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June 2009 Astrological Newsletter

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Many thanks to the many friends who came to my recent live music performances. It was great to hear so many sing along with some of the songs. The song line chorus of ‘Fly me home, fly me home; on the wings of an angel, don’t ever let go’, as well as ‘A little bit of Love’s gonna set us free’ had everyone singing! Those songs, from my new ‘WISH’ CD, seemed to be the favorites with everyone. You can hear some of the songs on Mayflower Bookshop website ( My little rap rants about the sacred heart and holy backyard, politics, ecology, and saying prayers before meals in a song at Memphis Smoke seems to still have some people talking. Move over Tom Petty and Bob Dylan! Thanks friends! Next concert is in Palmer Park June 28th! More concerts coming up, so stay tuned. -robert (248-547-8227) See our website and hear some music at 

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological Newsletter, June 2009

Pluto, now in Capricorn, envisions the need for world concern for ecology, good healthy food to eat, and concerned governments around the world to work together for peace and prosperity. Pluto opposing the USA’s Cancer Sun Sign denotes how world dilemmas and problems are forcing us to re-imagine ourselves as agents for positive change and renewal. Pluto’s danger is letting the ‘little man,’ the unconscious libido, the desire/fear rule. Emerson – a true transcendentalist and creative imagineer of modern America’s pursuit of happiness, joy, and peace – clearly accentuates and activates our higher virtue and sense of conscience, mind, and spirit in his wonder poems and essays such as Brahma, The OverSoul, and Self-Reliance. Emerson may well be the one to read, along with Bucke’s ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ to antidote Pluto’s negative influence. Another book, ‘Secrets of the Soil’ or anything on Biodynamic Gardening will also help. If America could rekindle their intimate relationship to the Virtuous Heart and the Holy Backyard, re-awaken how important a relationship to the soil is, much good could prevail. Pluto opposing Cancer is the loss of healthy soil and good food. By cognitive organic gardening alone, we can recreate a virtuous world of peace and joy. Most of us have been severely cut off from the spiritually etheric formative forces and rhythms of Mother Nature.

 “He is asleep. Though his mettle was sorely tried, He lived, and when he lost his angel, died. It happened calmly, on its own, The way the night comes when day is done.” -Les Miserables (p. 1463)

Pluto squaring Libra reveals the end of marriage and relationship as we know it. It indicates a need to make friendship and loving kindness the core of relationship, not a dream in the sky. Happiness in helping others unfold their own talents and virtues, as well as mutual respect and co-creative spiritual striving, freedom, and honesty, will become a priority in all relationships. Staying friends after parting ways is the key proof of such attainment. Pluto square Libra reveals a need to base friendships and partnerships on the many possibilities of making the world a better place, a more virtuous harmonious place; rather than partnerships based on greed, desire, fear and egotistical attainment/acquirement alone. Pluto in Capricorn depicts the death and rebirth (controlled bankruptcies and re-making) of many a corporation and car company. It also depicts the need to have all military powers of the world to work for peace and love, rather than perpetual war and military nuclear build-up. We seem to be good at war but not peace, good at making weapons but not healthy gardens and farm communities.

“Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the real murderers.” -Les Miserables (p. 27)

Neptune in Aquarius probably signifies how many people are medicated, or ‘on something,’ also the mass hysteria produced by being continually overstimulated. The real need of meditation rather than medication, yoga rather than party togas, and gardening rather than fireworks and loud stadiums of spectator music, sports, and politics. Wrong use of drugs are a real problem both in the garden and in the human being, toilets, and our drinking water.

 “In passing, we might say that success is a hideous thing. Its false similarity to merit deceives men… They confuse heaven’s radiant stars with a duck’s footprint left in the mud.” -Les Miserables (p. 51-52) 

