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AstroNews & Spirit Views, April into Sept on, with robert of mayflower

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

“In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences,       it was easier to be human. In order to be human at all today it is necessary to expend much                        stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.”
~ Rudolph Steiner


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Half, if not two-thirds of our ailings and diseases are the fruit of our imagination and fear. Destroy the latter and give another bent to the former, and nature will do the rest.
-H.P. Blavatsky, Raja Yoga or Occultism,

A Verse for Our Time
We must eradicate from the soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.
We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.
We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.
And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.
It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.
Trust in the ever present help
Of the spiritual world.
Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.
And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.
-Rudolf Steiner

(Go to the end of this sharing for astrology aspects April on!)

We are in the midst of an apparent medical emergency and pandemic. Even though the death rate is not projected to be as high as guns, cancer, cold/flu, the world is in a panic from the fast pace of how many are getting sick so quick. Assuming the worst and its all real enough for sure, we are possibly looking at an incredible and complete transformation of business as usual. The whole social-economic order is in disorder (Jupiter/Pluto 3 X this year starting April 4th) and who ends up on top or bottom is hard to define. Long gone the middle.

Spiritually and ecologically in the long run, this could end up bringing much good. At the moment, their world is spinning into a military police state by necessity, a total global reset challenging freedom and social needs everywhere. And instead of a serious mood of prayer, spiritual retreat, and renewed holy order, we’ve been pushed back to our caves going quickly into fear, panic, contraction (SaturnPluto), pandemonium, restriction of voice, sharing, movement, intimacy or touching even! We can press a button for ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ but long gone real debate, facts, moral imagination. This is a dangerous situation for both individual freedom and rights, as well as for world politic/culture/art/music/economics as a whole.
Many have been thrown into poverty or immediate need for food, shelter, enough money to get by, while huge behind the scenes big biz and corporate bail outs are in the making. Many ecological and social safe guards to our health and well being have been thrown out the window.

Little time or effort has been made to look for more organic or healthy remedy both for body, emotions, mind, soul, nor spirit. There is a sense of being herded into rote behaviors. For good reason? We will see…..
There is too much to share, so i am making it brief as i can. Big world KARMA is afoot.

Call it the Placebo X factor if you like; but many (according to statistics present in news, 53%) will not show symptoms of Virus. Between .02 to .05 will not die from getting the virus. Even if much higher, so far all predictions are less than many other causes of death daily. Even if so, its a rough ride in the pandemonium of this Pandora’s open box of trouble; this Pandemc of fear, restriction, collapse, contraction, control.

It is up to each of us to call upon our highest self invoking love and peace within our self shining out to the world around us. It is critical that we invoke this highest spiritual light and love within our heart’s breath and soul. Invoke the deepest love we know and show it , shine it, out to all the world. Where there is love, there is no fear of virus or death. Of course be practical, but banish fear, and redirecting imagination from externals to a greater spiritual reality and potential within each of us. Be learning and burning for universal truth and universal love. All God’s creation and every thing in it is sacred, holy, important. Lets learn to see that.

There are also historical collective karma insights to the external world events we can consider. There is also an esoterica approach to external individual and collective events considering energetics and intelligences of karma and dharma that work in the physical but also work in the etheric (cosmic elemental), astral (dream time), mana mind stream, sentient/intelligencia/consciousness soul realm, and in the higher triadic universal mind, love, truth realms. I mean, yes, let the scientists and docs of the world do their thing to help, for sure. But there is also wisdom insight healing of the subtle bodies that very well may have also contributed to these rough turbulent times.

Thus tibetan buddhism, theosophy, Steiner, NeoPlatonism, the rosicrucians, yoga, spiritually intuitive are well acquainted with. At the moment there is not enough time for us to consider each in detail, i try to cover some good points on my youtube channel and will soon do more such little videos.

In our deepest meditation of pure listening stillness perhaps we can see that the world needs to change big time and no one knows how to make that happen. Yet every book at Mayflower Bookshop tries to make this happen, universal wisdom love peace! Well, it seems the ‘coronavirus’ does too. Will we grow anew and rise like the mythical Phoenix bird, in higher consciousness, from all this? Why that is up to each and every one of us. May i suggest ‘Foundation of Esotericism’ by Rudolf Steiner to you. Its one book really worth reading. A little bit of every good esoteric spiritual idea in there. Mayflower can mail you one for $29.95 includes tax and post. It will quickly put you in the front seat of Higher Consciousness and our participatory greatness in co-creating the future. Your own spiritual gifts will be helped to unfold. It’s true Initiate Knowledge.
I further suggest that Steiner in his perceptive teachings was right to question a world run on a materialistic economic world view. Without a greater sense of Spiritual Reality, spiritual life permeating our life, we can harden into numb dumbed down creatures rather than angels, virtues, in the becoming. A brotherhood, sisterhood, equality in justice and human rights, new opportunities to learn, grow; free in religious and artistic expression need arise. Perhaps this will be part of the Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn aspect, rather than a repeat of the French Revolution except now the super rich Plutocrats are so often the decadent aristocracy. The top dogs in this world need find spiritual masters, spiritual ideations that encourage a new culture art and politic of freedom and compassion towards all life. Exclusive love and acting out of separateness is killing the world. The ‘Virus’ thing has humbled nearly every one of us to take another look at our own life style, reality and waste, true discovery or lost in space. We need to keep looking till we find answers that work, that enter our will to go on, brave on, into a future hold us of us dear.
I too question socialism extremes, but not being social, sharing, caring. I question anti social behaviour avoids compassion and universal responsibility to all God’s creatures and peoples on this planet. Nationalism, party politics, ‘our team’ beating the other is atavistic and demeaning to our mutual and collective future. Gross environmental waste is insane. Religions, christianity particularly, has lost the spirit of oneness permeating all religions. Religion is in bed with politics, and politics is in bed with corporate control, greed.

No one should spend their days imagining others are evil and going to hell. That helps create apocalypse. We need divine the divine in all, work with that coming to full fruition.

We are continually create this world or undermine it by how we think, feel, do. We are destroying each other with our imaginations, feelings, and thinking! This is where it starts. Let others go, start with our own mind. Watch and awaken! This is key to all positive thinking, replace negative thoughts with positive working virtue, divine encounter, spiritual wish at the least.

And Intellectual spiritual life alone with no right action, no virtuous good works is living in mirrors, living in one’s own move. Actions need to prove feelings and thinking. Actions teach us what works or not. Opinions alienate and entertain, numb, folks. Escapism and the false spirits of excessive alcohol, drugs, stuffing ourselves with dead food is also blocking spiritual perceptions. That is why so many spiritual being fast and eat simple real food, grains, greens, vegetables, things of the earth grown with a real sky overhead. Fake food is fattening us up for the kill, its numbing and dumbing us down, dulling our senses, oft offering false escapes and escalation inflation followed by deflation, Again, i’m not compelling anyone. I am trying to offer alternative ways of thinking about what’s going on. Each of us needs experiment with a new renewed life. Otherwise, seems we are being forced into new forms for our spirit souls to go. Yuk.

Many suffer spiritual fatigue, delusion and false fantasy. We use some excuse why we took it personally and not going to play or work. Many don’t see many lives many personalities. Many see this one life and feel immense pressure to perform or scream, shame, blame self or other. I’m not against all that, i’m just not for it if you want quicker results.

Morbid isolation and feelings of aloneness cut one off from the great Spirit of the World, of each other, of the universal love and truth belongs to each of us to play, create, work, enjoy, conjoin.

Creative genius and scientists locked into making weapons of mass destructions and mass production, consumerism, are vampirizing the planet. We need look no further for Dracula. And such weird adventures are full of wonderful human beings, many who feel cut off from the garden, from the garden of family and friends. How do we wake up?

