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AstroNews April 2019 Robert of Mayflower’s STAAR Journal

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Astro News and views for April 2019
from robert of mayflower
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If we do not believe within ourselves, this deeply rooted feeling, that there is something higher than ourselves; we shall never find the strength and courage to evolve into something higher, greater.
~rudolf steiner

robert thibodeau is author of ‘Astrological Aspects the Art’
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Cosmic Memory is the Victory of Mind of Time. ~Emerson

Robert of Mayflower Talk at April 2nd at Rudolf Steiner House Ann Arbor 7Pm, donation. Great place to visit on Geddes Road!
Title: ‘My 40 years living with Rudolf Steiner, and other esoteric matters of importance to awaken one’s Spirit and Soul’.

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Astrological Hotspots for April 2019 (events may trigger within three days of aspect, for some stronger aspects within week or more. Look to your own natal chart and transits for more exact prognosis).

“Know thyself.” ~Socrates

April 2nd for few days in USA chart transit of Venus opposes USA ascendent while conjunct USA Uranus, lots of good and difficult love/sex energies. Depending on other aspects in chart, can be either really fun or troublesome when it comes to relationships, money, fun. Highly creative and lively for some.
April 5th New Moon ~ In Aries brings new initiatives and attempts at forward motion for fire signs. Cardinal signs feel forced to grow or feel thwarted. Opportunities arise next two weeks but nothing seems safe enough. Acting out of freedom is good when creative artistic sense of good, true, beautiful prevail. Here deeper feelings of the heart need conjoin head long impulsive thrusts.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”
― Socrates

The division of philosophy and poetry is an illness
(..or truth and music for that matter. -me).

April 9th-10th Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun square Saturn, Jupiter stationary retrograde, and mercury sextile pluto. Big news days around this time. Lots of crazy events, over the top, and bottom lines. Need to feel alive and creative within safe boundaries. Trying to control others or give ultimatums can backfire here; yet creativity and expressions of freedom hard to hold back. Sudden creative urges for love/sex/creativity arise but must find long term productivity and co-creative mutual coordination with other(s) or face tough road conditions and severe weather, karmic retro fallback. Here freedom clashes with authority or old time religion. Over idealized projections here get grounded. For some its a time of hard earned fun and pleasure, traveling or plans to travel. Tendency to be too over the top happy go lucky, or too serious and overworked. Strong need to rethink what will truly help one be happy at both work and play. Some parts sweet times and weather, other parts severe weird extremes in weather, hot and cold vibes. Lots of energy to accomplish the mission. Be sure not to use force or cold power plays when warmth and loving kindness would have opened the door for you.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~Socrates

April 12th Sun square Pluto. In USA Chart with Sagittarius Rising, Mars transit is opposing USA Ascendent and conjuncting Uranus; could be a wild couple days here with sudden shocks or crashes or shoot outs or alarming news and heavy debate once again about guns and ‘everything’. Many may feel like their being attacked. We do seem to be in a scapegoat mentality as well as a ‘fight to be free’ intensification. Good side of Mars is courage for truth and bravery/bravado. For some its spring time and OMG feelings of dying to be born or reborn again. Avoid feeling pulled down by over indulgence or negative vibrations. Good time to turn over a new leaf, exercise, better one’s diet, rejuvenate or degenerate aspect. Avoid jealousy and negative emotions. Feelings of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings. Where a door closes , a new chapter begins.

We can easily forgive a child
who is afraid of the dark,
the real tragedy of life
is when men are afraid of the light.

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ~Socrates

April 14th , Sun trine Jupiter and Venus sextile Pluto makes for a pleasant day for many, intimacy and friendships, socially good and friendly joyful, outgoing, positive energetic for travel, play, sharing.

“By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” ~Socrates

April 15th Venus square Jupiter, love yourself and others, be the peace and love you hope to receive. Avoid over doing or worrisome thoughts gnawing.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
― Socrates

April 18- 19th Full Moon 29 Libra. Sense trying to find balance and charm in life. Need to cut out people, relations, things, that drain and leak, not promoting nor supporting better futures. Important with Moon going into Scorpio 8:40 am est, that for next week to lay low, avoid unneeded going nowhere debates or criticisms. Pretty much crass materialists always blame and dependent on others for their depression, sadness, happiness. Spiritual people blame themselves, work on themselves, for change and progress. Sometimes we can changer outer for better, yes; but always work on yourself for the big changes, growing opportunities, and sense of well being. See Gelek Rinpoche’s Odyssey to Freedom book, or Osho’s Book of Secrets (on sale at mayflower bookshop), or Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds for techniques to know and grow, spiritually advance quick.

“Learning to see things in light of a higher learning, a divine plan perhaps taking lifetimes to play out, is the beginning of wisdom. Entering the spiritual path consists of learning how to quicken what nature is taking too long to do; learning how to midwife or awaken the divine, the virtue, in all things and people; learning to intelligently love the core, the Christos, the sun spark, the holy deep divine, in and of any situation or person while learning to be still if nothing can be done. For spiritually advanced players, nothing can be done for sure. The Holy Emptiness is the virgin possibility at core, the infinite potential and virtue of ultimate truth and love. Always good to get the truth first, then sweet the flow and flower to follow. When love comes first its hard truth that follow.” ~robert of mayflower

April 20 Sun enters Taurus, Venus enters Aries. Buddha’s Birthday coming full moon of May! Here one feels like grounding, making something happen, manifest, grow; but also push for some thing new and more colorful to arrive and/or find you.