Neptune wants to get something from nothing, and seems to neither understand Buddha’s empty bowl, nor emptiness practice. Neptune is escape, false spirituality, maya or feverish illusory pursuits, as well as visitations and moments of great compassion, the mother. Neptune is the sea of compassion and bliss, or the sea of samsara’s illusions and false perceptions. Neptune in Aquarius calls for a real need to address drug addiction, whether in the form of sugar and coffee, TV and porn, pharmaceutical or illegal drugs. Emerson’s works, Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’ and ‘Isis Unveiled,’ Steiner’s ‘Outline of Esoteric Science’ and his ‘Theosophy,’ Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets,’ the Tibetan Buddhist Mind Training and Meditation Techniques, Vedanta, the Bhagavad Gita all are ways of spiritually “getting high” or transcending to a spiritual reality or angelic encounter enabling a more virtuous re-embodiment, or even next moment. The metaphysical movement and health food, whole foods, movement is a real human heart conspiracy of LOVE. The human being is conscious virtue and harmonious co-creative spirit indeed. The human being, each of us, is a divine co-creative agent for either positive or negative change. Few are trained in the ways of virtuous mind training, organic gardening, musical play, or metaphysical inquiry that leaves one free. Freedom and truth, loving kindness and compassion, and creative play, are severely lacking top to bottom in this weird world of better living through chemistry, advanced technology, economic war machines, and spectator living (spectator sports, spectator sex, spectator music and entertainment). Neptune in Aquarius is also the danger of spectators or ghosts. Ghosts are all the past unfinished or undigested experiences that haunt the mind and emotions with distraction or vampirization making one feel either drained or over accentuated, exaggerated, or inflated. 

“That eternally returning specter, the past, not infrequently falsifies its passport. Let us be ready for the snare. Let us beware. The past has a face, superstition, and a mask, hypocrisy. Let us denounce the face and tear off the mask.” -Les Miserables, Victor Hugo (p. 508)

Neptune in Aquarius calls for the need for heightened awareness and a new spirituality that can heal the split between spirit and body by awakening the Soul of Knowledge in Heart, awakening the heart’s mindfulness. (See ‘Treasury of Dharma,’ or ‘Meaningful to Behold,’ or ‘The Three Principled Path’ by Gelek Rimpoche, and also Robert of Mayflower’s cd called Divine Yoga Sutras).

“The greatness of democracy is that it denies nothing and renounces nothing of humanity. Next to the rights of Man, side by side with them, at least, are the rights of the Soul.” -Les Miserables (p. 517)

Uranus in Pisces, about to go into Aries in 2010, indicates the need to catch the mind from unconscious streaming. Uranus wants something new to happen, but in Pisces it’s like trying to have a new dream rather then doing something real. Uranus in Pisces is sleep disturbances as well as events that disturb your sleep or ability to stay unconscious. Uranus is the awakener. If one doesn’t consciously, spiritually and morally, wake up to participating in the creation of a peaceful healthy holy world, one may accidently and karmically open oneself up to being shocked into growing up spiritually. It’s the carrot or the stick type mentality. Either one goes for the carrot, making oneself better, initiating spiritual (virtuous) education, or one gets hit with the stick, hit with learning lessons. Uranus in Pisces truly indicates the need to awaken a spiritual pre-conceptive awakeness, an intuitive feeling for future events, and a willingness to change the inner self, the inner mind, so to attune to meeting the future full-bodied. We live in a world where some of us have awakened the awareness that “Each of us is a child of God”. The problem is that few of us are spiritual ADULTS. Few realize their full spiritual potential. Few realize their co-creative power in creating future circumstance and world event starting with each and everything we do. The present is the child of the past, the parent of the future. Uranus in Pisces gives us plenty of forewarning of coming events. When Uranus goes into Aries and squares Pluto, much of the past will be truly thrown off and the future, like it or not, will be rushed at us. Many a new invention and cultural revolution of higher intelligence and world necessity will be thrown upon us. It will be like ‘musical chairs’ – except everybody sitting will now have to get up and dance, or do something, move.

“Liberation is not deliverance. A convict may leave prison behind but not his sentence.” -Les Miserables (p.97)

Saturn in Virgo reveals the need to insure good healthy food and water for everybody, not just “good” insurance. Healthy diet and exercise is an insurance. Saturn in Virgo is the need to find good work, job, that is spiritually and ecologically healthy for both the individual and the world. We need healthy transportation! Non-fossil fuel transportation. Job and health are the issues here with Saturn in Virgo, but if you’re not working on healing the inner life, the mind and heart, what good will a healthy animal body be but for harnessing as work dog serf-dumb? “If you’re not working on your inner self, you’re not working” used to be the slogan at Mayflower Bookshop. Being physically healthy but not virtuous is not spiritual health. Saturn in Virgo is about the wisdom of right work, right mind, right diet (intestines), and right dharma or critique. Right Fix is knowing what to fix that automatically fixes a thousand other things.