Overproduced consumer goods for profit rather than need had jaded up in a hall of mirrors where one sees not the song birds disappearing. Products to sell with no positive ecological sustainability are toxic. Short term pleasure and profit at the expense of long term health, well being leads to depression and weird need for external stimulation, nothing coming from within shining out. Individual material growth, bettering of position, without inner balance, inner smarts wise to balance outer wealth is a death wish, its crazy foolish, selfish and short aimed. It is no longer party and live today for tomorrow we will die. Tomorrow is now today for many many folks.

The excessive use of electricity and artificial radiations (G5 for one!) excessive noise and artificial chemicals, foods with no real nutritional value, foods cut off from a healthy relationship between earth and sky, are killing our souls and bodies, killing our relationship to all life, earth. The car too much is a prediction of our soon to me metal sheathing as the only way to survive is to incarnate into machines. Whew, no thanks for me. Where are our ‘Light bodies’ when we need em?!
We need a living breathing planetary consciousness aware of all life. Each of us needs to become a Buddha, a Christ, a Hermes, Athena, Artemis, Demeter, and a million more heroic figures of myth and lore capable of great deeds of merit, virtue, and truth love. A new reality need dawn awakens and holds all of us. Yea, who hasn’t dreamed it, wished it, talked about it. Now we need incarnate it, will it, do it, be it, STOP dreaming it. Each of us is capable of awakening huge good changes by our own awakened inner space, mind heart. Now is the time to call on a new loving kindness, a new sense of selfless learning, a new simplicity super complex because we are just her to learn how to serve, how to serve the best in ourselves and every one around us. And to stop serving the idiot, the repeat offender, the escape artist, the numb dump put down artist, the thief and murderer of the Holy Spirit of this World weaves through every heart. Serve that! I call upon that higher learning capacity in each of us to rise to meet the modern challenges that confront us. I call upon each one of us to believe there is something most spectacular and beautiful within each of us, starting with yourself. I call upon each one of us to prove in the way we daily live that God exists. That’s right, there is no God unless we prove it by the way we live. Our life is the proving ground for our love and truth. Use your free will, break out of the past and future! Live the Life Now! Be still and know. Be stiller and distill your experience into keen insight and joy. Joy to be part of a new Aquarian Age about to dawn upon us from within us!.

This will happen by hook or crook, by crisis opportunity or free independent decision, but it will happen. We are here to quicken what’s taking too long to arrive, emerge, awaken. Its now a question of life or death. TO OUR SPIRIT SOUL, not just our body.

Its a question and quest for each and every one of us to awaken to this highest calling. To truly be the sons and daughters of One God, being the infinite possibilities of the good, true, and beautiful blesses and engages all life. To unite with the infinite stillness quiet space within every heart yearns to sing a sweet mother’s lullaby to the virtue, the god in the becoming, the heart of the divine working, in which we can give our self away knowing this great world, this great mother, will hold us. May we each flower in this divine presence, power, light and love. There is OneTruth, we are all united within. There is OneLove, and it weaves and sings through every part and particle of this universe. Be that; Truth and Love and Awareness.

There is but one MAGNET in the universe, and from it proceeds the magnetization of everything existing. this magnet is of course what the cabalistic term the central Spiritual Sun, or God.
-Isis Unveiled, HPB vol 1, pg 208-9.

bless your heart flowering,
bless this new age of Aquarius coming,
robert of mayflower
Mayflower Bookshop, an Aquarian Age Bookshop

Astrology Happenings~
This year 2020 by cyclic planetary aspects vibrate to the reformation. Our authoritative religion is now priests of money. Also to the time of bubonic plague, last time Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. But that time too was the great time of the Grail Knights who built great cathedrals of spiritual wisdom transcending organized authoritative religions. It was the time of the Troubadours who sang songs of spiritual import and news. It was the time of the Rosicrucian Theosophists modern emergence, and the time of the end of the intellectual age, and the dawning of the consciousness soul era that Rudolf Steiner frequently refers to. Now we are on the brink of the Aquarian Age. And though physically astronomically and astrally perhaps, that age won’t truly come for another couple hundred years; on the subtle planes , in the etheric planes, it is here now. What esoteric or grail christians call the ‘return of the Christ in the Etheric’ is here now and i believe this comet and the coming december Jupiter/Saturn are signs in the heaven announcing new and renewed spiritual perceptions arising in us all. Now is the time to return the earth to being a healthy happy holy garden of friendship with all life. May each of us be a true gardener, guardian, and garden for the Holy Spirit of the Soul reflecting and shining truth and love, healing force, wherever we go. See May 31st for news of new Comet in the sky visible now bringing big change and renewed spirit to our ever changing times.
More coming soon. Check my mayflowerblog and website soon.Check out my many new songs. Here is new one called ‘There will always be a War!’ and what we can do about it….Reimagine this world in Love, Truth.

USA transit Saturn square progressed Venus. Demoting or diminishing of fortune, luck, love. Gun and alcohol sales zooming.
Lack of love in a big way. Need for deeper compassionate wisdom caring for each other. Where love no fear. But what is real love? Seeing the true being beneath or above it all? Saturn contracts Venus which is good looks, clothes, fashion, culture, arts, possessions, and how we internalize experience into meaning and purpose. These daze hard to go in eh? Also saturn wisdom that comes through time, tardiness and late at arriving. Venus is awakened understanding of love. Some tardy at arriving to the true nature of love both in self and other. See any good Osho book for more on that one. Another good one is HP Blavatsky’s ‘Esoteric Character of the Gospels’.

Melania Trump astrology transit of Uranus conjunct her natal Sun with Mars coming to square that natal Sun. Oops, for most that is big change in ego consciousness, security and freedom. Now till Full Moon April 7th when Mars squares Uranus in the sky, big changes , quick changes, signs of ever changing relations to place, space, persons, day to day patterns. Uranus begs for freedom and either creates change or gets put through changes. Sudden stormy disruptions or break off, or is it a rising to a new higher level of performance and activity, expression and voice. Anger and lack of compassion won’t work here as higher truths try to make their way into every day life patterns at the white house and in relations. Uranus can be genius or shock you weren’t one. Sun is guy or self. Uranus may shock but always leaves you smarter and better for the experience.

Planetary Geometry and Aspects for April into May! The planets are the time keepers of karma, opportunity, insight, happenings, mood, vibe, and what up. Astrological aspects indicate tendencies and possibilities. Planets don’t compel, but often impel and influence inner and outer event, happenings, experience. All planets and aspects have a higher and lower octave event possibility. Its up to each of us according to karmic merit and genius how we use, interact, reflect or shine such aspects. Aspire to higher octave and avoid lower one Attune yourself to the song of life. Be well, be star, be heart of it all in each still small moment! Aspects influence days and perhaps weeds before and after. Big aspects like last January’s SaturnPluto affect years before and after. Jupiter/Pluto upon us influence this year most but subtly the next 6 and half years. The planets reflect our inner selves precipitating events, influencing what’s happening. Each of us has the freedom to transcend or redirect energies. Or do we?!

Astrology News~

‘When you see reality, truth;
you will never be let down.”
~robert of mayflower

April 3 – Venus enters Gemini giving need for creative encounter, variety, new sparks of mental interest. Mercury conjunct Neptune is spiritually idealistic, higher love purposes, soul mating conversations. But also makes for wrong or mistaken view, danger of lie or misleading facts.Yet, sense of the mystical and divine connection. For some, feelings of lost at sea and missed opportunities to grow and go forward.
But these days can be fun, so reach out don’t delay. Platonic love, dreamy creativity, cooking and writing; escapes from the news.

‘Nothing’s set in stone except the Love we have in our hearts. This the the secret of alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone. Not a smoke my friends, but a fire. A fire of universal love capable of turning any situation or experience into the elixir of truth, any suffering into the magical alcahest solution of Compassion and universal love, the universal solvent of the true alchemist and rosy cross.’
~robert of mayflower

Apirl 4 Venus trine Saturn , Jupiter conjunct Pluto (happens every 13 years and makes some folks revert to puberty, emotional upsets, up and down moods). Can feel like major change of life. All of a sudden all the lights go on! For some all the lights go off. Death and rebirth of social identity, cultural and community identity. Strong currents of up and down.
Good aspect for learning to love things and people that last for the good in your life. Sense of real social change and shift of identity. Feelings of depth in need of lasting virtues and friends that don’t kill you with boredom and same old same old, nothing new. Need to turn things over and clean up long awaited karma and mess. For some deeply moving connections beyond one life.