“Always prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual.” ~Socrates

April 22 Sun conjunct Uranus. Lots of patience needed in love life, intense friendships, emotional drama now into end of month. Things in your life not bringing desired results are intensified and under scrutiny. Have patience and compassion with yourself and loved ones as you work for right solutions and doors to open, close, and open again. Such Uranus aspect now brings strong urge to rise to the next higher level in the game or investment of time/money/self. Short lived successes. A quickening or a sudden shifting of gears to make it or break it, shake it up, and wake it up. Earth shaking news or more just plowing through no matter what. For many a reversal or sudden turn of events causing stir and reconsideration of the map. Revelations and sudden facts shift the picture and direction.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ~Socrates

April 24th-25th Pluto goes retrograde and moon occults Saturn and Pluto. Serious moon for a few days. Big time power plays and legal matters occupy the mind for some. Difficulties top down, bottom up. Many step back and take serious look at last year and year to come. Many deep minded researchers and investor reviewing and taking hard look at future. Things have way of dragging out……good or bad. Could be too cold in parts, other parts too hot.

‘Truth whose center is everywhere….whose existence we cannot dis-imagine.’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 26-27 Mars square Neptune. Although good aspect for the wild high side of the arts/music/romance and active imagination, movies; such aspect can get too colorful and off track in more practical material matters. Mishaps, accidents, danger of making serious mistakes, lies, wrong words, insane actions, car or machine troubles, water/sea/oceanic/space craziness. Hard to tell the truth or what is really truly up aspect. Misguided intentions and good intentions paving the road to hell with idiot compassion and foolish masquerade. Deceit or caught in the act, deception, desire to escape or disappear, strange news, fears and phobias. Theft/lies/lipstick/inflation followed by deflation. Sometimes very good for the arts and music, but just as often things go astray. Good time to read Rudolf Steiner’s deepest books, get a new water filter, avoid foods too rich or toxic, avoid over doing meds, drugs, alcohol, garden, get outdoors, write songs and poems. Staying grounded and practical down to earth honest simple best policy with this aspect. Strange dreams around this day need be written down and thought about. Avoid foods that spoil easy. Try not to spoil self or other these daze. UFO and weird sightings, ghosts and more, abound. Imaginative experience and make believe.

Divine Souls are older and younger than themselves and other things. ~ Emerson

April 29th, Saturn goes retrograde till mid august making Capricorns, Cancer, Libra, Aries rethink their long term goals and needs for security while not limiting their creative imaginations for joy, good luck, happiness. Tendency for some parts to be too hot, others too cold. Saturn retrograde good for regulating, disciplining a bit for progress toward securing goals, good for yoga/meditation/exercise/healthy eating/not over indulging. Taurus and Virgo, even Capricorns may benefit at this time with rooting in deeper and achieve well earned rewards, happy returns, maturing of wisdom qualities. So many now may have or feel the ‘cold shoulder’ (Saturn near S.Node makes it hard to escape or ‘get off’ ground. Patience wins the day when humor and good work applied. Good for long slow dinners with friends. As Saturn transit retrogrades to square USA Saturn and nearly oppose USA Sun, could be tough time for farmers, heavy controls on Stock Markets to keep positive spirit, and further needs to address out of hand addictions in country; beer/food prices rising?!

“The great things of this world are not born in noise and tumult, but in intimacy and stillness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

May 4th New Moon weekend with Mars oppose Jupiter is well deserved jump into summer party and social time of outdoors and play, networking interacting, joyous.

Blessings, Joyful Heart good times!
Robert Thibodeau
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“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke.” ~Will Rogers

Spiritual Insights, Predictions, Elections, November 2018 Astrology

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Robert of Mayflower Astrological News and Spiritual Views Nov. 2018
Talks Coming Up!
Nov. 5th Jim Stewart, founder of the Rudolf Steiner Archives (where you can read lots of Rudolf Steiner talks and books free or donation). Jim will give talk 7:30 at the Steiner House, home of the Anthroposophical Society at 1923 Geddes rd in Ann Arbor 48104. Call Penny (734) 678-5497 for more info.

Nov. 9th 7-9pm Robert of Mayflower talk at the Theosophical Society in Berkley Mi.
“Secrets of the Divine Feminine, Sophia, the Goddess. Divining the Spiritual Soul, the Wisdom Path of the Gods, Angels, Athena, bodhisattvic warrior techniques, the Hero within. $5 up donation. Call Mayflower for more info.

Nov. 15th, 7-9 pm at the Birmingham Community House talk
Astrological Prediction and Forecast for 2019-20
with Robert Thibodeau, $30

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself:
but each of us can work to change a small portion of events,
and in the total, of all those acts will be written
the history of this generation.” ~robert kennedy

Perhaps wars in world would stop if like in ‘Lysistrata’, an old Greek Aristophanes play, the women get together and cut off sexual privileges of men as well as get old women to control and cut off money for war. The woman leader here, Lysistrata, calls it a “Reconciliation for Peace”. In the play, it works. Hmmmm.

