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Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Here it is:

  1. Biden tough Saturn/Pluto in sky oppose his birth Jupiter indicates tough times.
  2. Elizabeth Warren with Jupiter transit in sky opp her natal birth Venus … is not enough charm, charisma, or whatever to keep folks loving up. She could end up by default, everyone else falling, at the end zones. Tough though to have winning smile.
  3. Bernie Sanders has good aspects at the moment and can keep rising in the ranks and virtues of presidential material, spirit. End of March may be trying … but at election time his good aspects could carry him if he makes it there, he may.
  4. Mike Bloomberg astrology? Pluto, if time of birth right, is coming to oppose his natal ascendant … all hell is about to break loose; but as we get past mid April his aspects get better and better into election. He can’t be too smart folks; after all, he’s running for president. (yes, a joke). Here is how he could be smart, choose Michelle Obama for VP. Or some one that cool and female.
  5. My Prediction is that President Trump will lose the election. Of course i could be wrong, but I wasn’t last time when 300 of the best astrologers in the USA said in the Wall Street Journal that Mrs. Clinton would win. Good luck with them. Wall Street avoided my prediction and said they were doing me a favor. Hmmm. I am not against being wrong, but my reputation with Tibetan lamas and far right clients was based on honesty and predictions, not favorites. I am also predicting that Michelle Obama may be winner if running for Pres or as VP. I get that some one new may enter last moment and carry it. Astrology is a wonderful science art, astrologers are not always up to par. So we will see.
  6. As for the Corona Virus, we have to get through March into mid April to know for sure what is up. Even if its a bluff scare, what’s wrong with a month’s supply of water and food and toilet paper ? No fear, just common sense.
  7. May all of us read and learn the virtues and cares of the many little saints and angels who shared spiritual truths and ways of life making us all happy, holy, sacred with land and sky and the divine in each other.
  8. Marianne Williamson, a kind of friend at times, should be on the cabinet of whoever wins.
  9. Decide to get top 22 books at mayflower before you are locked up in your own pathos or somebody else’s.
  10. No matter, blessings and love beyond limits.
love and truth, mind, and common sense,
robert of mayflower