‘Pure divine love is not merely the blossom of a human heart, but has its roots in eternity. Spiritual holy love is immortal, and Karma brings sooner or later all those who loved each other with such a spiritual affection to incarnate once more in the same family group.’ -HPB , The Key to Theosophy

April 7 ~ Full Moon in Libra and Mars square Uranus Danger danger danger, avoid trouble here. This is a desperate shoot em up bang bang tendency, act and not think making this a troubling aspect. Mercury sextile Pluto/Jupiter adds some intelligence but danger of excessive emotions causing problems, unconscious urges and hastiness leading to accidents, mishaps, partings of the way. Peak out moments of frustration, anger, over assertion. Much wisdom insight into what needs to happen and what not to happen if patience and wisdom used. Daring and adventure, courage and bold action taking place here too. Anger and frustration peek

‘Meditation, abstinence in all,the observation of moral duties, gentle thoughts, good deeds, and kind words, as good will to all and entire oblivion of Self are the most efficacious means of obtaining knowledge and preparing for the reception of higher wisdom.’ -Raja Yoga or Occultism, HPB.. Steiner may use other words, referring to both the reincarnating self, and the true Self arising from ‘Initiation’. See Steiner’s How to Know the Higher Worlds.

April 14~ Sun square Pluto (dead, pulled down feeling, light at the end of the tunnel). Moon conjunct Pluto. Later in day moon conj jupiter adds wisdom and stories to enhance play/drama. All the psychology in the world won’t give rise to spring. Learn to learn from what is rather than what controls or determines. Life is letting go, truth is commitment, love is insane……unless free. Danger of loss of freedom. Opportunity for compassion, deep feelings for truth.

April 15 Moon conjunct Saturn, Sun square Jupiter. Give your best self, hold hears to not knowing truth. Seriously share your concerns. Have fear but do it anyway. Be brave to reach for higher truths, deeper concern, patience enough to wait, loving enough to do now, speak now, share now. Need to act for future rather than always the past.

It is held as a truth among Theosophist that the interdependence of Humanity is the cause of what is called Distributive Karma, and it is this law which affords the solution to the great question of collective suffering and its relief. ~the key to theosophy, HPB

April 18 Mercury sextile Mars Much talk and mental interaction; if too many views, keep one heart in mind. Important to not get blown away by the winds of chaotic thought. One pointedness, still awareness awaiting right view, wisdom is key. The keyhole is love. The door is you.

‘Psychic capacities held perfectly under control, checked and directed by the Manasic (universal mind) principle, are valuable aids in development. But these capacities running riot, controlling instead of controlled, using instead of being used, lead the Student into the most dangerous delusions and the certainty of moral destruction.’
~HPB Five Messages to Americans.

April 19 Sun enters Taurus brings light to practical affairs of the heart. Many feel the need to get out in nature, garden, bike, exercise, walk, and ‘touch’, the new taboo is ok, but keep loving any way you can. Things drop to practical ground and real intention.

‘May our feeling penetrate
into the center of our heart,
and seek, in love, to unite itself
with the human beings who — bearing grace,
strengthening us from realms of light
and illuminating our love —
are gazing down upon
our earnest, heartfelt striving.
-rudolf steiner, 1923 (before parting from the theosophical society to start the anthroposophical society, Steiner was head of the esoteric school of theosophy. His book Foundations of Esotericism that Mayflower Bookshop sells is his talks or HPBlavatsky EST, Esoteric School of Theosophy instructions lessons, also available at mayflower.

April 21 Sun square Saturn right before the new moon can be depressing. Can be inner quiet retreat for future good better. Good aspect for cleaning up the past, paying bills or making arrangement. Patience and wisdom called for so not to crash out, procrastinate, delay. Try eating healthier diet, exercise, and honest talk. Get real bottom lines and solid ground, move from there. Invoke creativity if frustrated. If all else fails, nap, mediate, do nothing, no thought, only selfless openness, awareness, consciousness without goal other than aligning oneself with truth, the divine, a simple way of life holds you, other, the world. Wisdom that comes from long years arises. Security and peace in knowing self. Some sad with outcome, others just see success as more work. Be still and know self not separate from each other, every other. Be still and know, the future hasn’t been decided yet, only yesterday has been. Don’t be a ‘has been’.

April 22 New moon in Taurus 3 degrees wants new sureness and some kind of higher light to current happenings. Taurus is ruled by venus, so beautify everything right where you are. Meditate on a flower, dew on the green, blue skies, and a clean holy life come your way. Visualize all of us figuring it out, how to be happy for the good of all!

‘’The chief point is, to uproot that most fertile course of all crime and immortality – the belief that it is possible for them to escape the consequences of their own actions. Once teach them that greatest of all laws, Karma and Reincarnation, and besides feeling in themselves the true dignity of human nature, they will turn from evil and eschew it as they would a physical danger. ‘
—The Key to Theosophy, HPB

April 25 Mercury square Pluto, then Pluto goes retrograde. Major decisions called but difficult to make. Postpone big action if possible, If not sure, WAIT! Patience needed more. Bad info abounds now. May need do better research or preparation. Some kind of weird bad news or startling new fact or event makes one shake their head, go back to review, fix, dig in better, proceed anew. World looks dangerous and inner stirrings need deeper pondering. Conspiracy theories abound, yet some facts are true. We need higher truths arrange the facts anew so all know what to do to make this world work true. If unsure, retreat and research, fast from mistakes and food even, try to catch a new star to follow; otherwise lay low. Take your time ….think bigger…..cultivate silent listening to both inner deeps and world big that weeps.

April 26 Mercury square Jupiter, Sun conjunct Uranus, moon conjunct venus. Love talk, creative connection, overflow of sharing, sudden insight shifts direction to sure attainment. Can be quakes or storms or volcanoes or solar flared or genius moments before you. Breathe and move into truth, love, being, becoming. Break throughs in many areas. Sense of new light on problems at hand. More trust worthy facts emerge as to political scams, virus, politics and economics, science. Unsettling events that unnerve the best of us. Sudden turns for the better. When for the ‘bad’ enlightening none the less. For some genius insights and breakthroughs. Possible severe sudden but quickly over storms or brain storms. Sudden quick rise and fall for some. Quirky news. Possible big shake ups, wake ups, break throughs, or down…. extreme nature happenings, maybe sun spots and flares from long winded low solar activity. Sudden shifts in weather and attitude. Some for the good, others go south. Most positive good shift for the better. Major turning point is Virus thing better or worse. Need for more genius and intelligence, less fear and emotional worry

April 28 Mercury square Saturn. Good day to catch up to paper work and past. Good time to be serious, but not too serious. Read Osho and smile. Otherwise, good day to lose and drink in your losses, chill out, and go at it another day. Sadness due to events. Inward determination to get smarter. Winning when another loses is an antiquated way to play. Times are a’changing.

April 30 Mercury conjunct Uranus. Break though in events, in thinking, solutions, relations. Good day for intellectual hugs actually, touching and feeling touched by inspirations, imaginations pure, higher fire of genius and creativity. Yet, need to act and not just over think and/or talk.Lots of new ideas spin round. Hopefully a few good ones land into reality. Higher Truths fight for their day in court of real life.

