing to know in new ways. Until Mercury enters Libra in early September, the cynics and negative provocateurs are back in force. Meditate in silence one to three times a day to find healing wholeness and way to go. Constructive criticism may not even work now. Look for whole hearted insights and ‘way to go’.

Aug 22nd Sun enters Virgo. Take the best, leave the rest, of your experience distilling into wisdom’s keep safe.

Saturn is an entirely self-engrossed heavenly body in our planetary system, raying his own being into the universe. When we contemplate Saturn, he tells us always what he is. Whereas the Moon — contemplated in its external aspect — tells us about everything else in the universe, Saturn tells us nothing at all about the impulses he receives from the universe. He speaks only of himself, tells us only what he himself is.
-Steiner, July 27,1923

Aug 24 Mars square Saturn. Hard work needs right co-workers and friends. Need to achieve higher vision capable of seeing where the hard work is going and is it worth it. For some its boring times needing engaging right work or action. For some its more delays, blocks, walls, ‘no’, and a long road block. Good for honest work with long term plans. Difficult but necessary decision making. Patience enough to wait for wisdom to come.

Everywhere is a good place to start,
a difficult place to end.
Stillness divines it all,
still knows it all;
past present future
in one breath. Let go and breathe!
~robert of mayflower

Aug 25 Mercury trine uranus and Venus oppose Jupiter should make for good times, social connectivity, and joyful laughs. Avoid overdoing and have fun with new insights, truths, sharing.
Positive thoughts and renewed ways of working for better times, futures. Right thinking and action find support and mutual agreement. Time to reach out beyond boundaries and connect with higher spirit souls.

Truth is a free creation
of the human spirit,
that never would exist at all
if we did not generate it ourselves.

-Rudolf Steiner
Aug 26 – Pres.Trump Saturn oppose midheaven, Bottoming out at the Big House? Or is it big turning point, possibly indicating a positive turn after a bad one? A coming sense of rising up, once past this bottoming out in winter, spring, summer? Is it laying new foundation, finding right ground to stand on, sense of sure footing to rise up? Possible low point though for now around ‘White House’. Subtle and gross need to rethink and again rethink, anew think to make a future turn for the better.Weighed down feeling of too much to handle. A need of silence to think. Happiness when alone. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense, neither does the world at the moment. All astrological aspects have a higher and lower octave that each individual must find for themselves out of freedom and higher love for all life. Each is a child of God or Universal Goodness, Oneness. Not everyone resonating with their higher octave but in time, in some lifetime , it will happen for one and all. May that time come soon for the sake of the planet.

“Give up your opinions, nothing is right
until it works.’ ~robert of mayflower

Aug. 27th Venus trine Neptune. Ideal love dreams us on. Good for creativity and soul mating. Not good for hard line bottom line and tough facts. Some dream of far away places, or escape from reality. Some actually do create alternative beautiful realities finding the muse of higher octave good true beautiful. Good aspect for loving, dreaming true, touching, finding inspiration to renew, go on, dream real. Dreams reveal secrets of each other’s soul life. Higher Love idealism and inspirations possible.

The truth will never be found,
You have to live it
then it speaks for itself
reflecting in the world around.
~robert of mayflower

Aug 29th Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn. Good time to figure out everything! Bookkeeping, accounting, right conversing, sharing, facts, plans, cleaning, fixing up, who to work with or not. Good for correcting, dharma, making right connection. Thinking clear.

“In fact the law of karma is the most consoling law there is. Just as it is true that nothing exists without a cause, so it is equally true that nothing existing remains without its effects. I may be born in poverty and misery; my abilities may be very limited; yet whatever I do must produce its effect, and whatever I accomplish now, by way of industry or moral activity, will certainly have its effect in later lives. If it depresses me to think that I have deserved my present destiny, it may equally cheer me to know that I can frame my future destiny myself.

Anyone who really takes this law into his thinking and feeling will soon realise what a sense of power and of security he has gained. We do not have to understand the law in all its details; that becomes possible only at the higher stages of clairvoyant knowledge. Much more important is it that we should look at the world in the light of this law and live in accordance with it. If we do this conscientiously over a period of years, the law will of its own accord become part of our feelings. We verify the truth of the law by applying it.”
-Rudolf Steiner, Spiritual Science

Aug. 30 Venus in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn. Avoid negative emotions in trying to have compassion for self and other. Change yourself to change your world round. Don’t take anything personally other than the higher self wishes to speak through the noise and emotional chaos. Feelings of being rejected. Sometimes good aspect for research, intense communication, transformational spiritual psychology, Kundalini experience. Visits to the underworld and back. Home or personal wishes and world work or calling at odds perhaps. Jealousy doesn’t work here. Letting go of psycho drama and letting higher calling come in. Need to see many life times and many friends, family, lovers, to get right perspective. Fear is confession of lack of truth as to self. Fear is lack of love for higher self. Where truth, no fear, just going on peacefully.
In the news, lots of dirt on everybody without higher self insights.

Sept 2nd Venus oppose Saturn and Sun trine Uranus makes for reality take on whether you got your head on right about what is real love, what is truth lasts and nourishes us, what is real bed, home, and beyond. Sun/Uranus makes us brave to reach out in new ways, or to change creatively right where we are.

Sept. 4th Venus in Cancer squares Mars in Aries. Home or heart soul inner spirit decides it is more important than worldly fights and struggle. Serious energetic to come home to oneself, not other. Then and only then, ‘other’ falls in line. Such aspect notorious for lovers fighting or having the best time of their life.

Sept. 9th Mars retrograde marks the beginning of a very nasty couple or ‘uncoupling’ couple of months heading for the USA Presidential Election. Or is it everyone decides to be a buddhist and have compassion for how hard everyone struggles, works, strives, fights for ‘rights’? Ah, i think its now a weird time to fight , and a good time to step back and find the wisdom and right love to share, care, and dare to simply be you come hell or high water; just be gentle, kind, compassionate, and inwardly daring to see the truth.

Sept. 11th Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces. Truth and lies get mixed up now. Actions speak louder than words. Avoid taking new steps if not totally clear in mind and heart. Nice aspect for artistic ideals, higher love, future plans.

Where there is no love, there is no future;
Where there is no truth, no presence
divining the present.
~robert of mayflower

Sept. 12th Jupiter goes direct now heading for big conjunction with Saturn in December. Truth and Love now hold hands and many a magical spiritual event is in the works.

Sept. 19 – For Pres. Trump, Venus trine prog. Jupiter indicates happy that others getting happier. This may be lucky good moment for making positive things happen for one and all. No it doesn’t mean he will win. Yet each has freedom to recreate what up and what coming.

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from Steiner ~
A Verse for Our Time
We must eradicate from the soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.
We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.
We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.
And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.
It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.
Trust in the ever present help
Of the spiritual world.
Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.
And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.
-Rudolf Steiner

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