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop
Author of ‘Astrological Aspect, the Art
AstroNews and Views November 2018
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What UP!?! (Nov. 2018 below, here overview)
Venus oppose Uranus Halloween Oct. 31st brought reversal in downswing of stock markets with upswing, but will it last past elections? Ven/Uran also brought some relationship and business reversals, for some highly creative upswings in love life. Venus is love life, money, what you appreciate, goods and hugs; Uranus is sudden reversals of the trend, changes, surprises, upsets, and more. The third Venus/Uranus is at end of November. From early Sept. to end of November lots of changes, rearrangements, creative upbeats and raising of consciousness, or upsets, concerning love, luck, money, where and how we invest ourselves, time, and money. With Uranus also in hard aspect to lunar node, many a change in how we relate to others, or want to relate.
For many, new creative pursuits a need to renew or be through, upgrade or repave….with calling, work, relationships.
With elections early november coming up, lots of crazy antics and unpredictable results, though all the stars seem to favor left wing swing.
O Halloween time, Fall, Autumn, time of ArchAngel Michael and need to inwardly awaken anew. Halloween time, that mysterious celebration of death, disembodied souls roaming the street looking for a love light, a porch light, a re-entry, rebirth into that pumpkin large stomach with a spark of light inside, rebirth! Actually its the heart needs to rekindle and give birth to the Higher Consciousness of universal love and peace, truth and wit. All Souls day, an old Celtic Wisdom that All Souls would one day find peace and joy, happiness and heavenly state of mind/heart/consciousness. Now into winter solstice is a time of inner renewal, rebirth, rekindling of higher love and truth inside out. Zany good times to you.

The Venus/Uranus aspect also portends of possible big turnout of youth and women to vote, or for many to vote for universal good true beautiful and a more united United States of America. The USA chart, transit of Progressed Moon oppose Venus, and transit of Venus square Mercury also indicates women seriously taking the lead now into 2020 election. There will be much frustration and vexing struggle and striving for progress, but also much success and feelings of ‘belonging’ in a participation mystic, heart and soul spirit. (or so i hope perhaps). A larger turnout of women and youth to vote one would think with such aspects in sky
With transiting Mercury exactly conjunct Sagittarius Rising USA chart Ascendent. It will be a big deal day, an historical daytime of major event these coming weeks. Jupiter in late Scorpio but within range of conjunction in Sage Sagittarius of USA Rising Sign. May well indicate the democratic side of things empowered in congress (Saturn being conservative, Jupiter populist , people driven, democratic; most often). But on Election day, Jupiter not quite in Sagittarius yet so could be close or much contested as to voting methodology and who got cheated or what not. None-the-less, its a time for more people participating in the democratic process and wanting their voices heart.

With Ex President Obama having transit of Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven trine his Mercury and transit of Jupiter coming to trine his natal Sun, you almost wonder if he will run again!?! Perhaps as VP and then slide into President again down the road. Most likely not, but lots to ponder. With such aspects he will be happy, somewhat popular, and rich no matter what.

Avenettii, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, the stripper with lawsuit on President?!? Jupiter this last year on his Moon and now trine his natal midheaven gave him much popularity and for a spell, even still, stardom. With Neptune coming slowly to square his Mars , i don’t see him lasting into next presidential run.

Hillary Clinton now at Election ’18 time has Mercury trine her Mars/Pluto giving her a wee bit of power ‘say’ and ‘play’. With Mars coming to trine her Sun, she should be somewhat happy with election results and is considering her future play in politics. With coming transit of Uranus opposing her Sun at 2 degree Scorpio, she may well get thrown from both the political horse and her marriage. Hmmmm, we will see. For sure, Uranus demands big changes and upgrades, higher octave behaviour, or winds of fate blow one off course.

Elizabeth Warren’s astrology chart reveals transiting pluto oppose Midheaven square ascendent and heading for her Jupiter at bottom of her chart; I advise her not to run but be more a thinker behind the scenes. Don’t think she can win. Much research yet to do on all the contenders, will keep you posted.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York as seriously good aspects coming into 2020 elections making him a real possibility and at least, a positive influence on outcome. At 2020 election Jupiter transit trine his Mars/Saturn/Uranus in Taurus and in following year Jupiter conjunct his Venus/Mercury/Moon/Sun in Aquarius. At the moment nov. 2018, Mars in conjunct his Aquarius planets while trine his Jupiter giving him a positive and assertive glimpse of real possibility and luck in love and money.

With the President’s aspect at election of Saturn transit square Neptune, its tough to keep the dream alive. Saturn is heard reality and Neptune dreams and ideals. Saturn will tend to bring reality and work into view now. Nov 10 to 15th transit of Mars oppose Pres’s natal Mars, and Mars oppose his ascendent, he definitely feels attacked or over criticized and on the defense; as well as feeling need for counter rebuttal or debate. All this could indicate tough time at polls for republicans, as well as need for wisdom and patience in dealing with others. His transit of Uranus trine his ascendent for many months keeps giving the President new ideas and zest for what he perceives as creative change and progress. Uranus keeps one quick and creative with ever new ideas and expressions. Hmmm, we will see soon, eh?

Bernie Sanders Nov/Dec transit of Jupiter conjunct ascendent oppose uranus and trine his pluto with Mercury retrograde near ascendent gives Bernie strong voice in happenings, current events, and future trends; as well as powerful force urging him to run again for President. With transiting Pluto square his natal Venus coming in future, as well as transit of Neptune in future to oppose his natal Sun; I advise him to not run, and to be background counsel to who is. Whether such aspects indicate health problems down the road or what, not good aspects to run for president unless you really see this as your final fate and destiny, perhaps like Socrates near his end making final tribute!? Or is it such aspects truly break open his heart with renewed vigor, compassion, zest for what Bernie sees as the good, true, beautiful, the all american dream of happiness and honesty to boot. Pluto Venus is at best an attempt to redeem the fallen and help the poor in spirit. At its negative poll is a loss of popularity or personal or family intimate problems pulling him away from public life a bit. Most likely its compassion for downtrodden.