“Love is enough. Live only out of love. It may last long, it may not last, but.. even if it is there for a single moment it will give you the taste of eternity. And there is every possibility that, if you are not afraid, it may last longer because fear is poison. It poisons everything. If you are not worried about tomorrow you may live today so totally that out of that totality a beautiful tomorrow will arise. But if you are afraid of tomorrow you may destroy today. And once today is destroyed, from where is tomorrow going to come?”
Tao: the Golden Gate, Vol I, Ch 3

May 3 Venus square Neptune. Feeling drained, vampire’d out, or even drowned by love? Or does higher love free you from limitations. Or are you….Feeling abandoned and lost at sea, lost in emotionality? Or, are you sailing straight into the wind aflame with love and creativity. Its a choice. Be practical, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain. Or should you stay …Happy? Sad? with enough toilet paper to deal with the chit? … For some you have everything to lose, be practical. Good for creative musings and mystical platonic play, arts, music, dreamy drama magic.

‘Educate! Educate! The children are our salvation. Just as
the student of occult nature can imbue the new atoms of his
body which momentarily replace the old ones, with less vicious tendencies, and thus regenerate himself by moral Alchemy and attain the ‘Elixir of Life’,: so can a nation work its own regeneration by educating the new atoms of its national body, its children.’ -HPB

May 4 Sun conjunct Mercury brings quick strange surreal events light, flash, make merry alive brilliant mind for a moment. Time to rise and shine or make quick exit. Good day to take notes – you won’t remember all the insights. Weird passings, truth statements so real you want to cry but don’t cus truth is more important at the moment. Even passers by speak gospel in song or verse or other religion good true. Good day to make clear decisions if not influenced by anger, clever ego protection, avoidance, or attachment. To the awakened, many awake now. To the pure, all is pure.

“There are far greater things which are beyond the reach of the head. And when you are moving into those realms you should put the head aside… Something far deeper exists in you – you should not forget it. Intellect is only the periphery, the circumference. It is not the center of your being. The center of your being is intuition… Your circumference is your ego; your center is in tune with Tao. Your center is not yours, it is not mine – the center is universal. At the center we all meet and are one.”

May 9 to10 Mercury trine Pluto/Jupiter. Can be a lazy daydream day but if inspired you may get a thousand and one thinks and things done all at once. Good day for negotiations and feeling that the world may make it back to ‘sanity’ (whatever that is). More honest day over all with many practical achievements. A little bit of sense of security and even money for some.

Inevitably we’re trying to undress
the ignorance, delusion, illusion, anger and hatred;
and address the divine sparkle, spark, and infinite stillness divine space,
the virtue, the god
in each other.
~robert of mayflower, at your higher self service

May 11 Mercury square Mars both in fixed signs Taurus and Aquarius (Leo and Scorpio feel it too, intense at odds)
Such aspect can be bumping heads with fixed ideas or stuck events. IF patient, strong decisions and mutual agreements can be made, but odds are two walls are talking and no mutually satisfactory results for most. Fixed positions unyielding to higher demands. Forced decisions and much difficult karma at hand. Arguments based on posturing and fixed static position rather than great need or true futurity. Positive for free creative intense exchange for the more adept and genius.

May 7 Full Moon in Scorpio Mercury sextile Neptune. Super sensuous psychic feelings override logic in meeting of souls, spirits, future and past. Psychic perceptions and news from far away. Close encounters of the dharma karma kind. Meaningful dream messages for some. If you are strong and don’t take things too personally, you can come to know secrets able to better position your travels and future. Avoid making enemies or hurting others with oversensitive feelings. A most passionate day.

May 9 Mercury trine Pluto. Good aspect for getting it straight in what you want and don’t want in relationships. Good for paperwork and thinking things out. Ask for help if you need it. Good communications matter of fact honest too. Take breaks to stretch, walk, yoga, chew good simple true. Ponder and plan, don’t demand …. from self or other.

May 10 Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury trine Jupiter. Too positive and too excited burns all the incense. Be forever, enjoy the moment passing. Joyful exchanges, happiness at work and dream. Planning for the future. Good associations and connections, Good networking day, but also good for play. Avoid exaggerations and promises can’t be kept, otherwise have fun, add spice, ground, edgy insight, laughter thunder to it!

May 11 Mercury square Mars. Hermes and ArcAngel Michael working together? Truth and wisdom? Otherwise, Beware of impotent criticism serving nothing higher than one’s own hurt feelings. You can’t save or say everything on your mind, but many do try vainly here to conquer what needs redirection and training. Force don’t work here. Listening is rare art these days, soul be rare. Where the mind talk is fixed on outcome, the action takes wide aim and may miss the mark. Work to have actions speak your mind rather than yr mind rattling for others to act, or you but not just right now. Wake up, be the love and truth you’re looking for. No one’s coming for you, so will you please grow up. Be the one who would have saved you long ago. Be that and shut up. Avoid needless argument/debate. Look for results and action in your deep inner listening to the mind try to escape. Here thinking is the booby prize and compassion the future.

May 12 Mercury trine Saturn. Practical down to earth work, honest talk, solid view go far here. If unsure , work the facts right. Today good day to work the facts right and state your claim. Many getting real about what’s real. Happiness when alone or with deeper people, books, and silence within listening to what God or the universe is saying. Happiness wends alone, all one…

May 15 Sun trine Pluto. Need to find inner deeper sense of security to help the sun shine inside out, outside in. More clarity on what is happening in the world and in one’s private life. Try to grow, good vibes this last week after shake ups.

May 17 Sun trine Jupiter. Sense of expansion and shining out. New growth or connections make future look brighter. Good for fixing, mending, cleaning, grounding, gardening, nature walks and talks.

May 20 Venus square Neptune. Confusing issues about love, deception, mistaken turn of events. Or is is mystic communion with higher intelligence and compassion/love, artistry saints and good devils. Danger of wasting time, but also could be good waste of time. Avoid getting lost or spaced out. Avoid space out people or ‘going no where’ situations. Good for playing around with creativity. Read the fine print, avoid hasty actions based on dreamy false feelings.

May 22 Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Saturn, Mercury square Neptune. If you know what you’re doing, this is good. Other wise prepare for lost time. Big day for love connections, friends, talk and sharing, touchy, munch, and sure to make good memories kind of day. Mercury square Neptune needs avoid going to extreme in pleasure tripping, or chatting none sense, unconscious diarrhea of the mouth or emotions, or promising sweet nothings come from this whatever it is. Either great for the arts or a day to avoid events and people. Good for being alone or with intimate, creative and free, inventive and loving.

May 25 Mars sextile Uranus. Busy busy busy, keep to the major points and much can happen accelerating your voyage into better times now, zestier smarter awards and rewards. Avoid spinning wheels going nowhere. Action heroes good here. Talk without deeper thinking not good. Its important to let ‘in-breath’ and ‘stillness’ catch the deeper feel think going on, the deeper inner, other, present tense. Danger here of overthink and over do talk, not accomplishing any real work or progress of the soul. If on the search of Steiner, Theosophy, tibet, NeoPlatonism, Osho, Magic and Mystery, Mayflower Bookshop, your time is now.

‘Remember that the only God man comes in contact with is his own God, called Spirit, Soul, and Mind, or Consciousness, and these three are one. -HPB, Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge.

May 31st COMET ATLAS makes its run around the sun, perihelion. The sun at 10-11 Gemini and the Moon in Virgo can indicate the Comet is here to deliver important message to each and every one of us. Comets are messengers of the divine. Often interesting births and deaths surround such events. The comet is now sky visible with tail that may get way bigger, and influencing parts of our subtle body, as well as sparking intuitively, the fiery genius in us, the ‘Buddhi Manas’ fearless of higher love and truth. Also, Comets are ‘Comet Cleansers’ that often clear and clean up messes human beings with their unconscious animal appetites often make. Perhaps this is a celestial sign of a big turning point in the ‘Corona Virus’ thing. By this time we may see amazing women rising in power, politics, and spiritual position. Female V.P? The Comet Atlas was discovered dec.28, 2019, and is in similar orbit of Great Comet of 1844 when the Mississippi and Missouri river flooded many parts.
Also in 1844 Nietzsche was born, a guy Steiner said Ahriman used to further materialism and its spiritually stunting views. Osho claims Nietzsche is maybe a genius, but we need to incorporate Buddha with Zorba the Greek to heal such materialistic impulse of blind will. Rudolf Steiner was born one node cycle after the comet of 1844. This Comet reveals the struggle within each of us to be whole and spiritually healthy, or to suffer being cut off from organic cosmic and earthly rhythms by electric man made sub nature technology and girdling of the soul. Whew! May a Comet Cleansing (Clean Sing!) and Comet revelation (not apocalypse) spark and awaken us one and all!
‘Love banishes fear, imaginations of how we are all going to make it as one universal planetary family invokes love. Invoke Love!’
-robert of mayflower

June 11 Sun square Neptune. Pick one or three! Danger of too much talk, not enough action. Diarrhea of the mouth and soul, unconscious streaming and false dreaming. Yet urge to map out and experience EVERYTHING. Avoidance of reality and little lies abound. On the other hand genius flashes rattle the cage with innovative new energetics and ideas, feel for the future, dreamscapes of magic, music, drama, theatre, creativity. Mostly misleading news leads the next couple days. Attempts to reach out further than normal to make things happen.

