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Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation, the NeoPlatonic, Hermetic, and Triple Goddess Connection

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

These three Rosicrucian Mantric sayings and Invocations first appeared in ‘Fama Fraternitatis’

written by Christian Rosenkreuz (1378?) . When CRC’s body exhumed

120 years after passing, its is said he held a parchment in his hands

at the bottom of which were again this Mantric Invocation.

I have heard that Paracelsus too stated this but i’m not sure.

It is interesting that Rudolf Steiner changed original FAMA ¬†‘Jesu’ into ‘Christo’.

Rudolf Steiner, after the burning of the ‘Goetheanum’, the ‘Temple of the Word’,

laid the new ‘foundation stone’ in the heart of the members, in the heart of all

us who wish to know and work for lasting creative happiness and goodness,

working to renew the teachings of the ancient mystery schools, the Spirit and Soul

awakening universal Love and Truth as a creative impulse for World Peace and Harmony.

Rudolf Steiner is truly so deep

and all pervasive in his spiritual working, that each of us in studying this

and his other works, will come to our own unique view, interpretation, and working.

Each will discover a sense of belonging to a greater wonder, a greater spiritual



and social cultural endeavor.

For some of us its like going home

while simultaneously

entering an invisible college and community of fellow students

seeking both enlightenment and greater Peace/Wisdom/Compassion for the World

with the World Word, the Celestial Song of Universal Life shining from within us.

With Rudolf Steiner and such spiritual teachings, no words are good enough.

Each of us must learn to awaken his or her own unique yet universal ‘I AM’,

Christos, or Hermes Christos, to shine and work out into the world, work in and out!

All life has intelligence, may loving kindness and compassion awaken with that intelligence

and belonging sense.

All life awaits us to unwrap this present, this Spiritual Presence, into the future.

Hearty Blessings,

Hope my little talks spark your own research and sharing;

till all the world and more attains wisdom, compassion, peace,

may we be friends,

robert of mayflower