All this and lots more , I will go into more at Nov. 15th talk.
More to come, blessings of love and truth, joy and wit,
robert of mayflower (

With USA chart about Nov. 11th transit of Mars conjunct Moon, much contesting and argument or debate about late election. Saturn oppose Jupiter in USA chart brings dissatisfaction and legal haggling at high levels. Also may indicate trouble with stock markets and/or financial matters. Or is it need for more inner controls of investments and markets. Many feel need for inside smart controls to keep up face of things, outer appearance of happiness. Sat/Jup here could be USA feels unhappy about things or hard work needed to fix few things. Whew! Got that right.…

End of November Jupiter conjunct Oprah Winfrey’s natal moon/jupiter may have her again thinking to run for President. Or it is she too is happy with election results and where things seem heading? Makes for much popularity and wealth such aspects. Perhaps her two cents worth millions to some.

Some have got richer inwardly and out. For some, hasn’t been the most fun times. With Jupiter entering Sagittarius November 8th for a year to come, things will soon cheer up and grow more sociable and enlivening, fun and more enlightening. Although another great astrologer makes many a good point that the USA has Scorpio Rising, i have been sticking to Sagittarius Rising as Dane Rudhyar suggested to me long ago when visiting my home for 11 day hang. If that’s true, Sagittarius Ascendent, than Jupiter will conjunct USA Rising Sign in December triggering many an opportunity to grow and learn, expand one’s horizons, travel and enrich oneself in multidimensional ways. The USA will come out of its funk and sad sack madness of blaming others for one’s own karma. Opportunities to grow, be happy, unite and resist negativity will abound. Jupiter is a happiness time. We shall soon find out, see and experience!

Coming soon, for a year, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Leo and Aries and Sagittarius will get 3 good chances to improve their circumstances and self, grow and prosper inwardly and out. Mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius over flower and over flow with possibilities of happiness and success. Avoid doing too many thinks and thinks, dwindling your defined major purpose, aim, goal. Capricorns, Cancer, Libra, Aries need keep their nose/heart/mind to the grindstone of long term goals and rock solid practical ground ever deepening roots for wings to fly. Joys come and go, but keep the long term view in mind. For you Fixed signs (Scorpio/Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius for next 7 years) and last degrees of cardinal signs (Libra/Aries/Capricorn/Cancer ( for next few months!) especially in for many changes, updating, learning curves, and sudden curves thrown at cha cha ever changing you ~ Get free, Get New, Renew, or get through it! Let it go or face up to it, be truth and love to know it. Fixed signs need make creative changes now that will serve long term happiness and security. Musical chairs you may feel, but the music will stop and you will need a good seat. Air signs will sing~~Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, need follow your heart and soul, your love and bliss; if you stay free and don’t lie to yourself, others can’t lie to you and you will find love, prosperity, and calling (work) working together in harmony and peace. Pisces/Virgo/Sagittarius/Gemini either have dreams coming true, or dreams melting like left out ice cream on hot sidewalk. Need for practical ground and clearness, really be clear what you want or don’t want; otherwise be patient.

All this and lots more , I will go into more at Nov. 15th talk.
More to come, blessings of love and truth, joy and wit,
robert of mayflower (

Robert’s News and Views, Astrological and Spiritual insights
for November 2018 on—-

Nov. 6th Uranus retrograde enters Aries making feisty heady debate, assertiveness, argument, flurry of a hurry to advance, fix, change, rearrange, win and run over. Danger of loose tongues and guns. Positiveness is bravery, first strike lucky. Those who didn’t take important new step in their life last year, or important change in self and direction, now fight to hang or or change quick.

Nov. 7th New Moon 15 Scorpio makes for couple weeks with hint of lust, secrecy, passion, close encounters, intimacy, with strong feelings of attraction or need to part.

Nov. 8th Jupiter enters Sagittarius with Moon conjunct Jupiter triggers a year of expansive knowledge, travel, higher educations, and yes……books make a comeback sort of. Perceptions and dreams come into view of next few years, what’s to come or what is possible.

Nov. 9th Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius making for many a happy agreement, coming together, mental mind melt, mutually beneficial productions and workings. Sense of positiveness about the future, relations, biz. Good time to make connections and hook up with right good true.

Nov. 12 Moon occults or eclipses (conjunct) Pluto in Capricorn influencing next few weeks. In parts, loss, separations, death, feelings of endings new beginnings, need to clean something up, sense of fatality. Sense of regeneration or degeneration depending on other aspects in the individual astrology chart. Need to rid oneself of wrong habits or negative attitudes. Pull inner weeds, let others be.

Nov. 15 Mars enters Pisces makes for passive aggressive and aggressive passive individuals and actions/reactions. One person seems open fluidic and flowing with the agenda outwardly but inwardly blocks or holds up, controls, or lazy as to outcome. Another is assertive and aggressive outwardly but inwardly lazy or passive or avoiding response and responsibility. Outer passive, inwardly aggressive. Those passive get more aggressive, those aggressive lay back and flow more. A sense of the rug pulled out from under one’s feet for some. Some renew ideals and zest for the great Grail Quest of what is best for all, what nourishes the wholeness in each and all.

Nov. 16 Venus in Libra goes direct making for need to work with others, need for partnering, a more willingness to flow, bend, be co-creative, work with others. Mercury in Sagittarius goes retrograde backing up into Scorpio making for many a back step, a reversal, a re-think, and need for fix up. For some far reaching or big expansive plans to be readjusted, reconfigured, rethought out, some even dropped. For some, a return to something unfinished or needing more love and attention.

Nov. 19 Mars in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius makes for reaching out far to make dreams come true. Danger of following pipe dreams or spacing out with diffuse varied nebulous projections. Lots of energy for success if one’s focus sticks to the point and goals in mind. Tendency to do too much and do no one good. Great social fun aspect though for sure. The legalized smoke dream bit too big perhaps. Getting lost, some get found.