‘Chemistry and physiology are the two great magicians of the future, who are destined to open the eyes of mankind to the great physical truths.’ -The Secret Doctrine, I, pg. 261

june 13 Mars conjunct Neptune. ArchAngel Michael and the Great Mother work together in Wisdom and Compassion. Otherwise unneeded worry and frustration, mirrors and smoke, lost in emotions or dead space. Beware of conspiracies that don’t offer higher love and learning, just scape goating and blame shame on others rather than personal work on the self. Can be digestion problems, food poisoning, wrong use of medicine or intoxicants, miscue on remedy or fix. Lies and secret greed, fear, create another ‘bad trip’. Trouble or confusing travels, communications. Sense of being lost or held up. Active imagination making up false delusions or projections. Miscalculations, wrong directions, loss from wrong view, wrong thinking. Danger of false emotions and fantasy overtaking reality and down to earth practicality. Escape and escapades, entertainment and voyage, adventure.
Positively active imagination in the arts, music, the mystic,
Creative impulses to dare the impossible. Many dreams and plans of the future. Sensuality and dreamy love meets intense yoga focus. This aspect brings about the highest or lowest human experiences. Very lucifer so needs grounding. The ahrimanic manic needs honesty and futurity.

June 18 Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury retrograde. Avoid forced decisions. Whew. Next couple weeks hard to get facts straight. Some will turn inward and get it right. Everyone has toilet paper and necessary ingredients for survival? New shortages? Intense dialogue, communication, creative working for ideal dreams to meet the road, manifest, be practical in doings to realize in daily life the ideal. Otherwise mis judgement of events make for wrong turns. Avoid going over and over same roads without arriving at destination or right outcome for both you and other. With right work and view, heaven and earth touch, meet, and make furtherance, progress, align with goals. With wrong view and desire, feisty exchanges, struggle for ‘one up man ship’, edgy contesting. Good for getting things done on your own. Avoid impotently judging others to avoid working on yourself or getting the job done right before you. Don’t cheat nor hide from true facts. Face up to the sun. Many projections in last weeks need review.

‘The Demon of Pride, Lust, Rebellion, and Hatred, has never had any being before the appearance of physical conscious man. It is man who has begotten, nurtured, and allowed the fiend to develop in his heart; he, again, who has contaminated the indwelling god in himself, by linking the pure spirit with the impure demon of matter.’

June 30th Jupiter Rx, conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Uranus. A return to pleasure or pain? Gone too far out and need to remind oneself of lasting values? Past mistakes blow in one’s face while busy making new mistakes? Difficult social encounters? Working to make it work no matter what? Facing the consequences of past life resuscitated from the dead? Feelings of falling backwards? Needing to go forward but feeling blocked?
For some a more than honest reckoning and facing of difficulties. Tendency to have to wait to finish something. To the degree one can rid oneself of dragging out problems would be good. Completing or working to complete things very helpful and productive of better futures to come. Danger of exaggerating things, now gone south. Facing the music. Try playing it instead if you can! If open, much new learning on the way giving new opportunity to work and play, and fix past mistakes. Will it!
Can be holy. Helping others who need your help. Self sacrifice for sake of others benefit. Dealing with ridding self of sticky situations. Much patience and wisdom in maneuvering sticky waters. Brilliant breakthroughs in technique and science to make progress. Much good news overcoming low spirits.

July 5th full moon in Capricorn brings practical outcomes to drawn out situations. Guiding oneself on the authority of one’s experience. Trouble or luck with authorities abounds depending on one’s karmic situation. Many feel stuck with bottom lines. If so be a dolphin. Others feel stuck to being always high and not grounded. Ok, be a goat and climb your way up, quit flying. Thirdly, do what makes you grow. No excuses.

July 8 Mercury retrograde square Mars. Yikes! Explosive disagreements or sudden storms of enlightenment. If you know what you’re doing and feel like a knight in shining armor, go for it; save the situation and make it right for the other, all of us! Dangerous time to forsake the true and tried. New adventures and agreements may back fire or fall apart. Tendency to become very frustrated with constantly changing demands and promises. Emotions and words, thinking and feeling clash. Avoid impatience in self and other. Take breath deeper before reacting to jerky events.
Good aspect for creative brain storming if you don’t run over yourself or let others run over you. Good for going over paper work again to be sure its right. A need for honest thoughts and conversations hold all of us. Otherwise wait to make moves.

July 12 Sun trine Neptune, (Trump has Saturn transit opp his Pluto, next few days or weeks making for rough times and need for laying back. A need for rest, reassessing, letting go of obsessive pressure to work). Sun/Nep: This is a pleasant aspect in water signs. Good for beatifying, creative feelings, emotional connection, family and friends connecting, dreamy planning of future. A collective sense of the spiritual, the ethical, the Emerson Philosopher in each of us.

July 14 Sun oppose Jupiter, Comfort feelings and practical demands attempt to meet and agree to work and play, pleasure and reward, release of tension. Take care not to over do. Too much of a good thing spoils one, and can side track true grit of success. In other words, avoid over indulgence.

July 15 Sun oppose Pluto. Home versus work struggle. Inner life vs. worldly calling clash. Attempts to selflessly compute reality and need against need and reality work further steps to figuring out what you really want to do. Some feel forced into behaving. Tough decisions made ‘for the good of all’ are maddening. Feeling at a breaking point. Need to let go and let God vibe. God here being ‘Universal Mind, harmony of feelings’. Attempts to share or bring fresh light to others concerns. Self and other at odds at to how to work things out. Need for patient compassionate approach to home and work, family and personal needs. Don’t take things personally other than seeing one’s own higher self and compassion for all those who don’t.

‘Harmony in the physical and mathematical world of sense, is justice in the spiritual one. Justice produces harmony, and injustice, discord; and discord on a cosmical scale, means chaos ~ annihilation.
– Isis Unveiled, HPB, I, pg 330

July 27 Venus square Neptune, Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mercury square Mars. Love needs unfulfilled, emotional needs wasted or perverted with sweet sour, personal needs that may not reflect long lasting beauty, desires or escapes clashing with other’s needs. An urge for creative, artistic, imaginative expression and release. Good for the arts, music, creative writing, singing, theatre, movies, drama. Difficulties when not honest with self or other. Difficulties because one can’t be honest without causing trouble. Need for higher power to intercede with remedial help. Or greater retreat stillness listening. Good for yoga, meditation, creative imagineering. For some visions of better future. Platonic or spiritual relations. Attempts to over work or escape work. Cheaters beware. Make regenerative down time, nature walk, beautifying space and place with more color. If over done, rid color and go simple.

July 30 Mercury opp Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus inconjunct Pluto. Strong need to have real love in one’s life. Whether friend, lover, family, plants, nature, music, philosophy, spiritual teaching; need for upliftment and passionate daring, adventure, vaster, deeper higher, feelings and mind of more enlightened holy state of consciousness. A sense of not trusting others. Need for privacy alone or with special other. Creative time or worrisome time. Plans that will not follow through. Edgy and dreamy.