Jupiter in Aquarius is about social justice and creating healthy spiritual community. Its fall-out or shadow would include elitist exclusive clubbing and in-house clowning. It also indicates the tendency to collectivize, socialize, and herd, rather than to individualize. The most for the many, rather than the most for the few is the trend. What is best for the whole which includes each individual.

“Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves.” -Les Miserables (p. 1004)

Venus and Mars in Taurus makes for some great hugs and kisses this month. Good for down-to-earth practicality and super-sensuous experience. Good for gardening, friends and backyards.

 “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves–say rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” -Les Miserables (p. 167)

June’s Astrological Configurations of Interest include—


  1. June 5th, Sun square Saturn leading into June 7th trigger of Moon square Saturn on Full Moon Day  may mean extremes in the weather along with tough realistic decisions when it comes to the economy, travel, and all big blue sky, the grass is greener over there, possibilities. Saturn makes one realistic. Mars trine Pluto on the 4th makes for aggressive but practical moves to further large stake interests and long-term securities.
  2. The Venus trine Pluto on June 8th in Earth signs, makes for the need to secure one’s heart to deeper yet secure waters. The heart yearns to anchor in deeper waters of time’s wisdom and insight. Good for evaluating what really works in love, and what escapes in love. What anchors love and what flies away in such.
  3. Mercury square Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter on the 9th & 10th. Great aspect for using one’s creative wits to achieve the impossible. Bad aspect for taking unnecessary risks in gambling, investments, speculation, or compromising oneself with unconscious weird appetites or desires, or wanting something for nothing. Also indicative of the need to transcend troubles with something more beautiful, loving, and full of grace, forgiveness, and futurity. The June 13th Moon conjunct Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron vibe is orgasmic insights into the future.
  4. First half of June, Asteroid Pallas squares Venus/Mars making for sudden jolts of reality when it comes to love, money, and the hunt for happiness. Beware of hunting goddesses. Good for making love work for everybody. Anger is forcing one’s judgement and opinion on another denying them the freedom to come to it on their own. Pallas can be forceful. But when patient and loving, the best of lovers and friends she is.  Love is wanting the other to be happy, to bloom. Love ravishes the seed to bud, the bud to flower, the flower to fly in the air, perfume the world. Love is the paradox of becoming oneself simultaneous to freeing oneself; and perhaps, even the other.

 “They were living in that ravishing condition that might be called the dazzling of one soul by another.” -Les Miserables(p. 1004) 

5. June 4th to 12th watch the verbal sparks fly as President Obama has transiting Mars square his natal Mercury, and then by the 12th he has transiting Mars opposing his natal Neptune. The President will be quick to retaliate or react to misplaced criticisms. Also quick to address and put in check troubled hot spots. By the 12th, danger of acting prematurely or too quickly, rashly, or wrongly. With Pluto going retrograde to oppose his natal Venus again at the end of June, the President may be feeling the tight squeeze of performance tension, and/or the continued pressures and troubles due to both the war in the Middle East, and the continued threats of North Korea’s actions. Pluto/Venus can create ultimatums and strong pressures to act or react. Neptune retrograde transiting so close to his ascendent demands realistic and practical actions progressing the Presidents future plans; otherwise, Neptune can be the feeling of being lied to or misled. Positively, the Pluto/Venus transit depicts the President dealing head-on with real problems in the economy and with the poor, rather than loss of popularity due to scandal. The Neptune transit can depict the President’s strong spiritual power and virtuous idealism shared by the collectively conscious public, rather than the illusory pursuit of goals. When Uranus transit squares his natal Venus early next year, we will get the report card. Spring could be the breakthrough time for progress and real forward motion. Early next year, Jupiter will trine President Obama’s Venus in Cancer and his Neptune in Scorpio. Will everything come up roses by then, or is it the war of the roses?

6. Aquarius Jupiter going Retrograde on June 15th till October 13th portends of four months of reconsidering the Obama plan for restoring the country to world leadership in peace, environment, economy, social justice, and education. This may prove to be the critical time for the economy to prepare for many real NEW initiatives, inventions, and futuristic realities to make their appearance in 2010-12 during the Cardinal Sign Cosmic Cross of Pluto Capricorn/Uranus Aries/Saturn Libra/Jupiter Aries.