Nov. 20 Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus making for honing and boning in on facts, sudden shifts and new realizations of facts, even higher truths. A slight redirecting of course, an attempt to lift oneself to the higher octave. Today’s Robert Kennedy’s Birthday who i met and once shook hands, exchanging a few words and big auras
“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself:
but each of us can work to change a small portion of events,
and in the total, of all those acts will be written
the history of this generation.” ~robert kennedy

Nov. 22 Sun enters Sagittarius to conjunct Jupiter on 26th. What a wonderful time for many of us!!! Also Full Moon Night!
A very expansive Thanksgiving Day where one’s Higher Self needs tame and inspire the little one, the lower self, the shadow desire or fear, to behave and come join the higher resonance and song joyfully participating in the sufferings and woes, the struggles and striving of self and other in this crazy cool world. A sense of group dynamic and giving thanks for continued opportunity to realize truth and love and freedom and responsibility to self, land, and other. Take care not to overdo, go over the top, ego inflation, or feelings that you just can’t stop. Good time to listen to everyone’s heart and quit the debate, love and not hate.

Nov 24 Full Moon 1 degree Gemini makes for few weeks of intense communications and plans for the future. Much talk, little action? Good time for making connections and asking for good traction to progress. Talk without action to back it up is like catching all the leaves of a tree when they fall in the fall. Rise up, take heart, listen twice as much as you speak, free the universal love you seek from within yourself.

Nov. 24th Neptune goes direct from retrograde at 14 Pisces. Some fake dreams and fake news and lame plans get dropped and new dreams and new realities and facts come into play in coming days and months. Now is the time to quit taking things personal, quit blaming others, time to awaken from dreaming and hoping, and time to come to realize your own inner deep self whispers in the heart still listening. Time to be the truth and love you seek in others. Now is the time to live the dream and make your way. Here the end doesn’t not justify the means. Here the way to go is to live the life to know the truth…, the means and way is the end, and many a new beginning if need be. Neptune direct here may take few weeks or months to reconfigure what just happened last several months or so. Invoke the artist in you to record dreams, keep journal of creative ideas and happenings, make songs, play music, beautify everything, see the beautiful in everything, dream true the pure land in us all.

Nov. 26th Sun conjunct Jupiter joyous and expansive exuberant in Sagittarius. Also retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces. Temptation to throw away mental worries and go play. Avoid arguments and loose talk going nowhere. Good time to expand one’s mind with new possibilities. Take care to avoid fights and arguments going nowhere. If you have such a good case, get third party in on it. Stay objective. Pick contests worth contesting. Go for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment first, than fight for little things. Merc/Mars here feels edgy and needs good exercise and learning anew, otherwise feisty and trigger happy, loose words and failed attempts to force rather than inspire, educate, heal, virtue invoke.

Nov. 27 Sun conjunct retro Mercury and Mercury conjunct Jupiter Burning insights light new ways of approaching problems. For some, new problems present themselves needing immediate attention. Light of spirit overshadows and inspires thinking. Avoid over doing or wasting resources. For some, hard to define limits of growth. If unsure, wait. If you now what you’re doing, go for it. Good for reading, writing, making connections, blessing and being blessed. If new facts burn you or irritate, go slow on acting or reacting. This could be good aspect for making amends and fixing mistakes, but don’t fall back into old patterns and old mistakes.

Nov. 30 Venus in Libra oppose retrograde Uranus in Aries makes for strange twists and turns in love life. Unexpected facts tempt overreacting or hasty actions/reactions. Strong urge to free or be free. Sudden arousal of the creative or love urge, though hasty quick moves one may regret or may backfire. Often sudden, but short lived connections. Nice for artsy social crafting novel ad lib creative times.

Dec. 2 Sun square Mars makes for news requiring immediate action, but anger or hasty actions or reactions can destroy one’s good karma here. Mars often is gun stuff and aggressive over assertive forceful dumb. Yet at times, heroes show up here for good and virtuous deeds, bravo times. Cocky don’t work here, or mouthing off. Good time to make good karma helping others less fortunate. Time for patience and compassion for those stressed or going to extremes to find better luck and happiness.

Dec 5 Sun square Neptune makes for need to live one’s life according to one’s higher truths, higher self. Little and big lies abound. Yet high ideals also appear inspiring some to good deeds. Avoid inflation and false inflationary ideas and expressions. For some, an ability to see through the fog and propaganda and deceit. For others, secret agendas made from fear and weird wants and unfulfilling desires.

Dec. 6 Mercury goes direct at 27 Scorpio bring easier time in coming weeks to get facts right, correct.

Dec. 7th full moon with Mars conjunct Neptune makes for magical mystical times around this date, higher communion and ‘at-one-ment’. For others a false road or path or experience of deceit, false pretense and promises, escapism, or laziness. All aspects astrological have a higher and lower octave. Here wanting to escape vs melt into and conjoin, wanting art and music or feeling alone and adrift.

Robert Thibodeau, Author of Astrological Aspects the Art
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the Following is
Astrology (from sept 1 to 4th previous posts on stock markets and more)
End of Sept. into Oct. Pluto midpoints Jupiter/Neptune as Pluto close to midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus and Neptune/Pluto. Also first days of October, Saturn transit opposes USA Venus possibly indicating major pull back or drop in the markets, death of some rich or famous politician, movie star, celebrity? Or sense of ending and new beginning for some. Fall from grace for some; loss of name, fame, money, love, respect. Falling out of love with past. Some dig into transformative alchemical renewal and healing or new start. Endings and new beginnings abound. Good time to retreat or go in deeper in research, renewal, cleaning, ridding of unneeded items, cleaning and fixing up. Early November Saturn oppose USA Jupiter, also Saturn opposing USA Sun next year makes for a number of months of serious need to find sure footing, predictable economics not up and down in extremes ever changing. Need for sound reliable security and control in an ever expanding and contracting, up and down swirling world. Sadness in high places. Need for long term planning, not hot shot maneuvering. A search for deeper meaning and purpose. Financial and World Market concerns for securing long term begin now and may last for few years.