Aug 13 Mars square Pluto. Redemption of the dark feminine? Or soul falling deeper into complex mire of unconscious fear/desie. Need to purify, fast, eat healthier diet, quit what you are doing that’s killing you? Beware of Infighting, warring, making demands and giving ultimatums. Danger of mars aggressive or self centered actions causing reaction. Possible need to break away or out of some situation. Danger around guns, anger, law, breaking rules, trespassing, not keeping boundaries. Tragedy.
Positive side is heroic action, saving a situation or person, bravado and truth over power and selfishness. At times very strong female personalities representing justice and the American way of courage, virtue, audacity for truth no matter what. For most it will be a very moody depressing day. Bad movies and psycho drama, repeat offenders.

Aug 24 Mars square Saturn. Hard work needs right co-workers and supportive friends. Need to achieve higher vision capable of seeing where the hard work is going and is it worth it. For some its boring times needing engaging right work or action. For some its more delays, blocks, walls, ‘no’, and a long road block. Good for honest work with long term plans. Difficult but necessary decision making. Patience enough to wait for wisdom to come.

Aug 26 – Pres.Trump Saturn oppose midheaven, big turning point, possibly indicating a soon sense of rising up, once past this bottoming out in spring. Is it laying new foundation, finding right ground to stand on, sense of sure footing to rise up? Possible low point though for now around white house. Subtle and gross need to rethink and again rethink, anew think to make a future turn for the better.Weighed down feeling of too much to handle. A need of silence to think. Happiness when alone.

Aug 24th Mercury trine Jupiter. Positive thoughts and renewed ways of working for better times, futures. Right thinking and action find support and mutual agreement. Time to reach out beyond boundaries and connect with higher spirit souls.

Aug. 30 Venus oppose Pluto. Avoid negative emotions in trying to have compassion for self and other. Change yourself to change your world round. Don’t take anything personally other than the higher self wishes to speak through the noise and emotional chaos.

Sept. 19 – For Pres. Trump, Venus trine prog. Jupiter indicates happy that others getting happier. This may be lucky good moment for making positive things happen for one and all. No it doesn’t mean he will win. Yet each has freedom to recreate what up and what coming.

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Eight Clues to Everlasting Happiness

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Eight Clues to Everlasting Happiness

by Robert Thibodeau

Too busy to find yourself? Too busy and worried to investigate your own free spirit? My second spiritual teacher told me long ago, “At the 101 level, there is no god unless you prove there is by the way you live”. Jesus said to the apostles “Do you not know? Ye are Gods in the becoming”.

Christ, Lao Tzu, Chan Tze, Buddha, Nagarjuna, Tsong Ka Pa, Pythagoras, Blavatsky, Steiner, Osho, Ohsawa, so many gave us such clue. Here’s my hermetic macrobiotic clues for happiness and infinite luck, good karma.

The clues-

  1. Always attune to the infinite supply of insight, energy, and good heartedness by sharing your best. Always be open to receive what life offers as an opportunity to grow, learn, and awaken to ever renewing energy.
  2. Always be hungry–for learning, life, and further experience inward and outward creating space for greater peace, understanding, and good will.
  3. Always allow yourself sacred deep sleep–enabling digestion of past experience creating new capacities for further growth, adventure, and experience. When you can’t sleep, read deep spiritual literature and relax, take a breath in of the divine imagination.
  4. Always have good memory by listening well to everything. Work to attain the ability to align oneself with the spirit of virtue, the dharma, mindfulness, cosmic memory, akasha, universal mind, universal peace, in stillness and infinite vastness. Imagine it! Cosmic memory is the ability to see the golden thread weaving through each and every moment life offers. Imagine it.
  5. Always be happy to give and receive learning, blessings, and helpful hand. Deep appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness for all life’s joys and challenges opens spiritual doors of new opportunity, healing, and good fortune (vs. misfortune).
  6. Always be inwardly at-one and attuned to the infinite spirit of the universe; egoless striving for awareness and truth. Rest in the great oneness as well as the great uniqueness of each expression of that oneness. Be immediate and present in both action and response, yet resting in the heart of eternity. We are the rainbow uniting the great divide.
  7. Always abide in truth and the happiness for all creation, all others, all of the world within and without. At the least, everything is an opportunity to learn ad grow; that is, purification, learning and growing up! Right judgment brings about a new world or order of the universe (see Ohsawa’s ‘Zen Macrobiotics’).
  8. Spiritual Justice is the harmony of the inner and outer, the heavenly and earthly making for beauty, health, virtue, freedom, peace, eternal truth, and happiness.

Theosophy is the wisdom learning, the wise ways of ‘gods in the becoming’ meaning virtues and realizations, truth, in the becoming.

Anthroposophy is the wisdom of little moments mattering to big moments. It is the wisdom of awareness and mindfulness arising from knowledge of the macrocosm and microcosm, heaven and earth, coming into creative balance. Anthroposophy awakens the knowledge of the Christos as a healing force to the etheric/astral worlds of the heavenly garden that earth potentially could be.

Macrobiotics is the wisdom of the macro or centripetal forces of the peripheral heavenly energies learning to balance the earthly centrifugal outgoing energies. Macrobiotics is learning to balance outer and inner, higher and lower, acid and alkaline, yin and yang, to find a creative balance bringing about health, happiness, and freedom.

Plato said “If you are willing to learn, anything can happen”. Happiness, love, joy, and freedom is a learning choice, an unending story, an ever-flowering journey to wholeness.

Learning is to imagine ourselves and the world healthy, holy, wise, and loving. Imagination and learning is the first step. The second step is living it. The third step is learning from our own experience, as well as the experience of others. The fourth step in the heart of awakening and will be the subject of my next article. Blessings.

-Robert Thibodeau is an astrologer and metaphysical consultant, owner and operator of the Mayflower Bookshop, tel. (248) 547-8227, on the web at

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August 2009 Astrological Newsletter

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

“The Philosophy of Freedom is not just to free yourself from troubles and others,

it’s to free yourself with others in wisdom and compassion; 

to grow a garden and circle of friends. 

co-creative to the world without end – 

this is the knock on the door to nirvana,

this the beat of the heart.”

Robert of Mayflower

August’s Astrological Vibrations

Mayflower Bookshop’s Aquarian Age Review

-robert thibodeau (248) 547-8227

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
— Harold Whitman

President Obama, Dad-in-chief or Commander-in-Chief?

August 4th is President Obama’s birthday, right before the Full Moon Eclipse. With his Solar Return Moon in Capricorn, the Commander-in-Chief may feel more saddled up to play ‘Dad-in-Chief,’ continually having to get people to behave and not fight like kids. Seems the President finds himself playing the role of dad, coach, football announcer, ‘break-up-the-fight’ hockey referee, and news analyst more than commander-in-chief. Perhaps that is more in line with Aquarian Age ideals? With the impending Eclipse, and the President’s Solar Return chart’s Saturn on Midheaven, this month will bring the challenge of taking the lead or being lead, taking charge or being charged into action. Saturn wants no-nonsense practical results but is often placed in a ‘wait-and-see’ situation. Saturn calls for strong ‘take-the-lead’ leadership, or things get put on hold, procrastinated, or grid-locked. With Sun/Mercury in his Solar Return chart, President Obama may be finding himself as teacher, counselor, and moral big brother emulation model. The Solar Return Pluto in the second house opposing Venus in the eighth portrays the continual problems and power struggles in economics and secretive infighting. More specifically, how to fix banks, the economy, find a fair health plan amidst the powerful corporate complex insurance and pharmaceutical industry, and how to avoid or fix scandals and negative public relations and rumors. As well as who’s to pay or where is the money coming from that continues to be perplexing and challenging. The Neptune/Jupiter at the bottom of the chart indicates the strong spiritual ground President Obama taps into, as well as the need to avoid naive socialism and Chinese take-over of the world economy. Transit wise, the President continues to be lucky, forthright, victorious, and popular with the public due to transiting Jupiter near his natal Ascending Sign. With Pluto still opposing his natal Venus, the President needs watch out for both scandal and secret enemies, betrayal by a friend, or troubles with spies or false storytellers. Jupiter/Neptune brings inflated egos while the Pluto/Venus brings hurt feelings and personal injustice issues. The mix is emotionally volatile and needs to be handled with care; thus, Obama the caretaker, dad, counselor. In late August, transiting Saturn conjuncts Obama’s natal Mars perhaps indicating getting good work done but at a slowed or delayed pace. By November into December, the Uranus retrograde transit opposing his natal Mars indicates a now-or-never attitude with lots of breakthroughs and new initiatives leading, perhaps, to a more successful result. Or, is it more reversals of plans and overheated debate? Under current transits, it’s lots of hard work and grindingly slow results now until this coming November/December when possible breakthroughs to successes occur. The end of the year into 2010 will truly tell the story, and perhaps a positive turn-a-round in the economy, as well as good vibe health plans. Hey, is yoga and vegetarian diet part of the health planning? Coupons for your local health food store and metaphysical bookshop?!

