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A new ’13 days of Christmas’ Comet Leonard this December into January is upon us!

Sunday, November 14th, 2021


Here is news and astrology of a new comet coming into visibility in december 2021,reaching Perihelion (run by Sun) jan. 3, 2022.

This Comet Leonard may well bring you a universal and personal message from the the ‘gods’ (ie. the higher virtues, higher self, sparks of Spirit Self!). This comet is coming from Ursa Major , the stars over our head, over the earth’s n.pole. Yes Santa in his own way is coming, or is it Sanat Kumara, or Michael the ArchAngel message, or even one of Wisdom Sophia’s messengers for our hearts to attune and give listen.

From over our heads, down into our Heart Chakra, something good is up. Many turning points, endings or completions, new beginnings taking place. May the wisdom for world peace and compassion come to us all.

The vibration is now into december and into the new year, but we must do the work of tuning in.

The heart is birthing the higher self. All sufferings are this ‘labor pain’.

Surely this comet is part and parcel

of Rudolf Steiner’s theosophy of the rosicrucian, the Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius impulse,

and vibrates to the Christ in the Etheric motif, myth and reality.

As fellow student, let me know what you think.

Heart Garden Blessings,

robert of mayflower