    “Mayor Madeline: ‘The two highest functionaries of the state are the wet nurse and the school teacher’.” -Les Miserables (p. 161)


    7. June 17th Sun trine Neptune/Jupiter and square Uranus makes for an intense need to make quick changes and adjustments. This influence for sudden shifts of direction extends from June 15th to 20th. Asteroid Juno conjuncts Uranus during this week of June 17th portending of wild Celtic Amazonian women of wonder and power, along with the usual criminals of complaint, worry, nag, and haggy dissent, dissatisfaction. Juno is mythologically associated with Zeus’s wife capable of loving wisdom, joy, and kindness, but also of rage and terroristic obsession and fascination. Men are equally included here. This may prove to be a harmonious and beautiful time, but it could also be a time of stormy weather and earthquake, as well as tempestuous political debate. The beautiful hag, Juno, is a flush rose cheeked this June.

     “She astounds at ten paces, terrifies at three; a large wart inhabits her perilous beak; you constantly tremble lest she blow it your way, and lest her nose slip in her mouth some fine day.” -Les Miserables (p. 1087). 

    Jupiter conjunct Neptune on July 10th should flush out whether 19 people dying from Swine Flu in U.S. constitutes a pandemic alarm or not. Jupiter/Neptune can be highly inflated data as well as completely missing the obvious fact right in front of your face. The question most astrologers have is, is the economy really hitting bottom and making a positive turn? I tend to think the Jupiter/Neptune may be fooling us, and we haven’t quite hit bottom yet. Spring 2010 on to 2012 will be the real turn around and positive new world vibe. Or so i think.

    8. Summer Solstice on June 21st on Father’s Day reveals Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus notorious for passionate love, eroticism, sacrifice, and going to no end to find satisfaction. With New Moon next day oppose Pluto, along with a Venus/Mars trine Saturn, expect many power plays and heated threats both personal weird stuff with jealousy, anger, and fear, as well as geo-political hotspot war zones. Compassion, compassion, compassion with sharp wisdom, wit, and selfless insight much needed at this time. On the 23rd, Sun opposes Pluto known for jealousy and crazy antics of selfish obsession, vanity, taking-it-personal, and downright neurosis, psychosis, and woundology psychology.  Being happy for other’s happiness is usually the missing element these daze.

       “And whatever he did, he always fell back onto this paradox at the core of his thought. To remain in paradise and become a demon! To re-enter hell and become an angel!” -Les Miserables (p. 235)

      Although Venus/Mars can make for impulsive highly exciting erotic love adventure this whole month leading to June 21st and on to the July Full Moon eclipse, and on to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on July 10th, take care to avoid people who aren’t happy for others, who put everyone else down, who demonize others with their superior inferiority complex, and who deny others the creative freedom they demand so much for themselves. Reality check points include the highly erotic, kinky and weird, Sun opposes Pluto on June 23rd, the Ceres conjunct Saturn on June 26th through the end of June, along with July 1st, 4th, and July 21st Solar Eclipse with Venus square Saturn. (Will grains and corn and food prices rise substantially due to cold then hot weather? Or will they fall?) The weather continues to go to extremes. Here in Michigan, my hope is the cool spring will ward off the Japanese beetle bugs that love to eat corn, berries, and roses.

      9. With Venus/Mars conjunct on June 21st, heading for a square to Jupiter then Neptune by the first week in July many a love life will tangle, untangle, wrangle and jingle jangle, come unglued and reassemble. Do we remember just what and why we are here for each other. To midwife awakening? Destiny or fate? To make the world a better place or just to work out bad karma? Hug; or, Huh? Or is it just a mad plunge into the future avoiding the reality of the situation? Escapism and inflationism? Or just lost at sea without a clue, dishonesty and real friends too few? Ask for anything, accept the way it is for now, and turn up the love light, being yourself true to the dream, the ideal, the highest star o’er head. Yes, that’s how to deal with this aspect.