A good book should awaken the life of the spirit, not simply impart a certain quantity of information. Reading it should be an experience with inner shocks, tensions, and solutions.”
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) Austrian Philosopher

When books and an individual come into collision and there is a hollow sound, this need not be the fault of the books!”
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) Austrian Philosopher

In the Gemini USA chart, transiting Uranus trining natal Mercury reveals that America’s on a new learning curve getting smarter on how to deal with our own world problems. A new thinking is emerging. We need lots of inexpensive educational opportunity to grow better futures. That is the investment and insurance of happiness and prosperity: loving and respecting Mother Nature and offering free lifelong education. Jupiter/Neptune near natal Moon portends of the United States as an individual and collective consciousness truly aspiring towards new morality and virtuous ideals, an alchemical re-spiritualization or re-awakening of the higher virtue and possibility, the higher angel. 


August 1st, Venus opposes Pluto. Intimate love and healing or jealousy, gossip, worry and fret, feelings of loss or rejection. There is no end to pathology and vicious circles, not virtuous circles and spiritual friends. Choose love rather than anger to immortalize yourself. Good aspect for making necessary sacrifices for a better future. Over-indulgence can make you sick. Good aspect for compassion for idiots, but not good for idiot compassion. (See ‘Transcending Madness’ by Trungpa.) Venus/Pluto tends toward a deeper love and passion, otherwise feelings of being misunderstood, alone, hurt or rejected. A higher wisdom and compassion are called for.


“Not that any true adept would say aught against the naturalness and sacredness of pure sexual relationships; but that, to become an adept one must expand the finite into the Infinite, the personal into the Universal, man into Parabrahm- if one so choose to designate that Thing Unspeakable.” 

-H.P.Blavatsky, Collected Writings volume 4, pg. 342


A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on August 5th There is a tendency to throw away all that weighs or burdens the soul, an urge for higher freedoms and new adventure. The eclipse portends of breakthroughs or breakdowns, sudden turn of events from now and into the next 14 days. It’s musical chairs and time to dance or make a move. Continuing changes in negotiations and plans may perplex into next Sunday, then on Monday everyone grabs a seat. All fixed signs (Scorpio/Taurus/Leo/Aquarius) as well as Libra and Gemini are primarily affected. Do you need a higher calling? Or just need to let go of all the lower callings? Look for a sudden release or letting go or freeing up of various situations and pressing intrigue, biz, problem, or situation. The Eclipse takes place on a big “Black Hole” in Aquarius (sidereal Capricorn) portending of the need for a new alchemy or magic tantra, or even a counselor or another opinion. Better yet, the need to be a spiritual adventurer, a psycho-drama composter and celestial composer, a karma eater and dharma maker, a gardener for better futures, letting go of the past and maybe even the present in a magical metamorphosis of negativity into positivity, a fertilizing and nourisher of better futures. Yes, it’s time to quit channelling, surfing, talking and dreaming; it’s time to be your Higher Self in everyday life. Yep, if you understood that, you got it. Otherwise, review this page next month and ponder. August begins with Venus/Pluto aspects and ends with Mars/Pluto aspects. What was once free decision and choice may by the end of the month become need and necessity to make decisions now. Discovering how to work on oneself, and avoiding others working you over, may be the trick here. If one doesn’t get rid of the excessive psycho-drama by the end of the month, it may get rid of you. In other words: are you steering? Driving? Or do the things you do drive you steery weary, drive you crazy? (The book ‘Meaningful to Behold,’ as well as ‘The Work of the Angel in the Astral Body’ study may be helpful here.) 


Can you still feel the effect of the Jupiter conjunct Neptune? Over-reaching or imagining followed by crashing reality? Psychic inflation followed by emotional deflation? The fantasy or adventure of ‘doing the world’, or ‘the world is doing me’? Artistic and creative or farce and deflated? It might be time to harvest or ‘make wise’ what you can and slowly make the return to earth.


“Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself, because it is easier to go to Mars or to the moon than it is to penetrate one’s own being.” 

Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, (1875-1961)


August 8th to 11th (exact on August 10th) Mars square Saturn. Is summer over or just beginning? Good aspect for ‘working’ with others. Not good for forcing one’s opinion. Often this aspect brings strong pressure to act or be acted upon, to work or be worked upon. The weather either burns or turns cold, and so do certain proclivities and friends. Mutable Signs (Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces) along with Capricorn/Taurus/Libra/Aquarius are most affected. This aspect prolongs the inevitable but often forces long-delayed decisions. Often one feels stuck or belabored or weighed down with certain situations or people. An impasse demanding assertive action or force versus being stuck with dead weight or a lack of co-creative partnership or an inactive indifferent or cold person or situation. Good aspect for seeing the work right in front of you and tactfully persistently applying oneself to such. The ‘take one step at a time’ ‘deal with what’s right in front of you’ type aspect. Bad aspect for over-indulging or avoiding responsibility. Good aspect for getting caught with exactly what you need to work on next.


August 12th-14th Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius. Although this aspect portends of too much of a good thing, or going too far or over the top, over-expansive, this is a great aspect for expanding, socializing, playing, gaming, making successful plans and arrangements. Good for music, writing, networking, meetings of success and good fortune. Air signs are most favored in luck, money, and adventurous romance. This is a good time for exercise, rejuvenation, meditation, yoga, right diet, and preparing for new opportunity. Good time for explaining yourself, but why? Actions speak louder than words now. Mars in Gemini is words blowing in the wind. Jupiter in Aquarius is trying to include everybody but not everybody includes you. Just be yourself and let the chips fall, let the dice roll, let karma unfold and flower into dharma, into the open road ahead.


The End of Summer or the Last Dance Party?

“The fault of others is easily perceived, but that of oneself is difficult to perceive; the faults of others one lays open as much as possible, but one’s own fault one hides, as a cheat hides the bad die from the gambler.” 


August 16th-18th, Mars trine Neptune, Mars square Uranus, Sun oppose Neptune, Mercury conjunct Saturn all pile up to indicate more than a few fallings out, partings of the way, trading sides, and major miscueings and train wrecks. Mars/Neptune/Uranus indicates premature or precipitive need to act quickly, respond quickly. Notorious aspects for flights of fancy and daredevil tactics, but also aspects for foolhardiness, explosive response, over-doing, or false dreaming, projecting, falling or flying, rather than practical holding of true ground, patience and understanding. Watch for extremes in the weather, crazy karma adventures, and much ado about nothing in these Shakespearean Comedic Tragic Times. Good aspects for all artistic, musical, gardening, or true love full of light adventure. Bad aspects for trusting others with your dharma, destiny, enlightenment, or promises to make you happy.   Otherwise, yes, miracles do happen. Here heaven and earth can meet, but can they listen and truly speak to each other? Usually these aspects warn of troubles, fights, anger, out-of-control antics, and childish behaviour later to be sorry for. Yes there are miracles but only if you have good karma for such, otherwise winning the lottery can mean losing your soul. Beware of lies and false hopes for false futures.