Oct. 22 2018 and Jan 6 2019 Neptune transit conjunct USA Progressed Sun; for some confusion and stuck in weird weather, weird food, fake circumstance and unreal circumstances, escapism or illness. Good time to take it easy and avoid gamble or stress or investing in pipe dreams and false futures. Good for art, music, mystics, far future planning. Uranus retrograde into dec./jan on square to USA natal Pluto will continue stress and pressures to change old power structures into something more intelligent, creative, and freeing for all.

Nov. 16th Venus direct from retrograde since Oct. 5th, and on same day Nov. 16th Mercury in Sage Sagittarius at 13 degrees goes retrograde. All ahead love but take care not to slip on the tongue.

Nov. 24th Neptune goes direct, such aspect starts to wake many from false dreams and projections held onto for last year or more. Dreams come true start to appear in next months for some. Others wake up to better ground sure and facts that hold.

Nov 26 Sun conjunct Jupiter happiness overflows and flowers smile from the heart. Good day to share, reach out and connect or reconnect. Good day for friendships and prosperity, play, productivity. Avoid extremes or foolhardy gambling or over indulgence.

Nov 29 2018 and feb 19 2019 in USA Chart, transit of Uranus conjunction Progressed Venus, unpredictable Love life. For some separation, for others quick uniting and coming together. Many seek fun and excitement over security and routine at this time. Tendency to rediscover roots and wings of love. Rewriting the book of love. Sudden shifts in likes and dislikes. Crazy hollywood, music, and entertainment news. Arts and crafts, music, love, higher intelligence thrives on such aspects. New cultural artistic fashion trends. New feel for life.

Dec.6th Mercury direct, mind clears up for right action and thoughts to carry us through holidays into new year.

Dec 7th new moon 15 sagittarius with Mars conjunct Neptune that day (influencing next few days or month even) leads to a few weeks of crazy talk from everyone, loose tongues and loose cannons, danger of food poisoning in parts, or ecological mess. Mars/Nep also can bring a mystifying loss of direction, discipline, and diet. On the positive side for those attuned, new truths and revelations spark new journeys and travel, future plans. Mars Neptune is very active imagination that may need practical direction. Truth is so important at this time.

Dec. 9th Moon occults Saturn and Pluto making for weird day of serious reckoning with bottom lines and end of the line projectories. Extremes in weather and/or emotions, tendency to be too serious and scary, controlling, severe. Good day to catch up to past rather than push futures.

December 15th Jupiter transit conjunction to natal USA Sagittarius Rising Sign. Postitive aspect for education, travel, prosperity, feeling happiness in general, positive voices for present into future. New sense of knowing. An ‘All Ahead, Go!’ sense of things. Lucky in love and money and friendships, connections.

Dec. 22 Full Moon in Cancer. Good time to take stock in home and heart, friends/family/togetherness, inner spirit callings.

Dec. 24 Mercury square Neptune, loss of good judgement? or intuitive impulse buying?

January 1, 2019, transiting North Node oppose Pluto ` Intense experiences New Year’s Eve into New Year Day powerfully pushing one to strongly change one’s ways or get side tracked or pushed out in the difficulties and negative emotions. Good time to confess your love and wish for connection, not disconnect. Possible difficulties trusting, sharing, caring, believing in. Need to re-invest, or is it wanting to not invest in some one or something any more. Jealousy and negative emotions can over ride clear thinking. Need to purify or rid oneself of inner and outer toxic environments. This intense time of emotions and weather weirdly pushes us into Jan. 4th when Jupiter transit semi squares Pluto in USA Chart adding tensions to change or be changed by outer circumstances beyond one’s control or mind set. For some, power alliances arise. For some, forcing one’s own way on others brings negative and ill effect. Saturn semi square USA moon on jan 5th adds to the depressive cold mood. Could be severe weather and tough politics or social mood. Or do all these aspects indicate a great Spirit for change and progress, purifying and again trying to raise one’s consciousness to the virtues taught by every great religion throughout all time? The eclipse of Sun on Jan. 5th brings a sense of no going back, only going forward. Saturn transit oppose USA Sun Jan. 17th 2019 gives extremes in weather (cold cold cold in parts) and a sense that a lot has to change to bring about better state of affairs. Life may seem an endurance test at this time where its hard to see the fruits of one’s labor, nor happy futures. Need for discipline and long term view. A call for wisdom and deeper love. Happiness when alone.

June 2019 Pluto trine USA Neptune, again Sept 2019
Deeply moving spiritual events and experiences help all see we are one planet, one family of friends. Opportunities for world peace and peaceful resolutions appear now. This aspect very well may force many to grow up and face the coming Aquarian Age.
Aug 10 2019 progressed moon oppose natal Sun USA CHART! Full moon experience; many take it to the limit one more time.
Jupiter aspects in USA chart in Nov. 2019 favor democrats methinks. More on this later.