        “Love almost replaces thought. Love is a burning forgetfulness of everything else.” -Les Miserables (p. 1009)


        10. Conan O’Brien’s astrological chart reveals shake-ups and dramatic changes to his show by October 2009 with Retrograde Uranus transit conjunct his natal Venus. Neptune then retrograde transits near his Saturn/Moon depicting feelings of being drained, and a need for better diet and exercise, a need to take care of health. (Isn’t Conan already doing this?) With Pluto recently squaring O’Brien’s natal Jupiter, everything is changing … or is it? The last of three Pluto/Jupiter squares hits in early 2010. If Conan makes it to then, the Uranus transit conjunct his natal Jupiter will catapult him to greater success. Till then, his tough aspects in October, along with Saturn transit opposing his Venus in September, portend of tough times and a long ride. O’Brien has transiting Pluto trining his ascending sign, Uranus and Pluto, indicating somebody in power wants Conan there. But why? Is he really that funny? If Conan can last it out, 2010 will be his time to win.

        11. Susan Boyle who won our hearts by being somebody simple, miserable and downtrodden (and who doesn’t have a piece of that hidden somewhere inside us) won a place on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ by singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from the play ‘Les Miserables’. Les Miserables was a book by Victor Hugo depicting a convict in prison for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. The story is a torrid affair of poverty seeking wholeness, love, and redemption, and the heart eventually winning out over outer circumstance and fate, even death. Susan Boyle typifies that beat-up part of ourselves seeking healing and wholeness, seeking our day in the court of divine providence, perhaps even on the stage of mass attention. Somewhere inside each of us is something really beautiful, a song in our heart. Susan has a Libra Moon opposite an Aries Sun. Jupiter in Aquarius trines her Moon. With Neptune transiting her midheaven and opposing her natal Uranus, she had her day or two of fame and good fortune. With transiting Pluto slowly coming up to oppose her Mars in the coming years, and with transiting Jupiter coming to oppose her natal Pluto next year, Susan would be smart to buy a farm and stay grounded. With Uranus coming in the next two years to conjunct her Sun, and with Neptune presently high in her chart near MC, she may end up with a little TV show, but if I was her, I wouldn’t gamble. I’d take care of my heart and health, eat good food and exercise, and go for the farm, not the fame.

        “Each of our passions, even love, has a stomach that must not be overloaded. We must in all things write the word finis in time; we must restrain ourselves, when it becomes urgent, draw the bolt on the appetite, play a fantasia on the violin, then break the strings with our own hand.” -Les Miserables (p. 135)

        12. Plane vanishes over Atlantic as Neptune goes retrograde and Mercury goes direct. N. Korea announce more underground nuclear bombs, and more missile tests. Hard to tell exactly what’s going on with Jupiter Neptune aspects. June should flush out what’s up here. The end of June and around full moon early July also has tricky aspects for warring geopolitical hot spots on earth.

        “Great perils share this beauty that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.” -Les Miserables (p. 1101)


        13. Mel Gibson recently announced he’s getting divorced from his wife, and having a baby with his girlfriend. I wonder what his ‘Catholic’ opinion was about the Opra Priest affair?! Well, it’s good they are with women and not kids, eh? Anyway, Mel has transiting Pluto squaring his natal Moon which can be really good for having a baby and a garden. You gotta be really sweet and loving with that aspect. Jealousy and psychodrama will kill ya if you are not careful with Mr. Pluto. Transiting Uranus conjunct his Midheaven portends of a huge change in his career, his looks, the roles he plays, the way he walks and talks even! Uranus may get him to write a book or do reality shows, or even journalism or reporting. Uranus wants honesty and a higher truth. His Pluto aspect wants privacy and lots of intimacy, closeness, and trust. Hey, where does that start? Assuming Mel sticks with the new love he’s having a baby with (she’s now over 3 months pregnant), his Jupiter aspects to his natal fifth house and then oppose his natal Moon may predict another baby within a year and a half. Go Mel, go go!

        “Suspicions are nothing more nor less than wrinkles. Early youth has none. What overwhelms Othello glides over Candide.” -Les Miserables (p. 1041)

        Robert is available for private astrological consultations. Please call the Mayflower Bookshop at 248-547-8227 or email [email protected] for further information or to arrange an appointment. Robert is also available for in-house concerts.

        Next live music Robert of Mayflower concert in the park, June 28th 2pm in Palmer Park.

        “Citizens, in the future there shall be neither darkness nor thunderbolts, neither ferocious ignorance nor blood for blood… In the future no man will slay his fellow, the earth will be radiant, the human race will love. It will come, citizens, that day when all shall be concord, harmony, light, joy, and life.” -Les Miserables, Hugo (p. 1116)

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