“Help the poor, but pity the ignorant rich.”

-H.P.Blavatsky, Collected Writings 12, p.61.


“To be wisely rich, you need more than money.”

-Aria Fairchild


August 20th New Moon in Leo leading into August 22-23 Sun enters Virgo with Venus trine Uranus followed by Sun trine Pluto. For a minute, everything is alright with the world. Water, Earth and Fire Signs are favored now. First baby steps in long-term investments and commitments for adult positive futures are possible now.


“Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love.”  

-George Eliot


“Love is wanting another to be happy, compassion that they cease suffering; wishing another to be free and spiritually enlightened is even a higher jeweled path.” 

-Trebore Tau Bodhi


“So long as one has not developed a perfect sense of justice, he should prefer to err rather on the side of mercy than commit the slightest act of injustice.” 

-H.P. Blavatsky, collected writings vol. 8


“There is often greater martyrdom to live for the love of, whether man or an ideal, than to die ” is a motto of the Mahatmas. 

-HPB, collected writings 4, p. 603

August 25th, Mars enters Cancer – the signature for September. Mars will then conjunct the USA’s chart Sun, making for a more aggressive no-nonsense, and more assertive approach to both home and White House politics. Economics, healthcare, jobs, and personal security agendas command attention. With Mercury entering Libra and squaring Mars followed by the next day, along with Mars opposing Pluto (August 26th), look out for shoes being thrown at you. Lots of blame and shame, accusing others, scapegoating, and angry weird weather. Venus entering Leo and Mars opposing Pluto, egos and ultimatums are on the plate. This is a strong time to make demands but a bad time to use too much force. Beware of war drums and provocative behaviour escalating violence and storm. Yet, it is a good time to be honest with what you need and what you don’t need. Be honest with yourself, don’t force it on others, and these times be progressively good. You can’t force someone to love you. You can request what you desire, but you got to let them be free. Ask for what you want. Let things be what they are. Turn up your love, don’t demand it of others. Then, take what you get. Otherwise, wait for 2012, or when all the cattle come home. If you don’t get this, read Osho’s Book of Secrets or HPB’s Isis Unveiled, or Steiner’s Rosicrucian Wisdom, then come talk to me again. In other words: do your homework.


“Remember, when you add the big ‘D’ to ‘anger’, you get Danger.” 

Aria Fairchild


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”  ~Buddha


In the Detroit incorporation chart, Detroit is a Capricorn: January 18,1802. The present transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mars in the eighth house reveals the ongoing political scandals, indictments, deaths, and economic hard times, as well as corporate take-over of everything. Hopefully, it also indicates an end to escalating crime, poverty, homelessness, and joblessness. With Transiting Uranus squaring that same natal Mars 2010-11, look for a great new car as well as new unique economic initiatives to lift Detroit back up to world leadership capacity and creative social cultural participatoriness. 


The place we rip open again and again that always heals — that’s God.”
Rainer Maria Rilke 


Detroit’s more esoteric chart based on Cadillac founding, has Sun in Leo for regal pride in spite of everything and anything that happens. Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces indicates Detroit’s ‘let’s party’ mentality, as well as high care-free spirited idealism, perhaps even strong religious and spiritual virtue values. In Pisces though, it’s not always realistic nor practical. Often it’s just dreaming of something better, praying and asking for something better. Pisces needs to act, to work, to realize, not fantasize. Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Saturn all this past year reveals the constantly changing battlefield when it comes to how to dig out of near bankruptcy, corporatization dictatorship, and profit making cronyism and greed. With Mars squaring Moon first week of August, look for harsh words and sparks to fly in the continuing ‘who’s to blame’ game and how many crooks can we still find in office. By summer next year, Jupiter will conjunct natal Moon to truly raise the level of social consciousness, as well as real estate values, and Detroit may then begin a true road to recovery with many a new venture in capitalism and social cultural growth. This also is a good aspect indicative of Detroit’s sports actually going all the way and winning at the end! Did I say Hockey and Baseball?!?


When ideas fail, words come in very handy.”


Detroit Mayor Bing has transiting Pluto retrograde coming to conjunct his natal Moon, ouch! Is the Mayor running up against problems or is he gaining power and speed? This aspect can give one second thoughts about how much fun it is being Mayor of Detroit. Indeed, it may get worse before getting better. More bankruptcy or lots more revamping? Here, one wants to keep their friends and business separate or you may lose your business and friends. Even health, as well as money, is at issue. How do you keep your friends and business separate in Politics these days? How’s that going to happen?! Health and money and psychodrama with those close by are often the challenge with such aspects. On the positive note, this aspect forces one to really realize what matters most, and helps one stick to their guns. Hey!? Don’t we have too many guns? Good aspect for strongly standing behind (sometimes people in front with this one, but mostly behind) what one really believes in. Taking a stand for what’s right is called for with this aspect. Otherwise there are internal secret problems forcing retreat. His transiting Jupiter trine natal Venus and Saturn in grand trine makes for a bit of good luck and positive spirit offering many opportunities of good friends and favorable moments of good luck to come help in his time of need. 2011 brings many more good aspects to Bing’s chart, if he and we can wait that long.


With July’s eclipse conjunct Madonna’s natal (normally private) Sun/Pluto, privates become public. Her ex-bodyguard boyfriend is offering secret erotic love cassettes, video, and letters to be auctioned. ‘Holy Green Hornet Butler lover, Batgirl!’ With transiting retrograde Neptune opposing Madonna’s natal Sun this year into October/November, more than one erotic ghost of sticky hard candy may emerge. Neptune opposition usually reveals that others lie about you, deceive you, betray you, and yes at times, inspire and romance you. She’s got a lot on her plate. In losing what’s far away and what’s deadly close, oft one finds middle ground, peace, and true self. Will Madonna become a buddhist? A born again Yogi? A new psychic? Neptune has a way of remaking oneself, rebirthing and renewing oneself. Madonna will do this once again and re-appear in new vogue, new view, clothes and smile, new movie roles, witty wisdoms and song. Yes.


“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe:

I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore.

There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer;
there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through;
there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.
For those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling
– the power to bless and save humanity;
for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.” 

-HPB, C.W. 13, pg. 219

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


“In the future 6th post Atlantean cultural epoch and even now with those who have advanced their own spiritual mind stream; one feels what others feel, both the joy and the pain. We share an inner life just like we share an outer world. We joy in the freedom of heart and mind creating and co-creating god like qualities, virtue and grace, compassion and truth. We consciously see and hear, touch and are touched by spiritual realities both in ourselves and all others, all living things. In the same higher sense, we now cross the threshold to worlds of spiritual love and truth. Human beings can now experience this ‘at-one-ment’ of their own I AM with the spiritual worlds and every other I AM in such. Then the true meaning of I AM THAT I AM will be self evident. At the moment, this is experienced in the imagination and inspired by the intuition of the average person. Only the advanced spiritual practitioner who is clear about who ‘I AM’ and who I am not may truly knock at the door. We are nearing a time in collective humanity when all of us are becoming psychic to every virtue and non-virtue, and must consciously decide to be spiritual creative, alive. We are nearing the 2012 time of the Apocalypse of ignorance and delusion and the rebirth of the Great Goddess, an ecology, economics, and politics of loving kindness and compassion. This ever renewing birth of the future is the present tension of the time, the higher morality and virtue of our own Spirit calling our Souls home to the heart of the matter.” 

-Robert Thibodeau at an OM Cafe lecture

“Many people will walk in and out of your life,
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
To handle yourself, use your head;
To handle others, use your heart.

Anger is only one letter short of danger.
If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

He who loses money, loses much;
He who loses a friend, loses much more;
He who loses faith, loses all.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.
Learn from the mistakes of others –
you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, American politician, wife of FDR

“Either you think — or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald (American Writer)

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”Oscar Wilde [Playwright]