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Is carried in song and choir, chorus and star
in each heart and mind wishing love, being love, becoming love ~
truth who we are
co-creatively amazing, founding, animating, harmonizing, protecting, growing the universe
in this and every moment
We Jupiter Zeus Universal Mind, Christos, and Heart of Athena Hermes.
O Journey blessing and blessed with good fortune awakening,
good true beautiful we dream and come true,
Adorn us O Adonai, Christos, Higher Self, God Man, Virtue in becoming.
adorn us with spiritual friendship. -Trebore Tau Bodhi

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April 2009 Astrological Newsletter

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Astrological Wisdom Insights from Mayflower Bookshop and Gift Center—

April 1st to April 7th: Crime of Passion or Time of Compassion? This month is a serious time to consider and reconsider the world’s karmic suffering. Good time to find within yourself a patient contemplation of how past life karma has created the world coming at us, realizing that the way we deal with the present, creates the future. This is 101 spiritual psychology. Mental quiescence and patient calm openness to new learning goes far this month. Increased volcanic and earthquake activities, as well as melting poles and extremes in the weather have many of us pondering the idea that we are living in apocalyptic times, or at least 2012 end of the calendar time as we know it. These are difficult times, but important times, for learning deeper truths about the nature of self, the world, love and friendship. Finding truth and learning to love in a way that honors another’s truth, freedom, and spiritual love process is in high demand and order these days. Giving others the freedom to learn on their own is important, but in times like these, the time seems pressing. The lack of right understanding of the true nature of  self, karma and reincarnation, as well as a lack of knowledge of the seven states of matter and consciousness so well illustrated and revealed in the works of Rudolf Steiner and H. P. Blavatsky, or even the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of the Mahayana Prajna Paramitas or Lam Rin, is a problem for sure for the psycho-drama ego terrorist of our divided soul. A bit more compassion, patient tolerance and gentle loving kindness now will go far to heal the rough times. Seeing the truth of many lifetimes can help position oneself to a greater destiny and good fortune. Thinking that this is our only life time here on earth is beginning to appear reckless folly for the future children of planet earth. Recycling and karmic return is a major theme this month. April is a month to come back round to yourself and to realize everything goes around and back to ourself. Change yourself and you change the world. Blame others and try to change others alone, and you may find yourself on the recycling rinse or thrown back into the old karma. May all beings find happiness and freedom within their own heart and mind shining out in blessings to the world around.

Venus square Pluto on April 3rd into Saturday the 4th’s Mars square Saturn (cold?) makes for plenty of opportunity for compassion. Watch for extremes in the weather as well as extreme emotional states. Venus/Pluto is notorious for jealousy, revenge, psycho-drama and crazy love/hate chit; while the Mars/Saturn is both taking the law into one’s own hands, as well as needing to call in the law. Needless to say, where are the hippies when we need them?! They want peace and love for everybody.

When a person learns to be able to be alone with oneself and listen to the heart beat of the world, and we are all orphans of the Spiritual World, compassion and perhaps a will to do something genuine or real arises. (See the ‘Voice of the Silence’ by HPB, or Steiner’s ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’ or even Gelek Rinpoche’s ‘Good Life, Good Death’). See my cd talk, ‘Heart Meditation’.

 The first week of April calls for increased awareness of the tortured state of things, and a call for higher learning. Patience, patience, patience and compassion, compassion, compassion, compassion. But where is the light of alchemy? Buddha makes the distinction between two kinds of suffering. Suffering that doesn’t bring enlightenment, nor awakening, nor healing; and suffering that brings about healing (i.e. spiritual mind/heart doctor), an awakening of higher intelligence (such as the sacrifice discipline and study brings), and the suffering of virtue/goodness/beauty/truth to find enlightenment, freedom, happiness. Plato talks about incidental and accidental death or ‘dis-aster’. By living a virtuous life of learning and sharing, one may find true meaning in life. Destiny and high adventure in each and every moment or event can be conscious consequence, rather than accidental meaningless suffering and mindless violence. It is the hope of the author that a higher angel of learning and wakefulness be our guide and tutor during these worldwide cataclysms of change and challenge. It is in such difficult times that the Christ within, the Solar hero, the Christos, the higher self, the Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, dharma mind (call it what you will), the spiritually divine in each of us, is called upon to rise in awareness and action, peaceful and lovingly kindness. Where there is darkness, may there be light; where ignorance and delusion, may truth and right action correct and heal; where there is suffering, may healing and insight prevail; where there is chaos, may new order and harmony arise. Om Ah Hum! So Mote it be! Amen Ra~! May we learn to see the eternal spark in all that lives!


Venus/Pluto is a call for greater love and generosity to those less fortunate. Everyone who suffers more and knows less is our little kid. No kidding. A further need for universal love/compassion with no strings attached and no clinging attachment or need for reward is now called for. Karma free loving deeds is the spirit call of the moment. Make the wish, may all beings find happy and creative heart-mind continuum.

Venus/Pluto on April 3rd may reveal many more problems as we head for the explosive Mars/Uranus in mid April. Mars is all too often associated with shooting people, guns, gunning for people or trouble, aggression and little egotism. Look for more troubles and complaints with the economy, ecology, corruption in high places, and the non-virtues associated with egotism/selfishness gone to extreme. Without an inner life, a meaningful inner awakened participation with all of life; without this inner creativity and relatedness, inner to inner; craziness obsession and chaotic emotions of jealousy, anger, feelings of aloneness, separation, and obsession occur. Realizing our oneness with all life, feeling connected to all life, is healing.

April 4th Mars/Saturn can be extremes in weather making it much colder, other places in the world may have extreme heat. Mars/Saturn is both feeling blocked or inhibited, as well as feeling forced into things. Complex frustrations. Hurry up and be patient type aspect. Here there is a need for patience when it comes to obstacles and delays. Steady sure patient work bring progress. Extra sleep or exercise may be needed. This first week in April may prove to be a very tough time to travel, or to communicate well. Other difficult travel and communication/networking days include April 14-15th, April 22nd, 26th, and 28th. Avoid arguments and anger on all these testy critical days. Yoga, meditation, eating grains and greens and chewing well, long walks, and the patience of trees and rocks (not stones) is what we need here. Look for infinity within the moment, rather than reacting to the tempest in the teacup.

