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Don’t Believe In Magic, Just Me and You

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

“If you believe it, you’ll see it; if you live it, you’ll come to know it; if you love it, you’ll become it, awaken it.” -robert thibodeau

“Re-examine all that you have been told … dismiss that which insults your soul.” -Whitman

Belief is a noun. Spiritual Self is a verb. We and the world are the subject. Belief is a trust in some thing. It is Piscean Age belief that someone is going to make it and come back for us, that somehow the world is going to be saved; or at least some of us or some part of me. A belief is a trust or confidence in someone, some fact, perhaps in a god. A belief is some kind of acceptance or trust. It is trust in a state, or future state, of affairs. In the coming Aquarian Age, individual self is the belief, the religion. We are learning to believe in our Self, the inner and outer, the being and becomings. Furthermore, each person wants to know for themselves, not just believe. Buddha said  “doubt everything,” i.e. check everything out for your self as to its virtue, veracity, or truth. The true ideal of the Aquarian Age is to not believe, but to ‘Know thy Self’. The ancient Greek/Egyptian Mysteries had it as a major injunction, ‘Mind know thyself, and thou will come to know the whole world’. ‘Man’ means ‘Manas,’ mind, thinker, mindstream through all time. Rudolf Steiner said, ‘Know thyself to know the world, know the world to know thyself’. We are inseparable from the world around us, as well as from the inner life, the subtle bodies, the inner self. Fate and destiny, karma and dharma, is formed from both what comes from outside us toward us, and from what comes from the inside out of us. We receive karma from past lives coming at us, our future unfolds from the mind soul within us.

“Moons are no more bounds to spiritual power than bat-balls. The key to every man is his thought.” -Emerson, Circles

Perhaps there is something called ‘conscious belief’. In the book ‘Biology of Belief,’ science is proving our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, can create our biological states of matter and life. Scientists now prove our ‘belief’ makes water take different subtle geometrical shapes. Thinking and feeling can change our biochemistry. The ‘belief’ now being proved is a ‘mind over matter,’ it’s also a heart ‘feeling over matter’ thing. The old Tibetan saying is ‘Where the mind goes, the body will follow’. My first spiritual teacher said “If you believe it, you’ll see it”. I believe we can change our thinking and feelings to change our self. Macrobiotics teaches that we can change our diet to change our thinking. We can thus change bottom up, or top down. We can also just zero in, center in, on the heart. Love and Truth, heart-centered, is an ultimate transformative power that we have just barely tapped into. It is this cosmic spiritual force, that of the spiritual soul awakening in the heart that may, in the end, bring us both world peace and self-realization.

It is becoming a self evident fact these days that what we believe creates our reality. What we believe creates also our fiction, our illusion, and what we ‘think’ we see. But what is reality? Isn’t reality both an outer and inner experience? How many have it outwardly but not inwardly? Inwardly but not outwardly? The Beatles may have it right, “Within you and without you”. And I add, there is a MIND that awakens in the middle way, often crucified between the two. This is the Higher Self of Blavatsky, the Buddhi-Manas. It is the Consciousness Soul and ‘Reincarnating Ego’ of Rudolf Steiner. It is the ‘Mindfulness’ of Buddha. It is the ‘Thought Adjuster’ and the Karmic Angel of fate and destiny. It is the Silent Witness and Watcher of Osho. It is the one who says ‘It’s all right’. It is the me and you that is part of everything and nothing. It is the pilgrim spark soul journeying from eternity to eternity. It is the artist and poet in you, the lover and romancer, the father and mother of your many lifetimes. Does it have to hit us in the face before we get it?! We are love and truth, this is what I believe; if there is no god, let us become one, full of grace and giving, surrender and learning, virtue, compassion and truth. We are it, there is not other. Unless we prove there is a god by the way we live, there is none. Gosh, do I sound Aquarian Age, or what? Didn’t Jesus and Buddha say as much?

