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January’s Astrological Insights

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Astrology for January 2009

Compliments of the Mayflower Bookshop, Robert Thibodeau (248-547-8227)

  1. Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 5th and, for a year, the hippie (or surf bum, party-goer, nightclubber, midnight romancer, or travel dog) in you will come out fantasizing that the New Age of Dumb Fun and Magic is here. Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus form a mutual reception giving much positive spirit and hope for change, as well as uplifting rearrangement of friends, social networking, technological advance, and escape from whatever prison of addictions one has. Jupiter in Aquarius is most positive for all signs and planets in Air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. It also favors creative endeavors by Scorpio and Taurus signs. For the Fixed and Air signs, the main danger of Jupiter in Aquarius is over-doing or excess, laziness both spiritually and matter-of-factly, and finding oneself just talking about stuff, but not really doing anything about it. Armchair generals have never been more frequent. JUPITER/NEPTUNE aspects this year are good for gardening, poetics, art, new music and film, and higher spiritual romance and comedy. Often associated with miracles and scientific wonders, the Jupiter/Neptune aspects make for high road aspirations and novelty. The danger of such aspects is delusions of grandeur and psychic inflation, as well as wanderlust and unnecessary wanderings and dreaming. The dreams we have this year will really manifest in 2010 when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus. Expect a really cost-efficient, ecologically sound car (or form of transportation) then. Also at that time, there will be major breakthroughs and advances in communications, computers, informations systems, technology, and alternative energies.
  2. The January 20th inauguration of the new President Obama has the Sun in Aquarius for the positive change vibe, but with Mercury retrograde and conjunct the Sun on that day, there will be much difficult work to do as the newly elected President faces the huge task of re-working or even reversing economic, ecological, militaristic, and social ills. With many major thinkers these days predicting the disintegration and fractionalizing of the USA by 2010-12, and with more scandals than ever in the financial quarters of banking, mortgage, sports, and politics, there are more troubles than hairs on a rabbit, and the needle of repair is not even hidden in the haystack of problems. I dare say it appears that the newly elected government officials are walking into a wild beehive astir with the frenzy of over-complicated matters, and they have little time and high pressure to amend them. The sweet honey days of high profits for many may be over for awhile. Jupiter in Aquarius often brings many new adventures and quests for the gold, new technologies and new opportunities for investment—if you can live on the edge of Uranus, Chiron, and Saturn, the rulers of Aquarius. This aspect is good for working with others for the good of others. A sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, the family of humankind is always present with Aquarius aspects.
  3. Mercury in Aquarius goes retrograde on January 11th until February 1st when it goes forward from Capricorn. Here the high ideals and goals of the new year may take a step back to deal with the practical matters at hand, which are blocking forward motion. Getting the knots out of the strings before making new ties is the call of Mercury retrograde. Mercury dipping back into Capricorn demands realistic, practical, down-to-earth details in planning, as well as authoritative power plays and one-up-man-ship manoeuvres.
  4. February 5th’s Saturn opposing Uranus and Venus square Pluto may find some heavy restructuring of plans laid out in January’s inauguration into the new year. Cardinal signs need to think long-term when it comes to people and things you love. Letting go of what doesn’t work is always helpful to ‘lift-off’ and ‘take-off’ with future plans. The Mutable signs continue to struggle with ever-changing flight plans and dreams, and how one’s day-to-day lifestyle and work fit into such future endeavors. Cardinal signs may find themselves coming into new strength and power, but this is dependent on the continuing ability to jettison old modes of behaviour and habit, not getting stuck on repeating past formulas nor allowing the old ghost of self (or others) to retard your progress. The breakthrough for Cardinal signs will come in 2010-2012. At the moment, some are just breaking wind.
  5. If you behave yourself, and don’t slip on over-shooting the mark, mistaking a landslide for a white elephant, nor imagining this world offers something for free, January could prove to be a seemingly magical journey on the love and pleasure side of the street. January 20th to the 25th could prove for some to be a good time for high romance, spirit’d adventure and joy, and successful financial gain. With Sun in Aquarius, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Pisces (January 22nd) and then opposes Saturn (January 24th) when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. This may well just be a week of partying during the Presidential Inauguration. It is also a week of readjusting your creative view of love and exactly what will make you happy, or not. Lots of insight into who’s who here. This will also be a week of great adventure in music, the arts, romance, new financial adventure and opportunity. Take care to not crash and burn by the end of January with dreaded aspects of weird weather and crazy people by February 5th. Lots of new economic breakthroughs, planning and structure around the New Moon on the 26th. Adjustments to such, and more crazy psychic political economic warring weather patterns by February 5th. Air and Water signs are especially applicable to the love and joy vibe this month.
  6. WEATHER: Crazy psychic weather days, good for cleaning and catching up to the past and trying to metamorphose into the future include January 2nd into 3rd, 9th into 10th, 14th into 15th, 19th, 22nd into 24th, and the 27th. Be patient and cautious if traveling on these days. Good days to catch up, clean up, and ‘fess up to what still needs to be worked on.
  7. With Mars cruising between Pluto and the Sun this month, and Chiron near Node/Neptune, take care to avoid people who take things too personally, are easily angered, or are a bit too forceful. On the flip side, these have really been the times for creative mavericks to have their say, stake their turf, and get their ya ya’s out. If you yourself feel the creative and wild forces of the Dionysian urge, take heart to listen to your audience a little better, between your pertinent expressions of yourself and the world you conceive.
  8. Books worth reading and pondering about before winter is over (available at Mayflower bookshop) include:

a) The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity by Rudolf Steiner

b) Expanding Tonal Awareness, A musical exploration of the evolution of consciousness guided by the monochord

c) Freedom of Thought and Societal Forces by Rudolf Steiner

d) Inner Reading and Inner Hearing by Rudolf Steiner

e) The Therapeutic Eye by Selg. Reveals tips on how Steiner could read your face.

f) Good Life, Good Death by Gelek Rimpoche

g) BioDynamic Wine Demystified by Joly.

h) You can’t read it, but you can sure eat it—Yummy Good for Your Health and Tummy South River Miso is in. Great for putting in soups or even on sandwiches.



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