April 9th Full Moon should bring a temporary, but big, breath of relief from the stress of the first week. Full Moon in Libra trines Jupiter/Neptune allowing positive dreamers and mystics, futurists, lovers, and musicians alike to emerge from their cocoons to play, pray and chant, sing peace and love songs. At any rate, you gotta love people who love, who touch and are touched by the more eternal verities and higher octaves of creativity and play.

April 15th Mars conjunct Uranus brings quick and sometimes shocking news, upsets, changes, and recalculations of direction and purpose. Here, one seizes the moment or is thrown by it. Here some pretty tough decisions need be quickly made and supplemented into action. Avoid mistakes due to haste and premature externalization, yet timing is everything. All things being equal, take the new way. Otherwise, hide.  Here the early bird quick to act, react, adapt, and re-construe can be the front runner and winner. Mars/Uranus can also be dare-devil bravery and record-breaking endeavors and feats of heroism. Scientific and computer breakthrough or breakdown. Take care not to over-do or go crazy with out-of-bounds behaviour. At all costs, avoid anger and hasty reactions not grounded in wisdom’s virtue, love and truth.

What we do that we don’t love, is what we do that is making us sick and crazy neurotic. What we do out of love gives us wings.

April 17th Venus goes direct, and love wants to go forward no matter what. What we do that we don’t love, is what we do that is making us sick and crazy neurotic. What we do out of love gives us wings. With Venus going direct, there is an impulse to follow our higher yearning for love and  truth. Banks and investments at this time may make more positive moves toward long distance future. This is a time when what we’ve been ruminating and chewing on for the last few weeks, months, or years, flies out of our lips, heart, and actions. The heart wants to speak this week.


Love tryst or love mephisto? Love’s freeing us up and karma’s tying us down is sometimes a thin line of difference. Real love has no opposites, it reconciles all opposites or goes away alone on a new path of learning and unfolding. 

April 21st Venus conjunct Mars in late Pisces signifies far out last flings at fantasy, love, and highly imaginative adventure. It can also be last call for drinks or kisses before the ship parts port. This aspect is also Circe’s Siren call for Odysseus to get waylaid and lost. It is the lure of the soul mate. It is Odysseus’s port of entry or spiral home. It is an Eros flight from Psyche’s fevered love following her accidental touch of one of his arrows precipitating her forever yearning to re-unite. It is just some of the love/hate action hero energy releasing at this time. It’s all a set up to meet and semi-complete during the time Jupiter conjuncts Neptune—May 27th. Comes again, July 10th and December 21st, completing three conjunctions of Jupiter/Neptune. It may take the whole year and then some into 2012 to conceive and deliver this new world paradigm happiness, peace, justice, healing and good economy. Jupiter/Neptune is the call for world peace, collective social justice, and personal harmony. It is the attempt to manifest the highest good for the whole of earth. On the other hand, it can be the shadow of such in seeking ways of escaping real conversations and human meetings, avoiding genuine self-authenticity, and escaping being true to oneself. Too much partying or eating? Remember, by being ‘oneself,’ God can find you and help out. Try really to be true to yourself, all the other selves will confuse your destiny and God’s calling you by name. 

April 26th Mars square Pluto portends of either intense compassionate renewal and patience, or more troublesome neurosis and quarrelsome disputes. Nasty power plays and secret maneuvering for position and take-over, as well as aggressive provocation and retaliation is the negative expression of Mars/Pluto. Good for exercise, gardening, macrobiotic cooking, renewal, and psychologizing Buddhist/Jungian style. (From April 25th, Mercury square Neptune, to April 28th Moon oppose Pluto, area time of influence.) Good time to lay back, do yoga and regenerate. Bad time to have long-winded tortuous psychodrama rap sessions unending. Good time to bite the bullet and go back to work on oneself. Pluto/Mars is notorious for needing a good counselor or becoming one. Good time to do some deep reading at the Mayflower Bookshop. Bad time for endless debate over old coffee grounds.

May 5th Sun trine Saturn should bring some renewed sense of peace and quiet, and some control on the situation. It may not be until May 16th and 17th that spring arrives for real with good warmth and loving friends here in Michigan. Blessings.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson’s

‘Natural History of the Intellect’

The First Publication of Emerson’s Last Lectures.

Herein Emerson talks about imagination, inspiration, and intuition making it seem for sure that Rudolf Steiner must have read and heard of such. Or is it genius tuning into the Cosmic Mind or OverSoul? Emerson truly is an all American transcendentalist sharing easy-to-understand-and-utilize self-evident truth. 

“Every breath of air is a carrier of the soul of the world. And when once thy mind knows the law of so much as thine own body, thou hast nothing to learn from galaxies of stars. ‘Tis not diameters, but ideas and insights that make depth and vastness.” -Emerson.

p.s. Readers have pointed out the accurate predictions in past astrological monthly notes in both weather, quakes, volcanoes, etc., as well as Jennifer Aniston’s latest break-up and what’s up with late night show hosts. It is my hope to address more famous people in current events in coming articles. My work on new cd and book precludes my doing such this month. Many blessings as we enter a precarious spring.

And remember, as Pindar once said, 

“A human being doing good things forgets Hades”.

Or as Trebore Tau Bodhi so often says, “I’m too busy loving the God in all living things to fear neither devil nor hell. Love and Truth dispels chaos and darkness.”

May All Beings Find Wisdom and Joy!

robert thibodeau of mayflower bookshop

spiritual researcher, astrological consultant, and good old friend.

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