We are love. We are truth. We are silence witnessing, emptiness open and receiving. We all all of it and nothing. We are infinite possibility and potential. We are heaven and hell too. We are whatever we want to make ourselves into. We are what we fear and desire. We can transcend fear and desire. There is a deeper reality to ourselves and the worlds we live in. Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Outline of Esoteric Science’ speaks of it. H. P. Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’ speaks of it. So does Gandhi, King, Einstein, Ohsawa, Manly Hall, and all true mystics and saints, speak of it. This infinite potential lives within us. It is only secret to us, all the birds sing of it. The stars and suns shine of it. The colors of the rainbow, the rising and setting sun, the flowers and gemstones, all sing of it. Perhaps we need an apocalypse, a contrast to happiness to realize and appreciate what we already have. John Lennon, that Beatle boy, sang a song called ‘God’, wherein he says,

“God is a concept,

By which we can measure,

Our pain,

I’ll say it again,

God is a concept,

By which we can measure,

Our pain,

I don’t believe in magic,

I don’t believe in I-ching,

I don’t believe in bible,

I don’t believe in tarot,

I don’t believe in Hitler,

I don’t believe in Jesus,

I don’t believe in Kennedy,

I don’t believe in Buddha,

I don’t believe in mantra,

I don’t believe in Gita,

I don’t believe in yoga,

I don’t believe in kings,

I don’t believe in Elvis,

I don’t believe in Zimmerman,

I don’t believe in Beatles,

I just believe in me,

Yoko and me,

And that’s reality.”

It’s best to be yourself, not only are all other selfs taken, but God (destiny and fate) can’t find you if you are not yourself.

It is our historical turn to believe in ourselves. Many of us believe in another person to save us. Rare is it that others don’t let us down or betray us. Who else can carry our burden, our karma, our destiny? It is time that we cease lying to and betraying ourselves. There is no need for further suffering, there’s enough to go around for all of us to arouse compassion and a will to act for freedom out of love and truth. It is time to believe in Higher SELF. Emerson’s ‘Self Reliance’ and Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’ speak of this inherent infinite eternal potential and possibility within each of us. Don’t believe in anything outside your own heart and mind, is the Aquarian Call to awaken now! We don’t need another apocalypse to tell us. The end to the Mayan calendar is nothing next to what is dawning in the heart and mind of each of us. It is time for each of us to not just think and talk about it, but be it, become it, live it. It is an old wise saying, “Live the Life to know the teachings”. Before one can be selfless, one has to have a self. It is time to take responsibility for our many lives. It is time to rediscover the unique spiritual opportunity and wealth within each individual. The false Aquarian Age is unconscious herd instinct, survival rather than revival. It is time to invest in our universally responsive and responsible self– good air and water, good education for all, the garden, music, poetry, yoga, meditation, community get-togethers. The spark must now turn into the flame of greater participation, greater love and truth, compassion and wit. Each of us must look within for a new age to mature and dawn and flower from our own hearts and minds. I don’t believe, I know! There is truth and love within each one of us. We all want to be happy and joyfully participant with each other in creating a new heaven and earth. In our Spirit we are already free, in our Soul we are brothers and sisters, love and compassion. In our actions and body we are servants of a new dawn, a new age, a higher virtue angel. There is no religion higher than truth, no science deeper than love and compassion, no art nor wonder greater than being human, open and willing to learn; all the worlds rest on this.

“When we drop desire and fear and cross the river to the tree of life, all of us are angels.” Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower

“Many words are spoken, deeds speak for themselves

with truth unbroken, compassion and happiness to all!”

-Robert of Mayflower

Each Heart is Architecture

When the dark and light do weave

the tapestry of soul, every moment

that we shared reveals its true gold;

then the truth, the love, the secret

beyond everything one could know

will find the co-creator, the deeper

highest part of Soul; World, its Spirit

ever changing form and grace, love

without end, heart truth will find its face

and hands, hold all the world again

sacred in place and time, each heart

a rainbow hue, each path a curvature

leading back to each and all renewed.

Each thought a light, each gesture song,

each heart is architecture of poem

and song.

(Poem by robert thibodeau)

Robert Thibodeau is a spiritual researcher and astrologer available for private consultation; and speaking and talk engagement. Robert’s metaphysical folk rock music and poetic songwriting is available for download and purchase from

Robert’s Website and Astrological Newsletter is available at

Robert can be reached at (248) 547-8227, The Mayflower Bookshop, 2645 W. 12 Mile Road, Berkley, Michigan 48072.

“When we learn to see under the roots of trees, we will predict the weather. When we learn to see and feel what is deep in human hearts, we will predict the fate and destiny of individuals and nations. When we learn to see what is in our own heartmind stream, we will unlock the door to enlightenment; freedom and happiness.” -robert of mayflower

-robert of mayflower, fab feb 2010

“The storms we come, the will will prevail, shed your beliefs and go naked in the garden. Flowers will sprout from your heart. Imagination will gain the wings of Hermes. Inspiration will read the script of the gods. Intuition will lead the way, flowering in full awakeness, truth and love. Let Orpheus’ head roll in the river with Moses, new springs come now.”

-Trebore Tau Bodhi of Mayflower